❯ Love Potion #9 – Chapter Four ( Chapter 4 )

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Love Potion No. 9
Vial Four
By Devon Masterson-Bond
“Did you just see that?” Chris gestured in disbelief. “She was a dark lighter, a dark lighter, as in a being that kills white lighters. Hello, am I the only one who thinks there is something wrong with this?”
Phoebe rolled her eyes and smirked mischievously. “You were the one with your tongue down her throat, you tell me.”
Chris shot his aunt a dangerous look. “I don’t know about you, but I am going to start scrying for her. A dark lighter from the future could wreak all types of havoc. Who knows it might be her that turns Wyatt evil.”
“Oh come on Chris, I think if she wanted Wyatt, she would have orbed away with him instead of give him back to Piper,” Paige pointed out.
Piper sighed sitting on the stairs. “I hate to say it, but Paige is right. If she wanted kill any of us she had plenty of opportunity and Wyatt didn’t activate his shield.” Chris’s jaw dropped. He was sure Piper would have been on her side.
“You’re kidding me.”
Phoebe shook her head. “She was in a hurry to get out of here. She seemed more worried about putting distance between us and her than anything especially you.” A smile crossed her face. “Yeah, I was getting some intense feelings there and all of them weren’t from her.”
Chris flushed furiously. “I’ll be around,” he said just before orbing out.
“Phoebe, stop teasing him,” Piper warned as she stood to her feet. She shifted Wyatt in her arms. “He is right. WE can’t let her gallivant around town evil or not. I can’t believe I just said a dark lighter was not evil. What is going on in this crazy world today? I’m going upstairs.”
Paige and Phoebe looked at each other amuse for a second. They were both secretly pleased that the spell worked though it had its drawbacks. “I guess we better start scrying for her.” Phoebe nodded then squeezed her eyes shut.
“I have a lunch meeting with Elise,” Phoebe said glancing at her watch. “I have to get ready.”
“Go ahead,” Paige sighed. “I’ll scry for her and call you if we need any help.”
“Thanks.” She hugged Paige and ran up the stairs. “I am going to be so late.”
Pandora sighed as she observed the reflection in the mirror of a public rest room. Not a hair out of place, at least not yet. Her appearance was good enough. She changed her clothes again. Some how a t-shirt and jeans were not appropriate wear for job interviews. If she was going to hang around in this time, for only God knew when, then she needed to blend in with the population. Long as she kept her nose clean neither the Charmed ones nor their progeny would come after her.
“Here goes nothing,” she said lowly throwing her bag over shoulder. “A kiss for good luck.” She blew a kiss to herself and smirked. Her outfit wasn’t half bad. A navy blue and white pinstripe tank top and matching tea length skirt. Navy blue pumps and a conservative upsweep finished the whole look. Now off to destiny.
“Elise, I apologize,” Phoebe began as she walked up to a smiling woman.
Elise nodded. She has come to expect her star journalist to be less than punctual. It was because of this fact that she always embellished important appointments by forty-five minutes. “You’re just in time.” The older woman put her arm around Phoebe and ushered her towards the table. “Phoebe this is Nick Lachey, he is our image consultant.”
Phoebe smiled as brown haired man in his early thirties stood and smiled. “Mr. Lachey.”
“Call me, Nick, Phoebe,” he grinned. “I’ve read your column and all I have to say is, keep up the good work.”
“Thank you,” Phoebe smiled. She sat down. There was something they wanted to talk to her about; she could sense their nervous excitement. “So what do you need to talk to me about?”
A look of shock passed over Elise’s features for a second, and then she smiled. That’s what she liked to see in her star, staying sharp. “Okay we’ll cut to the chase. WE want to attract younger readers…” Phoebe’s jaw dropped slightly and Elise raised her finger. “We’re not worried about you Phoebe. We would like you to sort of mentor our new columnist…possibly…”
Phoebe leaned in loser as a couple at a nearby table’s argument started to become less and less discrete. Elise paused then frowned at the couple. “Really,” she sighed.
“`Frank, please” the woman begged reaching for his hand. He snapped it away and stood to his feet.
“You’re making a fool out of yourself, Maureen,” Frank muttered under his breath. E could feel most of the stares from the room. He planned on this being quick and easy. Already he was ready for the next Ms. Right Now.
“I’m out of here.” He stalked away. The quicker he got away the better.
“Frank,” Maureen cried. She stood to her feet and prepared to go after him when she felt a hand on her shoulder.
“Excuse me,” Phoebe smiled benevolently. “I couldn’t help but over here…actually we all overheard.” Maureen sniffled. Now she was feeling even more pathetic. “You are not pathetic. It’s just time for you tot let go. He’s not ready for the same things you are.”
“But I love him.”
Phoebe shook her head. “No you don’t. You just don’t want to be alone.”
“You don’t know what you’re talking about,” Maureen replied pulling away. “You don’t know me. Stay out of my business.” She ran towards the entrance. Perhaps she could still catch him.
“I can’t believe she ran off,” Phoebe sighed.
“Some people just don’t want help,” Elise replied. She put a hand around Phoebe. “Let’s finish our meeting.”
Phoebe nodded. Elise was right not everyone wanted or could be saved. Her nephew was proof of that. It was safe to say he wasn’t going to speak to her and Paige until he was born. It was a shame there was not more of a connection between Chris and Pandora. But then again, animosity and sexual tension only worked in close proximity. “You’re right…” Phoebe’s sentence trailed. Two blurs in the restaurant window caught her attention. Her mouth dropped when she saw Frank `moving on.’ It went even further when she saw that his prey was Pandora.
“Sorry not interested.” Pandora walked around the stunned man. He never would’ve figured a woman would tell him no, not when he just left one crying and two months before another contemplating suicide. Sure this one was not the type of girl he normally he went for, but some times change was good.
He grabbed her arm. “Wait I wasn’t done.”
Garnet eyes widened then narrowed. “Let go of…”
“Frank?” Maureen called from a few feet. She wiped her tears as hurt anger started to form within her. “There was someone else…”
Frank rolled his eyes before turning around. “I told you it was over, Maureen.”
“Were you cheating on me with that?”
“That?” Pandora’s eyes flashed. “Excuse me?” she shrieked.
“You heard me, bitch, Frank is my boyfriend.” Maureen stalked over to Pandora. She was not about to let some hussy no matter how exotic steal her man.
Anger swelled within Pandora’s being as the evil tendencies she fought hard to keep in check nearly took over. It would be nothing to torture this woman until she begged for mercy and then torture her soul until her life, however long that was, ended. But then she would be like the ones she hated. “Look!” she said a bit harsher than she intended. “I don’t know who this guy is and I do not want to cause trouble, but I will tell you something fighting a total stranger that you have no idea what they capable of it is stupid, whatever the reason. He does not respect you and you don’t need him.” Pandora brushed past the stunned woman. Inwardly, she breathed a sigh of relief. If the situation continued she might have snapped both of their necks like twigs. Her soul was intact for another day.
Pandora stopped quickly when she saw Phoebe smiling and a woman behind her clapping. Great she had an audience.
“Wow, Pandora,” Phoebe replied hugging the tall girl as though they were old friends. She felt a slight tingle from the contact, but she chocked it up to adrenalin.
“Phoebe, you know this woman?” Elise asked in shock.
Phoebe pulled away awkwardly. “Ah, yes, Pandora…”
Things could not possibly be worse. “Pandora Daedelus.” She offered her hand. “I apologize for that scene. Just one of life’s daily struggles…”
Elise nodded and waved the whole thing off. She was interested in the results. After Pandora’s tell off, Maureen left Frank standing alone when he suddenly wanted to get back together. This woman in front of her had exactly what she was looking for. Sass, maturity, and the urban appeal was an added plus. “She has unusual eyes. Absolutely gorgeous,” Elise thought. “Have you ever considered a career in journalism?”
Four hours later Pandora sighed as she found herself on the couch of Halliwell manor. How did she get railroaded into this? Oh, yes, how could she forget Phoebe and Elise talking her into writing a column geared towards the hard edge teens and college crowd? Then there was the topic of where she was staying. Next thing she was staying with Phoebe until she got an apartment. After that she was casting a spell so that her record from the future would coincide with this time-line and would go back to their original space when she returned. That spell used the last of the magic she absorbed. She could not take a chance of trying to orb to the manor. Phoebe could not find out her secret. So she had Phoebe driver her there for pretense sake.
Pandora was surprised when Phoebe let her inside then dashed off with a secretive, pleased look. Didn’t they think she might steal the Book of Shadows or something? She might be pretending not to be evil. All this thinking was just too much. She stood to her feet and let curiosity get the best of her. She had heard about the famous attic. What exactly did the Charmed Ones keep in their attic?
Chris furrowed his brow as he concentrated. He had been scrying for Pandora for the past hour. Of course he had little to go on without a personal objects or even objects she used. It was like scrying for someone who did not exist. “Maybe since she supposed to be my destiny, I should…” his thoughts trailed as the door opened. “What are you doing here?”
Pandora rolled her eyes. Now she knew why Phoebe did not mind leaving her in the manor alone. “Calm down. I was just being nosey.” She closed the door behind her and looked around aware that emerald eyes were boring into her soul and trying to cut her down. “What are you doing?”
“None of your business.” He swept the map and crystal away. “You don’t fool me.”
“I don’t?” Pandora asked shocked. “There goes my plan for world domination.”
“Very funny.”
“I thought so,” she replied then sobered up. “You think I’m evil. How about I touch the Book of Shadows? Oh wait didn’t a demon from the future pull that trick once and almost killed the sisters. Here’s a news flash, I was summoned here for whatever reason so I am going to make the mist of it. At least here I am not being hunted by the Dark Lord, your brother.” She turned on her heel. “I’m out of here.”
Chris orbed in front of her to block her exit. “You don’t think I’m just going to let you go. You’re a dark lighter.”
“Half,” she snapped then cursed herself inwardly for giving out more information about herself. What was it about Chris that riled her so?”
“What?” he asked in disbelief.
“Get out of my way!”
“NO.” He grabbed her arm and stared her down. “I want some answers and you’re not about to go free until I…” his sentence trailed as Pandora’s lips captured his. A euphoric sensation passed over him as the kiss grew deeper. His mind fogged over as his lower instincts took over. With no interruptions and no one to stop then there was only one place for this situation to go…over the edge.
To be continued…
© Devon Masterson-Bond 2004
Another Bond Girl Production
Charmed is owned by Spelling Entertainment and Warner Bros. I only own the fiction plot and original characters. Don’t sue me, hire me instead
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