❯ Love has a cruel sense of Humor – GAY! ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Sailor Ra: Here you go everyone! I thought you guys would like it and it’s going to be fun to write. Yes, stupid funny. Wow, never thought I would write something of the sort. I don’t own a thing, but I do own the songs that Shuro or Kei or GeSang writes.
Songs, Shuro’s voice
Kei’s voice

Love has a Cruel sense of Humor

Prologue (Seto’s POV)

It can’t be….

I mean…not me!

I can’t be.

I’m not…

Don’t be afraid to love, girl. I know that I love you and now I want to return it to you.

I am not.

I can’t be because…I was in love with Kisara in the past!

Something isn’t right though.

I’m not in…

Not with…him

I can’t be because I know what I like and I like…the opposite gender thank you very much.

Baby, take my hand and I can show you the way to love
I can show you what love is really like and you can teach me how to return that love.

Mental note, get Mockoba and Noah back for ever listening to this crap.

I refuse to even let the thought cross my mind.

Idiot you already did.

So stop it before you actually believe that!

Damn it, this is what I get for listening to Yugi and his group of idiots. I start thinking crazy!

That’s it. I have been with Yugi and his friend for WAY too long. That’s why I am having these crazy thoughts…That’s why.

Because I no I am no…

Tell me baby, that you love me…tell me baby. Please that’s all I ask for. So tell me, tell me that you love me…

I can’t be…

I can’t be GAY!

Sailor Ra: Short, I know, but I didn’t really plain on it. So don’t kill me!