❯ Love Potion #9 – Chapter Three ( Chapter 3 )

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Love Potion No. 9
Vial Three
By Devon Masterson-Bond
Pandora sighed as she looked into the bathroom mirror. She could tell by the pacing on the outside, her hosts were getting impatient. Their questions were taking a back seat for right now, she had to clear her mind. Also sensible clothes were a good idea. “I feel a little better, she thought as she toweled her face from washing up. A real shower would come later, after she got settled and figured where and when she was.
Garnet eyes narrowed thoughtfully as she rummaged through her bag. Her whole life was in there almost literally. With Wyatt after her, she had to have some way to carry her stuff around and a pocket dimension with in her bag was just the way to do it. Pandora pulled out an outfit then smirked.
“Are sure lost in there?” Chris bellowed impatiently. He paced in front the bathroom in annoyance, the others went to get dressed or eat breakfast. He was stuck baby sitting. Why was she taking so long? He had questions that needed to be answered and he still wasn’t sure she wasn’t an enemy.
“I’m done. Keep your panties on,” Pandora stepped out of the bathroom fully dressed in vintage t-shirt and jeans. Her honey colored hair pulled into a loose knot.
“Took you long enough,” Chris spat, and then motioned for her go down the hall. He followed after carefully watching to see if she’d do anything funny.
Pandora sighed and held her bag close to her as she sat down. “What?” she asked feeling Chris’s intense stare.
“I don’t know what your game is….”
“Chris?” Piper came down the stairs carrying a baby monitor. Her future son was so edge.
Chris shook his head and leaned against the wall as Paige and Phoebe came down the stairs. “So…” Piper began.
“I have some questions first,” Pandora said quickly. “What year is it? And how did I get here?”
“The year 2001 and a spell gone wrong,” Chris answered. He shot a dirty look toward both of his aunts.
A honey colored eyebrow rose. “I can tell there’s an interesting story behind that.”
“You don’t know the half of it,” Paige mumbled before Phoebe elbowed her lightly.
“Okay let’s not go there,” Phoebe replied.
Piper nodded. “I agree. We answered your question now you answer ours. Are your from the future? Are you a demon and how did you get out off the cage?”
“Yes, I’m from the future about twenty years,” she answered standing. She began to pace the floor. “No, I am not a demon and I void the last question.”
“Why?” Chris asked.
“Keeping secrets build character.” Pandora stood in front of him. This Chris was quite pushy and antagonistic. All she wanted to do was get out of there and move onto the next gig. At least until she found a spell to get back.
“Look I don’t care anything about your character,” he snapped. He was losing his temper again. What was it about her that allowed her to he was arguing with her instead of using his usual tactics was saying a lot. “All we want to know is how you got free…”
A weird sensation came over her as she watched him talk. He has beautiful eyes and nice full hips and before she realized it…
“Hey. Hey. None of that!” Piper replied moving towards Chris and Pandora. Out of nowhere they just started kissing or rather Pandora kissed Chris and he was having trouble fighting back. She pulled them apart and glared at Pandora. “What the hell are you doing?”
Garnet eyes widened. Just what had she been thinking!? She was absolutely mortified.
“Perhaps the spell worked after all,” Paige said lowly.
Phoebe nodded, “Though I didn’t need to see it.”
Chris’s cheeks flushed. What had just happened? Why did he let it?
Pandora moved away quickly. She nearly stepped on her bag. It was definitely time to get out of Dodge. She picked up the bag and slung it over her shoulder. “I have to get out of here.”
“Oh no, no, no, no,” Piper held out her hands. “We can’t let you go. Don’t make me freeze you.”
“Yeah the time line could get screwed up or something,” Paige added.
“And there’s no way we’re going to let you roam around free to change things before we’re sure…”
Pandora dropt her bag and walked towards Chris. Piper flicked her hands toward the tall girl and her actions paused. Everyone let out sighed of relief.
“What the hell is going on?” Chris asked looking at Paige and Phoebe.
“Spell went haywire?” Paige supplied weakly. “Could’ve been worse.” Both Piper and Chris shot her a look. “Or not..We’ll figure it out.”
Piper’s glare deepened. “You better or I’ll have to keep freezing her just to keep her from raping Chris.” She advanced on her younger sister.
“Okay calm down, Piper,” Phoebe said soothingly. “You’re pregnant, remember?”
“I am calm.” Piper took a deep breath. “I am calm.” She turned to Chris and smiled. He was her last born and was an innocent in all of this. “Sweetie would you….” Her sentence trailed as her eyes widened.
Pandora suddenly took a step forward. The fog in her head started to clear, but she couldn’t help but feeling a little charged. She knew exactly what that meant. “You cast a spell on me?” Her eyes narrowed with indignation. There was no way she could continue to stay around such powerful witches.
A soft cry sounded through the baby monitor, but it would have to wait. “You should still be frozen,” Piper replied.
Pandora shook her head. “Look you can’t keep doing this to me or I’ll…” She paused and clamped her mouth shut. She must always remain on guard. “You’re not going to trick me.”
“We don’t have any reason to trick you,” Phoebe argued taking a step forward.
Paige crossed her arms. “If anything, you could be trying to trick us.”
Pandora shook her head. “I don’t even want anything to do with magic much less…”
“Why it’s who you are?” Phoebe dark eyes looked over the woman in front of them. She took a step forward in front of her sisters. She took another step forward. The others nearly reached for her when she motioned to let her go. There was something about Pandora that told them she was not an enemy…something familiar.
“You do not want someone like me hanging around,” Pandora replied. She took a step back.
Phoebe stared into intense dark eyes. She had been having trouble focusing in on any one particular feeling from Pandora. There was so many, but there was one suddenly standing out. “You’re afraid of losing control.”
“I don’t want to get into this.” Pandora stalked over to pick up her bag when a little boy orbed on top of it. “What?” she asked as he raised his arms toward her.
“Wyatt!” Piper exclaimed she rushed over to Wyatt and scooped him into her arms protectively.
“That’s Wyatt?” Pandora chuckled as she looked towards the little boy with beautiful blond locks. He was reaching for her. “You’re too cute too be so bad.”
Piper flinched slightly at Pandora’s tone. Was her little angel really going to be that bad? “He’s not going to turn evil. I will make sure of that.”
A smile crossed Pandora’s features as she turned towards Chris. “That’s what you’re up to and you say you don’t want me roam around. Good plan, but you don’t have to worry about me. I am sure I am the least of your worries.” She took a step forward to grab her bag when Wyatt orbed into her arms.
“Wyatt?” Piper sighed. He seemed quite taken to their guest. Normally we would not take to knew people so well.
“At least we know she’s not evil,” Paige noted. “No shield.”
“I think he belongs to you.” Pandora handed the toddler over to his mother quickly.
`Thanks.” Piper held Wyatt then walked over to the stairs. “I’m going to get him dressed.”
“On that note…” Pandora picked up her bag then saluted.
“You’re not going anywhere,” Chris declared. “Time travel has consequences and you might change the time line.”
A honey colored eyebrow rose to the unspoken challenge. “How are you going to stop me? A crystal cage?”
Chris’s jaw tightened. This woman was aggravating him. He was clearly at a disadvantage not knowing her magical genetics. “I’ll find away.”
Pandora slung the bag over her shoulder and smiled. “Then you’re going to catch me.” She laughed as her body was covered in orbs of light…black orbs. “Catch ya’ on the flipside.”
To be continued…
© Devon Masterson-Bond 2004
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