❯ life less ordinary – wrong crowd ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

I guess you could say I got in to the wrong crowd, made friends with Emma she seemed so sweet and innocent but the I got to know her the more I realized that she was not as she made out, she had a lot of hidden secrets. She would always put on a fake smile the same as me, we always went down the bike track behind school for a fag, months later we started to hang out, out side of school, during the summer she came down to mine and we would do all nighters five days in a row we would just get drunk and have a laugh as nothing of importance would pass through our lips, but we knew exactly how each other were feeling.

I know for a fact that Emma didn’t want to go home and I knew why her dad was the violent type he would punch her in the stomach in till she could hardly breath she would always make up a stupid excuse to other people but only I knew what was happening.

So yea, you could say we had connected through our home lives, we would sit in the park and talk in depth convocations about life, she knew that if I come out with blood shot eyes she knew what had happened and she knew that my mum was stressed and it wasn’t her fault. It was also the same with her too, other people thought she had the perfect life, but she didn’t. No one was allowed to talk badly of her father. She loved and respected him and she knew other people wouldn’t understand most of the children in our school had the perfect life. Where their parents had enough money and the perfect house, their parents would get them what ever they wonted.

She was a hit with the guys, she never knew why and I never had the heart to tell her they were using her and they didn’t like her, it might seem harsh but she had it coming she blinded her self saying that they all really liked her and we would get drunk and she would go home with them and in the morning she would come back and tell me what she had done but for some reason she seemed proud of it.

We started seeing less of each other because I was at college and she started work,
But I still see her on Thursday nights and she still expects me to stay out all night and get drunk but i didn’t won’t too, not any more.

Ok I think this a good place to talk about my longest friend Chloe.
I remember meeting Chloe when we were younger I was about 4 and she was three I was walking up the hill to see my sister Elene and Elene was sitting down with Chloe she made me come over and say hi Chloe was wearing a red puffy coat and little blue Wellington boots.

And from then on you could not separate me and her for love nor money.
We knew everything about each other she would sleep around mine and I would sleep around hers even through we live three doors away from each other.
As Chloe is a year younger than me I moved to secondary school, and a year later she went to a different school our personality’s changed and she became a chav and I got in to rock music so we had completely different personalities.

As after a while we just stopped hanging out and chatting until about three months ago when I sent her a text saying “do you wanna meet up” and since then we are inseparable but its better now because we have more to talk about.

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