❯ Love Potion #9 – Chapter Five ( Chapter 5 )

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Love Potion No. 9
Vial Five
By Devon Masterson-Bond
“Are you alright in there?” Chris asked leaning against the wall. He ran his hands through his hair in frustration. This was not how things were supposed to go.
Inside the bathroom, Pandora sat on the side of the tub with her face buried in her hands. She could not believe what had just happened. One minute she was pissed off and the next she was pinned against the attic door giving her virginity away to a guy she hardly knew. Chris was cute, but he had an attitude and who knew who was waiting for him in the future. It was all so annoying. “I am breathing,” she said testily.
Maybe he would go away now. Yeah, she was stupid but she was a big girl. Besides, she was under a spell…at least for some of it that which was the clincher. There was an attraction. Still what happened between them was wrong. “Talk about keeping it in the family. One wants to control me and the other just wants me. Of course that’s because Chris doesn’t know about my Aranju.”
Pandora stood to her feet. She couldn’t stay in the bathroom forever. It was time to face the music! Of course it was an added plus that she could no longer sense Chris because he orbed away after her last comment. “One night! I will have a place tomorrow,” she mumbled as she stepped out.
Wyatt giggled as he greeted her outside. He grabbed her by the legs and orbed them to the conservatory to play.
“There you are,” Piper smiled then frowned. It seemed both of her boys had the same taste in women, except Chris would not admit it. Wyatt seemed to be clearly staking his claim. “I see you brought a playmate.”
Pandora laughed nervously before sitting down with Wyatt. Occasionally she’d sneak looks at Piper to see if she knew what transpired between her and Chris in the attic. So far so good. “Ooh look at this. See this, Wyatt. It’s a dog. Do you know what sound a dog makes?”
Wyatt nodded. “Ruff. Ruff.”
Pandora and Piper clapped their hands. “Very good, Sweetie,” Piper praised. She picked him up and kissed his cheek. “You are so smart.” Wyatt laughed and hugged his mother before succumbing to a tickle attack.
“He’s so different.” Pandora smiled wistfully. It was difficult to believe that this angel, almost quite literally, was going to grow up and hunt her down.
“Yeah well the Wyatt you know will be no more, if I have anything to say about it.” Piper held him closer.
Seeing the determined look in Piper’s eyes gave Pandora hope. “I’ll hold you to that.”
Piper nearly smirked. She was starting to like the woman in front of her but she was still the other side. “So…how does a dark lighter such as yourself end up with such a good heart?”
“What do you mean?”
Brown eyes rolled unceremoniously in annoyance. “Please, you are unlike any darklighter we’ve ever seen…”
“Hi, I’m home,” Paige greeted as she orbed into the conservatory. She sat down on the couch. “What’s going on?”
“You’re just in time for our darklighter’s turn from the dark side,” Piper announced.
“Good, I was curious about that,” Paige replied. “Tell us everything…”
“Hello, family, I’m finally home,” Phoebe called as she walked into the foyer. “I have so much to tell you.” She stopped short as she entered the conservatory. “What’s going on?”
“Story time, shush,” Paige replied.
“Oh, this will be good.” Phoebe ran over to Paige and sat beside her. “Okay continue.”
Pandora merely blinked as three sets of brown eyes stared at her expectantly. Even Wyatt seemed mildly interested in the story. “It’s obvious you don’t see me as a threat.”
“Oh, we would’ve killed you by now,” Phoebe commented. “Now get to the story.” A nervous sensation followed by caution, fear, embarrassment, insecurity, and … “Ok, take a deep breath. You’re overloading the empathy here.”
“So when did you turn and how did you?” Piper asked.
Might as well get on with it. “I was never evil,” Pandora answered. She would tell the facts. No extras, no tidbits, just the facts.
“Then how did you become a darklighter?” Paige asked.
“I am only half darklighter?” Paige asked.
The eyes of the Charmed Ones grew large. “The Elders actually allowed that to happen?” Piper shook her head in disbelief.
Pandora smirked ironically. “The Elders…only allow things to happen if it serves some sort of purpose be it strategic or cosmic. Well at least they used to; they have been pretty much killed off in my time.”
“Yeah. Yeah, Chris filled us in on that part.” Paige waved her hand for Pandora to continue.
“My father was most likely vanquished and my mother died during child birth. I was put up for adoption and my adopted parents died in an attempt on my life. The end. Lovely story wasn’t it?” Pandora stood and walked to the window.
“Oh…” Phoebe began when the honey colored hair girl turn around suddenly.
“I attract trouble…”
“Join the club,” Paige remarked.
“You’re funeral,” she sighed then turned back to the window. “But not if I can help it,” she added lowly.
Phoebe stared at the ceiling thoughtfully, under normal circumstances, she would be sound asleep, but dredging up Pandora’s past was causing a flood of various feelings to wash over her. Guilt and fear were the strongest. She couldn’t make it all out. There was also another underlying anxiety, however, before she could delve into figuring it out the feeling would disappear like Pandora was avoiding it. She almost wished she hadn’t offered to share her room.
“You’re channeling me aren’t you?”
“Thank, God,” Phoebe replied sitting up. “Can we talk about it?”
“Nope.” Pandora sat up and looked at Phoebe from her pallet on the floor. “Ease her body, ease her mind. Let this seer sleep until her alarm clock’s appointed time.”
“You’re a witch too,” Phoebe yawned. Her eyes drooped heavily. “What about personal gain?”
“That doesn’t apply to me.” She sighed as Phoebe drifted off. “I guess in that instance I am free…” her sentence trailed. That sensation swept over her again. It was a yearning feeling and there was only one that she yearned for…
“I’ve never seen you around here before,” a tall darklighter with blonde hair commented.
“I keep a low profile,” Chris replied downing his drink.
“Don’t blame ya,’” the blonde smirked settling himself down across from Chris. “With the Charmed Ones running around you have to be careful. They’re extra sensitive about us darklighters ever since one of them got knocked up by a whitelighter. I’m starting to take it real personal.”
“That’s why I keep a low profile.”
The blonde chuckled. “The name’s Dorian.”
“Perry,” Chris replied.
Dorian nodded. “I went up against them once, the Charmed bitches. They almost wiped out my entire of coven.”
“What made you go on that suicide mission?” Chris smirked.
“I know right.” Dorian raised the glass to his lips and downed the last of its contents. “The price was right at the time.”
“Always is,” Chris agreed. Inwardly he was disgusted, this guy was another loser darklighter with another random story and nothing to offer.
“All this drinking is putting me in a way,” Dorian said suddenly. “Let’s go find some fun.”
Chris viciously fought the urge to be disgusted. The statement was an over share and just appalling. There was about to be one less darklighter in the world. “You’re on.” The two of them stood to their feet and left the bar. “Topside or…” His sentence trailed when Pandora orbed in front of them.
“Well, well,” Dorian replied. His deep maroon eyes washed over the tall pajama clad woman.
Pandora took a step forward listlessly. Chris could tell that by the blank look on her face that she was under the spell again. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply.
“Don’t let him have all the fun,” Dorian pulled Pandora away.
“She’s mine,” Chris growled. He pulled Pandora to him protectively.
Dorian raised his hands. He clearly did not have the advantage, perhaps another time. “I just wanted a little fun.”
“Another time,” Chris replied. He had to get her out of there. “Let’s go, Pandora.” She encircled her arms around him again and then kissed him before orbing away them away.
A second later they appeared in the living room. Chris fell over backwards across the arm of the couch. This was not the place to be. “Pandora,” Chris said lowly as she climbed on top of him. He tried pushing her off, but found it increasingly difficult when she started nibbling his ear and neck. His eyes drifted shut. This was not right. He promised his heart to another. This was too soon.
White orbs of light began to surround him, and then dissipated. “What happened? I’m still here?” His eyes shot open. A wave of exhaustion crashed into him and his eyes drooped. Pandora had stopped seducing him and had fallen into a peaceful slumber. It seemed that he would join her. He just hoped that he woke up before everyone else did.
To be continued…
A premonition of Vial 6….like pictures in a window…
Phoebe gasped as she suddenly sensed pain. “Stop it you’re hurting her,” Chris said stepping in front of them. Three sets of brown eyes widened as they saw Pandora on the floor breathing raggedly…
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