Card Captor Sakura Fan Fiction ❯ Li Shaoran and an overprotective partner ( Chapter 8 )

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A few days after Sakura and I had captured the Jump Card, we were confronted by the Illusion Card in the woods after we were hearing rumors about a ghost appearing there. And once again, Sakura was in danger, and I did everything that I could to help her capture the Illusion Card, the next day after that, Sakura and I captured the Silent Card at the museum.

Start of me and Sakura’s dream

The dream starts with me and Sakura standing on a really tall building, both of us have our staff clenched in our hands, and both of us are facing an all too familiar radio tower.

« Oh no, it’s the dream again » Sakura and I thought. It was then that both Sakura and I noticed a small boy dressed in green robes, with a sword in one hand, leaping off one of the buildings opposite me and Sakura. « That boy, HE’S GOT THE CLOW CARDS! » Sakura and I said out loud to ourselves.

It was then that we heard Kero’s voice calling out to us.

« Zachary, Sakura, wake up! »

It was then that Sakura and I opened our eyes.

« Good morning Zachary, good morning Sakura » Kero said in a cheery voice.

End of Dream

« You know Kero, I keep having the same strange weird dream over and over again. » I said to Kero.

« Really, what happened? » Kero asked me.

« Well, Sakura and I were on a building facing this radio tower, and then we saw this kid, dressed in green robes, and he had the clow cards » I explained to Kero.

A little later, in the classroom at school, Madison, Sakura and I were talking about Madison’s new video camera, when the teacher came in. « Alright class, please take your seats » the teacher said. And with that, all of the students went to their desks and sat down, Madison sat in front of Sakura, and I sat to the right of Sakura. « We have a new exchange student, his name is Li Shaoran » the teacher said.

It was then that the door to the classroom swung open and a young boy with brown chestnut hair walked in. It was then that Sakura and I recognized his face, he was the exact same kid from our dream. Li kept looking in the direction of me and Sakura and never took his eyes off us. « That new kid is staring at you » Madison whispered to me and Sakura. « Alright Li, where shall we seat you, how about the seat behind Sakura and to the left of Zachary. » It was then that Sakura and I gulped and looked to the empty seat behind Sakura and to the left of me. Li then walked up to Sakura, and gazed at her, and then he turned to me and did the same thing before setting down his school bag on his desk and taking a seat behind Sakura. « I don’t trust Li at all, and if he thinks he’s going to harm Sakura, then he’s gravely mistaken » I thought to myself.

A little later, in the school courtyard, Sakura was busy minding her own business when Li came up to her, pulled out a weird triangular board and said. « Source of light with ancient spin, send forth the magic power within. Oracles of Gold, Wood, Fire, Earth, Cloud, Wind, Rain, & Electricity. Force know my plight, Release the light! » A few seconds later the blue light shot out towards Sakura. « I knew it, you have them! » Li said. « What do u mean? » Sakura asked. « You have the Clow Cards, give them to me! » Li demanded. « Even if I did have them, what makes you think I would give them to you? » Sakura asked, still stunned from Li’s demand.

Meanwhile, a few yards across the courtyard from where Li and Sakura were having their fight, I was just walking around, when I saw Li demanding to Sakura that she give him the Clow Cards. « I knew it, Li is after the Clow Cards, but he made a slight error, he has no right to talk to my sister that way, I WON’T ALLOW IT! I said out loud to myself.

Meanwhile, Li was trying to take the Clow Cards from her, well almost all of them, when I ran towards them, and stopped right in between Li and Sakura. « I suggest you leave Sakura alone before I really get annoyed » I said to Li in a serious tone of voice. « Who are you to question me on how I treat her? » Li asked. « Because I’m her brother, and to be honest, even if you are successful in taking the cards from Sakura, you still won’t have all of the ones that we currently have. » I said. « I suggest that you hand me the other Clow Cards that you have. » Li said in a demanding voice. « Listen Li, you have no right to harm Sakura, and if I even catch you within a few yards of Sakura, then I will take any means necessary to protect her from you. » I said while spreading my arms out to protect Sakura. « Fine, then I’ll do everything I can to capture the Clow Cards before you and Sakura » Li said with a smirk. « Don’t count on it! » I said, as Li turned around to leave. « Thank you for protecting me Zachary, if you hadn’t have intervened, I would’ve been in serious trouble » Sakura said to me with a smile. « No problem Sakura, because after all, that’s what siblings do, they protect each other. » I said to Sakura with a smile.

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