Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction ❯ Love A First Bounce ( Chapter 56 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Yami Yugi= Yami/Pharaoh=Paro
Yugi Motou= aibou= Abu/Udi
Ryou Bakura ( Hikari)= Ryou/Tenshi/Teni
Yami Bakura= Bakura/Batura tombrobber/tombbobber
Malik(Marik) Ishtar= Malik/ Koi=Toy/Mayik
Yami Marik= Marik/tombkeeper/tombbeeper
Seto Kaiba= Kaiba/Dragon/Tiba
Mokuba Kaiba= Mokuba/Motuba
Jounouchi=Jou /Pup/Doey
Mana- Girl
Kirara ( pronounced Kilala)- Girl
Ms. Rose: Teacher at Tiny Blue Eyes

//Yami to Hikari//
/Hikari to Yami/
**characters thoughts**
(Authors Notes)

« Hi this is Ryou and Dark Sanctuary doesn’t own Yugioh Naruto or Inuyasha. Hope you enjoy part 2 of our Yami’s graduation celebration. »

After the last guest arrived Mokuba closed the door behind him. It looked like almost the entire preschool class had come. A few of the students couldn’t make it as they ended up having other plans but overall the turn out was good.

« Nato wanna go pway over der,  » Marik says pointing to a tree house. Naruto looked over to his mom to get an ok before going to the tree house with Marik. ( Don’t worry it’s safe enough for preschoolers to climb and play on it)
A few minutes later . « Trys wanna pway wit us too, » Bakura asked the boy. « Yeah Ture can Koga pway wit us too, » Krys asked? « Yeah hurby and tum up here, » Marik yelled from the tree house window.

« Hey Batura tan we pway too,  » Tyler and Simon yelled?

« Sure come on, » Bakura yelled back.

« Mayik tan I pway too, » Kirara asked?

« Your a gurl dis is onwy por boys ,  » Marik yelled out to Kirara.
« Why tan’t Kirara pway wit us shes realby cool she touched a worm ,  » Koga asked? ( Kirara is Koga’s bestfriend ).

« Hey Mayik hab you seen da Paro, » Bakura asked the little tombkeeper.
« He’s ober der talkin to Mana, » Marik said pointing towards the swing set.
« Hey Paro you pwaying wit us,  » Bakura asked?
 » Iz habbing an important conbersation wit Mana , » the little Paro yelled back.
 » Mana you tan come and pway wit us too , » Bakura said.
« Ok thanks Bakura,  » Mana said smiling.

« We dunna be der in a few minutes Batura,  » the little Paro yelled sounding a little annoyed that his conversation was getting interrupted.

Conversation between Yami and Mana.

« Mana I realby wike you awot . »
« Wike your darp mabician tard? »
 » Well my darp mabician is realby cool but I wike you awot. »
« Oh ok Yami. »
« Uh would you be my girlpend? »
« Yami den youd be my boytend? »
« Um I des so. »
« Um so what do boytends and girlpends do. »
« I dunna I’ll ask Abu wait here pwease. » ( Yam runs to Yugi)

« Um Abu what do girlfriends and boyfriends do, » the litttle Pharaoh asked his light?
« They hold hands and sometimes hug and kiss,  » Yugi answered back somewhat perplexed at the question.
« Otay Abu, » Yami said as he ran off.
**Um okay I wonder what that was all about**

« I remember when my oldest asked me the same question,  » Tyler’s dad said smiling.
« It’s a natural part of life though kids can ask the most embarassing things sometimes, » Koga’s mom said chimming in.

« Well ya I guess your right, « Yugi laughed.

Conversation between Yami and Mana.

« Abu ted dat dey hold hands and hug and kiss. »
« Ewww Kitting is ucky, » they both said in unison.
After thinking for a minute Mana replied back, « Otay I be your girlpend. »
« Cos your eyes Mana I gots sumthin por you, » Yami says as he reaches into his pocket.
« Otay now open dem, » Yami says as he holds out a fifty cent Dark Magician Girl ring.
« Otay dis means dat your my girlpend, » Yami says as he places the ring on Mana’s finger.

« Reaby how you know dat? »
« Um I taw it on TV. » ( Ya wonder what Yugi is letting him watch lol).

End Conversation between Yami and Mana.

Yami then grabs Mana’s hand and runs with her to the Treehouse.

« Hey ebybody Mana is my girlpend now. »
« Oh Otay Yami, » they all said.
« Um so you wanna touch da worm Mana, » Krys asked the little girl?
« Kirara did you touch da worm, » Mana asked still holding Yami’s hand. ( I’m sure you remember your first girlfriend/boyfriend in preschool or elementary mine was 2nd grade.

« Ya it was cool, » Kirara said.

« Otay I’m touching da worm, » Mana said.

« Ewww its slimy, » Mana said.

Meanwhile the adults were eating and chatting away while their kids played. After about two hours of playing the kids started coming over to get some pizza.

« Do you any of you want some chicken too, » Ryou asked?
« Me I want ticken, » Koga and Kirara both said at the same time.
« Here you go just tell Malik what kind of juice you want to drink okay, » Ryou said as he put the chicken on their plates.

« Udi tan I hab a piece of peteroni pitta pwease, » Tyler asked?
« Here you go, » Yugi said handing Tyler a piece of pepporoni pizza.

« Tyler is Yami still playing in the tree house, » Yugi asked the littlle boy.
« Udi Yami is wit Mana dey still pwayin, » Simon and Krys said as they sat down with their plates of cheese pizza that had been served by Jounouchi.
« Oh okay, » Yugi said before walking to the tree house.

« Yami there’s pizza don’t you want some pizza, » Yugi asked?
« Otay, » Yami said.

« Mana Abu said dat ders pitza you want tom pitza too, » the Pharaoh asked his now girlfriend.
« You tink derz pineattle and petroni pitza tuz dats my pavotite,  » the little girl asked. »
« Prolly tuz Motuba wikes dat too, » Yami said as he started climbing down the tree house.

« Hi Udi iz der petroni and pineattle pitza, »Mana asked as she fiddled with her hair.
« Yes I’ll bring you a piece, just go and have a seat, » Yugi told her.
« Yami what kind of pizza do you want, » Yugi asked his little dark who was currently getting a piece of chicken.
« I hab da same as Mana, » Yami said as he sat down next to the little girl.

Yugi then handed his little Yami his piece of pizza.

About four hours later the cake and icecream was served…..

‘Well this was a really great party Kaiba thanks for inviting us, » Krys mom said as she put Krys shoes back on.
« Glad that you were able to come « Kaiba said as he walked Krys and his mom out the door. A few minutes later Simon and Tyler had left the
party too.

« So would any of you like some coffee or an espresso, » Kaiba asked Koga,Kirara and Mana’s parent’s who were sitting down on the table watching the kids as they bounced in the bouncer.

« An espresso would be realy nice, « Mana’s mom said.

« Okay I’ll be right back, » Kaiba said as he left to make some espressos.

« So where did you get this cake it’s really delicous, » Koga’s mom said as she bit into her second piece?

« Yes it’s very good I think I’d like to get Kirara one for her birthday, » Kirara dad said.

« We ordered it from a little cake shop that just opened up called « Watapons. »

//Uh oh//
/Bakura what’s wrong/
// I didn’t mate it to da potty.//
/Bakura I told you to tell me if you had to potty/
//But Teni I wuz bounting in da bouncer//
/I’ll be there to change you./

« Sorry everyone but I need to go and change Bakura he had a little accident, » Ryou said.
« Oh hehe, » they all laughed as they had all experienced that situation before.
« Yeah he’s been pretty good with using the restroom for the most part, good thing he had a pull up on, » Ryou said as he went to attend to the little tombrobber.

A couple of minutes later Koga, Kirara and Marik ran to where the adults were sitting.

« Toy whats sect mean? »
« What do you mean by sect Marik? »
« I dus wonbering tuz da Paro ted dat him and Mana are habbing sect in da bounter? »

« What the….^&^*, » Yugi bursted out causing everyone to laugh.
/ Yami what are you doing?/
//Habbing sect with Mana in da bounter?//

« Uh Yugi are you okay bud, » Jou asks as he noticed Yugi twitching.

 » Marik what did Yami say exactly, » Yugi asked the little tombkeeper who seemed pretty confused about the whole sect thing?

« Udi, Yami ted dat he and Mana are habbing sect tuz Mana is his girlpend. »

//Malit tan you esprain to me what sect is?//
/Ok I’ll explain it to you later./ ( Malik has his work cut out for him. )
//Otay I gonna go pway on da swing set.//

« Sorry but I need to find out what’s going now, » Yugi said sounding a little jealous as he went to where his dark was.

(At the bouncer)

**Ra what in the world could they be doing in there?**

Yugi carefully stuck his head in the entrance to the bouncer to find both Yami and Mana lying down next to each other and bouncing up and down.
The sight caused Yugi to giggle as they were bouncing pretty high and fast, The thing that made Yugi grin even more was the look of determination on Yami as he tried bouncing faster then Mana was, although she was holding her own.

/Yami what are you doing?/
//Habbing sect.//
/What’s sect Yami?/
//Mana ted dat her mommy and daddy hab sect and dey lay down and bount up and down.//
//Mana ted dat she saw dem on top of each oder, but it wuz realby hard to bount high wit her on top of me.//
//But wike dis we tan bounce realby high.//
/Well why are you habbing sect with Mana?/
/Tuz she my girlpend and she ted dat her mommy ted dat you hab sect when you wuv someone.//
/You love Mana?/
//Abu I wike her awot amost as mut as my Darp Mabician Gurl. //
/Oh I see that’s alot Dark Magician Girl is one of your favorites./

(Mana and Yami finally stop bouncing as they got bored with it.)

« Udi I dunna go to my mommy now tuz she calling me, » Mana ted as she crawled out of the bouncer.
« She habs her purse so dat means we hab to go home. »
« Oh okay don’t forget to take your candy bag and some balloons with you okay, » Yugi told the little girl.
« Tank you Udi. »
« By Yami, » Mana says as she hugs the little Paro before going to her mom who was all ready and packed to leave. ( Koga and Kira had left fifteen minutes earlier.)

//Abu sect it realby tiring but I bounted higher den Mana did so I won.//

//Abu I wanna hab tom more cake and Itream tuz I wuv cake and Itream.//

/Okay lets get you some more cake and icecream./

//Yay I wuv you Abu.//

Surpressing a giggle Yugi gave his little Paro a hug before walking with him to get some cake and icecream…

« Hi this is Yugi and Dark Sanctuaty hopes this chapter was good. »
« They are sorry for any grammar or spelling errors not done on purpose and hope that you review. »

( Next Chapter a surprise is in store for the lights as some unexpected changes start to occur, Yami’s can’t stay little forever…)

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