❯ Legend of Zelda: AvP – Legend of Zelda: AvP ( One-Shot )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
He found himself in a dark room, the room that surrounded him was almost as if made from pure evil. He walked cautiously backwards, sensing evil. He slowly drew out his sword and shield. A creature far more evil than those Hyrule had ever encountered appeared from its surroundings as it was well camouflaged, its eyeless head drooled thick slim from its toothy mouth. The monster reached out with its clawed hands and grabbed his head to hold it firmly in place. Next the monster opened its mouth as wide as a boa constrictor and a second mouth appeared. He screamed as the second mouth launched out right at his head…
Meanwhile she was running through the dense forest. She was surrounded by lush green vegetation and panted as if something was chasing her. Suddenly she heard a low-clicking sound above her. She turned around fast and saw nothing, but suddenly a humanoid creature appeared as if from thin air. Next she looked down at her ankle, three scarlet dots forming a triangle if you connected them slowly crept from her ankle to her leg, to her chest, and then to her head. A shot of burning hot plasma was fired by a cannon on the creature’s shoulder and flew directly at her. Zelda woke up suddenly from her bed in a cold sweat. She turned her head from side to side, looking if anything was in her room. Then she curled up in a ball, terrified out of her mind.
Suddenly Link also jumped from his bed. That nightmare he had just had scared him more than any adventure or encounter with a beast he’d ever had. He tried to recall to monster he saw in his dream; it was well over seven feet tall, black-skinned exoskeleton covered its body, and an elongated, eyeless head with razor-sharp teeth and a deadly second mouth. Link had never seen anything like it, he had been through dozens of adventures and encountered ugly and terrifying beasts, but this monster was the only Link seemed to really fear. It took a moment for him to recover to his normal, calm state, but then he realized, it probably just a bad nightmare he had imagined in his own mind. He forgot about it and returned to bed.
Zelda did not have an ounce of sleep that night, thinking of the odd creature, who stood on two log-sized legs, two muscular arms, barrel-shaped chest, wore armor, and a distinctive faceplate who’s blank eye slits seemed to burn through Zelda’s soul. She decided she would never think of the creature again and would continue her life as the princess of Hyrule. A peaceful life with no worry in the world…
Chapter 1
Seven years later, Link and Zelda grew older, wiser, and into adults. Zelda had just turned twenty months before and had her eye on Link, whom she had feelings for since they were kids. Link had grown into a man every woman he passed fell in love with, but he always had a thing for Zelda, though he was always too shy to tell her. One late afternoon on the peaceful green fields of Hyrule Fields, Link rode on his horse, Epona, to the kingdom gates and stopped. He left her there and told her to wait for his return. Epona stayed in place loyally and watched Link as he ran through Hyrule Castle Town towards the Hyrule Castle. The town was full of activity from farmers selling their croups and animals while other people selling cheap products they said would change the way they live, Link fell for a few of those in his time. When he was at the gates, the guard nodded and opened the gates for him. He walked towards castle. Autumn was upon Hyrule, so leaves covered the pathway and with each step, he stepped on the stiff, brightly colored leaves with a loud crunch. When he entered the large castle, he asked a guard where he could possibly find the princess. The guard pointed towards the garden and said,
“That way Master Link.” Link nodded and walked off. At the sacred garden, Link spotted Zelda sitting on a stone bench and reading one of her books. He calmly walked in front of her,
“Hello Princess.” He said and bowed. Zelda looked up and smiled,
“Oh come now Link, you don’t need to bow for me, we’re practically family.” Then she patted on the seat next to hers, motioning Link to join her. Link sat down. Zelda closed her book, set it on the ground and looked at Link with her kind eyes,
“So, why did you come today?” she asked. Link shrugged,
“I don’t know. I uh…was in town so I just decided to see you.” Zelda smiled,
“You’re sweet,” She said, “So? How are you on this cool autumn day?” Link looked at her and became lost in her blue eyes,
“What? Oh! Uh…I’m just fine. And you?” in his mind, Link was cursing himself for looking so stupid. Zelda plucked a flower from the ground next to her and plucked its petals one by one,
“Link, do you remember when we first met?” she asked. Link smiled,
“Of course Zelda, you ask me this every time we stop to chat.” Zelda giggled,
“I can’t help it Link, you’re always on my mind. I’m always worried that you’re going to hurt yourself or get sick when you are on your little adventures.” Zelda turned to Link and smiled,
“When I was a little girl, I used to have nightmares about a creature that tried to hurt me. But out of nowhere, you appeared and saved me.” Link smiled back into Zelda’s face,
“Heh, its funny. I used to have dreams about monsters that tried to kill me. And you appeared and with your magic, you defended us from them.” The two shared a compassionate stare into the other’s eyes. Zelda turned her head towards the setting sun,
“I wish we had more moments like this.” She sighed, “Well, I better get going to dinner. Would you like to join me?” she asked. Link said
“Uh…no thanks…I uh, gotta get going too.” Zelda smiled and nodded,
“Oh okay. I’ll see you around then.” Link held Zelda’s hand as she got up. The two looked at each other one more time and separated. On his ride home, Link cursed himself.
“How am I ever going to get her to fall in love with me if I keep acting like an idiot in front of her?” he asked himself. Then he thought, Christmas is coming soon, I can try then.
A month later, snow was falling on Hyrule on Christmas Eve. Zelda was in her room, dressing up for the Christmas Eve ball they were throwing for the holiday. Link was searching the shops of Hyrule Castle Town; he had no idea on what to get Zelda for Christmas. Yet, he still searched.
Meanwhile, in outer space, a ship drifted slowly. Inside, the ship suddenly sprung to life. Three tubes in the hibernating chamber opened and three unearthly creatures emerged, their finger-like mandibles flexed.
On the kingdom of Kraigila, a kingdom far away from Hyrule, well over two weeks of traveling to reach it, the royal family was enjoying their Christmas Eve ball as well. On guard, two Kraigilean soldiers shivered in their silver armor,
“Oh by the gods it’s cold.” One of them shuddered, the other nodded.
A cabinet opened filled with strange weapons in it. The figures suited up in glistening armor. They snatched their faceplate that was hung on the wall and wore it; each mask had a distinct face on it. They grabbed their weapons, each of them grabbed at least one weapon that the other didn’t, making the teams’ weapons unpredictable. They grunted in satisfaction as they tested their wristblades that extended from their right gauntlet, a wrist computer on their left gauntlet, and their favorite, the shoulder mounted plasma caster that rose above their left shoulder. In aiding in targeting, three scarlet dots emerged from the built-in targeting system. After their weapons were successfully tested, they walked into another set of tubes and the tubes closed. The ship entered Earth’s atmosphere and launched the three tubes down to the world below, for their annual hunt. The ship then left Earth again and drifted into space again.
The two soldiers shivering in their boots saw three of what appeared to be comets falling to the ground. They looked at each other,
“What were those?” one asked,
“Uh…I’m sure they were just meteors.” The other said,
“No, they looked…they looked like ovals.” They stared at each other. Over the valley, one of the tubes opened and an unholy howl pierced the foggy winter night. The two soldiers heard the howl and ran to the castle, screaming like cowards. Inside the castle, the royal family was laughing and talking with their close friends when the soldiers ran in,
“A thousand pardons king and queen, but something fell from the sky
and-“ the king cut him short,
“Oh please guard, don’t play tricks on us.” The princess of Kraigila, Princess Emily, stared at the two. The other soldier never noticed a wire-thin noose wrap around his neck and with a sudden jerk, his spine snapped and his lifeless body was raised to the shadows above. There was a fury of pure chaos and terror as everyone went crazy. A transparent figure appeared and unsheathed its wicked wristblades and impaled the king. The king of Kraigila screamed in pain and his limp body was dropped to the floor. Emily looked at the demon and saw cloaked wristblades dripping with blood. It growled and lunged for the princess, the queen jumped in front of her daughter and took the savage blow to the skull, blood spilled on the floor as the queen’s head was severed. A soldier had his bow and arrow ready to shoot the demon with he heard a low-clicking sound behind him. He turned fast and shot up in the balconies. He hit the shoulder of a figure and the beast uncloaked. The Predator roared at the soldier and leaped from its position to the ground, over a twenty-foot drop! The soldier pulled out his sword and swung it at the monster. The Predator caught his wrist and snapped it like a twig. The man cried in pain and the Predator made a savage blow into his ribs with its mammoth feet, breaking many of his ribs. The soldier fell to the ground and the Predator slammed its feet one more time down on his skull and killed him.
Emily ran from her parents’ deaths and ran outside. There, another nightmare Predator jumped from the building and tackled the princess. Emily looked up to her doom as the hunter activated its shoulder cannon and fired. Emily died at age sixteen. The three Predators went on and slaughtered the entire kingdom in one night, none survived.
Chapter 2
Hyrule’s people at the ball were having a great time, drinking, eating, and laughing. Link held a small, wrapped box and he waited for Zelda to appear. Zelda stood at the top of the staircase that hung over the ballroom. She grew very nervous as she walked slowly down the steps and everyone in the ball stopped what they were doing and watched her. When she finally reached the bottom, she curtseyed at everyone. The people returned to their business and Zelda searched out Link. She squeezed through the thick crowd and called Link’s name. Link heard her call,
“Zelda? Zelda where are you?” he asked and walked through the crowds and looked for her. He looked one way and turned around to see Zelda just in front of him,
“Link! There you are!” she said. Link smiled and could feel himself getting red. Zelda saw the box and asked,
“Who’s that for?” she asked innocently. Link looked at the box and said,
“Oh! I almost forgot! Um…Zelda, could I see you somewhere in private?” Zelda nodded and said,
“But of course.” Link and Zelda walked to a corner of the ballroom where no one was around. Link looked around and raised the small box. He grabbed Zelda’s hands and placed it in them,
“Open it.” He urged her. Zelda smiled at him with passionate eyes. She opened it and a golden necklace with an emerald gem in the center. Zelda’s smile turned into a laugh of joy and she hugged Link,
“Oh thank you Link! This is the best Christmas present I could ever get.” Then she kissed him on the cheek. Link grew bright red. Zelda put on the necklace and smiled with joy to Link,
“Well, I better go.” Link said and walked away. Zelda grabbed his arm and he stopped, then looked behind him and looked into Zelda’s eyes,
“Don’t leave Link. Not now.” She didn’t let go of Link’s arm and kept her tight grip,
“I must tell you something Link.” Link nodded,
“Yes?” but before Zelda could tell him, she heard her father calling for the dancing,
“Link…would you like to dance?” she asked. Link scratched the back of his head,
“Uh…sure Zelda, you bet!” and the two ran to the dancing floor, Link feeling embarrassed by dancing in front of over a hundred people. Zelda grabbed Link’s hand and the orchestra began played a slow song,
“Ready?” Zelda asked. Link gulped, and nodded. Link had never really danced, but Zelda led the way. She couldn’t help but smile and giggle as she danced for the first time with the man she loved. Link smiled, but then tried to follow Zelda’s footsteps. As the music slowed down, Zelda got closer to Link and she placed her head on his chest as they swayed with the slow music. Link felt himself grow bright red and Zelda felt nervous that she might mess up. In her heart, Zelda felt a warm feeling she always felt when she was with Link. Around them, a few people playfully joked that Zelda and Link was going to get married. When the music stopped, everyone around them clapped. Zelda held Link’s hand and led him off the dance floor, the two of them laughing the whole way. Zelda took Link to her bedroom and closed the door,
“Zelda, can I ask why you-“ Zelda ran to him and hugged him,
“Tonight was so magical for me Link.” She said and looked up to him,
“I must tell you something Link.” She said. Link smiled and asked,
“What is it?” Zelda smiled at him and laid her head on Link’s chest again,
“I…I…” she didn’t seem to want her words pass her lips,
“Yes?” Link asked. Zelda looked up at him with tears of joy building up in her eyes,
“I love you Link.” Zelda replied. Her tears rolled down past her cheek,
“I have always loved you Link, since the very day we met. I would love you if the sun would never rise again. I want to be with you always.” Link smiled and couldn’t speak for a long moment. He placed his hand on Zelda’s cheek and wiped away her tears,
“The truth is Zelda. I love you too. I have always been too shy and nervous to tell you, so I kept quiet for seven years. Seven years of a broken heart. Now that I have told you my feelings for you, I feel so relieved.” Zelda leaned closer to Link and whispered,
“Kiss me.” She looked up and before Link could even say yes, she locked lips with his. The two were in a passionate kiss for moments until the two fell onto Zelda’s bed.
On Death Mountain, above Hyrule, an evil presence was stirring. Deep within the lava mountain, not even where the Gorons ventured, a batch of over three-dozen eggs littered a strange chamber. With a wet gurgle, one of them opened and spidery legs clawed into the air. The spidery facehugger crawled out of its egg and looked at its mother, the Alien Queen. The Queen seemed pleased that her young were finally awake after her and their long slumber. One by one, the eggs opened and more and more facehuggers appeared. The facehuggers then crawled out of the Alien hive to the world outside, where they would find a host. The Queen laid another egg from her birth canal as she with her eyeless, elongated head watched her precious children crawl off and create more Aliens.
Early Christmas Morning, the three Predators had set the southern village belonging to Hyrule on fire, few survived, and the ones who had survived, were women and their children. Now the Predators were coming closer and closer to Hyrule. The leader of the pack flipped open his wrist computer and tapped a few keys. A hologram of the entire Hyrule kingdom appeared in a glowing red color. They saw the rugged landscape of Death Mountain, the dense forest of the Lost Woods, the deserts of Gerudo Valley, and Lake Hylia. The entire hologram was no bigger than a foot wide. The Predator closed the wrist computer and looked to his sides at his fellow warriors. He nodded at them and they ran towards into the forest that surrounded them. They disappeared from sight in an instant.
Zelda woke up next to Link and smiled. Link woke up next and smiled at her. They kissed,
“Good morning.” Zelda said. The two got up and got dressed. Zelda walked over to the window and looked outside into the white blanket that covered the land. Link stood beside her,
“I love winter.” Zelda said. She looked over to Link and smiled, “How about you?” she asked,
“I never really liked winter that much.” He replied, “Too cold.” Zelda smiled and looked back outside,
“I understand. You always out and about.” Then Zelda grabbed Link’s hand and rested her head on his shoulder. Link looked at her and smiled. She looked up and at him and remembered,
“Oh gosh!” Zelda cried, “Father! I must tell him about our love!” Link thought for a moment,
“Wait, are you sure the king would be okay with our feelings for each other?” Zelda laughed,
“Of course Link, he’s honored to have you come to the castle daily. But if we were to get married, he would be so happy.” Link smiled and nodded,
“Yeah you’re right. What was I thinking?” The two ran off to the throne room entrance,
“Wait here Link, I’ll tell father about this myself. Is that okay?” she replied. Link nodded and Zelda rushed into the room. There, the king of Hyrule greeted his daughter,
“Good morning daughter. Merry Christmas!” Zelda smiled politely and said,
“Father, may I tell you something?” She asked,
“But of course Princess.” He said. Zelda took a deep breath, then said,
“Father…Link and I…we’re in love.” The king smiled,
“So my daughter and Link fall in love? Well Zelda, I want him to live here first and if you and he feel comfortable with it, you two can get married.” Zelda was tickled with joy at that moment. So she ran out the door to tell Link. After she finished, Link was so relieved and the two kissed.
Chapter 3
Word spread fast of Link and Zelda getting married in a while. By spring, every race knew of the hero and the princess getting married, which was going to be held in days. The birds chirped as Malon of Lon Lon Ranch fed the horses and groomed them. Her heart was broken that Link was getting married, but she kept her chores up and seemed happy for him. When she was petting one of the horses, Malon heard a rustle in the trees far from her. She looked over to the area and asked,
“Hello? Is anyone there?” Behind her, Malon saw the cuckoos going crazy and jumping all over the place. Malon’s father, Talon, walked outside and said,
“Looks like something scared them cuckoos.” Malon looked over to the forest again and saw a figure that light shimmered around its movements. Malon squinted to see better and asked,
“What’s that father?” but when she looked over to Talon, he was gone. She jumped and bumped into something. She turned fast and saw a Predator uncloak. The Predator grabbed her and studied her in thermal vision. He growled and released the girl. Malon turned and ran back to the cottage. Inside, she saw spider-like creatures on the faces of Talon and Ingo. She ran to her father and tried to rip the creature off. The facehugger’s tail squeezed tighter around Talon’s neck and he stopped struggling. Malon got up and ran outside once more. The three Predators glared at her and then one of them charged. Malon screamed and tried to run, but the Predator tackled her. The Predator growled at her and unsheathed his wristblades. Malon screamed and cowered in fear. The Predator shook his head in pity and walked off, Malon realized that she was not worth the time or effort to kill. Malon rushed back inside by her father, now the facehugger was off his face. Malon grabbed him and led him outside,
“Come Father, we must go tell Link of theses monsters!” Malon said. Talon nodded slowly and struggled to breathe as they walked towards Hyrule Castle, Talon took a few resting breaks.
Back at the cabin, Ingo slowly awoke and he jumped when he saw the facehugger on the floor. But the facehugger was motionless with its legs pointing upwards. Ingo sighed and sat back down. Suddenly, he felt a sharp pain in his chest. He struggled to breathe and let loose a scream of pain and agony as a newborn Alien clawed its way out of Ingo’s chest and burst through him. Ingo died and fell to the floor. The Chestburster slithered into the shadows and hunted for food, so it may grow into a full-grown Alien.
When Malon and Talon reached the gates of Hyrule, Talon fell to his knees,
“Father, we’re almost there. Hurry.” Malon helped Talon up and helped him through Hyrule Castle Town and to the gates of the castle. The guard halted them,
“Why have you come here?” he asked,
“We have to tell Link something! Quick!” Malon said. The guard looked at her and Talon, nodded, and opened the gates. Malon rushed her father through the doors and into the throne room. The king sat in his chair and looked at the two of them,
“May I ask what you need?” he asked,
“Where’s Link?” Malon asked. Link and Zelda walked through the doorway,
“I’m right here. Why?” Link asked. Malon rushed over to him and said,
“Link, Lon Lon Ranch was attacked!’ Link stared at her and asked,
“By who?” Malon shook her head,
“We don’t now. Three tall figures tried to hurt me. And two spider-like monsters were on the faces of Father and Ingo.” Link thought for a moment,
“What did the figures look like?” he asked,
“They were platted in thick armor, had evil weapons, and could turn invisible.” Zelda’s heart raced. Her nightmares of an invisible creature stalking her were returning. Just then, Talon cried in pain and fell to his knees,
“Father!” Malon cried and rushed to his side. Talon began to spit up his own blood as the skin under his chest began to bulge. Malon, Link, and Zelda’s eyes widened and blood and gore erupted when the Chestburster exploded from Talon’s chest. Malon screamed as her father dropped dead to the floor. Link saw the creature as it raced off into the shadows, the image of the monster filled Link’s mind and he seemed to be paralyzed in fear. Zelda rushed over to his side and held onto him,
“What was that thing?” she asked. Link didn’t answer. Malon cried and sobbed her eyes out over her father’s death.
A day later, Talon was buried. When everyone left, Malon still stood next to her father’s grave. Malon looked over her shoulder and saw no one was in sight. It didn’t bother her. She kneeled next to Talon’s grave,
“Goodbye Father, I don’t know how I will go on without you to guide me.” A tear rolled down past her cheek and dropped to the ground. Malon’s eyes widened when she felt something gooey drop on her head. She reached up and wiped off what seemed to be a very sticky mucus-like drool. She looked up and screamed when an Alien pounced at her from the trees around her…
Link was in the bedroom he shared with Zelda polishing his sword when Zelda walked in,
“Hi Zelda. How are you?” when he looked up to her face, he saw her saddened expression. Link rose up,
“Zelda what’s wrong?” Link grew nervous,
“Malon…she was found dead the other day. Just after Talon’s funeral.” Link dropped the sword. Tears were building up in his eyes,
“Oh Link…I’m sorry…” Zelda said and tears leaked from her eyes as well. She rushed over to him and hugged him, the two of them crying. Link had never cried before, but he seemed to cry his brains out. At that moment Link felt an undying rage towards the Predators, who had nothing to do with Malon’s death, but he didn’t know that.
Days later, the three Predators stood before the mighty gates of Hyrule. The pack had seemed to learn of the presence of the Aliens not too long before and was ready for a good hunt. The pack leader looked to his loyal pack and took off, his brothers not too far behind. The never-ending clash between Aliens and Predators was about to rumble in Hyrule grounds…
Chapter 4
Zelda couldn’t believe any of this nightmare was happening, old friends were dead, and she nor anyone else in the kingdom knew who or what was killing innocents. She thought of the creature that exploded from Talon’s chest; the screaming serpent-like creature, even though it was small and probably harmless, it frightened Zelda, and she didn’t want to see anything like it ever again. She was looking out of the window out into the life full spring evening and thought of Link, and all he had to deal with in his life; losing his parents when he was merely an infant, being broken away from his friends when he was only a child and having to make an adventure that took up his entire childhood, Zelda felt so awful for taking his childhood away for her mistake. She was kidnapped by the evil thief Ganondorf, king of the desert people Gerudos, and Link had to come to her rescue and save her. She would never forget that battle Link had told her about between good and evil.
The evil king Ganondorf was just about to kill Zelda with one, mighty blast from his sorcery magic when from the door, Link in his green clothes appeared and glared at Ganondorf. The evil Gerudo released Zelda and unleashed a sphere of pure black energy at him. Link dodged it and unsheathed his sword and shield,
“You’re brave boy.” Ganondorf growled, “But amazingly foolish!!” he unleashed another powerful blow that Link was unable to dodge, he was struck down screaming to the cold floor. Ganondorf lowered himself down to the ground next to Zelda and glared at her. Zelda covered her face in horror of dieing. Ganondorf rose his massive hand and growled,
“I’ll be back to finish you, brat!” he backhanded her and she fell cold to the ground, motionless. Link witnessed this and rose up fast. Ganondorf lunged forward with his fists ready to pummel Link into mincemeat. Link rose his shield quickly and took the blow of Ganondorf’s powerful punch,
“Ha! Hero of Time, that’s funny! I was hoping to get an actual fight!” Link glared at him,
“You want a fight? I’ll give you a fight!!” he charged with the Master Sword in hand. Out of his magic power, Ganondorf summoned a crudely crafted sword with ridged edges that would’ve been very painful to get a swiping from. Their swords came together with a booming clang. Link and Ganondorf came face to face, inches away from the other’s face, and glared at the other. Ganondorf kicked Link away and swung his sword down on him. Link raised his shield but the sword slashed clean through it. Link staggered back, the sword cut deep into his arm, which was now spurting his own blood. Ganondorf came back for another strike, but Link slashed his sword and Ganondorf’s sword was flung across the room. Link had a grin on his face, but Ganondorf merely laughed, he rose up and hovered above him. He raised his mighty fist and an energy bolt formed within it. He dropped to the ground and slammed his fist hard into the ground and it rumbled. Link saw the floor collapsing and saw Zelda was still out cold. He ran as fast as he could to her and picked her up in his arms. He turned fast to see Ganondorf’s fist fly straight him and knock him out cold. Zelda woke up and in Link’s arms, she screamed when she saw Ganondorf,
“Shutup you little brat!!” Ganondorf boomed and raised his fist to kill her, but the floor under him collapsed and he fell down into darkness, screaming. Zelda woke up Link and they rose together and ran past the door and hurried through Ganon’s Tower, as it was beginning to crumble. Zelda tripped and fell hard on the stone floor. Link stopped and ran to help her, but an insect-like creature’s tail whipped out from the shadows and wrapped around her neck. Choking, Zelda was raised to come face to face with a savage, eyeless monster. Link threw a chunk of stone at the monster,
“Hey!! Leave her alone!!!” he screamed. The monster hissed at him and tossed Zelda away like a rag doll. She crashed into the wall and she felt her ribs and right arm shatter. She tried to catch her breath through all her pain as she watched the insect creature pounced down on Link. Link was pinned to the ground, being crushed by the monster’s massive weight. The monster’s tail lashed out and crashed into the ground, less than an inch away from Link’s head. The tail rose once more and Link was just about to claim his death but a rock slammed into its head. The menace was flung screaming with its gangly limbs flailing into the wall. Link got up fast and rushed to Zelda, he helped her up and saw he arm was broken. Just as they turned to run together, Zelda spotted a figure whose movements bent the light of its surroundings. The figure came into view and exacted the description of Zelda’s long forgotten dream. From behind the humanoid’s mask, barbarous eyes burned a red fire, eyes Link and Zelda desperately tried to avoid. Link took Zelda’s left arm and they ran together down the rest of the rumbling, crumbling castle, behind them, they heard thrashes as well as screams and howls, soon after, blood splattering and bone cracking could be heard.
Just before Link and Zelda reached the entrance, Ganondorf appeared,
“So you thought you could escape? Ha!” Ganondorf’s body transformed into a hideous, bull-like creature ready to tear the hero and princess apart. Ganondorf was now Ganon. Ganon charged at them with his massive fists ready to lash out and kill them. Link unsheathed his sword and charged as well, but Ganon’s attack appeared to be far more powerful and flung the small hero across the room, crashing into a Ganondorf statue. Ganon was about to approach Zelda when another, much larger insect monster with a mighty crest upon its head emerged from the shadows and with its barbed tail, slashed Ganon’s shoulder. Ganon roared and swiped at the monster. The monster took the mighty blow to the jaw and its jaw fell out of place with a loud crack of bone. The monster slashed Ganon with its sharp claws and its tail whipped out to impale the evil king. Link took no chances and charged with his sword in hand. He stabbed Ganon through the heart and pulled it back out. Ganon roared in pain as his body was cast into the Dark Realm. Zelda ran up next to Link as the insect creature hissed at them. They ran from the eyeless beast just as it chased them. Link and Zelda made it out onto the magical bridge the sages had made for them; Zelda looked behind them and saw the castle entrance crumble, with the monster under it. The magic bridge was wearing off and disappearing fast! Link tossed Zelda away and she landed on hard land. Link jumped just as the bridge disappeared under his boots. He landed safely next to Zelda and rose, Zelda by his side. Behind them, Ganon’s Tower crumbled and fell down into the lava beneath it. Link and Zelda exchanged caring glances as a moment of silence passed,
“I’m sorry I did this Link.” Zelda said, “I want you to return the Master Sword and return to your childhood.” Even though he didn’t want to, and surely Zelda didn’t want him to either, Link turned around and walked towards the Temple of Time, “Link!” Zelda shouted and ran up next to him, “Before you go, could you give me the Ocarina of Time back please?” Link smiled and pulled out the ocarina and handed it to her. He returned to walking to the temple, he never even noticed three scarlet dots appear on Zelda’s head just as he left. Before he entered the great Temple of Time, he heard a blast, and then a scream. Link ran back up to where he left Zelda and found she was gone, he heard a low clicking sound around him. Suddenly, he heard Zelda’s voice,
“Link…” her voice wasn’t hers, it was almost electronic. Next, he heard Ganondorf’s evil laugh repeated in the electronic voice. Link knew what was happening, whatever this creature was. It was messing with him. Silence hushed the land except for a cold, dry wind. He heard a few low thumps and ran to where he heard it behind the aged gates and saw Zelda in the arms of a shadow. The creature saw Link and growled, it dropped Zelda and disappeared. Link ran up to Zelda. He saw her chest had been obliterated and her body broken, leaving only her face; he felt hot tears coming down his cheeks at the gruesome sight of Zelda dead. He ran back to the temple repeating to himself,
“If I return…everything will return to normal…and nothing will ever happen to Zelda…” He shoved the doors open and came to the Master Sword’s pedestal. He raised the mighty sword and plunged it down to where it was taken. Link fell into a deep darkness as seven years returned to his life and he was a child again. He looked at his small hands and thought quickly of Zelda. He rushed outside, ignoring the people and the town once destroyed returned to its normal look. He ran past the guards and to the castle. Impa greeted him,
“Well hello there Link, haven’t seen you in a while.”
“Where’s Zelda?!” Link asked,
“Why, she’s still asleep, I told her not to stay up all night.” Impa said calmly. Link sighed,
“That’s alright, I’ll wait. Boy, do I have a story to tell her…”
Chapter 5
Since Malon, Talon, and Ingo were dead, Impa had to keep a good eye on Zelda and Link. She was guarding Link and Zelda’s bedroom while the two talked together inside. Link sat on the edge of their bed completely silent,
“Link…I’m so terribly sorry.” Zelda said. Link remained silent. Zelda sat next to him on the bed and hugged him,
“Please don’t be this way Link. I know it’s hard to take in that one of your best friends died, but, we’re getting married in a few days.” Link kept a piercing stare straight ahead and softly said,
“I’m going to kill them…” Zelda looked at him,
“Who?” she asked. Link didn’t look at her,
“The ones in armor…I know they did this to Malon,” Link’s fist furled up tightly, “I won’t let another innocent die because of those monsters!” In an attempt to cheer Link up, Zelda plucked his hat off his head and placed it on hers. Instead of trying to grab it back while laughing, Link just sat silently. Zelda looked to the ground, she took off his hat, set it next to Link, and left the room. She stopped at the doorway and looked back to Link,
“I love you Link.” She said. Link, without looking from the floor said,
“I love you too.” And Zelda left.
As she walked outside her bedroom, a servant walked up to her and said,
“Princess, the have been over two dozen reports of people with their chests exploded or the person gone missing completely.” Impa looked at the servant, then to Zelda,
“Zelda, you better get back into he room with Link.” And she pushed Zelda back into the room. Zelda sat next to Link and leaned up next to him,
“Can you wait for our wedding?” she asked. Link looked at her, and slightly smiled. Zelda kissed him.
Cloaked, the Predators crept to the castle gates. Two guards stood guard at the gates and saw the transparent figures,
“Are those ghosts?” one of them asked. The other shrugged and before he knew it, he was pinned against the wall. He looked at his stomach and saw a spear slowly uncloak that had impaled him. Then he died. The other guard turned fast to see the leader of the pack unsheathe his wristblades and the wicked blades rush towards him. Blood spilled all over the rocks surrounding them. After he made a grunt of satisfaction, the pack leader led his brothers through the gates towards Hyrule Castle, slaughtering every soldier that crossed their path.
Link and Zelda sat silently next to each other for a long period of time. Until finally, Zelda grabbed Link’s hand and placed it on her upper leg. They gave each other a compassionate stare until Impa ran in,
“Princess, Link, the guards have been found dead!” Link felt his rage once more and rose. He rushed over and grabbed his sword and shield. Zelda looked at him,
“Link what are you doing?” Link didn’t answer and rushed off. Zelda hollered his name again and chased after him,
“Princess!!” Impa yelled and ran after her. Link ran into the throne room to see the king on his knees and suddenly, his head flew off, spilling blood on the floor. Link readied himself for an attack just as Zelda and Impa ran in. Zelda screamed at her father’s dead body. Link looked over his shoulder at her,
“Zelda get out of here, NOW!!!” But just as Zelda turned around to the door, a cloaked figure launched a net from its left gauntlet. Zelda was engulfed by the net and was flown to the wall. With each struggle, the net tightened around Zelda and hurt her. Link rushed to her,
“Zelda, don’t move in there, at all!” Impa was at Link’s side and heard pounding behind them. She turned around and saw the pack leader stomping towards them. Impa made a lunge at the Predator. The Predator tossed her away with his backhand. Link turned around and glared at him. The leader’s brothers uncloaked behind him and saw Zelda. One of them flipped open his wrist computer and pressed a button. The net surrounding Zelda fell apart and fell to the ground. The leader grunted and kicked Link to the ground. Zelda rushed to him and she looked up to see one of the Predators slap her with his backhand. She fell to the ground motionless. Just before the leader was ready to kill Link, he heard a hiss behind him. The Predator cocked his head and turned fast to see an Alien pounce at him. The other two Predators disappeared. Link’s eyes widened as he saw two of his worst nightmares fight. To the death…
Chapter 6
The Alien had the Predator pinned against the wall and hissed at him. The mighty Predator tossed the Alien away like a rag doll and roared. The Alien crashed into the wall and the wall exploded in a shower of bricks and debris. The Predator unsheathed his wristblades just as the tittering bug dashed at him from the dust cloud. The humanoid used his very own claws to scratch the tittering bug away for merely a moment just before he would drive his blades into it. But in a scorpion-like move, the Alien jabbed at the hunter with its deadly tail. The humanoid caught the tail and with his wristblades, severed it. The Alien screamed as it sprayed deadly acid blood from its wound. The Predator’s wristblades were soaked in the acid blood, and with a deafening hiss, they melted. The bug pounced at the Predator with its gangly arms flung wide open. The humanoid ran to it and tackled it. Having the wind knocked clean out of it, the bug fell to the floor. The Predator nodded and grunted in satisfaction. Link witnessed in horror the Predator’s great strength. The humanoid took his hands and wrapped them around the Alien’s ankles. The heavy insect-like monster was lifted from the ground in swinging motions. It screamed as the Predator swung it around into stone pillars with capes of the Triforce hanging from them. The pillars erupted in chunks of stone that flew all over the throne room and nearly hit Link. The Predator twirled around once more and tossed the screaming menace across the room, crashing into a wall made of pure stone. The wall crumbled down and buried the Alien. Cautiously, the Predator took a few steps forward to see if the Alien was really vanquished. The pile of stone exploded and the Alien pounced at the Predator. Wanting this to end, Link got up and ran over to Zelda and tried to wake her. Her eyes slowly opened and she fluttered them,
“Link!!! I’m so happy to-“
“Zelda, we gotta go!” Impa appeared and helped Zelda up,
“Let’s leave these demons to work out their problems.” Zelda looked over to the battle and she ran off with Link and Impa.
The Alien shot out its second mouth several times at the Predator, each time getting closer. The Predator grabbed the second mouth and ripped it clean out of the menace’s mouth. The Alien screamed, its deadly venom spraying from its wound. With a final show of strength, the Predator slammed his massive fists down on the Alien and crushed its head. The screaming came to an abrupt halt. The Predator tried to catch his breath and turned around to see another, much larger Alien hiss at him. The Alien was no doubt the Alpha-Alien. The Predator staggered away, knowing the Alpha-Alien was far too much for him. He decided to accept his death, and die with honor. The Predator threw its arms back, extended its chest and threw its head heavenward. He howled in the face of doom.
Zelda paused for a moment,
“Zelda what are you doing?” Link asked, pulling her along,
“It’s the hunter…he’s losing.”
“That bug saved us back there, I’m glad the other will lose.” Link pulled Zelda along and they continued to run with Impa. Alpha pounced on the Predator and pinned him to the floor. Alpha’s reflection could be seen in the Predator’s blank eye slits. Alpha opened its mouth wide and its second mouth was exposed. The deadly extension launched out and killed the Predator. The hunter’s green blood exploded everywhere. The Alien hissed in triumph.
A lone Predator walked cautiously down a corridor, ready for any attack. Suddenly, a facehugger launched itself from the shadows. The Predator’s shoulder cannon sprung to life and fired at the facehugger. The spider creature exploded. Then an Alien silently crawled down from the ceiling. The Predator turned fast and killed the Alien with a plasma shot. The Predator growled and severed the Alien’s head off, and took its skull as a trophy.
Link, Zelda, and Impa ran down a hallway in the dark castle,
“What were those things?” Zelda asked. Link looked back and saw another Predator walking towards them. He and Impa stopped,
“No Link,” Impa said, “I’ll protect the princess.” and she walked towards the Predator. Squaring off for a dual. As the Predator marched towards her, Impa made a high kick and caused a loud ping sound when it clashed against the Predator’s faceplate. The Predator didn’t seem affected and grabbed Impa. With his great strength, the Predator tossed Impa without even a grunt into the wall and she was knocked out cold. The Predator slowly looked over to Link and Zelda escaping. He growled and pulled out a disc that unsheathed five ten-inch long blades from it. With a simple toss, the deadly disc was flying towards them. Link looked back and saw the disc bouncing off the walls, sparks flying with each hit. Link pulled out his boomerang and tossed it, thinking the boomerang and disc would cancel out. But the disc cut through the boomerang, straight through the diamond in the center, and continued towards Link. Link took off and pushed Zelda and himself down, missing the disc by inches. The Predator cocked his head and walked slowly toward them. Link pulled his sword out,
“You killed Malon!!” he screamed. The Predator stopped; he made a low-clicking sound in his throat like that of a bullfrog. Link nodded his head, “Come on. Come on!!” he yelled. With a flick of his wrist, the disc flew out of nowhere and returned to the hunter’s hand. The Predator accepted this challenge worthy. The disc folded up by itself, and the Predator attached it to his belt. Then he detached a tube from his belt. With an electric hum, the tube extended into a spear. Link grew nervous, but thought of his past battles, Ganondorf, Majora’s Mask, Dodongos, Gohmas, he beat them all. Surely this would be no challenge for a hero. The Predator grunted and nodded. Link charged with his sword raised. The battle was perhaps the most deadly Link could’ve thought of. The Predator was far more powerful and skilled than Link could’ve ever had thought possible as he made deadly swipes through the air with his barbed spear. The Predator swung his spear and knocked the sword from Link’s hand. Link looked at him to see a fist fly into him. The Predator folded up his spear again and attached it to his belt. Link stopped, this hunter wasn’t going to kill him unarmed unless he too was unarmed. The Predator waited for Link to make a move, but Link did not move. Instead he shuddered,
“You…you didn’t kill Malon…the other things did.” The Predator stared at him and cocked his head,
“All you want is a good fight…” This time the Predator growled. Link jumped at him and punched him. The warriors clashed in a battle of hand-to-hand. The Predator slapped Link with his backhand to the jaw. Link jabbed another punch, but the Predator caught his blow and twisted his wrist. Link fell to one knee. Zelda ran to him,
“Leave him alone!!” Zelda screamed. The Predator released Link and grabbed Zelda in a fierce grip, choking her. In X-ray vision, he studied her, looking all around. Suddenly, he released her. He looked over to Link. He backed away. Then a barbed tail of an Alien wrapped around Link’s throat and he was hoisted off his feet into the shadows above,
“LINK!!!!” Zelda screamed and tried to see above them, she found nothing. The Predator stood in place, looking above them. Zelda looked over to him, and ran off. The Predator did nothing to stop her, knowing if the Aliens didn’t get her, his brothers would.
Link was dragged off to Death Mountain, where the hive was. He swiped his sword at the Alien and cut its leg open. The Alien screamed and aimed its tail for his head. Link severed the Alien’s tail and drove his sword into the Alien’s head, killing it. Link wandered the lava-filled chamber he was in and left his melted sword on the floor. A facehugger pounced at him. With his magic, Link created a barrier around himself that sent the screaming facehugger to the ground. Link chuckled and looked over to see the entire chamber filled with facehugger eggs, plus a few Aliens. Knowing he did not have that much magic power left, Link pulled out his bow and arrows and shot the facehuggers and the eggs, each of them getting hit directly. When he thought he was done, an Alien pinned him to the floor and hissed at him. Link couldn’t move under the Alien massive weight, he lost his sword, his arrows were used up, the Predator destroyed his boomerang, and he couldn’t reach his bombs. Suddenly, Link’s barrier went down,
“No. Not now!” Link stared into his doom. The Alien could’ve killed him at any time, but didn’t. Instead, it grabbed Link with its tail and dragged him off into the shadows of the Alien hive.
Chapter 7
Zelda ran through the castle yelling for Link’s name, and avoiding the Predator, whom she had named Hunter, for his hunting ways. She ran into her bedroom. Behind her, several skinned bodies of servants and guards were hanging upside down. She almost threw up and pulled open the door again, only to come face to face with Alpha. It hissed at her and opened its mouth, its second mouth launched out and stopped less than and inch away from her face. She tried her best not to scream as the Alien aimed its deadly tail for her. Hunter appeared as if from nowhere and tackled the tittering insect. Zelda took no chances and ran away.
Alpha clawed at Hunter and left slash marks on his skin, armor, and faceplate. From Hunter’s wounds spilled his green blood. The Predator pulled out a circular object that extended into a deadly throwing disc. But before he could use it, Alpha pinned him to the floor and slashed him over and over. Hunter used the disc’s sharp blades to drive into the Alien’s eyeless head. It screamed and sprayed acid from its wound. Hunter drove the disc back and found most of its blades were melted away. He tossed the disc away and kicked Alpha off of him. The Alien crashed through Zelda’s room and struck the window, shattering the glass. Hunter charged in and pushed away the skinned bodies that still dripped blood on the floor. The Alien rose up fast and shot its tail at Hunter, nipping his shoulder. An explosion of green blood erupted from Hunter’s wound. The warrior held his shoulder tightly and staggered back. Alpha pounced at Hunter and pinned him to the floor once again. Instead of fighting, Hunter lay still, awaiting his death to be delivered. Alpha hissed triumphantly and tucked its head down for the final bite. The Alien’s reflection could be seen in the Predator’s blank eye slits. Suddenly, in an almost judo-like move, Hunter kicked the screaming Alien over his head with his feet. Alpha slammed against the wall and looked up to see Hunter’s mammoth feet on top of it. With a defecating blow, Hunter rose his foot and slammed it back down, cracking Alpha’s exoskeleton and piercing it with its very own spikes projecting from its back. The Alien died and Hunter growled.
Zelda ran down a dark hallway,’ Link…where are you?’ She asked herself, what are these horrible creatures doing here? Just then a Predator tackled her. She looked up expecting Hunter, but it was another Predator. On his back, the Predator had spear and at the ends of them, were human skulls. He also had an Alien skull strapped to him as a trophy. The Predator bent down towards the Hylian princess and growled. An arrow shot past Zelda and struck the fiend. Impa appeared next to Zelda with a bow,
“Princess, get out of here!” she commanded. She tossed the bow to the ground and and charged at the Predator. The two came together with a big clash. Impa stuck the warrior’s faceplate several times with swift punches and made a powerful kick to his head. The Predator staggered back, then a blow of a powerful punch into Impa’s stomach caused her to break to her knees and try to catch her breath. The Predator tossed her aside and turned his frightening gaze towards Zelda. The princess took off and before she knew it, the Predator was on her, pinning her to the ground with one knee. The Predator pulled out a ceremonial dagger strapped to his right calf and raised it, preparing for the final strike. A barbed tail of an Alien dropped from the shadows above and punched a hole into the Predator. Zelda watched in horror as the Predator was raised to come face to face with something more savage than him. The Alien hissed and opened its mouth. The hunter’s green blood splashed every, with a final snap of bone, the Alien dropped it, glaring at Zelda. The princess looked over at the Predator and watched as he twitched once, and died. She crawled over to him and looked at his strange equipment. She took the Alien skull and looked at it. Suddenly, she heard a low-clicking sound behind her. She turned slowly to see Hunter holding a spear, unaware of the other Alien hovering above him. With one spitting hiss, the Alien pounced down on Hunter. The Predator snatched the ceremonial knife from his brother’s cold, dead hand and pulled out his own knife, wielding two in each hand. He roared as the Alien’s weight crashed down on him and took him down. Zelda jumped to her feet. She looked over at Impa’s motionless body and cautiously waked over to her, but the Alien and Predator crashed into the wall and stopped her progress. Though the battle was indeed frightening, Zelda didn’t want to leave, instead, she wanted to see who would win.
Hunter was losing the battle quickly as they rolled end over end and thrashed about, sparks flying everywhere when they scrapped the walls with the Alien’s exoskeleton or Hunter’s battle worn armor. As the Alien jumped on top of Hunter and readied to sink its second pair of jaws into his head, the Predator lashed out with his mammoth feet and sent the bug flying across the chamber, crashing into a wall and shattering it. The wall came crumbling down, crushing the Alien. Hunter staggered to his feet, soaked in his own blood. Zelda took a step back, then the Predator glared at her, his dreadlocks spinning around with him. Hunter slowly stood up straight and pulled out his spear. A moment of silence passed between the Predator and Hylian before Hunter growled and readied to kill her,
“Wait!! Wait…” Zelda hesitated. She fell to her knees and looked at the Alien skull again. Knowing these warriors craved skulls for honor, she took the skull and slid it across the tiled floor to Hunter. The Predator cocked his head and dropped slowly to one knee. With a grunt, he nodded and took the skull, strapping it to his back. Then he grabbed one of the skulls on his skull necklace, plucked it off, and tossed it over to Zelda. He folded up his spear and walked off, “Wait!” Zelda shouted and chased him. Hunter turned fast and roared at her.
The two stared at one another for a moment, “Can you help me find where Link is?” she asked. Hunter growled and stomped off. Zelda followed him again, “Why won’t you kill me? I’ve seen what you can do.” Hunter suddenly stopped. He turned around and eyed Zelda. He walked towards her; Zelda grew pale as he placed his large hand gently on her stomach. He made a low clicking sound, showing some kind of sign language to her by plucking another skull from his necklace and cradled it. Zelda’s eyes grew wide and she gasped, “I…I’m pregnant?” she looked up to Hunter. He made a pleased clicking sound and gave a simple nod.
He walked off again, “Wait! You never told me where Link is.” Zelda hollered and stopped him. Hunter glared at her. Zelda took off her necklace Link gave her, “This is the only thing I have from him.” Hunter snatched the necklace and held it in front of him. His left gauntlet shot out a scanning laser and traced the object back to its owner. Hunter flipped open his wrist computer and a hologram of Death Mountain emerged. It showed a thermal vision of Link inside the mountain alone. Hunter tossed the necklace back to Zelda and tapped a few keys. An x-ray vision of the Aliens inside the mountain appeared. They all surrounded their queen and mother. Hunter closed the computer and took off. Zelda looked over her shoulder to Impa, who still lay unconscious on the floor. Then she followed Hunter as fast as she could out of Hyrule.
Feet pounding on the ground, Hunter led the way by more than several meters. Zelda huffed and tried to catch her breath as she continued to run. Hunter kept long strides and didn’t seem to be tired.
Where Hyrule met with Death Mountain, was a steep wall that would be difficult for a human could climb. Hunter climbed the wall without even a grunt and left Zelda on the ground below,
“HEY!! How am I going to get up?” she asked. Hunter reached the top and looked down on her. He turned around and continued to walk away. Zelda was about to leave, but thought, `Link needs me’. With all her strength, she climbed the wall. She was extremely tired but continued to climb. When she reached the top, Hunter held out his hand, he was really testing Zelda. The Hylian princess looked at him with a most astonished look at the almost kind-hearted Predator started to chuckle at her. Zelda grabbed his reptilian hand and she was hoisted up. Hunter looked at her and took off again. Zelda sighed, and ran again.
Chapter 8
At the entrance of the Alien hive, Hunter and Zelda looked into he darkness. Hunter kneeled down and smeared his hand across the Aliens’ sticky spit. He examined the spit in his hand. Zelda, brainlessly, walked into the hive. Hunter didn’t follow her. She heard a wet thump drop in front of her. She kneeled down and tried to touch it, not being able to see in the little light available. She felt a clawed foot. Then she felt hot breath over her. She screamed and jumped back. The Alien had perfect camouflage in the hive. Hunter appeared behind Zelda and shot the Alien with a shot of plasma from his shoulder cannon. It provided a sudden burst of light letting Zelda see the Alien menace and watch it explode in a shower of gore. Hunter switched vision modes from x-ray, to thermal and looked down of Zelda. Zelda was hoisted off her feet as Hunter dragged her along the dark hive. In a lightly lit chamber, hunter tossed Zelda away and flipped open his wrist computer again. A hologram of Death Mountain appeared. Zelda looked over Hunter’s shoulder at the hologram,
“Where’s Link?” she asked. Hunter growled and tapped a few keys frustrated. Link’s thermal image appeared in a chamber not far from her. She took off yelling Link’s name. Hunter roared and chased her, not wanting to attract the Alien swarm. Just before Zelda reached the chamber, Hunter grabbed her and held her mouth closed, he remained very silent. Zelda sensed something was wrong and her eyes shot back and forth across the room. In Hunter’s x-ray vision, he saw dozens of Aliens in the shadows, ready to sink their teeth into fresh meat. Hunter’s shoulder cannon activated and shot off. An Alien exploded. The swarm went crazy and attacked. The shoulder cannon continued to fire and killed more and more Aliens. Zelda broke free from Hunter’s intense hold and ran for the chamber Link resided in. An Alien slashed Hunter’s shoulder and destroyed his shoulder cannon. Hunter tore the now-useless weapon away and unsheathed a spear. He managed to tear one of them apart and turned to see a much smaller, red Alien dash and tackle him. The Alien was a Runner, probably created by a dog. Hunter kicked the Runner off him and roared. The Runner got up fast a dashed at him. The Predator threw a punch into the Runner’s jaw and sent it reeling into the wall, dislodging many stones and boulders. The Runner screamed as it was crushed. Hunter turned fast and fought another Alien,
Zelda found herself in a lava-filled chamber. She looked from left to right for Link. She walked cautiously through the chamber and nearly slipped into one of the lava pools. A hand reached out and caught her. Zelda looked up and saw Link’s face,
“Link!! We’ve found you!” She said and she buried herself in Link’s chest. Link looked at her,
“We? Oh, Impa?” He asked. Zelda smiled and looked back up at him,
“No, one of those things-“ Suddenly Hunter crashed through the wall and a shower of dust and stone flew everywhere. An Alien pounced at him and slammed its tail for his head. Hunter rolled over and got up. The Alien’s tail was stuck in the ground and Hunter cut deep into its skull with his spear. The Alien fell to the floor. Hunter picked the dead creature up and tossed it in a lava pool. Hunter turned around and eyed Link and Zelda. He grunted once. Link looked at Zelda,
“Are you crazy?” he asked, “That thing wants our heads on a silver platter!” Zelda shook her head,
“Link, don’t you see? We’re in the middle of a war. It’s time to pick a side. Predators or the Aliens.” She said. Link stared at her,
“And you’re naming these things now?” Zelda simply nodded.
In the Alien Queen’s chamber, the Queen called for her children. Only five appeared. Knowing that the hive was intruded, the Queen howled a scream of revenge for her lost children. Link looked at Hunter and saw a first, a frightened Predator. Zelda looked over at Hunter,
“Is that bad?” she asked. Hunter growled and flipped open his wrist computer. Zelda and Link walked over by him,
“What are you doing?” Zelda asked. Hunter furled up his fist, and slowly, he unfurled it. It took a moment, but then Link said,
“It’s a bomb?” Hunter nodded and before he activated the bomb. Zelda grabbed him,
“Wait! The Gorons. They won’t be able to get out!” Hunter shrugged and reached for the button again. Link stopped him,
“Just how big is this bomb?” he asked, expecting a blast from a tiny wrist computer to be no bigger than his bombs. Hunter ignored Link’s question and closed the computer. Just as an Alien lunged at him from the shadows and slashed his chest. Hunter roared and punched the screaming menace into a lava pool. Another Alien crawled on the wall at a high speed at Link and Zelda. Link pulled out his bombs and tossed three at the Alien. The Alien lost its left arm from the blast, but continued to charge at the two. Hunter roared and tossed his spear over to Link. Link caught the bulky spear and held it up just as the Alien impaled itself. The Alien screamed so loudly; it shook dust off the walls. Slowly, the Alien died. Link let go of the spear, expecting the monster to fall to the floor. Instead, the Alien stood on its feet. It hissed at the two of them. Its second mouth launched out over and over again, each time getting closer to them. Link grabbed the spear again and drove it deeper into the Alien’s chest. The wound spurted acid blood. The blood burned through Link’s gloves and into his skin. Link winced as he continued to kill the Alien.
Hunter killed Alien after Alien. Hunter tossed an Alien into a stone pillar and noticed behind it. Its brethren hissed at him. Hunter took a step back nervously.
The Alien screamed in Link’s face. The scream turned into sigh as it died.
Link pushed the Alien off the spear and smiled at Zelda. The two kissed. Hunter was sent reeling towards them. Link tossed the spear back over to Hunter. The warrior caught it and threw it with a forceful arm. The spear impaled and Alien easily and nipped the shoulder of another Alien. Hunter unfolded his last disc and threw it at the closest Alien. The Alien was cut in two and the disc returned to Hunter. He threw it again into another Alien and killed it. Hunter folded up his disc and unsheathed his wristblades. He drove the blades into one of the Alien’s stomach. The Alien screamed as it spat up acid blood. Hunter tossed the dieing monster to the floor and readied for another Alien attack. Zelda looked up at Link,
“He can’t keep this up much longer.” Link thought of a plan. He took Zelda’s hand and ran to one side of a lava pool. He yelled at an Alien,
“Hey Ugly! Want me? Come and get me!” the Alien hissed and ran towards them. Link got out the biggest bomb he had and waiting for the right moment. Just as the Alien pounced from one side to Link and Zelda’s side, Link tossed the bomb into the pool and it exploded. Link laughed and his smile faded quickly. The Alien came through the smoke and pinned Link to the stone floor. Zelda tried to push the monster off Link. The Alien used its tail and slashed across Zelda’s stomach. She fell to her knees bleeding. Link tried to push the dreaded monster off him, but the creature opened its mouth and before its second mouth could kill him, it dropped dead over him. Hunter tossed the dead Alien over Link. Link got up and rushed to Zelda,
“Zelda, we’re going to get you out of here!” Link pulled Zelda up and helped her along,
“I hope this didn’t hurt the baby.” Zelda said. Link stopped and looked at her,
“What?” he asked. Zelda tried to smile through her pain,
“Yes Link, I’m pregnant.” Hunter grabbed Zelda and sat her on the ground. He pulled from his belt a medicomp device and mixed together a strange gooey substance that glowed. When he finished, he pulled Zelda’s arms away from her wound and reached his arm out for it,
“Is this going to hurt?” Zelda asked. Hunter didn’t answer and rubbed the healing medicine on her wound. Zelda covered her mouth and tried not to scream as the medicine burned into her. But as the pain grew more intense, she let loose a scream of pain. Link pushed Hunter away from Zelda,
“What are you doing?!” he shouted. Hunter pointed to Zelda. Zelda stopped screaming and looked at her wound. It was gone! Zelda looked back up to Hunter as he nodded his head in a sign of respect.
Chapter 9
The Alien Queen called for her children several times, but none appeared. She grew angry towards the warrior who killed her children. Through a scream of pain, she ripped her own birth canal from her body. Now that her legs and tail were free, she ran through the hive. Hunter heard her screams. He turned back over to Link and Zelda, the two looked so perfect together. Hunter ran over to them and motioned them to leave,
“We can’t leave, you’ll still be here fighting without us.” Zelda said. Hunter growled and pushed them away. Behind them, the Queen busted through the wall and screamed. Hunter growled at her and pushed the two Hylians away and roared at his new foe. Link grabbed Zelda’s arm and ran for the outside world. As they passed Goron City, they yelled for everyone to get out of the mountain to safety. The Gorons went crazy and ran out. Link and Zelda ran outside of Death Mountain and continued to run.
Hunter and the Alien Queen glared at each other. Hunter pressed one button in his wrist computer. Odd numbers appeared in a glowing red color. The numbers decreased slightly as Hunter threw the bomb at the Queen. It landed in front of her and she studied it. The one-minute countdown grew louder with each number decrease. Hunter took off. The Queen screamed and chased him. The Predator pulled out an arrow he stole from Link and threw it into the Queen’s throat. She bellowed in frustration as she tried to dislodge the arrow. Hunter disappeared. When Link and Zelda had reached their home, they looked at each other with caring eyes. They hugged each other. Suddenly, the top of Death Mountain blew up in a hot blast of plasma.
Hunter ran as fast as his long strides would carry him. Under him, the shockwaves from the blast began to tear up the ground. The cracks split apart and the green fields became a disaster zone. Hunter leaped from one patch of grass to another. One of the patches of green grass under his feet collapsed and he fell. He reached out and managed to grab hold a rock extending from the cliff and he climbed back to the world above. When he got to his feet, Hunter turned back to the mindless destruction he had caused. He grunted once, and walked off. Leaving a humongous, black crater were green peace once was.
At Hyrule Castle, Impa ran up to greet Link and Zelda,
“Princess! Link! You’re both alive!!” Link and Zelda smiled just as Hunter appeared behind them. Impa was about to attack when Zelda stopped her,
“Impa, he helped us in Death Mountain. It’s okay.” Link nodded and looked at Hunter,
“The enemy of my enemy…is my friend.” Hunter grunted and nodded in a gesture of respect. Then he looked at the castle. He cocked his head and made a pleased clicking sound. Zelda looked up at him,
“What is it?” she asked. Hunter motioned for them to follow him. He marched through the castle doors and looked left to right. He walked slowly to a stonewall and grunted. He placed his reptilian hand on the wall. The wall suddenly rumbled as it opened like a door. Zelda and Link looked inside and saw it was and covered in cobwebs. A hole in the ceiling allowed light to flow into the ancient chamber. Hunter rushed over to a set of hieroglyphics. Link, Zelda, and Impa walked over to him. Hunter pointed at the pictures anxiously. Zelda looked at the pictures. They showed people on their knees and bowing to three warriors wearing different masks. Link looked at another picture and saw a picture of a Predator and an Alien fighting. Zelda placed her hand on the pictures and looked up to Hunter,
“What are you saying?” she asked. Hunter led her over to another set of pictures showing Predators and people holding blocks of stone, another group pf Predators and people writing. And the last picture of people bowing to them. Zelda looked up to Hunter,
“I…I get it.” She said. Link walked over to her,
“What does it mean then?” he asked,
“These…warriors taught our ancestors how to build and write. In exchange for this knowledge, they worshipped them as gods.” Link placed his hand on the hieroglyphics,
“And they left us here when those monsters appeared.” Impa looked at them all,
“And they returned to get rid of them.” Hunter nodded. Link glared at Hunter,
“Then why did you kill people?” he asked. Hunter growled. Zelda thought for a moment,
“Because…because we were in their way.” She said. Link looked at her,
“Yes Link, when I left them alone, they didn’t hurt me.” Hunter nodded and walked away. Link and Zelda looked at each other, and followed. Outside, Hunter stared through blank eye slits out at the vast crater he left. Impa, Link, and Zelda stood next to him. Hunter looked at Zelda. He reached for a small tube on his mask that connected to his backpack. When he pulled the tube off, his home air was released into the air and stopped. Hunter slowly reached for his mask and pulled it off. Zelda’s eyes widened at the sight of the Predator’s true face. His beady yellow eyes stared at hers, his finger-like mandibles flexed, and he had a smaller mouth filled with sharp teeth. His reptilian stink filled the humans’ nostrils. Hunter made a low-clicking sound and bowed before Link and Zelda.
When the three shared a passionate stare into the other specie’s eyes, the ground shook and the Alien Queen exploded from the ground. Hunter’s eyes widened and he took a step back. Zelda grabbed onto Link and stared at the nightmare. Impa stood in front of Zelda, ready to protect her. The Queen screamed. Hunter loaded up a spear in his right gauntlet and aimed it for the menace. The spear sprang out and pierced the Queen’s thick neck. Acid blood exploded everywhere. Next, Hunter pulled out and unsheathed his favorite weapon, the deadly throwing disc. With a whizzing sound, the disc flew in the air and slashed the Queen’s throat. The disc returned to Hunter and he tossed it again. The disc cut a piece of the Queen’s mighty crest off and the wound spilled more deadly blood. With one more shot, Hunter tossed the disc into the Queen’s throat again. But instead of returning to its master, the disc became lodged deep into the Queen’s throat. Using its special ability, the disc’s spikes shot out sparks that burned the Queen’s throat and she tossed the annoying disc to the ground. Hunter searched desperately for a weapon, but the Alien Queen’s barbed tail swung at him and shot him flying across the field. Hunter struggled to rise, but the Queen was on him. She struck him back to the ground and aimed her tail for him. Hunter rolled out of the way just before her tail impaled him. He rose fast and ducked just as the Queen’s tail swiped at him again. He jumped in the air and unfolded his spear. With all his strength, he drove the spear deep into the Queen’s head. She screamed and slashed Hunter over and over again. Hunter staggered back. The Queen slammed her claws at the spear and dislodged it. She glared at the warrior and ran after him. She tucked her head down for a headbutt. Hunter was sent reeling across the field and couldn’t get up. The Queen hissed triumphantly and walked slowly over to the fallen warrior. Link found Hunter’s spear and ran for the Queen,
“Link, No!!” Zelda screamed and ran after him. Link ran under the Queen and drove the spear into her chest. The Queen screamed and kicked the puny human to the ground. She hovered over him. When her second jaw emerged, Zelda dragged Link off. The Queen hissed just as Hunter leaped in the air, with his spear recovered and in hand. He landed on her large, broad back. With a mighty blow, he drove the spear clean through her throat. He pulled the spear out and jumped off. He glared at the Queen and roared. Gagging on her very own blood, the Queen made one last powerful jab at Hunter and pierced him. Hunter was hoisted off his feet to come face to face with the eyeless Alien Queen. Hunter gagged up his green, glowing blood and tried to growl, but he gagged up even more blood. The Queen opened her mouth and her second mouth appeared. Hunter drove his spear through the Queen’s head and she suddenly stopped. She fell to the ground. Hunter tore himself from the Queen’s wicked tail and dropped to his back.
Chapter 10
Zelda ran over to Hunter’s side and cradled his head in her arms. Link stood over her and stared at him compassionately. Impa stood next to Link. Hunter looked up to Zelda and Link with his beady eyes. He made a soft chuckle, he shuddered once, slowly, his eyes closed and he died. Zelda rose next to Link. A long moment of silence hushed the chaos driven land. Suddenly, a figure walked over above Hunter’s dead body. He uncloaked and looked at the fallen warrior. His armor was ornate and studded with jewels. His dreadlocks drooped far past his shoulders, and he cradled his helmet in one hand, with his other hand holding a bulky spear. He looked at the three Hylians and motioned Link to step forward. Link took a step and looked up to the Elder Predator. The Elder pulled up his bulky spear and the spear folded up. Link stared at the Elder. The Elder growled. Link nodded once and held his hands out. The Elder dropped his spear into his hands. Behind the Elder, a gigantic ship uncloaked and dozens of Predators emerged. Two walked to Hunter and picked his lifeless body up and walked back to the ship, where his funeral ceremony would be held. The other Predators surrounded Link, Zelda, Impa, and the Elder. They all bowed before not only their leader, but also the heroes of the human race. The Predators filed out back to the ship. The Elder nodded once and walked back to the ship, his red cloak following him. The ship’s doors closed and the Predator ship disappeared back to the sky above. Zelda smiled at Link and hugged him,
“It’s over…it’s finally over.” She said. She looked up at Link and the two shared a passionate kiss.
Well over a year later, Link became king of Hyrule. Zelda became the queen, and their child was a girl, who they named Destiny. At their bedroom door, Zelda hung Hunter’s mask so that no one would forget the brave and honorable Predator. One night, Zelda sang a lullaby to Destiny until she drifted to sleep. She slowly closed the door and walked to her bedroom. She slipped into bed next to Link,
“Good night Link.” She said and the two kissed. Zelda slowly drifted to sleep. In her dream, Zelda found herself in a dark chamber. Above her, an Alien hissed. She turned around and before she could even scream, the Alien had pounced and pinned her to the cold floor under them. The Alien drooled all over Zelda with its thick, gooey spit. Just as the Alien opened its mouth and readied for its second mouth to launch out, it was impaled by a spear and was sent to the wall. It screamed and died. Zelda looked up and saw a familiar faceplate. Hunter made a pleased clicking sound when he shared a passionate stare with her. He grabbed her hand and helped her up. A facehugger flew at them from the shadows. Hunter tossed a disc at it and split it clean in half. He caught the disc when it returned to him and folded it back up. Then he walked over and pulled the spear from the wall. Hunter and Zelda looked at each other for a moment until the Alien Queen crashed through the wall. Hunter roared and held his spear firmly in his hand and stood in a fighting stance. The never-ending clash between Aliens and Predators was ready to rumble again, this time in Zelda’s mind…
It is unknown what happened to this tale from the sacred Book of Mudora. Some suggest that the tale didn’t need to ever be repeated. Others say that as the ages past, more and more tales of heroes rose up and the whole clash between two unearthly creatures seemed far too farfetched. But there are some who say that when the Book of Mudora was done writing the tale, a lone Predator warrior descended to Hyrule and ripped the pages out, for the book told of the Predator’s very existence. But the most believable is the forgetting of the legend. But as many legends say, if you forget something, it is bound to happen again…
The End
The Legend of Zelda characters belong to Nintendo. The Alien and Predator characters belong to Twentieth Century Fox