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Chapter 2 Fire of Friendship
Song 02 Anakin’s Dream
“He looks so peaceful when he is sleeping. Blair you are really lucky to have this guy as your boyfriend. Now that he is back maybe you two can get really close.” Alexis said with a giggle following her phrases. Blair sat on the bed next to Brett who was peacefully asleep in the bed. “I’m just so glad to have him back; now once we have Jaden back maybe everything can return to normal.”
Knocking broke the moment and in entered more of Brett’s friends. Mrs. Fontaine was first followed by Britney, Samantha, Hasleberry, and Jesse. “How is he doing? Strangely it looks like all of his injuries are gone.” Blair smiled and responded; “Yes all of his injuries are healed. He must have been exhausted from everything that happened while he was away.”
Britney laughed a little to what she thought could have happened; “Well it is good to see that he is back where he belongs. Now that things are going to return to normal maybe you two can finally go on that first date. You two are so lovey-dovey; it would be nice to see you too finally have some time together without violins or some duel to end the world thing.” Blair blushed at the though of a first date, but Samantha sighed breaking the happy moment. “Perhaps but I’m worried about Brett him self. It is unusual to see someone collapse like that with no reason what so ever and normally nothing stops him.”
They all continued to talk for a while; when night came most left except for Blair, Alexis, and Britney. Brett tossed and turned in his sleep; thoughts and images of Jaden suffering entered his mind causing him pain. Images of a future where all of his friends suffered; all because of Brett’s enemies that were after him. The thoughts were all too unbearable for him to take anymore.
Brett woke and sat up at an alarming rate; he breathed in deeply and looked around the room, and realized it was just a dream. His breathing slowly returned to normal; and he looked at where he was. He was asleep in the Blair’s spacious double room; Blair was sleeping in the same bed and Brett had failed to wake her. Nearby were Britney and Alexis were still asleep; Brett clenched his hand at the thought of his dreams. Were they some sort of warning from his abilities?
He looked up at the roof and he was so confused. Was that really all just a dream; he thought about how it all felt so real and his thoughts became more obscure. Brett got up carefully and quietly and left the room. The door was shut tight and Brett slowly walked off to go think somewhere by him self. This had to be figured out soon; nothing would make his friends suffer like he had just scene.
A new beautiful day had dawned on Duel Academy, and Blair and the girls slowly woke. Blair was still dozy and put her hand were Brett was supposed to be. She wanted to make sure that him being by her was not just a dream. Her hand moved only to find air where Brett should have been. The realization of what was not there caused her to shot up and search the room.
She got up and woke Alexis and Britney with an alarming voice. “Wake up! Brett is gone!” Blair’s heart was racing while she tried to figure out what had happened. Alexis quickly came to and also took in the situation; “where could he have gone? I’m sure he is fine Blair; I doubt he has gone too far.”
The words fell on deaf ears, and Blair continued to panic over the thought of losing him again after she promised not to. “I do not want to lose him ever again. Please Lexi; you just have to help me find him.” Alexis nodded and together they left to find Brett; leaving Britney who was still slowly waking up. Alexis was not going to lose him again either; she would get the entire school on her side if she had to.
Brett sat high above Duel Academy; perched on the rear side of the volcano; a place where nothing could disturb him. He sat there thinking about everything that had happen; then his mind began to think about everything that would happen. Brett’s mind only focused in on the negative things however. “It is my fault that Jaden is gone. If he stayed behind because of me then…”
Brett paused a moment before letting out a loud a scream. “Why the hell did I go with her! Ever since I made that choice; everything has gone from bad to worse. I’m no hero; I should have stayed, but I left all my friends behind. Why can I never make the right decision! Why the hell can I never make the right choice!!!?”
“If I was her then maybe the outcome would have been different and Jaden would be safe. No; if I was here I could have saved him; god damn me. It is still all my fault; no matter how much power I get I’m always too weak to help the people that matter. I’m no god damn hero! I disserve to die for all that I have unleashed. Everything should have been a sign not to help Jenova but I did it anyway. What kind of god damn hero does that!” Brett finished his statements and yelled to the heavens above; not caring if anyone heard him, but gave out from a lack of oxygen.
“Well, well, well… Never thought you were that kind of fiery passionate about your friends. And for that matter I never thought you would separate from them so soon, but I should not complain. After all here you are vulnerable; I could even have killed you back there without you knowing I was there.” A mysterious voice said from behind Brett with a playful sound inhabiting the words.
Brett did not even turn around to look; he made no sound and he put his head to his knees. The man behind him removed his hood; revealing his fairly long red spiky hair. “Hey come on. That is so rude to not even pay attention to the guy who is about to kill you. Guess you are just so stunned that you cannot even say anything; right? I mean I snuck up on you without you ever knowing, and yeah I am that good.”
The mysterious man listened for a response but once again got nothing. He made a loud aggravated grunt and turned around. This spiky haired man was so aggravated with his opponent and the lack of a real fight, but then Brett finally spoke up. “I knew you were there; I just did not care. Right now I’m too angry at myself to care; so if you want to kill me then just do it.”
Brett finished speaking and the mystery man span back around with a suspicious look in his eye. Then he lifted his arms up and made fist; looking at him like he had finally figured Brett out. “Oh I get it… You want to catch me of guard; then you will kill me. Well you are dealing with the one and only Axel. That’s A, X, E, L; Axel, got it memorized?”
Axel summoned his wheel like weapons with points with sharp metal teeth around the outside. Axel readied his weapons, but stopped when Brett began to speak in an emotionless tone. “That is great, but could you please do what you came here to do. I will not stop you… I don’t feel like I want to live anyways.” Brett said with his head said still pressed to his knees. Axel walked closer and inspected him; “what… this is such a disappointment. I thought you were going to give me a legendary battle; this is no fun what so ever. I wonder if I even have the right guy… brown hair, torn clothes, light like powers… no you’re the guy, but you’re not what I was expecting…”
Song itsuwari_no_yuujou
“Sorry to disappoint you Axel, but I’m really not in the mood.” Brett finished his depressed statement and Axel let out a short sigh. He walked over and sat right next to Brett and let his Weapons disappear. “I must be stupid to let my guard down; no you are going to take my life and I’m going to be such a fool. For some reason though; I just cannot fight someone who has no will to. You remind me of someone for some reason, I cannot believe I’m getting this soft in my old days… common I’m not even suppose to have a heart.”
Axel leaned back and relaxed; he enjoyed the warmth of the early sun on his face. Brett turned his head to take his first look at his new enemy. “So why is it so important to kill me?” Axel laughed at the question; “hey I was just hired to do the job. Think they tell me anything about why I am suppose to kill you? So why you give up on life like that…? I was actually worried that you would be with that girl forever; I could never kill you in front of her.”
Brett sat up into a normal sitting position; he looked over to Axel with a puzzled look. “I thought you were an Assassin here to kill me. Why does it matter whether I’m with Blair?” Axel laughed and let out another short sigh; “well it may surprise you but I have no heart. I don’t know; that sort of thing just does not sit well with me…”
“What do you mean you have no heart?” Brett asked; Axel laughed in response. “Funny I thought the Weapons were supposed to know everything. I’m a Nobody; when a person gives into the darkness they turn into a Heartless. Also they create a second creature which is an empty shell; the shell begins to act on its own and that is a Nobody. However powerful souls; become Nobodies with human like form. So that is me; but I have to say now I’m really interested with why you are depressed.”
“I unleashed the Weapon of Infinity; and Jenova now has it. I unleashed chaos upon this and every other world, and it is my entire fault. Then I come back here to find out my friend has disappeared. Every choice I make brings more problems to my friends.” Axel looked at Brett with a puzzled expression. “So you sold him out and left him to die? Or did you force him to go? Did you control his mind from long distance because you hate him? Because that’s a pretty cool power to have…”
Only one word could come out of Brett’s mouth; “No..” Axel cut him off before he could continue; “funny I thought you said it was your fault. Unless you got something else to say about how you did something? How about that Weapon thing? Are you the one using it? Probably not considering how much of a goodie-goodie you are. So how about we fight so I can complete my mission and get back to other things? I got nothing against you but I if I defeat you then I will be made human again.”
Brett shook his head and looked up into the sky; “I do not want to fight you Axel. You have been such a good friend and even believed in me. I would rather be friends with you then have to fight you.” Axel gave another chuckle; “that is too funny. But we are still on opposite sides of the board. See I got this mark on my arm; if I betray my side then I die instantly. So it is not like I could come to your side even if I wanted to; it would be nice though.”
Axel closed his eyes; he relaxed completely till he felt something press against his chest. He opened his eyes to see Brett in front of him; his arm was firmly on his chest. “Hey what are you doing…?” Axel protested, but Brett’s face was dead serious, and forcibly held Axel back. “Just relax; this will feel a little weird; at least that is what I have heard.” Before Axel could say anything else his body began to glow white.
The glow faded and Axel was absolutely speechless at the sensation in his chest. Axel used his hand to feel his chest; he gasped and then moved over to his arm but the scar was gone. “I have a heart! I can’t even begin to believe you did that. This is what I was promised for killing you, but I guess the question is what should I do now? Well… I think I owe you for setting me free from that fate… so I’m going to stay with you and repay you! So lets get you back to that girl friend of yours; you don’t want to have one of those mad at you.”
Brett turned away and looked off into the distance; “Blair, I left her alone. She is going to kill me if I go back; and when she finds out what I was thinking and how I was ready to die she will do worse…” Brett was interrupted by a tapping on his shoulder; he turned only to have Axel punch him in the stomach.
The wind was knocked from Brett’s lungs, and he was gasping for air; Brett fell unconscious and fell into Axel’s arms. “Sorry about that Brett; I know it is not a great way to start our friendship on my part. Do not worry about it; I’ll take care of everything.” Axel lifted Brett up and began to climb back up the mountain to head back to the main part of the island.
Blair and Alexis had scoured the entire school looking for Brett, but there was no trace; like he had never came back at all. They sat outside the School taking a break from searching; despite Blair’s enthusiasm to continue searching. Samantha and Britney came over to them; Britney shook her head when Samantha began to speak. “We checked a lot of other places but sadly we could not find him.”
Another group of Brett’s friends came back from searching; Hasleberry, Jesse, Jim, Syrus, and Chazz all ran over to the smaller group. Jesse stopped and looked at Blair; “Sorry Blair but we all split up and still we could not find him anywhere. I’m sure he is fine Blair; Brett probably is not in any trouble what so ever…” Blair could not even fake a smile at this point after losing him.
“So is this the guy you are looking for about six feet tall with some kind some strange abilities? Because I found someone like that, but he has this return to here tag…” The fiery headed Axel said; everyone turned to see the new guy with Brett over his shoulder. Blair rose immediately ran over despite the others’ concern. Axel set Brett down on the ground while Blair ran over; she kneeled beside him and the others ran over too. Axel looked at the young blue haired female who was actually a fair bit shorter then Brett and smiled. “He is fine, do not worry about him.”
Alexis stopped in front of Axel and took a firm stance and was wary of this new man. “Who are you and what are you doing with Brett?” Axel took a step back and was a little startled; “look Brett left to protect you from me. I came to assassinate him but he left to protect all of you. Brett spared my life and now I owe him mine… so we are cool right? The names Axel by the way; got it memorized?”
Blair shook her head and squeezed Brett who was in her arms; “I’m just glad he is safe. He means so much to me, and this time you are staying with me.” Brett opened his eyes and slowly came back from the state of unconsciousness. “I never wanted to leave you in the first place Blair… I’m sorry for going off… Alexis do not worry about Axel; I trust him with my life.”
Alexis reluctantly gave in to Brett’s sentiments and let her guard down. Everyone was way happier to see he was fine. After a few minutes Brett stood up on his own; despite Blair’s concern for his strength. He breathed a sigh of relief when without warning Blair’s PDA went off. Blair opened her PDA and looked at the email that was marked urgent mail. Brett looked over her shoulder and questioned what it was about.
Marcel ran over to Blair; “Blair did you get the message?” Blair looked over at Marcel and nodded; “Yes I just did Marcel. We just found Brett so it is pretty good timing.” Marcel arrived at the group panting from the run; Blair looked up to Brett. “Brett we have to go to the Chancellor’s office; he needs to talk to you about something.”
Brett was a little hesitant considering he saw what was on the message, but he was almost trapped at this point. “I’m in no mood to see my adoptive father Blair; it is not for any reason of what happened here… but I’m not on good terms with him.” A red flag went up in everyone’s mind; they had no idea who Brett’s father was but this was a golden opportunity to find out. Blair locked their arms together; “Brett come on. I want to meet him too; I want to know everything about you.”
Brett was still reluctant, but he did not want to cause any more stress on Blair and he reluctantly agreed. Axel got excited and started to push Brett to get him moving; “wonder why Brett is so hesitant ay guys? Come on I have to see the reason for this; this is way to interesting now.” Jesse laughed at Axel’s remark and spoke up afterwards, and Britney chimed in to. “Yeah…! Let’s all go and meet this guy; no doubt he is worried sick about his son. Besides this may explain a lot about how Brett was raised, and that is too juicy of info to pass up.”
Everyone arrived and entered into the doors to the Chancellor’s office. Brett took one last deep breath and entered into the room. Beside Chancellor Shepard stood Maximillion Pegasus; when everyone entered they began to look for Brett’s father. The room was dead silent till Blair broke it; “umm… Brett where is your dad? I thought he was going to be here; don’t tell me he ran out on you…” she asked while looking over at Brett’s face which cringed.
Pegasus stepped forward with a dead serious face; he starred at Brett and Brett stared at him. Pegasus face finally broke into a smile; “well son it looks like we finally meet again. Missed your old dad did you?” Everyone’s mouths fell open and they all were shocked; except for Brett and Axel.
Axel looked on with a confused expression; he side stepped over and poked Syrus. “Hey Syrus who is that guy suppose to be exactly…? Maybe I would be shocked if I knew something about him.” Syrus looked over to him and began to talk in an absolutely ecstatic voice. “That is Maximillion Pegasus; he invented the game of Duel Monsters. He is only one the richest and most famous people, and every duelist knows his name.”
Axel gave a little a small sound of acknowledgement; Blair poked Brett drawing his attention. “Brett; why did you never tell us about this…? It is so cool that you are Pegasus’s adoptive son!” Brett looked down at his feet; “I do not want to be known as being Pegasus’s son. I left to build a name on my own, and I did just that. Then I met you Blair and all of my friends; I do not regret anything about the path I chose.”
Blair smiled and hugged him tightly; Pegasus walked over and began to speak again. “So this must be Blair? The one you fought so hard for in the other dimension. She is quite a beautiful young lady; and you are both lucky to have each other, but watch out my son can be temperamental around me. Of course we have our reasons, but you did not leave till you first saw this girl correct?”
Quickly upon hearing the statement; Brett’s forehead twitched with anger. He was so fed up already with his father, but then Pegasus became serious. “However Brett we have leave however; we must return to my mansion and you must address the people about the other dimension battle you partook in.”
Brett was still hugging Blair and he shot back a statement to Pegasus. “No dad; I will not leave my friends behind.” Pegasus laughed; “you just called me dad right now! I have never been able to get him to call me that. But we must leave immediately, and as for your friends… Well the fact that you have a girlfriend is wonderful and I would rather you not leave them. So… why don’t they all come too to my mansion!” Pegasus said with a joyous voice; causing everyone to get exited. “You all can come live the life of luxury!”
Chapter 1 The Ones I love
Chapter 3 Life of Luxury