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–Reality and Truth—
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Last Time;
Coming to a final decision, she scooted her chair closer to her desk and propped her arms in a crossed fashion on top of it, before dropping her head, laying it on them. Closing her eyes, her mind receded into a dreamless, long-awaited, intensely craved slumber as she promptly passed out in record time, her last thought being that she couldn’t wait for her friend to finally arrive to help.
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–Let’s See What She Can Do…–
–NCIS HQ; Two weeks later—
–Thursday; 0900–
At NCIS Headquarters, an elevator parted open with a small `ding’ to reveal a petite, lean adult woman in her late twenties. She was dressed casually in a blue dark blue wife beater partially covered with a half-zipped black and white hoodie, paired with white cargo pants, black sneakers, and shouldering a black backpack on one shoulder. A tattoo of a navy crescent moon was visible down at the base of the curve where her throat and shoulder met.
The woman stepped out delicately into a commodious squad room, before peering around with bright sapphire eyes. They lit up wonderfully when they discovered the certain person they sought for.
She strode over to a section of four desks that was located next to a staircase, equipped with a computer at each desk, and two wide screened TVs’ settled opposite of each other, between two desks; a mischievous grin was plastered on her face.
With each step, her blue-black, waist long hair swung in its hold of a high ponytail, along with the lanyard she wore around her neck that had her picture printed on a visitor pass.
As she came closer, an accented female voice registered in her ears.
“Look, I know it is a stretch, but this is the only thing I could think of. It is better than us sitting here, sulking like kicked kittens.”
The woman snickered lightly as she leaned against the wall next to the windows, her arms crossed under her chest.
A man with medium brown, fluffy short hair, playful blue-green eyes that sparkled like water, and in his early thirties looked over, overhearing the light snickers as he was leaning over in his desk. His eyes widened as they focused on the newly arrived woman, his mouth opened in a slight `o’ as he paused in his retort to the previous comment.
Their eyes locked on each other’s, blue vs. blue-green, and the woman offered a small smile in greeting, before opening her own mouth to say what the man had in mind to.
“I think it’s suppose to be `kicked puppies‘ Ziva-chan, but then again, my English isn’t as up to par as it could be either.” Humor laced in her tone, the woman smirked.
Three other heads swiveled her way, getting a variety of reactions.
The older one of the three stared at her through wise, wary, narrowed ice blue eyes, glinting in suspicion. His mouth twisted into a thin line as he studied her critically. He had ruffled graying dark hark and a confident air about him.
The other male was much younger, and stared at her with uncertain green eyes, eyebrows furrowed in surprise and confusion at her sudden appearance. He had very short, light brown hair, and his face seemed as if he never quite lost his baby fat even though he was an adult; but in some way it suited him.
The last person was the young women who made the first comment, close to the age of the woman who just entered the office. Her brown eyes were lit up in pleasant surprise, a smirk of her own playing on her lips.
The women stood up, and sauntered over to the other leaning against the wall, before halting right in front of the new arrival. Her smirk grew as she bowed deeply in a greeting, peering up at the other young woman. “Konnichiwa Kagome-chan.” Her chocolate brown eyes glittered playfully.
The woman, now dubbed as Kagome, laughed lightly and shook her head at her friend’s antics. She pushed herself off the wall and grasped the still bowing woman at he arms and straightened her up. “Ugh enough with the formal greetings Ziva-chan! We’re close enough friends to be passed that…” She rolled her blue eyes in amusement. “But hey! It’s nice too see you again! How’ve you been?”
Ziva opened her mouth to reply but was interrupted by someone purposely clearing their throat. She turned around as both she and Kagome looked up at the source of their interruption.
Up and out of his desk was the man with blue-green eyes, he was leaning at the edge of his desk facing them with a peeved look on hi face, arms crossed, and an eyebrow cocked. “Bringing friends to visit at a time like this, Zee-va? That’s not very professional, now is it?” It was clear as crystal that he was mocking her by his tone.
Ziva and Kagome both narrowed their eyes at the man, and Ziva went to retort but was stopped.
Kagome placed a hand on her shoulder, and shook her head when Ziva turned to stare back at her, silently telling her friends that she would handle this.
A smirk spread out yet again on the Israeli woman’s face.
Taking a step forward, Kagome pinned a look on the cocky male. “I’m assuming you are the DiNozzo-san that Ziva-chan told me so much about.” She smiled disarmingly at him, eyes shining coyly, though DiNozzo was ignorant to it.
A pleased smirk formed on his face when he heard her words, and was taking aback at Kagome’s sudden smile. “Oh, really?” he murmured curiously, thinking of what things his partner could have mentioned.
Already seeing where this was going, the older male of the group smirk amusedly at the scene from his seat at his desk, and he leaned back in his chairs, crossing his arms, and waited for the show to begin.
Kagome nodded eagerly, eyes sparkling. “Oh yes, I knew it was you right off the bat from that cocky, egotistical attitude of yours. No one could miss that.” She jibed at him, smiling sweetly.
Ziva bit her lip to contain a snicker as the younger male snorted amusedly. The older male chuckled silently.
The pleased smirk dropped from his face in a fraction of a second as the remark registered in his mind. His eye twitched as he scowled at her, mentally slapping his forehead for his actions… he couldn’t believe he fell for that…
Before he could say anything though, Kagome continued. “But this isn’t a social call like you think, DiNozzo-san. I’m here on business… I was informed that you needed a helping hand on a certain case,” She turned her head to look over her shoulder at Ziva.
DiNozzo sputtered outrageously. “Y-you?!” He veered his incredulous gaze to Ziva. “She’s the one you called?! How can she help us?!”
The older male was the next one to speak up. “Yes…” he murmured, “I’m wondering the same thing…” he stated, his blue eyes curious.
Kagome’s eyes turned interested as well. “As am I… what can I help you with?”
The younger brunette male blinked his eyes owlishly. “You didn’t tell her?!”
DiNozzo rolled his eyes and snorted. “Of course not…” You could taste his sarcasm.
Kagome’s eyes ticked. The nerve! She gets called in from all the way in Japan and this is what she gets for sitting her ass on two planes for fourteen hours! Hell no! She stepped closer to DiNozzo, miffed. “Look here DiNozzo-san, usually, I would love to bicker with people like you; it’s a hobby of mine to prove them wrong,”
The rest of the group snorted in laughter, they could tell…
Kagome continued along as if she didn’t hear them. “But right now I don’t have the time or patience. I’m here all the way from Japan on a favor for a friend. I’m achy and tired from spending fourteen hours on a freakin’ plane here! I haven’t had a good meal since I left Japan so I’m starving, and I have jetlag. Do not test me because I have no qualms about kicking your ass.” She was panting by the end of her rant; cheeks flushed red and eyes flashing wildly.
DiNozzo’s eyes shot wide in surprise at her outburst before they narrowed in slits. His mouth formed a smirk as he went to retort. He leaned in closer to Kagome’s face, and said in a heated whisper. “You know… you look hot when you’re mad.” And his smirk grew as he chuckled lightly; he just couldn’t pass up on that opportunity she presented so nicely for him.
Kagome’s mouth dropped, appalled, and her eyes narrowed in indignation. Kagome gave a little growl and she shot forward, slapping DiNozzo on the cheek. “Perv!” she screamed as she tried to get another slap in.
Ziva had run over as soon as she saw Kagome go in for the slap, and held her back. She was snickering hard, not even bothering to cover up her laughter, though it made it difficult to restrain her friend who was currently struggling to get her hands on the Italian man.
The older and younger males were chuckling heartily at DiNozzo, unable to help themselves. They didn’t expect that!
Tony was shocked that she actually slapped him! And it hurt! Of all the times he’s been slapped this one took the cake! His head was still turned to the side and his eyes narrowed suddenly. His head snapped back to the still struggling woman and he opened his mouth to say something.
“I’d watch it if I were you Tony… if she’s anything like Ziva, you don’t want to get on her bad side.” His younger partner muttered from his new position oh behind him.
Tony’s eyes shot over to stare menacingly at him. “And I’d watch it if I were you probie… you don’t want to get on my bad side.” He threatened.
The older male of the three strode over to them and slapped Tony against the back of his head, making the man grunt.
Tony turned a pout on the man. “What was that for boss?!” he whined.
The older male just stared at Tony, not fooled. “Play nice.” He warned before turning over to the women and walking over, appraising her as he came closer.
By now she stopped struggling and was taking deep breaths to calm herself. Ziva had let go of her as soon a she was certain Kagome wasn’t going to go after Tony again, her laughter calmed as she stood there smirking at her amusedly.
When the old male reached Kagome he stuck out his hand. “Leroy Jethro Gibbs.” He introduced himself. “Welcome to NCIS Headquarters ma’m.” He said in a warm tone.
Kagome took his hand and shook it firmly, smiling brilliantly. “Hello there Gibbs-san, and thank you. Ziva-chan talked about you too.”
Gibbs gave her a small smirk. “Just Gibbs if you will, and good things I hope.”
Kagome laughed out softly, nodding her head. “Yes, of course! Great things actually! You hold quite the reputation!”
Gibbs let out a deep chuckle. “Oh really?” He murmured, his gaze sliding to the only female member of his team.
Ziva coughed lightly, trying to cover her slight embarrassment.
Looking past Gibbs shoulder she saw the last male she had yet to be introduced to. “And you must be McGee-san.” she stated politely.
McGee smiled boyishly, nodding. “Yes ma’m, Timothy McGee, but you can just call me Tim or McGee is just fine.”
Kagome gave him a bright grin, she liked this man. “Alright then, I’ll call you McGee-kun.”
McGee flushed, a tad flustered.
Tony butted in. “And you are?” he insisted, tone slightly demanding.
Kagome blinked, and ignored his tone. “Oh…” she murmured to herself, before a musical laugh escaped her lips. “Forgive me for forgetting to introduce myself. My name’s Kagome Higurashi, but just call me Kagome, no ma’m please.”
Gibbs stepped up to speak. “You say you’re from Japan. How did you and Ziva meet?” he inquired, peering over at Ziva curiously.
Ziva walked over to Kagome, and stood by her. “Liaison in Tokyo. I was in a tight spot when Kagome-chan helped me out.” She explained shortly, leaving out the details.
Tony blinked in shock. “Whoa, Ziva needed saving?” he mumbled to himself, the thought of the super ninja in a situation like that alone was seemingly impossible.
Ziva rolled her eyes at him. “I am not indestructible Tony.”
Gibbs studied Kagome, and got right to the point. “What’s your specialty? What kind of agency are you a part of?”
Kagome shrugged uncaringly. “No specialties per say really. I’ve been trained, and have been told I was a quick thinker and the best in tracking. I’m not exactly in any official agency. Could just call me the experienced friendly neighborhood watch I suppose.” she muttered thoughtfully.
Gibbs looked a little irritated, and dare I say it, disappointed. He shook his head firmly. “No. My answer is no. You don’t have any credible field experience in this kind of stuff; I don’t see how you can actually help here.” He turned to Ziva. “You should have checked with me before calling, because you just wasted your friend’s time in a useless trip here.”
Ziva made a sound of protest. “But Gibbs I- » she started to argue.
Gibbs held up his hand. “No. She’s a probie Ziva. You might get her killed.”
Kagome looked confused. “A what?!” she mumbled.
McGee spoke up warily; unsure of her reaction would be if he explained it… he didn’t want the woman to attack him too. “Erm, it means a newbie, inexperienced and such.”
Kagome’s confused face quickly turned ticked off. “Really now?” she muttered to herself, her aura slipping out from her cover, setting a foreboding feeling in the office and causing the tiny hairs on everyone’s’ necks to raise.
They turned to stare at Kagome warily.
Kagome stepped up towards to Gibbs, pinning a cold glare at him; her polite mood doing a complete 180. “I am not a probie. I have been heavily trained for combat and other various needs for your information. I do have experience despite contrary thoughts. Just because I refuse to be chained to the reign of my government, does not by any means make me a probie. Allow me to at least hear out the case, and then I can decide if I will be of any help or not.”
Gibbs still looked unconvinced, and he turned to Ziva. “Why exactly did you call your friend?” he prodded.
Ziva looked at him boldly. “Because, the thing Kagome-chan saved me from gave me the same feeling when ever I see that stupid video…”
She stepped closer to Gibbs, intimidating. She peered up to him, a sly, but undeniably serious glint in her dark eyes as she continued. “And if I learned anything here from my time as a NCIS agent then it is two important things… one is that I am not a killer anymore but an investigator… the other?” she smirked. “It is to trust my gut feeling… and right now it is the only thing I can do.”
Kagome tensed noticeably. “It is huh?” She looked over at Gibbs. “Let me see the video.” She demanded shortly.
Gibbs, whose unwavering stare was pinned on Ziva as he studied her, turned over to Kagome observantly, before he sighed and waved over to McGee. “Get the video up McGee.”
McGee nodded, briskly walking to his computer and typing. “Got it boss.” The sound of rushed tapping of keys echoed in the air.
On the T.V. screen to their left, and image popped up; the alley.
Kagome watched intently, eyes glued to the screen.
“Fast forward to the attack.” Gibbs ordered without taking his eyes off the screen.
“Right.” McGee mumbled, and more tapping was heard.
The images flew by, the time stamp on the bottom right corner ticking 3x the normal speed, before it suddenly halted to a stop.
Kagome watched silently as the mysterious killer crept in the alley, making its kill, and then taking off around the corner.
She couldn’t distinguish anything definite; it just looked like outlines of blurs…
… Until she saw the eyes, and she stiffened.
At the end, Kagome asked a serious question in a voice void of any emotion. “What kind of wounds?”
No one answered, unsure to whether or not they should disclose evidence to a stranger, but Ziva rolled her eyes. “Slashes.” She offered.
Kagome cocked her head. “…peculiar…” she mumbled unconsciously.
Biting her lip, Kagome shook her head and turned to give an apologetic smile to them. “I apologize, but it’s not something I’ve seen before.”
Ziva blinked in shock, and she went to argue. “But… the eyes!” she protested.
Kagome shrugged. “Probably just contacts… that’s the most likely idea; some sick freak just decided to buy them for the effect.”
“I knew it…” Tony muttered, before going back to his desk and plopping back into his chair.
Kagome glared, her eyes getting colder when Tony just stuck out his tongue in response.
Ziva’s shoulders sagged with disappointment. She nodded before sighing. “I am sorry for the inconvenience Kagome-chan… I should have told you over the phone instead of having you fly over… it was careless of me…”
Kagome frowned and her eyes flashed with guilt that everyone didn’t notice save for Gibbs, who in turn narrowed his eyes.
Kagome shook her head “No! It’s fine, really!” she exclaimed hurriedly, trying to cheer Ziva up.
She made her way over to Ziva, and gave her a warm hug, and pulled back to look at her. “It was awesome to see you again! And besides.” She waved her hand. “I can do some wicked sightseeing here! I need a vacation from good ole Japan anyways!” she laughed.
Ziva smiled a small, amused grin at her and hugged her back, before releasing her. “Likewise Kagome-chan, I have missed you.” Ziva mused. “Maybe, if I ever get my grip on some free time, we can spend some time together.”
Kagome opened her mouth to speak but Tony grinned cheekily and interrupted. “Its hands Ziva, not grip.” His grin turned to a smirk when he saw the Japanese woman narrow her extraordinary blue orbs.
Pushing back the sparking irritation rising within her, she turned back to Ziva, and she smiled brilliantly. “Well, I should get going now… you probably have some important work to do that I’m interrupting. But I’ll give you a call later to see how’s everything doing and if you’re free.”
Turning to the others in the room, she bowed a farewell. “It was nice meeting the…” she eyed Tony warily. “…somewhat wonderful people Ziva-chan works with. I do apologize for not being of any help.”
McGee stepped in to comfort her. “It’s alright Kagome, it’s our job to catch this killer, not yours. “
“Though we could have used the help…” the quiet mutter came from Tony.
Kagome twitched, but ignored him for now. She smiled sweetly at McGee. “Thank you McGee-kun.” She told him sincerely, making him flush slightly in embarrassment.
He grinned and nodded.
Kagome looked over at Gibbs, and she almost backed up from the intense stare he was giving her. Putting up a façade of neutrality, she walked up and held out a hand. “It was nice meeting you Gibbs, an enlightening experience.”
Gibbs raised an eye brow at her, and glanced at the hand she was holding out, and he smirked a little. Shaking her hand firmly, he nodded. “Yea, it sure was…”
They stared at each other for a moment, neither saying anything, but their gazes were critical. They pulled away.
Kagome turned over to Tony, and stared at him, before walking towards him. Seeing this, Tony jumped up from his relaxed position and walked over to the front of his desk, and waited, his trademark smirk plastered on his face.
Once Kagome reached him, she crossed her arms and stared at him, her lips set in a thin line.
Tony’s smirk grew. “What? No hug?” he mocked slightly.
Ziva narrowed her eyes at her partner, and McGee almost slapped himself on the forehead.
The corners of Kagome’s mouth twitched upwards and she almost smiled, but refrained from doing so. She shook her head amusedly. “I don’t know whether to say `it was nice meeting you’ or not, because I’m still trying to figure out if it really was.”
Tony’s smirk dropped, and all of them snorted. It wouldn’t be the first time a woman, who had just met Tony, ever felt that way; he just gave that kind of first impression.
Kagome’s mouth spread into her own smirk when she saw his falter, and she continued. “I guess I’ll just say it was interesting meeting you, DiNozzo-san.”
Tony’s smirk came back full force. “I guess I could say the same thing, Higurashi.” He retorted offhandedly.
Shaking her head once again in amusement, she turned back to Ziva and nodded a farewell. “Lehitra’ot, Ziva-chan.”
Smirking, Ziva nodded back. “Ja mata ne, Kagome-chan.”
Kagome smirked back, and she turned on her heel and left for the elevator.
Once she was gone and out of sight, Gibbs spoke. “She’s lying.” He said flatly, staring at the elevator through newly narrowed eyes.
His team snapped their heads to him, surprised.
Ziva narrowed her eyes back at him. “Excuse me?” she said curtly, going on the defensive for her friend.
Gibbs look at her calmly, unfazed at the slightly hostile tone she took on. “When you said sorry… she looked guilty.” His eyes flashed right then. “That’s right… I thought I told you this, never say you’re-“
“Sorry. It is a sign of weakness” Ziva cut in, sighing.
Gibbs stared at her. “If you know, then why did you say it? Do I have to beat it into you?” By his tone, they weren’t sure if he was actually kidding.
Ziva stared back unflinchingly. “Friends are of a different matter.”
Gibbs smirked mentally. She understood then.
Tony snorted, relaxing. “Maybe because she didn’t want Ziva to feel so bad… that’s why she feels guilty.”
Gibbs turned to him, shaking his head firmly. “No,” he stated clearly. “It’s not just that… she was acting suspicious ever since she heard specific information about the perp.” He stared at each of them seriously. “She knows what she saw, the way she went stiff while watching the video, and the slight mutter of `peculiar’ when she found out the type of wounds.” His eyes narrowed at them when he saw the shock on their faces. He wasn’t deaf!
Ziva furrowed her eyebrows but shook her head, not quite believing it. “No… why would she lie, especially to me? She is a loyal friend, and very trustworthy.” She was sure Kagome wouldn’t do such a thing.
McGee put his two cents in. “Maybe…” he started out thoughtfully. “She’s such a good friend that she wants to keep you from getting hurt…?” he suggested carefully. “You said she saved you before, right?”
Ziva stared at McGee intently, before looking away. “I… still do not think it is possible…” she looked back over, this time to Gibbs, reluctance in her brown eyes. “… but on the off chance that it is, what are we going to do?”
Gibbs smirked at her, his ice blue eyes glinting slyly. “She said she’s the best at tracking…” he turned back to the elevator, and he shrugged carelessly. “…let’s see what she can do…”
At that, the other three shared an uncertain glance.
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