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Little Sesshoumaru Gets a Little Sister

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Kagome sighed as she looked at Sango, who shook her head and echoed
her little friend’s sigh.  Then they both looked across the
playground at the group of kids on that side, who were all huddled
together and muttering and staring across to this side of the
grounds, just like the kids on this side were doing in return.

It had all started with Little Kouga and Little Naraku’s divorce
scheme.   That had really made her Sesshoumaru angry, and
he had started making sure they knew they weren’t welcome anywhere
he or Kagome were.  And as each child on the playground had
his or her own special friends, as well as enemies, it had soon
spiraled into this – a polarized playground where everyone
stayed on their side  and scowled and glared at everyone on
the other side.

On their side was Sesshoumaru, who was, of course, the
leader of their group, followed by Kagome.  His little brother
Inuyasha was next, and then her best friend Sango.  And of
course, because Sango was on this side, so was Miroku –
everyone knew that those two went together, just like she and
Sesshoumaru – mostly because little Miroku had finally gotten
little Sango to give up trying to get away from him, since it never
worked.  And then there was little Shippo,  and Kagome’s
other friends little Ayumi, Eri, and Yuka.  There was also
little Ayame, who was still the only wolf that Sesshoumaru actually
liked.   Last, and definitely least, there was the
little mini-toad Jaken, who wasn’t really part of the group as a
friend – no, he was more there for comic relief and to run
and fetch for Sesshoumaru, who he spent most of his time on the
ground before, groveling and praising.  When it would finally
start to get to be too much, Sesshoumaru would boot the toad across
the playground to a neutral area, and for as long as it took the
toad to recover and then make his way back, there would be peace

On the other side of the playground, there was Kouga, the little
wolf-prince, and his underlings Ginta and Hakkaku, and little
Naraku, and his underlings, a towering – to small
children, anyway – and misshapen hanyou named Goshinki, and a weird
little youkai named Byakuya, who was an illusion-youkai.  He
had a long way to go before he was any good at them, though… most
of the time, his attempts at illusions backfired –
spectacularly.  Then there was Kagura and Kanna, of course,
Kagura still determined to break little Sesshoumaru and little
Kagome up so that she could have him.  And there was another
little girl, one who didn’t seem to like clothes much, since she
was always stripping down to barely anything at all, named

They were the baddies, as Inuyasha called them, and it was true
– they always did seem to be causing trouble in one way or
another.  Sesshoumaru was quite diligent in keeping any of
those troublemakers away from Kagome, and she was very glad that
was so – after that nasty trick that Kouga and Naraku had
played on her, telling her that her Sesshoumaru didn’t want her
anymore and was cheating on her, she didn’t really want to hang
around them.  But it was just too bad that they were like that
– it kind of sucked that the playground was so divided in
half the way it was.  She really preferred it when people got

“I wonder what trouble they’re cooking up this time over
there, since that’s all they do, anyway,”  Sango
muttered, and Kagome shook her head while Ayumi, Eri, Yuka, and
Ayame all nodded in agreement.

“It does not matter.  They are beneath us, so do not pay
them any attention,”  Sesshoumaru’s lofty voice
commanded, and the girls all turned to look at him in

“So what else should we do, then?”  Ayame chirped.
 “I’m getting bored.”

A chorus of voices agreed with the little wolf princess, Inuyasha’s
the loudest (of course), and Sesshoumaru sniffed.  “Are
there not many other things to do?”  he asked.
 “Must I always think of everything?”  When
no one said anything, he sighed.  “Fine.  We may
play Tag.”

It didn’t take long for the group to take up the suggestion, and
within minutes, their side of the playground was quite noisy with
the sounds of children having a good time – including
Sesshoumaru, as surprising as that still was to his sire, since, as
a predatory inuyoukai, he quite enjoyed chasing things – or
people, especially Kagome – down.  (Of course, whether
he was it or not, he was always chasing Kagome around, anyway, and
having a blast doing it, laughing wholeheartedly.  Touga
hadn’t even been sure that Sesshoumaru knew how to laugh
– at least, not without it being loaded with sarcasm.)

All was good on their side of the grounds for some time as they all
played, none of them noticing the advent of a new child onto the

Little Rin was a year or so younger than most of those already in
this particular playgroup, and a little naïve for all that
– meaning she didn’t seem to know how to tell the good guys
from the baddies.  And just as it always seemed to happen, the
sweet, innocent little girl found herself suddenly surrounded by
baddies – and Kouga, who was feeling the need to flex his
nonexistent muscles, decided she would be the perfect victim to
bully to make himself feel better.

In his need to be the big bad wolf, however, he had kind of
forgotten that human children were quite a bit more delicate than
youkai children, and within moments, the little girl was on the
ground, bleeding and unconscious – and he and his little
minions suddenly couldn’t get away from her fast enough.
 True, it wasn’t as bad as it looked – she’d fainted
from fear, not injury, and she didn’t really have much in the way
of injuries, either – just a few scratches that would heal
quickly, even for a human.  But they didn’t know that, and it
didn’t take long for the scent of blood to catch Sesshoumaru’s

Scenting wolf – his least favorite smell, not counting Ayame
– mixed with terror and blood, the mini-daiyoukai tracked
down the source of those scents at about the same time as his
father did, and Touga scowled angrily just as his son knelt down
next to the little human child.  His father disappeared for a
moment and then reappeared and was just about to bend down over the
child to press a cold compress to her forehead when the rest of the
playground surrounded them, curious children staring with big eyes
at the little girl on the ground.  Before he could even speak,
every kid on the playground turned en masse and pointed at the
little wolf cub trying to hide at the back, and yelled,
 “He did it!”

Frustrated, the inuyoukai was about to snarl out orders for the
other kids to go play so he could take care of the little girl,
since he could smell quite well who’d done it, when his son took
the cloth from his hand and said,  “You should go catch
that smelly wolf so he doesn’t scare her again.  I will take
care of her.”

Surprised, Touga stared at his son for a moment and then nodded.
 “I think I’ll just do that,”  he agreed with
a nasty smirk on his face at the thought of getting his hands on
that irritating wolf cub – and his father.  With
Kouga’s actions – and Touga’s videotape – his father wouldn’t
be able to defend him, and this time the obnoxious little brat
would get his due.

After making sure all the other kids disbursed, Touga went after
Kouga, while Sesshoumaru pressed the cloth to the little girl’s
head and waited for her to wake, while little Kagome and little
Sango also came over and helped to clean her up a little, gently
wiping her scratches up so at least she wasn’t getting blood on her
clothes or anything.

It took a few minutes, but just as little Sesshoumaru lifted the
girl’s torso up a little to protect her eyes from the sun, her
lashes fluttered and she opened her eyes, looking straight up into
the golden ones of the youkai above her.  Sesshoumaru braced
for the scream he was sure was about to come, but instead, the
little girl just smiled up at him with huge trusting, brown eyes
that he couldn’t seem to look away from.

They looked the same as Jaken’s always did – swirling with
something very close to worship, but he found that, unlike when
Jaken looked at him that way, he wasn’t annoyed.  Instead, it
made something inside preen, and he puffed up a little as she
smiled at him.  

“Hi.  I’m Morita Rin,”  she whispered,
 “what’s your name?”

“I am Taisho Sesshoumaru,”  he said kindly,
surprising his father once again as he approached after having
taken a cringing Kouga to the parent’s circle, where the parents
who were staying to watch the kids could sit and mingle.  The
boy would be kept under very stern eyes until his parents could
come pick him up.  “Come, sit up now.  Are you
okay?”  he asked.

The little girl obliged him readily, sitting up, though her smile
faded as she remembered what had happened earlier.  She nodded
unsteadily, trapping her little lip between her teeth as she tried
not to cry.  It was then that she caught sight of little
Kagome and little Sango, and Touga, as well.

“I’m okay… but that wolf… where did he go?”
 she asked fearfully, looking around hesitantly.

It was Kagome that answered.  She flounced closer with a scowl
on her face as she flicked a fierce glare towards the parent’s
circle, where she could see Kouga looking their way.  The
little boy paled and flinched at the look, his little tail hanging
behind him limply as he realized that his actions had seriously
pissed off the object of his affections.

“Don’t you worry about that little bully, Rin-chan,”
 she said as she knelt down next to Sesshoumaru and the little
girl, Sango following.  “He won’t ever come near you
again if he knows what’s good for him!  I’ll sic Ayame on him
– in fact, I’m going to do it anyway.”

“W-who’s Ayame?”  Rin stuttered, and then
belatedly asked,  “And who’re you?”

“Oh!”  Little Kagome blushed as little Sesshoumaru
smirked at her.  “I’m Higurashi Kagome, and this is
Takeda Sango.  And Ayame is the little girl over there wearing
white – she’s a wolf, too, but she’s not like Kouga, she’s
really nice,”  she hurried to console the girl who had
started to look frightened again at the mention of wolves.
 “Kouga actually belongs to Ayame, but he’s being a jerk
lately, and she’s going to be really, really mad when she finds out
that he did this to you.”  She snickered, actually
finding the thought of what Kouga was going to get from little
Ayame funny, though she usually wasn’t like that, this time the
little brat really deserved it.

At that point Touga stepped in, though he also fully loved the idea
of Kouga getting his comeuppance from the fierce little white wolf
princess who was rapidly approaching once again, determined to find
out what was going on and why Kouga had been led away.
 “Hello, little Rin-chan,”  Touga said, his
deep voice calm and soothing to the little one whose eyes had
widened on him.  “Are you okay?  Do you need to go
see the nurse?”

Rin slowly shook her head, awed.  This youkai was big, but he
felt… nice, for lack of a better word.  Safe.  She knew
he wouldn’t hurt her, just like the younger little youkai male that
had held her and helped her.  She could tell that the big
youkai was Sesshoumaru’s father, and that made him safe.
 Anyone connected to Sesshoumaru had to be safe.  And in
the mind of a tiny little girl, adoration was born.

Sesshoumaru was just what an older brother should be –
something she’d missed having since her own older brother,
Seishiro, had died protecting her.  It had happened barely a
year ago – they were in a car crash, and her brother had
thrown himself on top of her, which had saved her life – and
ended his.  He would always be her hero, and now Sesshoumaru
was placed next to him on the pedestal she’d put him on.

“I-I’m okay,”  she finally managed to squeak out,
as Touga chuckled at her wide-eyed stare.  

“Do you wish me to call your parents and have them come and
get you?”  he asked then, frowning at the sudden sad
look on her little face.

“I… I don’t have parents anymore,”  she
whispered, to his consternation.  “My parents died in a
car crash.  I’ve been staying with different people a lot.
 After they get tired of taking care of me, they send me to
other people, or sometimes back to the orphanage.  I’m staying
there now because the last lady that I stayed with… um… she hit

Normally, she wouldn’t tell anyone all that, but with these two,
she just felt safe and like she could tell them without getting in
trouble.  She saddened, then – she wished with all her
heart that she could stay with these two, where she would be safe
like she hadn’t been since the day her family died.

Sesshoumaru growled at that, for some reason feeling very
protective of this little human girl – like he was of Kagome,
but for different reasons.  He didn’t see this little girl as
a future mate, as he did with Kagome, but like a little sister
– which he would have much preferred having to his rotten
little brother.  

Touga was also bothered greatly by what he’d just heard, and he
crouched down to the level of the little girl, her brown hair
bunched up in a little side pony tail that was actually cute, and
looked her over.  His sharp eyes did not miss the signs of
neglect on her once he was actually looking – she looked
hungry, and sad, and her clothes were not the best, slightly
ill-fitting and definitely donated.  And she had a few fading
bruises, as well.

“Father, you must do something about this,”
 Sesshoumaru said, standing and helping little Rin to also
stand up.  Kagome and Sango also stood up to join the avidly
listening Ayame, and the girls added their pleas to Sesshoumaru’s

“Yes, Inupapa, please help Rin-chan!  It’s not good to
not have anyone to take care of you,”  Kagome added, big
blue eyes blinking up at him pleadingly, and Touga immediately
folded, not able to deny his future daughter-in-law anything.

“I will take care of everything, don’t you worry, little
Rin-chan.  I will call my lawyer and you will come and live
with me and my family,”  the daiyoukai said, knowing
that his wife would also agree, and would have been throwing her
voice in with the children had she been there, too.  He smiled
inwardly with affection at thought of his wife.  “In the
meantime, children, why don’t you take Rin-chan and show her around
the playground and introduce her to the other children,

The girls nodded and, chattering happily, took the little girl’s
hands and led her off, leaving Sesshoumaru behind.
  Touga looked down questioningly at his son.

“How are we going to prove what that wolf did to Rin-chan to
his parents, father?  They are always making excuses for him,
especially if there’s no proof he did something,”
 the little boy growled.

Touga smirked wickedly, then, his eyes twinkling.  “Oh,
don’t you worry about that, my boy.  How do you think I knew
something was wrong and came running?  I was videotaping the
playground and caught it all on tape.”

Pleased, Sesshoumaru didn’t even think to ask why his parent was
videotaping the playground, too caught up in the enjoyable thoughts
of what was going to happen to a wolf that had been caught in an
indisputable way being a terrible bully.  He simply nodded to
his sire and turned and wandered off after little Kagome and the
others, leaving Touga to get busy calling his lawyer to get an
order of custody for little Rin.

“He what?!!”  was the first thing to
assault Sesshoumaru’s ears as he approached his group once more,
only to see a very agitated little Ayame listening with a
fierce glare to what little Rin and little Kagome were telling her.
 “Where is that little brat?”  she yelled,
taking off and disappearing into a mini-dust devil as she sped
across the playground, tracking Kouga’s scent as the rest of the
group watched in wide-eyed amazement.

Unable to resist, Sesshoumaru rushed over to the fence closest to
the parent’s circle, determined not to miss out on any of the
action even as the rest of the kids all followed.  Kagome and
Rin crowded right next to him against the fence avidly watching as
little Ayame dropped out of her speedy little funnel cloud right in
front of a cringing and now definitely terrified little Kouga.

“What did you think you were doing to that little girl,
!”  Ayame shouted fiercely at little Kouga
– a little Kouga that was now trying to get far, far away
from a little wolf princess that was quite irate – and
holding onto his tail with angry little claws that wouldn’t budge
no matter how hard his little legs churned.  “That was
totally mean, and I’m gonna tell my grandfather, and he’ll make
sure your parents punish you!”

“I was jus’ tryin’ to scare her a little!”  he
shrieked finally in abject fear, as he cowered before the fuming
white mini-wolf.  “I didn’t mean to hurt her!  I

That made little Ayame so mad that she clonked little Kouga over
the head with an  – apparently – heavy fist, twice no
less, raising two nice big lumps on his head as she screamed,
 “You bully!” and it was his turn to go lights out
and land face first in the dirt.

That was a day that no one who was there would ever forget; a tiny,
red-headed little wolf princess peeling the hide off of a terrified
and whimpering little wolf prince for his transgressions.  Not
even his parents knew what to say when they arrived and saw what
was going on – and they didn’t dare to try to claim that
their son was innocent, either – not with little Ayame
screaming her head off at him for daring to bully a little human
girl, drawing her blood and making her faint.  

In the end, they didn’t even ask to see proof, they just took Ayame
at her word, and you could see the angry glares the wolf Lord and
his wife were soon sending their son, who by that time had woken
from his Ayame induced faint and was a puddle of terrified goo on
the ground.  His downfall was the fact that Ayame attended the
same playgroup as he did, because no matter how much the Wolf Lord
and his wife didn’t like to ever admit that their son might have
done something wrong, they didn’t dare call Ayame a liar –
tiny or not.  She was not only their son’s betrothed, but she
was the princess of her clan – a much larger clan than
Kouga’s, with more power.  To offend Ayame’s grandfather, the
leader of that clan, would be a very bad thing.  Not to
mention that the little girl their son had harassed was about to be
adopted by the powerful Western Lord – and no one
wanted to be on his bad side, Kouga’s father gulping at the
glare Touga was sending him as he dragged his whimpering son

As for little Rin?  That day, besides the rather terrifying
beginning of it, ended up being the best day of her life, for on
that day, she found a most wonderful big brother, and a loving,
caring family that took her in and and treated her like she was
born to them.  And the best part was that they didn’t just
take her in as a foster child, but they actually adopted her.
 Touga, after finding out her background, and how much her
family had loved her, honored her with his last name – but
didn’t take her parent’s name from her, instead, he hyphenated it,
naming her Morita-Taisho Rin.

Touga patted his little camcorder as he looked across the
playground at a smiling and laughing Rin, a smile crossing his face
at the sight of the little girl playing so happily, surrounded by
her new brothers and their friends.  I’ll never forget
today… and someday, I’ll bring this video out and let the kids
see it and remember this day, too.

He chuckled.  And to think, the only reason that
today will be preserved forever is because I’ve been videotaping
the kids so I’ll have blackmail potential on Sesshoumaru.  In
the end, that’s all because of Kagome, too… so I’ve got
Kagome-chan to thank for everything wonderful that’s happened this
summer.  She’s socialized Sesshoumaru, helped he and his
brother to get along better, showed Satori up –
snickered at that, wishing he’d caught that moment on camera
made my life interesting as hell, given me loads of
blackmail for later use against my sons, and even given me the gift
of the daughter I’ve always wanted and never thought I’d get after
we learned that Izayoi could never have another child.

Yes, today has been quite the day… I wonder what’s going to
happen here tomorrow?  

“Hm… I think that’s actually a dangerous question.
 I’m almost afraid of the answer,”  he chuckled to
himself as he answered his ringing phone and spoke to his lawyer,
who was letting him know that as of this moment, he had temporary
custody of one Morita Rin, and within the week adoption proceedings
would be closed and he could officially name her his since she had
no living relatives and the government would be quite pleased to
hand her over to someone of such standing.

Quite the day, he thought once more as he called his wife
and told her all about their new daughter.

This playgroup was the best idea I’ve ever had.


A/N:  Okay, this one’s more sweet than actually funny, but
hey, I tried to introduce Rin into the story in a way that was as
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