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Love Potion No. 9
Vial One
By Devon Masterson-Bond
“I can’t believe I am doing this,” Phoebe sighed as she added a pinch of mandrake root to an already bubbling brew. A yellow mist rose from the potion.
“Look at it as good will gesture,” Paige replied picking up a notebook. “The entire time Chris has been here, he’s been up tight and he just needs to unwind.”
“Ok, ew, I am getting a picture that I did not need.” Phoebe wrinkled her nose in disgust. “Besides, I thought we weren’t going to do this again.”
“Not for Piper,” Paige reminded her. “Chris is always meddling in our lives at least we could do is return the favor, and date just might calm him down.”
“Piper is going to kill us,” Phoebe warned picking up a notebook and scribbling. “I am only going on along with this, because I don’t want him to give up on love even if it’s only temporary.”
“I have a solution for that.” Paige dug into her pocket and unfolded a piece of paper then handed it to Phoebe.
“What’s this?” she asked reading the spell written on it.
“It’s the spell we’re going to use. Instead of making him a woman, I thought we’d encourage destiny just a teeny weenie bit.”
“You’re talking about bringing someone else into our craziness. That’s not fair,” Phoebe argued.
“Not really. If she’s a part of his destiny, she’ll be a part of his craziness anyway,” Paige answered. Phoebe opened her mouth. “And before you say it, this spell is for the adult Chris so we don’t have to worry about toddlers popping up out of nowhere.”
“Alright fine,” Phoebe sighed throwing up her hands. “I guess it would be nice to see the other side him. Sometimes I feel like he’s missing out on life.”
“And that’s why we’re doing this,” Paige nodded. She took the spell from Phoebe and held it so that they both could see it as they invoked the incantation.
“With love in mind, heed our rhyme. Let the burdened nephew we know be free by bringing to him love’s destiny.
“I hope this works,” Phoebe said through her teeth and they picked up the bud of a vanilla orchid and threw it into the potion.
“It will,” Paige replied. The potion smoked again then swirled a sweet aroma filled the air. Scented smoke swirled upward towards the ceiling forming a small vortex then disappeared. “What happened? I don’t get it, it should’ve worked.”
“Sweetie, maybe there’s no love for him for here…well romantic love.” Phoebe put an arm around her youngest sister. “On the positive side the attic smells good.”
“I guess it does,” Paige mumbled as they headed downstairs. She was still disappointed by the results of her potion and did not feel like dealing with clean up right then. She had been so sure that it would have worked. One more failed experiment for her spell diary. “I just don’t get it.”
“Don’t get what?” Piper asked suspiciously from the bottom of the stairs. An eyebrow rose curiously as she observed her sisters. The two of them had been held up in the attic for the past two hours claiming that they were doing demon research for probable candidates that would turn Wyatt. Something told her that they were doing nothing of the kind. Everything seemed normal except the house now smelled like vanilla.
“We didn’t find any leads,” Paige lied before Phoebe had the chance to blab anything. All they needed was Piper on there case.
Piper looked towards Phoebe who nodded guiltily. She’d find out what they did later. “So what’s with the air freshener?”
“Just some new stuff, I picked up,” Paige commented.
“I like it,” Piper replied still studying their expressions.
“Thanks,” Paige smiled. At least there was one plus with the failed potion. Maybe she could bottle it and market it as an air freshener.
“Hey, where’s Chris?” Phoebe asked. Miniature azure orbs of light streamed down.
“Speak of the devil,” Paige teased.
“I heard that, Paige” Chris warned as the light from his orbs faded.
“Shouldn’t I be Aunt Paige?” she asked wrinkling her nose.
“Let’s not focus on that right now,” he answered.
Paige narrowed his eyes. He had dodged her question again. He really needed to calm down and then maybe they would find what they were looking for. Chris looked like he was in dire need of sleep. If he kept on moving like this, he was going to self destruct. That potion was going to work!
Chris raised his head slightly and took in the new scent of the house. It was intoxicating and familiar. There was something about this smell that reminded him of something he heard or experienced in the past. He would keep his eyes open. “Is everything okay?”
Piper looked at him strangely. “Wyatt’s asleep and I feel fine,” she answered absently caressing her slightly swollen abdomen. “You should get some rest.”
Chris fought not to roll his eyes in annoyance. “I’m fine,” he said looking around curiously. “I just remember something about that smell…”
“You know, Chris, Piper’s right, you do need some rest,” Phoebe said quickly. She moved towards him and put her hand to his forehead. “No fever, but you have circles under your eyes.”
Paige nodded. “How can you expect to find the evil that comes after Wyatt when you can hardly keep your eyes open?”
Emerald eyes washed over to the two women suspiciously. There was something odd about their behavior, but they were right he was exhausted.
“You know you don’t have to do it all by yourself?” Piper pointed out moving towards her future son. “We are a family and we all share a destiny.” She touched his face affectionately. “I don’t want you to be a slave to it, just let it be apart of you, a small part. I want you to be free.”
“I want to be free,” Chris sighed. He was growing tired of this argument and of his mother mothering him. “And I will be once…” His sentence trailed a swirling mist gathered in the room like a cyclone, vanilla filled the air. Emerald orbs turned towards his two aunts who did their best to look innocent then narrowed.
“What did you do?” Piper asked.
Deep garnet eyes tore open as an over whelming sense of dread and destiny woke her up. She quickly sat up and grabbed her shoes while mumbling to herself. “You’d think demons would have the decency to attack in the morning and I was actually having a good dream too.” She slipped on her rattan sandals and grabbed her knit shrug. Her reflection stared back at her in annoyance as she reached for her army duffle bag. “Nothing like running away in the middle of the night in skimpy pajamas and heels.” She closed the shrug tight for the sake modesty. If she ended up fighting, she did not want to add to her misery lust driven demons.
A deep sense of dread filled her again. They were close, too close. She could feel herself starting to panic as she realized that she was being closed in slowly. Her hunter was becoming cleverer, so would she. A smile crossed her lips as an idea came to her, the bathroom. She could get out through the window then make a break for it then she would have plenty of places to hide. It was not the best plan of the ages, but it would have to work. The door had just closed behind her, when she heard several voices yelling in annoyance.
“Find her. She couldn’t have gotten far and remember she is not to be harmed,” the leader said. “I don’t want to be the one that has to explain it to the Dark Lord.” Several subordinates shook their heads vigorously. They had failed him several times and knew it was only a matter of time before they outlived their usefulness.
“Definitely time to go,” she thought as she leaned against the door. She stared at the window. It was small but she could fit through it. She made sure of that before settling down for the night. She took a step forward when she felt extremely heavy. “He must be using a spell…” Clouds surrounded her along with the sweet scent of vanilla and she could feel herself falling. There was nothing she could do to stop herself. She closed her eyes as she fell through a bright light.
“What the hell was that?” some exclaimed in irritation just before she hit something semi hard and darkness claimed her.
“What did you do?” Piper asked staring at the swirling cloud spinning on the ceiling. She held her hands out prepared to blast what evil might come through the cloud.
“We made a little potion…” Phoebe began.
“But it’s nothing to worry about,” Paige interjected staring at the swirl on the ceiling. She was going to be in big trouble.
“Like hell,” Piper replied. “There’s a cloud on the ceiling.” A large green bag fell through and hit the floor. “And now someone’s trash is falling from the hole in the ceiling.”
“Piper calm down,” Phoebe said soothingly. “Breathe.”
Piper narrowed her eyes. “I am calm and I am breathing but someone won’t be if I don’t find out what’s going on.”
“Hormonal Piper is back,” Paige mumbled lowly only to have Piper glare at her. “Sorry.”
“We made a potion for Chris to get a date,” Phoebe blurted out.
“What?” Piper and Chris exclaimed in unison.
Phoebe covered her mouth. “We did it because we love you.”
“I can get my own date thanks you,” Chris snapped. His eyes flashed with indigence and insult.
“Chris, we are so sorry,” Phoebe sighed. The vein his head was twitching like Piper’s did when she was angry. She had to admit that making him a woman sounded wrong considering the circumstances.
“Talk later, possibly vanquish now,” Piper replied moving towards the hole. She could see something coming towards them and they all had to be prepared.
“No,” someone screamed just before a bluish lump fell through the hole and crashed through the foyer table.
“What the hell was that?” Chris asked moving closer. His eyes widened as he realized that it was a woman covered in cuts and soon to be bruises. “This is just great.”
“Let’s get her to the couch,” Piper suggested.
“Weird lady,” Paige summoned covering the visitor in blue orbs, “couch.” The others rushed into the living room as the unconscious woman appeared on the couch.
“Look all of her cuts have healed,” Phoebe observed. She poked and prodded gently as her curiosity got the better of her. It was safe to say that their potion did work. “I wonder what she is.”
Piper raised a dark eyebrow as she studied the unconscious woman. An even greater annoyance crossed her features. The woman was draped across their couch wearing a blue tank top, matching boy shorts, and tan platform sandals. She was clearly most men’s exotic fantasy. “So you were trying to set Chris up a Victoria Secret model?”
“We just ask for love’s destiny,” Paige answered lowly then turned to Chris, “so this must have been more of what he thinking of.”
A crimson flush brushed his cheeks as he looked away. “Hey, don’t turn this on me, Paige. You and Phoebe worked the spell”
“Aw, but your perverted mind conjured her up,” Paige argued.
“I don’t have time for this,” Chris replied. “I say we put her in a crystal cage and deal with it in the morning. Good night.” He orbed out.
“Testy isn’t he?” Paige teased.
“He’s right,” Piper sighed. “I`m done. I’m going to bed. You two clean this mess up and set the crystal cage up. We’ll deal with it in the morning.”
“Night, Piper,” Phoebe smiled.
“Uh-huh, night,” she said before heading up the stairs. “Stay out of trouble you two.”
Once she was gone, Phoebe and Piper let out of sigh. That could have been much worse. The two sisters looked at each other for a moment then at their unconscious visitor. “I’ll get the crystals,” Paige said.
“I’ll get the broom,” Phoebe replied. “I’m never doing this again.”
Paige nodded in agreement.
To be continued…
© Devon Masterson-Bond 2004
Another Bond Girl Production
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