Neon Genesis Evangelion Fan Fiction ❯ Lies and Silence ( Chapter 12 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

(video recording) Eva-01, bleeding, looks up.

(video recording) It charges the Fourth Angel.

Asuka watches.
SE: the battle
Asuka “What… what is this?”
SE: footsteps

Asuka quickly presses the stop button and rises.
Asuka “Dr. Akagi!”

Ritsuko looks at Asuka suspiciously.
Ritsuko “What are you doing here, Asuka?”

Asuka “I was watching footage of some of the battles… for strategy…”

Ritsuko raises an eyebrow.

Asuka “Uh… about the last battle…”

Ritsuko is impassive.
Asuka (OFF) “Why… how… WHAT happened?”
Ritsuko “It’s none of your concern.”

Both stand amongst dozens of video tapes and CD’s.
Ritsuko “Besides, the important thing is your performance.”

Asuka looks away.
Asuka “I… I’m not sure…”

Ritsuko “What?”

Asuka “I’m not sure I want to pilot something… like that… I mean…”

Ritsuko smiles coolly.
Ritsuko “But, Asuka, if you don’t pilot the Eva, what will you do instead?”

Ritsuko “You’re a thirteen year old girl. We’d have to send you back to Germany.”

Asuka “I… I couldn’t stay…?”
Ritsuko (OFF) “No.”
Asuka looks down.

Ritsuko “Now, why don’t you go train?”
Asuka doesn’t move.
Ritsuko “Don’t worry about the Evas. That’s my job.”

Asuka finally leaves, looking away.

Misato’s apartment.

BGM START D-6 [“Peaceful”]

Asuka lies on her bed.
Asuka “What’s wrong with me?”

A side view of her face, staring up at the ceiling.
Asuka “All I used to care about was piloting.”
She shuts her eyes.
Asuka “Now I don’t know what to think…”

She rolls on her side.
Asuka “And it’s worse than that…”

Shinji smiling.
Asuka (MONO) “What the hell, Asuka?”


Misato (OFF) “Kids! I’m home!”
Asuka sits up.

She opens the sliding door.
Asuka “Misato?”

Shinji turns from the cooking.

Misato “Great news!”

She holds out a brochure.
Misato “They’re finally opening up an amusement park!”

Asuka takes it.
Asuka “So?!”

Shinji “It’s not like we’ll have time…”

Misato glares.
Misato “Of course you will!”

Asuka shrugs.
Asuka “It’s just a kid’s thing.”
She begins to walk away.

Misato looks vaguely disappointed.
Misato “But…”

Asuka “What?”

Misato “But it could be fun! You guys need to be kids!”

Shinji shrugs.
Shinji “I guess we could go.”

Asuka looks at Shinji hopefully.
Asuka “Well… okay…”

Text: “Episode #12: Lies and Silence”

The fairgrounds.
SE: crowds

BGM START: D-4 [Everyday Scenes and Diversions]

The children stand in line together.
As always, they look uncomfortable with each other.
Kensuke “It sure was nice of Misato-san to tell us about this place!”

Asuka rolls her eyes.
Asuka “She probably just wants us away for the day or something!”

Kaworu looks at Asuka quizzically.
Asuka “She always has those dumb guys around! It’s like there’s a different one every week!”

Shinji glares at Asuka for talking about Misato like that.

Kensuke seems surprised.
Kensuke “Re- really?”

Asuka “What, did you think she was intereste-”

Shinji “Asuka.”


Everyone turns to Shinji, surprised he’s speaking up.

Rei in particular is most impressed.

Asuka “What? You see the way-”
She falters.

Shinji is (surprisingly) still glaring.

Asuka “Whatever…”

They get to the front of the line.

A few minutes later, they enter the park proper.

The camera pans over each member of the group, staring in awe. Except Rei. She is unimpressed.

The fair. A ferris wheel, several roller coasters, etc.

Rei “…What will we be riding first then?”

Asuka “Way to sound excited, Ayanami.”
Kensuke “We should check out that roller coaster!”

Kaworu looks at the ferris wheel.
Kaworu “Surely, there’s better entertainment?”

Kensuke glares at Kaworu.
Kensuke “N-”

Asuka “Honestly. Why are we all in a group? Why not go ride the rides you like?!”

Rei “That does sound wisest.”
Shinji nods.

Asuka “It’s not like we can stand each other anyways.”
An awkward silence.
Asuka “So, uh, you guys go… wherever… and Shinji and I will go to the bumper cars!”

Rei “But…”
Shinji “Huh?”

Kaworu “Why are you going by yourself with Shinji?”

Asuka falters.
Asuka “Well, it was just an idea! Besides, Shinji and I are closest!”

Shinji blushes.
Asuka (OFF) “Not like that! It’s just we worked together most!”
Shinji nods.
Shinji “Okay.”

He steps away from the others, next to Asuka.

Rei shrugs.
Rei “I will ride the roller coaster then…”

Kensuke smiles.

Kaworu “So I am alone?”
No one answers.
Kaworu “Very well.”
He starts walking away.


Asuka and Shinji walk through the fair.

Several boys attempt to impress their dates at various games.

Asuka “Shinji…”
Shinji “Yeah?”

Asuka “Are you any good at these sorts of games?”

A “knock the bottles down” game.

Shinji frowns.
Shinji “Not really.”

Asuka sighs.
Asuka “Is there anything you’re good at?”

Shinji “The cello.”

Asuka “The cello?!”


She looks at him critically.
Asuka “How well?”

Shinji “Not all that great, I guess.”

Asuka “Then how long have you been practicing?”
She is getting more and more exasperated by his failure to elaborate.

Shinji “Er… I guess my teacher told me to one day a few years back.”

Asuka suddenly begins to comprehend.
Asuka “And he never told you to stop, did he?”

Shinji blushes.
Shinji “No.”

Asuka “Of course.”
She looks away.
Asuka “So you practiced and practiced…”

The ferris wheel spins.
Asuka (OFF) “Maybe even becoming one of the best cello players in your age group.”

Asuka and Shinji continue to wander.
Asuka “All because you’re too weak-willed to do anything!”

Shinji glares.
Shinji “That’s not true!”

Asuka “Oh, really? Then do something!”

Shinji “Uh… like…”

Asuka “I don’t know!”
She looks around.
They have wandered to an empty section of the park.

She bites her lip.
Asuka (teasing) “I bet you wouldn’t kiss me.”

Shinji blushes.
Shinji “Wh- what?!”

Asuka is no longer nervous, just teasing.
Asuka “Oh, come on, First. I know you want to.”

Shinji blushes fiercely.

Asuka “Or is there something stopping you?”
She leans in close.
Asuka “Are you afraid someone’s watching?”

Shinji shakes his head emphatically.
Shinji “N- no!”

Asuka “Then why won’t you?”

Shinji stands up straight.
Shinji “Okay, I will!”

He takes a step forward.

The two stand a few inches from each other.
Shinji shuts his eyes.
Asuka does as well.
Then she opens them.
Asuka “Your breath… it tickles.”
Shinji opens his eyes.
Shinji “Huh?”
Asuka suddenly reaches up and plugs his nose.
They kiss.

The ferris wheel continues spinning.

In this empty corner, they are alone.

Shinji slowly turns blue in the face.
Finally, he pulls away, gasping for breath.

Asuka runs off, mortified.

Shinji stares, confused.

The ferris wheel spins on.

BGM START: C-6 [A Crystalline Night Sky]

Kensuke and Rei sit on the ferris wheel together.
Kensuke turns to Rei.
Kensuke “Ayanami-san?”

Rei’s perspective of the fairgrounds.
Rei (OFF) “Yes, Aida-kun?”

Kensuke “Do you have siblings?”
Rei “I…”

She looks away from Kensuke.
Rei “I am not sure.”

Kensuke looks down.
Kensuke “Oh.”
Rei (OFF) “Why?”
Kensuke “I… I was wondering if you knew how to deal with them.”

Rei “I see… You have siblings?”

Kensuke nods unhappily.
Kensuke “Unfortunately…”

Rei “Why is it unfortunate?”

Kensuke “They’re jerks.”

Rei says nothing.

Kensuke “The only thing they can’t lord over me is Eva.”

Rei “So that’s why you pilot…”
Kensuke nods.
Rei “That doesn’t seem like a good enough reason.”

Kensuke is shocked.
Kensuke “What?!”

The ferris wheel stops.
The bars lift up, Rei disembarks.
Kensuke jogs after her.

Kensuke “What do you mean it’s not a good enough reason?”

Rei sees Kaworu in the crowd.
She turns in a different direction and walks away from him.
Rei “I mean, you won’t do very well.”

A bride and groom kiss.
SE: clapping

Misato is among the guests, alongside another man – different from episode nine.
She stops clapping.
Misato “Thank you for coming with me to this…”
Date “Huh? Sure…”
Misato “It’s kind of embarrassing.”

The date looks at her quizzically.
Date “How?

Misato sighs.
Misato “I’m one of the only people I know who hasn’t been married.”

The date looks uncomfortable.
Misato “Oh, don’t worry… it’s just a bit weird, being twenty-eight and unwed.”

She smiles at him.
Misato “I guess it could be worse though. My best friend doesn’t even have a boyfriend…”
The date chuckles (OFF).

Date “So is that why you sent the kids off to the park? So you wouldn’t have to tell them you were the last one to get married?”

Misato frowns.
Misato “No!”

Date “Then what?”
Misato “Is it so wrong to want kids to be kids?”

Date “Huh?”

Misato “They’re the pilots for the Evangelion project.”
She sighs.
Misato “They need time to relax.”

The date seems to appreciate this line of thought.
Date “Well, if you say so…”

A bar.

Ritsuko sits at the bar.

Misato and her date enter.
Misato waves.
Misato “Rits-chan!”

Ritsuko turns.
Ritsuko “Misato…”

The two sit next to her.
Date “She your best friend, then?”

Misato giggles and glares.
Misato “Oh, hush…”

Ritsuko decides not to comment.
Ritsuko “Having a good time?”

Misato nods happily.
Misato “Marriage is exciting…”

Ritsuko shrugs.
Ritsuko “If you have the time for that sort of thing.”

The date tries to find a way to interact.
Date “So, uh, what do you do?”

Ritsuko “I’m the project director for Nerv.”

The date waits for her to continue.

Ritsuko takes a long drink.

The date and Misato sit uncomfortably for a moment.

Ritsuko “Oh, Misato?”

Misato “Yeah?”

Ritsuko “The Vice Commander wants to talk to you soon.”
She rises.
Ritsuko “I can’t keep holding him off forever.”
She starts to go.
Ritsuko “You need to talk to him some time.”

Date “The Vice Commander?”

Misato “Yes.”

She takes a long drink.
Misato “Vice Commander Fuyutsuki Kozo.”

She looks very uncomfortable.
Misato “A former worker for the Antarctic Research Organization.”


Text: “Neon Genesis Evangelion: Episode: 12: Bonding”

Fuyutsuki works at his desk.

Misato stands over him.
Misato “What do you want to talk about?”

Fuyutsuki looks slightly surprised she came to see him.
Fuyutsuki “Nerv, of course.”

Misato “During my off hours?”

Fuyutsuki “This isn’t a status report.”

Misato’s arms cross.
Misato “Then what?”

Fuyutsuki “The secrets it keeps.”

Misato “Like the Recovered Antarctic Objects?”
Fuyutsuki looks down.
Fuyutsuki “Yes.”

Misato “Who else do you have locked up in here, then?”

Fuyutsuki “Interesting question.”

Misato keeps glaring.
Fuyutsuki “N… never mind.”

Misato “So what secrets are really being kept?”

Fuyutsuki shrugs.
Fuyutsuki “I can barely keep track anymore.”

Misato “If you want to talk to me, get started.”

Fuyutsuki (exasperated) “Why are you so hostile?”

Misato “Why shouldn’t I be?!”

Misato “You helped them!”

Fuyutsuki looks away.
Fuyutsuki “No, I tried to help you.”

Misato doesn’t look very believing.

Fuyutsuki “If you want to start this fight again…”

Fuyutsuki (OFF) “Then just leave.”
Misato stops glaring.

Fuyutsuki “And if you want to actually learn about Nerv, then you’ll have to trust me.”

Misato “Fine…”

She sits in a computer chair next to him, looking at the computer screen.
Misato “Evangelion Unit 07? I thought they’d only-”
Fuyutsuki “It’s not important.”

A computer screen listing off nine Evangelion designations.
Misato (OFF) “Wait… 07 and 08?! And more…”

Fuyutsuki “Again, they’re not important.”

Misato “Then what are they?”

Fuyutsuki “The new models.”

Misato looks more disturbed than anything else.
Misato “So soon? But…”

Fuyutsuki “But they’re not what we’re here to talk about.”

Misato “What then?”

Fuyutsuki “For starters, I was wondering what you knew about level AKL-45?”

Misato is confused.
Misato “Nothing… except that it’d be for emergencies, right?”

Fuyutsuki nods.
Fuyutsuki “Correct. We’re completely self-sufficient, so if we were cut off from the city, we’d use it as a hospital wing.”

Misato “But we’re not cut off from the city, so why do you ask?”

Fuyutsuki “Because someone is using it.”

Misato is even more shocked than before.

Misato “What?”

Fuyutsuki “Exactly.”

A little girl lies comatose on a hospital bed.
Fuyutsuki (OFF) “And no one seems to know it’s being used.”

Misato’s apartment.

Misato stands over Shinji, shaking him awake.
Misato “Come on! Get up!”
Shinji turns.
Shinji “Huh… wha…?”

Misato is clearly worried.
Misato “An Angel. We have to hurry.”

Shinji sits up in a hurry.
Shinji “But…”

Misato is already walking out.

Shinji sighs and begins to rise.

BGM START: E-1 Rhythm Only [Spending Time in Preparation]

In Nerv, Shinji, Rei, and Asuka stand together in their plugsuits.

Ritsuko paces back and forth.
Ritsuko “The situation is similar to the last.”

A Tokyo-3 street.
Ritsuko (OFF) “The Angel is building up a high-energy reaction that will destroy the city.”
A shadow slowly appears on the street.

The Angel itself, a floating head. On the forehead is a small Angel mask.
Ritsuko (OFF) “For this reason, you must destroy it as quickly as possible.”

Close-up of the Angel’s eyes. Both are shut tight.
Ritsuko (OFF) “We’ll be supplying you with all of our ranged weapons.”

Rei “Who will be taking point?”

Ritsuko “Asuka, of course. But don’t be afraid to deviate…”

Asuka smiles to herself.
Asuka (MONO) “A by-the-book battle. This can’t be as bad as the last one…”

Shinji “So why am I being deployed closest to the Angel?”

Ritsuko smiles.
Ritsuko “So it won’t go after Asuka, of course.”

Shinji is all too aware of what that means.


Eva-02 stands on its pylon.

Eva-00 is launched.

Eva-01 accelerates up the launch pad.

It surfaces and quickly charges down the street.

Shinji looks left and right, trying to figure out where the Angel is.

A shadow appears over the Eva.
It looks up.

The Angel accelerates past it and lowers itself down.

Eva-01 stops.

Shinji looks horrified by the sudden closeness of the Angel.
Shinji “What- what’s it doing?”

Ibuki types at her console uncertainly.
Ibuki “There’s no new energy build-up or anything. It’s… it’s just watching him?”

Aoba “No! Something is changing! It’s blood type is shifting… It’s not blue anymore…”

The Angel’s eyes open up.

Evangelion Unit 01 doesn’t move.

Neither does Shinji. He stares back.

Eva-02 approaches, bearing a large rifle.
It stops.

Asuka “Idiot! What are you doing?”

An AT-Field forms around Eva-01 and the Angel.

Eva-01’s feet are slowly lifted off of the ground.
Ibuki (OFF) “The entry plug isn’t responding!”

A black space.


Shinji stands in the darkness.

A humanoid figure slowly fades into existence across from him.

Shinji’s perspective of the figure. Behind it are the streets of Tokyo-3.

The figure’s perspective of Shinji. A few bird-shaped lights move in the background of the darkness. (in the real world, birds are flying past Eva-01)

Shinji’s perspective again.
Shinji (OFF) “Hello?”
The figure holds out its hand.

Shinji uncertainly takes it.

Something in the darkness roars.

Shinji’s perspective again.
The background flickers between Tokyo-3 and the darkness that shows only living things.

The figure’s perspective.
The two backgrounds are beginning to merge together.


In the real world, Eva-02 is sitting behind the Positron Rifle.
Asuka (OFF) “There’s no way this thing’ll work!”
She fires.

The AT Field, now a complete and perfect sphere, remains impervious.
It continues to ascend into the sky.

Ibuki “The high-energy reaction is growing at an alarming rate!”

Hyuga “The Angel’s S2 Engine seems to be intensifying in its output!”

Ikari and Fuyutsuki look on, concerned.
Ikari “The Angel’s strategy is unique.”

Fuyutsuki “You think it is trying to cause Third Impact without…”

Ikari nods.
Ikari “Perhaps any Fruit of Knowledge will do…”

In the darkness of the mental realm, lighting scatters back and forth.

Shinji “Who are you? What are you doing? What’s going on?!”
Something roars again.

A demonic form appears, pulling Shinji away from the humanoid and into darkness.

A train moves through a red landscape.
SE: train sounds

Shinji finds himself sitting across from Rei. Again.
Shinji “Am I dreaming? Or are you the angel?”

Rei “I am me.”

Shinji “Why am I here then?”
Rei “An interruption.”
Shinji “Interrupting what?”

Rei “The end of humans.”

Shinji looks shocked.
Shinji “What?”

Rei “Let go.”

Shinji “But… It…”
Rei “Did it make you feel safe?”

Shinji “If I let go, aren’t I just running away?’

Rei “From what?”
Shinji “From it.”
Rei “It’s just trying to trap you. Like your father.”

Shinji “What?”

Rei “You didn’t run away from him.”

(flashback) Gendo walks away.

(flashback) A younger Shinji cries.
Rei (OFF) “He ran away from you.”

Shinji “No! That’s not true!”

Rei “You’re deluding yourself.”
Shinji “I’m not!”

Rei seems strangely distorted.
Rei “You are. Whenever you’re uncomfortable, you lie to yourself.”

Shinji looks down.
Shinji “What’s wrong with that?”

Shinji “Reality sucks.”

Rei “Will you let go or not?”

Shinji shakes his head.
Shinji “Something is about to happen, I’m sure of it.”

The hell train disappears.
SE: train sounds fade out

Shinji and the humanoid figure’s hands are still linked.

The world around them seems sharper and more distinct.

Well below them, Eva-00 disappears down a lift.

Shinji watches, unconcerned for a moment.

In the real world, Eva-01 and the Angel continue to float high above the city.
Lightning bolts are exchanging between them.

Misato watches, concerned.
Misato “What is this?”

Ritsuko types at a computer.
Ritsuko “Evangelion Unit 00 has descended to Level EEE.”

Misato turns.
Misato “Level EEE? Isn’t that off-limits?”

Ritsuko doesn’t answer.

Ibuki “The Lance is stored there…”
Hyuga “That far down? Shouldn’t all of our weapons be easy to get to?”

Ritsuko “Quiet! Evangelion Unit 00 will be approaching the surface soon!”

Asuka sits in the Entry Plug.
Asuka “Why is she doing this assignment anyways?”

Misato is about to answer, but stops.

Eva-00 resurfaces, holding the lance.

It thrusts the lance into a skyscraper and begins climbing up.

Misato “Asuka, be ready to cover her!”

Asuka “Yeah… yeah… it’s not like she’ll need it…”

Eva-00’s hand clutches the rim of the roof of the building.
It pulls itself up.

It is standing only a few feet away from Eva-01 and the Angel.
It charges and leaps towards them, lance stuck out.

The lance collides with the AT Field.
The AT Field shatters.

The lance sticks through the Angel’s core.
The Angel explodes into blood.

Eva-00, -01, and several thousand gallons of blood fall to Earth.

The blood covers the two Evas.
Eva-00 slowly rises. Eva-01 does not.

Misato sighs in relief.
Misato “We’re alive…”

Ibuki “The pilot’s life signs are stabilizing.”

Fuyutsuki “You used the Lance?”

Ikari nods.
Ikari “We found out how to manipulate it.”

Fuyutsuki “I thought it was too important to use in battle.”

Ikari smirks coldly.
Ikari “We don’t need it any more…”

Fuyutsuki seems disturbed.
Fuyutsuki (MONO) “Then I should talk to the Major…”

Ritsuko and Aoba work at a computer.
Aoba “We can’t analyze anything that happened in that AT Field…”
Ritsuko “Damn that thing…”

Misato “Do we understand anything about the Angels?”

Ritsuko shakes her head.
Ritsuko “Half the time, it’s like working with a black box…”

Misato doesn’t seem to believe Ritsuko.
Misato (MONO) “Why don’t I believe the things you tell me anymore?”

Asuka sits in the Entry Plug, looking down.
Asuka (MONO) “What happened to when this was fun?”

Eva-00 marches through the streets of Tokyo-3.

Rei is smiling again.
Rei (MONO) “Perhaps soon I will be allowed to return to nothing…”

The hospital building.
SE: cicadas

Shinji opens his eyes.
Shinji “Ugh….”

He rises and looks around.

He is alone again.

Shinji sighs.
Shinji “Doesn’t anyone come to visit…?”

He throws the covers off himself.

Shinji’s hand.

He looks at it, highly concerned.
He raises it up to his face and sniffs.

Shinji’s hand is clean and unblemished.
Shinji (OFF) “It smells…”

(flashback) The Entry Plug fills up on Shinji’s first assignment.
Shinji “Ugh, I feel sick.”

Shinji looks at his hand in horror.
Shinji “It…”

The hand, clean.
Shinji “It smells like blood…”

He rushes out of the room, going to a washroom.
SE: sink

Shinji holds his hand back up to his nose.
Shinji “It still smells like blood!”

He continues washing.

A dark room.
Some lights come on.
Several Seele monoliths surround Misato.

Seele 05 “So he has made contact with the Tenth Angel, Turel?”

Misato seems confused.
Misato “What?”

Seele 02 “The two had contact for a period of twelve minutes?”

Misato “Well, yes, but…”

Seele 04 “During that period, you were able to see into the AT Field?”

Misato nods.

Seele 01 “Were solid objects interchanged between the Eva and the Angel at that time?”

Misato “Wait, what?”

Seele 09 “Answer the question.”
Seele 12 “Failure to answer will result in a termination of your employment.”

Misato “No, not that we detected…”

Seele 03 “Good. Then Unit 01 may remain in service for the time being.”

Seele 01 “You are free to go.”
The lights go out.

When they come back on, Misato is alone.
She hangs her head, sighing.

Misato “Seele seems even less safe than Nerv…”

A basement floor of Nerv.

Misato approaches Fuyutsuki.
Misato “What’s down here?”

Fuyutsuki “Shhh… You’ll see.”

He steps up to a keypad and types something in.

The door to Level EEE opens up.
SE: footsteps

Misato and Fuyutsuki swing around.

Eva-00 approaches.

Fuyutsuki “Quick, inside.”

The two quickly enter the room.

The floors are covered with LCL.
The two quickly wade across it into a corner.

Misato “The LCL Production Plant?”

Fuyutsuki nods.
Fuyutsuki “That’s not all though…”

He points upward.

Misato looks in that direction.
Her eyes widen in horror.

On an immense cross is a white giant.
Misato (OFF) “My… What… what…”

Misato “What is that thing?”

It lacks legs and is bleeding from somewhere undefined on the torso.

Fuyutsuki “If I had to guess…”

Misato glares at him.
Misato “An Angel?!”

Fuyutsuki nods.

Eva-00 stabs the Angel with the Lance.
Fuyutsuki (OFF) “The Second Angel, to be precise…”

To be continued…

Text: “Next Time”

The legs of the 11th Angel walk on water, freezing it where they step.
Misato (OFF) “An Angel that stays on the ocean”

Eva-03 flies through the air.
Misato (OFF) “preempts the arrival of a new Eva!”

Shinji looks at a grave.
Misato (OFF) “Shinji attempts”

Gendo stands in front of a helicopter.
Misato (OFF) “to grow closer to his father.”

Toji grins.
Misato (OFF) “Next Time: ‘The Graveyard’.”

An Eighteen Second Miracle
The Graveyard