❯ lost chance – Tina Enters ( Chapter 1 )

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Disclaimer: I have no claim of ownership of Aoi Yori Aoshi, it’s owned Geneon inc. and created by Kou Fumizuki

I thoroughly enjoyed reading the story but I do have to admit some characters got the short end of the stick. Even though I have no talent with writing I decided to do this one night and post it.
My very FIRST fanfic please go easy on me.


Beep…Beep..the ticket machine spat the back out.
A blue haired girl in traditional clothes stood completely confused and frantically trying to get out of other peoples way. As a man walks past her he brushes up against her back and she falls over.

�Here let me help you up, are you okay?� said a man with short brown hair.

�Yes, I’m just a little lost.� she said

�Well thats obvious.� he teased �How can I help you.�

She preceded to blush and stutter when she noticed that her hano was snapped. �Oh no! The strap broke what will I do now?�

�Here let me help you.� He bent down on his knees and took the sandal off of her foot and started to mend it.

�Wow� she gasped �Thank you, I will never forget this.�

�Here you go. It wont hold for long but it should be good enough to get you to a professional mender.�he told her

�Um… I have one more favor to ask of you if you don’t mind? She barely said above a whisper. �Izumigaoka station�

�What?� he asked

�Izumigaoka station, can you tell me where I can find it?� she stated

�Well first you need to go straight to the ticket booth at the end of this corridor and take a left up the stairs, at the top of the stairs take another left…�he trailed off as he saw the blank expression creep onto her face.


�On second thought follow me�

�Would you really show me the way! You are a truly a wonderful person!� with that he turned to walk away with her following in hot pursuit.
On the Train the two sat in an awkward silence. �Wearing a Tsumugi at your age thats quite unusual.�he finally said.

�Yes, but you seem to have a lot of knowledge about traditional clothing yourself.�

�Well when I was growing up I had to wear lots of traditional clothing. So I learned a lot.� he stated firmly with a frown. �But wearing clothes like that you sure don’t look like a sightseer.�

�…� she looked at the ground blushing

�Oh… I get it, your here to see a guy aren’t you.� he said with a slight grin

�Yes you are correct.� she squeaked

�NEXT STOP IZUMIGAOKA STATION� the speaker announced.

�Well this is our stop.� he said to her glad for the sudden change of subject.

�Yes it seems so.�


While walking down the road the girl retrieved a small piece of folded paper from her obi sash and read aloud the address written. �I really appreciate you going to all the trouble of helping somebody like me.�

�No problem at all.� he said with a smile �So what is the guy your going to see like.�

�Well actually I have no idea. I haven’t seen him in years. To be honest he doesn’t even know I’m coming today.� she said with a small smile

�Well he’ll be one happy guy I’m sure! And here we are.�

As they rounded the corner she froze and fell to her knees as she stared at a vacant lot. �This cant be right. This is not happening.� she started to shake and cry as she looked on.

�Maybe you got the address wrong.� he queried

�No the address is not wrong!� she screamed
A sobbing girl with blue hair sat on the floor of a small one room apartment, clutching the paper in her hands.

�Here you go its not much but here is some tea.� he said trying to calm the girl

�sniff…Thank You…sniff� she reached out to take the cup from his hands.

�This guy you were looking for do you have any pictures or any other information to help you find him?� he asked

�Only this picture� she said as she slid the paper from her hands to the table in front of the man.

�This picture, this is a picture of me and Aoi-chan.� he said as he looked up

�Huh? Then does that mean that you are? She leaned forward

�I’m Kaoru Hanabishi.� he sated flatly

�KAORU-SAMA!!!� she screamed as she leaped over the table wrapping her hands around his neck. �Kaoru-sama, Kaoru-sama, Kaoru-sama.� She began to chant while crying into his shoulder.

As she cried Kaoru patted her head to comfort her. As he did this the front door of the tiny apartment opened. And there stood a woman with blond hair and blue eyes.

�Um…Kaoru darling, Who is she?� said the woman standing in the doorway holding a bag of food in one had and a backpack over her shoulder.

�Uh… Tina. When did you get home. My your looking nice today.� he babbled while trying to take Aoi’s arms from around his neck.

�Yeah don’t give me none of that. What is going on here? I do believe I have a right to know since I am your girlfriend you know.� she spat at the girl in the kimono