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–Reality and Truth—
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Last Time;
Turning, Kagome let out a surprised gasp. “What the…?!”
A groan filled the following silence and Kagome stiffened when she heard footsteps.
Soon a click was heard and light filled the room.
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–Let’s Play a Game–
Kagome stared dumbly, mouth opened wide as she looked from Shippo to Inuyasha repeatedly, rendered speechless.
“You gonna say something or what wench?”
Like magic, that one little `nickname’ was like a wake up call.
Kagome scowled and turned to Inuyasha, putting her hands on her hips. “What are you doing here?” she demanded.
Inuyasha and Shippo blinked and shared a look. “You called, remember?” Shippo said slowly.
Kagome’s eyes landed on Shippo, who was currently still sprawled on the floor. “I called you.” She retorted just as slowly, and rolled her eyes. “However, I didn’t call you, Inuyasha.” Her voice was matter of fact.
Inuyasha scowled this time, glaring at her. “Yea, what is that all about wench?! Can’t believe you would call him and not me!” he shot back, eyeing Shippo with disdain.
Shippo’s eyes flashed as he stuck his tongue out, baiting him. “Maybe she just likes me more!”
Inuyasha twitched and opened his mouth to let out an insult. “You little runt! I oughtta-!”
Kagome raised an eyebrow but ignored Shippo, cutting Inuyasha off before a fight started. “You know very well why I wouldn’t call you. First off, I need Shippo’s kind of help, to work out all the technical stuff. I’m not exactly in need of brawn and manpower. And even if I were, I would call in Kouga-“
“What! That wolf-shit! Why him!!” Inuyasha rudely interrupted, his amber eyes churning furiously.
Kagome pinched the bridge of her nose and Shippo snickered under his breath. “Do you not remember the fact that your mate is expecting? I couldn’t just pull you away from her; I didn’t think you would appreciate it.”
“You were wrong…” Inuyasha muttered. “I would have jumped at the chance. I don’t wanna go through that fucking hell again. One time is enough, but twenty-six?!” he whined pathetically, his ears flattened to his skull.
Shippo snorted, though his emerald eyes sparkled mischievously. “Not our fault you can’t control your libido. Or use a damn condom…”
Inuyasha growled loudly, the rumbling sound echoing in the room. He gave the kitsune a scorching glare.
Kagome sighed, pinching the bridge of her nose. “Okay look,” Inuyasha stopped growling, and looked at her with pleading eyes. Kagome rolled her eyes in disbelief. “I’ll let you stay and work on this with us but,”
Inuyasha’s relaxed stance stiffened again and his ears flattened to his skull.
“If I get a call from your mate saying she so much as misses you, I’m shoving you on the first plane back to Japan.” She warned him seriously. “Un-der-stood?”
Inuyasha tossed her a fanged smirk. “What d’ya think?”
Arrogant little…
Kagome and Shippo shared a look and rolled their eyes.
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–Few days later–
Ziva paused in her work, inconspicuously looking around.
The first thing she noticed was that her boss was currently missing from his desk.
The next thing she noticed was McGee typing furiously, eyes glued to his computer monitor.
Her eyes cocoa eyes narrowed, a thoughtful look crossed her face.
Turning to look over at her other partner, she wasn’t surprised to see him staring back at her, a sneaking grin on his face.
She already felt the eyes boring into her when she first started to scope out the bullpen…
Still grinning cheekily, Tony tilted his head toward McGee, already knowing what was on Ziva’s mind.
A small smirk appeared on Ziva’s face and she nodded slightly.
They both stood up slowly—as to not alert their other teammate—and they made their way over.
Ziva stepped over stealthily, sliding in front of McGee’s desk with languid grace and just stared at him quietly.
Feeling the intent gaze on him, McGee slowly stopped typing and he looked up, blinking when he saw Ziva. “What are you doing?” she asked sweetly, a coy smile playing on her lips.
He opened his mouth to speak but a voice next to his ear made him jump. “Gang relations probie? Not planning to go to the dark side eh?”
Tony had his trademark grin on as he was crouched behind McGee.
McGee twitched and pushed up from his seat; his hand crept over to his keyboard and pushed a button, making the screen go blank. “Real funny Tony, but no, I’m not.”
“Then, what are you doing… McGee.”
Hearing Ziva’s voice right next to his ear made McGee stumble to the side to get away. He looked over to see her just standing in front of his desk like before, picking at her nails with her knife as if nothing happened.
A teasing smirk came on her face as she peered over at him slyly. “Something wrong McGee?” she asked innocently. “You look like you have seen a… host, yes?” she paused to look over at Tony inquisitively.
Tony shook his head, chuckling a little. “Uh no, ghost.” He clarified for her.
Her face cleared and nodded, looking over to McGee. “Ah yes, a ghost I mean.”
McGee ignored them, holding his head high. “I’m not intimidated by that anymore Ziva, so you can put the knife away now.” He needed to keep them from asking question about what he was doing, so if it meant changing the subject and possibly-and most likely-humiliating himself, so be it.
Ziva raised an eyebrow. “Really now? So you were intimidated by me before? I did not know I was… intimidating…” She kept on a thoughtful face.
Tony snorted, rolling his eyes. “That’s a lie and you know it. You’re the most intimidating person here. Sometimes I think you even make Gibbs look like a teddy bear.”
Ziva blinked, not getting it. “Why would I make Gibbs look like a… teddy bear?” she asked slowly, giving him the strangest look.
Tony sighed, shaking his head. “I meant, well, a teddy bear is seen uh, soft and cuddly I guess. Not intimidating in the least ok?” he had a hopeful expression on his face that she understood.
No such luck.
“I make Gibbs… soft and cuddly you say?” she repeated, hiding a smile.
Tony scratched the back of his head and was about to answer but someone beat him to it, making him freeze.
“Yeah, didn’t you know? Makes the ladies just wanna snuggle and hug me tight…” A flat voice said from behind.
Gibbs stood behind them, leaning over the bullpen wall, an amused glint in his eyes though his face looked stern.
McGee hid a snort with a cough and he looked away, the comings of a smile on his face.
Tony eyes widened and he whipped around, promptly making up an excuse. “Boss! I didn’t mean it like that! I just meant, that, uh, compared to Ziva boss uh…”
“She scarier than me?” Gibbs cut in, mock glaring.
Tony flustered. “No! Not at all! It’s just that-“
Gibbs’ jaw twitched as he forced down a chuckle. “Tony?”
Tony’s mouth snapped shut at the interruption. “…Yea…?” he asked hesitantly.
“Just stop while you’re down, ok?” There was a hint of affection in that stern tone.
Tony just sighed, pouting slightly. “Got it boss.”
Gibbs’ lips twitched, before his eyes scanned over his team. “What are you three doing? This isn’t recess; back to work.” he ordered hotly.
Tony scrambled to his desk while Ziva walked calmly back to hers, snickering under her breath.
McGee shot Gibbs a thankful look.
Gibbs smirked a little. “Got anything so far?” He said under his breath.
Looking from Ziva to Tony and seeing that they were minding their own business, McGee nodded. “Yeah, but you’re not gonna like it. I’ve looked in on all the reports on gang occurrences. There’s nothing that relates to what Kagome told us. All crimes reported have already been connected to guns and knifes, even bombings.”
Gibbs narrowed his eyes, irritation flooding him. “I thought I heard you say you had something.”
`That is something…’ A nervous look crossed McGee’s face, but he shook his head. “No there’s more. There have been murders coming up in Japan like what’s happening here, and all of them are open cases.”
McGee bit his lip. “Thing is that it’s scattered. In different part of the cities, mostly the country regions, and only a couple are killed before it stops a while. The police force doesn’t believe they’re connected at all… just that there’s some new kind weapon being distributed around the cities and chalk it up common mugging and fighting taken too far.”
“So how did Kagome get the idea that all of these murders are connected and gang related?” Gibbs murmured thoughtfully.
“Not from the police, that’s for sure.” McGee put in.
Gibbs grumbled an agreement. “Good work McGee. Keep it up and see what else you can find.”
McGee nodded, and went back to sit in his seat.
Before he left, Gibbs added, smirking again. “Just remember, hacking is illegal.”
McGee had the decency to blush.
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–A week later–
Abby came into the bull pen to come across a scene that got her grinning and raising an eyebrow.
A certain Kagome Higurashi was sitting on Tony DiNozzo’s desk, said owner of desk watching the Asian women with glittering eyes of mirth as she threw back her head and laughed joyously.
Abby glided to Ziva’s desk and she glanced at the smirking Israeli. “What’s got them getting in such a good mood?” she asked in a hushed tone, her green eyes brimming with excitement.
Ziva’s smirk grew at the question, but before she could speak Gibbs walked into the bull pen at that second and answered for her. “DiNozzo was telling her of the times he glued McGee’s face to his desk.”
Abby grinned, and Kagome, who was just calming down at that second, went into another fit of laughter.
`Thank goodness Timmy isn’t here, he wouldn’t be able to live this down…’ Abby thought amusedly.
Thankfully the junior field agent was out taking a break from searching for any connections between the case and any in Japan…
Gibbs figured it was time for one when McGee was only getting a few hours a sleep a night and his eyes were bloodshot, dilated, and his face so close to the screen that he was practically kissing it.
Tony had a ball with that one…
Tony smirked deviously, letting out some chuckles.
Abby’s eyes lit up as she remembered the reason she came up in the first place. “Oh my Silver Fox! I got some awesome-like news for you! The killer finally slipped!” She bounced up and down in excitement.
That had all laughter cut short and the tension flooding the room like crazy.
Gibbs turned his head sharply at her. “Don’t joke Abs, this better be big for you to say that.” He told her with no hint of joking in his voice.
They needed a clue to the killer somehow so it could at least give them some kind of lead.
Abby’s face fell briefly as she stopped jumping, before her usual enthusiasm returned to the fore. “Well, then this is going to just rock your world!! Seriously—it’s big news. Bigger than big. Earth-shatteringly big.” Her innocent-like eyes were wide as she gazed at him hopefully.
Gibbs closed his eyes briefly in a futile search for patience. “Rock away, then.”
Abby grinned. “You’re gonna love this…” she gushed. “An anonymous person forked over a tape… and it gave a perfect, detailed profile of one of the killers.”
Gibbs shot up, eyes hardened in their seriousness. “Get it on the plasma, a-sap.”
Abby straightened immediately and saluted. “Aye, aye El Hefe.” Skipping to McGee’s desk, she tapped some keys and in record time she accessed the video feed from her lab and linked it to the plasma without a sweat.
She grinned. She loved how awesome she was at this kind of stuff.
Kagome watched the video half-heartedly as it played, trying to look focused and serious as if this was some big break… as if it was something new…
A hard feat to do after you’ve already watched it a million times.
Once it was dark and all clear after they found the marine’s body, Kagome sent Inuyasha on a little retrieval mission because he was complaining about how they weren’t doing anything and it was soooo boring.
The hanyou’s job was to sneak into the alley unnoticed, locate and snag the tape, replace it with a new one, and bring it back for Shippo to do his magic with.
The thought of her puppy eared best friend almost made Kagome grimace.
Because of his well known control of his temper, or better yet lack thereof, Kagome conveniently forgot to mention NCIS’ involvement in their `demon extermination mission’.
Shippo however, with his more placid temper and never one to stay out of things, was kept in the loop.
Briefly, Kagome wondered how it would go when she informed Inuyasha… before she stopped.
She didn’t want to know…
Because either way, Kagome just knew that when Inuyasha found it… it wouldn’t be a very pretty sight…
… She probably wouldn’t be able to hear for a good week or two…
The video played out as Kagome predicted what had happened back when they found the murdered marine.
They watched as the marine, whose name was Petty Officer James Daley, stumble into the alley presumably drunk and high as he clutched a beer bottle in one hand and a joint in the other.
The marine paused for a second to take a drag of his marijuana, before taking a swig of the beer.
Meanwhile, they saw something shift in the shadows, and James froze, swaying in his hazed stupor.
James’ lips moved as he said something, and a man stepped out from the shadows.
The man looked scraggly; donning a faded black, holey jacket, and dirtied dark jeans. They watched as the man suddenly sprinted toward James, only to stop smack dab in front of him.
James stumbled back in surprise and dropped his joint, eyes widening and eyebrows drawn together as he looked confused in his haze. His eyes darted around the alley, and when he realized that he dropped his pot, he opened his mouth and started to shout angrily.
The other man did nothing… said nothing. Just stood there, not making a move.
Seeing he wasn’t going to get a reaction, James shook his head sloppily and swung around to leave.
He only made it a couple of steps before the killer made his move.
It seemed like he disappeared, before reappearing in front of James once more. Getting angry again James went to shove the man, but he never got the chance as he jumped back, gingerly holding his stomach.
A dark liquid splashed to the ground, spilling over James’ hand is it dripped to the floor.
The killer had went in, and supposedly slashed at him with his `knife’
Because of their position in front of the camera, they couldn’t get a look at the weapon the killer was using.
But what else could make slashes like that?
Probably realizing that going against someone with a weapon when he didn’t have one himself, wasn’t a very good idea, James turned around and attempted to run away.
But because he was so drugged up he could only stumble away, swaying the whole time. Blood was dripping everywhere.
The killer closed in and started slashing at James; all the while positioning himself between his weapon and the camera.
James veered off to the wall, swinging his arm out to hit the killer. He missed though, and the killer seemed to slash at him again. He stumbled, and almost fell once, but managed to stay on his feet.
Once James slammed against the wall the beer bottle slipped from his grip, and he started to drag himself away, using the alley wall for support. Bloody handprints smeared the walls, making a dark red trail.
He stumbled away, the killer following him and repeatedly slashing out until they were out of the camera’s view to where the killer went and finally slaughtered James.
The television screen went blank as the video, and they were all silent.
No one dared to say a word for a minute, before someone spoke and broke the silence.
“Was it just me, or was that guy kinda fast…?” Tony murmured, still staring at the screen.
To the side, Abby nodded, biting her lip. “Yeah, I noticed that too when I first saw it. I thought it was some kind of glitch, but I checked through it… all clean… something’s definitely hinky there though…”
Kagome mentally cursed… she knew she should have had Shippo doctor that video a little more.
She was getting too used to supernaturalism… before Shippo modified the tape you couldn’t even see the killer…
Ziva shook her head. “So he is quick on his feet… Is that really a cause for concern?
Kagome mentally sighed in relief as she heard Ziva. Kagome stood, and went out to the middle of the bull pen. “It seemed like the killer was taunting Petty Officer Daley.” She proposed, deftly changing the subject.
Gibbs turned a raised eyebrow at her. He didn’t need to tell her to elaborate.
Kagome’s eyes narrowed in thought. “Through the whole thing, it didn’t seem like the killer said a word. He was calm throughout it. His movements were confident, like he knew what he was doing.”
Kagome closed her eyes and shook her head in disgust. “To me, it looked like he wanted to drag it out… to prolong the experience.”
Tony crossed his arms, and leaned against his desk. “You’re right; He could have just stabbed him once, to get it over with. James had so much drugs and alcohol in his system that didn’t put up much of a fight, so it wouldn’t have been a hassle.”
Ziva scowled, her chocolate eyes staring out into the air. “And he just followed James as he tried to escape. He did not run after him, only walked. He was not in a hurry.”
Finally Gibbs spoke. “You’re forgetting one thing. James didn’t seem to know him either, there was no recognition.”
Abby scratched her head, her forehead winkled in her puzzlement. “But Gibbs’, he was drunk… and high. He probably wouldn’t recognize his mother if he saw her…”
Gibbs’ shook his head firmly. “No, there would have been something. And if I’m right, then that means that the killer’s target is anyone in the Marines and his victims are whoever he sees. Abs, zoom in on his face.”
Abby nodded, and pulled up the video. She put it into rewind, and hit pause when she found a clear image of his face. Zooming in, the killers face appeared on the screen.
Abby typed some more on the computer, adjusting the light and resolution. The image cleared up to show the face in clear quality.
It was a middle aged man, maybe in his late twenties, early thirties with brown hair. He had a buzz cut and the beginnings of a beard. His skin was pasty white and his eyes sunken in. Deep red, bloodshot eyes void of emotion stared back at them.
In one ear was a gaudy looking diamond earring, and a dulled ring pieced his slightly crooked nose.
Gibbs scowled as he glared at the screen. “Ziva, run this dirt-bag’s face and see if you can match it.”
Ziva straightened, listening to her boss carefully. “To what?”
Gibbs’ gaze didn’t falter as he continued to stare at the screen. “Anything, anywhere. Try Metro police database first, then all agencies, and spread out if you get nothing. Tony.”
Tony stood up straight, ears alert. “Yes boss!”
“Put out a bolo on him. Make sure every damn police station, agency, and hell, local taxi and bus drivers and shelters know this face. I want. Him. Found.” Gibbs grounded out fiercely, his blue eyes flashing.
“Can I see the prints of the injuries on the body?
Everyone stopped to stare at Kagome, whose head was tilted slightly and sapphire eyes were twinkling with curiosity.
Gibbs set an intense gaze on her. “Why?” he demanded.
Kagome shrugged, scratching the back of her head. “Just a feeling. There’s just so many slashes that it seems like overkill. You know, if this guy’s part of a cult, he might be carving things.” She looked up in thought, biting her lip.
Gibbs studied Kagome, his own ice blue eyes searching. Finding what he seemed to be looking for, he turned to Abby and gave her a short to give the ok.
Abby nodded eagerly and started to walk off before pausing. She turned, holding up a finger in the air. “Wait a minute. Prints? Like in paper prints?” Her face twisted slightly at the thought of photos not digitalized.
Kagome blinked slowly, looking confused. “Uhh, yea… is that bad…?” she asked cautiously.
Tony snickered under his breath. “Well, our little goth here is a `scientist’ Higurashi. She’s prone to the more modern advances in society…”
Kagome gave him a mocking smile. “Well, excuse me DiNozzo… I’m more of a `hands on’ kind of gal…”
Tony`s eyes sparkled at the double meaning. “Really now? Whatever do you mean?” he said slyly.
Kagome gave him a wicked smile. “Wouldn’t you like to know…”
Gibbs chuckled under his breath slightly and Abby laughed, shaking her head. “No, it’s fine… I’ll get the prints, be back in a jiffy.”
As she left with a bounce in her step, Ziva snickered softly. She didn’t miss that one either.
Kagome innocently looked over at Gibbs. “So… got free desk I can use?”
Kagome sat in the desk that was just outside the bullpen, next to McGee’s. Abby sat on the corner of the desk, swinging her legs as she looked over at the photos with Kagome.
Spread out on the desk was six folders, one for each victim.
Abby furrowed her eyebrows. “So… what exactly are you looking?”
Taking the first folder, Kagome started flipping through it as she explained. “Anything really… symbols, letters, numbers… anything other than a just a…slash…” she trailed off softly, and her eyes hardened.
As Kagome scanned the pictures the light in her eyes faded and a void replaced it.
“Oh Kami…” she mumbled out, slowly going from one photo to the next. She put down the first folder and took the next folder, and the next, and then the next..,
Her eyes narrowed in morbid disgust, her mouth dropping a little as she searched the photos, starting out slowly before flipping the photos with speed, here eyes racing over the glossy pages.
She swiftly spread them out on the desk, lining them up in chronological of when the victims were murdered.
Abby blinked curiously at Kagome. “What’s the matter?” her voice was anxious.
Kagome’s eyes raced around the photos, pulling out the unneeded photos as she answered and then raising her voice so the others could hear. “I think I found something… can someone hand me a pad and pen or something?”
The team shared a look while Gibbs slipped a pen and pad out of his jacket pocket, tossing it over to Kagome. “Catch.”
Kagome didn’t look up as she caught both, quickly writing something down.
She wrote the letters `E’, `H’, and `T’ before she put the set of photos for the first body to the side.
She picked up the second folder and jotted `A’, ‘E’, `G’, `M’ for the set of the second body.
Then `A’, `H’, and `S’ for the third.
And `L’, `O’, `Y’, `N’ for the fourth.
`J’, `S’, `T’, and `U’ for the fifth.
And `B’, `E’, `G’, `N’, and `U’ for the last one.
It didn’t take a genius to figure out what it spelled.
Kagome looked up and shared a look with Abby, whose eyes were wide with morbid amazement before she gently took the pad from Kagome and turned around to hold it up for the rest of them to see.
They all came closer to look, and gathered around. Slowly, one by one, their eyes widened and Gibbs’ eyes narrowed angrily before he chucked his coffee into the trash can and stormed up to the director’s office, leaving the rest of them to stare in shock at what Kagome discovered.
…`The Game HasOnlyJust Begun’
“Agent Gibbs! You know you can’t go in there unannounced! Director Shepard is on the phone discussing something private,” came an alarmed, yet exasperated voice.
Gibbs gave a fierce look at the Director’s secretary, Cynthia, which made the woman step back. “Well, announce me `cause this can’t wait.” He relayed as he continued to stroll towards the door.
Cynthia hesitated but quickly pressed the intercom button to alert Jenny. “Director Shepard, Agent Gibbs is here to speak to-“
By now Gibbs was already in the process to opening the door.
Cynthia sighed. “-you…”
“Someone’s screwing with us.” Gibbs didn’t feel the need to sugarcoat it.
Director Shepard’s eyes darted to meet with Gibbs in a glare. Turning her attention back to the conversation on the phone. “Forgive me, something’s come up. I’ll get back to you sir.”
There was an indiscernible muttering before she murmured `thank-you’ and rested the receiver back to the console.
Jenny relaxed in her seat, leaning back and folding her hands together in front of her as she stared at her best agent. “Jethro… why is it so hard for you to just wait until I’m finished to come see me? Or at least for me to politely hang up?” Her blue eyes hardened as she waited for an answer.
Gibbs ignored the question. “Important phone call?” he queried.
Jenny raised a perfectly waxed eyebrow. “I would think so.”
Gibb’s mouth turned up into a smirk. “Personal?” he said suggestively.
Jenny gave him a slightly mocking face. “No, SecNav.” She said flatly.
Gibbs let out a deep chuckle but said nothing more.
A light smile crossed her face, before Jenny become serious again. “So… who’s `screwing’ with us this time?” she asked slowly.
All humor left Gibbs’ face, and Jenny sat up straight and waited patiently for him to begin explaining.
“Higurashi found something you might be interested in…”
–NCIS; Navy Yard–
–Two Days Later; Wednesday 0515–
He needed to call Gibbs, and fast.
Pulling out his cell in record time he pressed speed dial and waited for his boss to answer.
The ringing stopped.
“Gibbs.” Came the standard greeting.
McGee swallowed thickly. “Uhh… boss…?”
McGee heard a grunt come from the other line. “What is it McGee?” Gibbs’ voice was demanding.
“Well…” McGee’s throat became dry as he tried to talk.
Gibbs growled into the phone. “Dammit! McGee… just spit it out will ya?” His tone was getting curt and irritated.
McGee took a deep breath as he locked eyes with the blank, lifeless ones staring back at him. He stared at the decapitated head, sitting there on the bench before him, before glancing at the scraggly, messy writing in blood on the piece of paper lain before it.
`Congrats! Congrats! You found the first piece.
. . .
Now let’s see if you can find the rest…’
The agent tried to find the best way to phrase this… “You better get to the Navy Yard quick boss… There’s something you should see…”
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Chibi Vampire (Ren/Kag)
Twilight (Edward/Kag)
Yu Yu Hakusho (Hiei/Kag)
Yu Yu Hakusho (Kur/You/Kag)
Rurouni Kenshi (Ken/Kag)
Pysch (Shawn/Kag)
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Princess of Dobermans- Lol, that would be so cute. I know I didn’t put very much of Shippo in this chapter(I just realized that now!) but hopefully I can fit something in the next one. At first I wasn’t planning on them having as big as a role as the team, but I’m rethinking that lol. The rest of the Inu gang? Well, lets just say if they were human, then they aren’t going to be in the story. Maybe mentioned later on, but that’s it. The rest of them… well they’re free game so you might see some later on. I don’t really have this fic too planned out yet regarded whose going to be playing a role lol. If you want, give me some suggestions on who you wanna see, and I’ll see what I can do 😉 Oh, I never got your email that you said you were going to send… idk if you tried to send it or not but it didn’t go through if you did… go figure lol. Anywhoo, hoped you liked the chapter!! ^_^
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The Truth… or Not?