Neon Genesis Evangelion Fan Fiction ❯ Launch Nineteen! ( Chapter 21 )

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Neon Genesis Evangelion: Altered Destinies
Launch Nineteen!

Kaji carefully made his was through the NERV facility, maintaining a casual walk while moving through the halls. Years ago he had learned the trick of getting into places people didn’t want you seeing: act like you belong and no one will ask.

The under levels of NERV were oddly deserted as Kaji walked, the hallway dimly lit. Digging through Gendo’s files he had found references to something called Terminal Dogma, and he was curious to see what it was. The security access to these sections was high, only his hacking skills had gotten him by the outer barriers. Inside was watched by cameras and scanners, but Kaji carried a device that would confuse them all.

‘At least, that’s the theory,’ Kaji thought as he reached the armored doors. Taking out a stolen NERV identification card and a box with wires attached from his pocket he checked the scanner over, then carefully attached the device. Taking a deep breath he swiped the card, relaxing as no alarm chimed and the doors began to slowly open.

Kaji slipped through as soon as he could, walking forwards eagerly. He saw a massive chamber within, and off in the distance he could nearly see a figure. Walking forward some more he squinted then his eyes widened as he muttered, “Is that…?”

Before he could say anything more a expertly delivered blow sent him crashing to the ground. Kaji tried to catch himself before he fell but a second strike was already coming, aimed to finish his trip into unconsciousness.

Maya Ibuki emerged from the shadows, the black haired woman studying him regretfully. “You shouldn’t be here, Mr. Kaji,” she noted as she bent down and examined him. She looked up at her companion, “Do we need to… remove him?”

Kozo Fuyutsuki shook his head as the gray haired man bent down to haul up Kaji. “It would raise too many questions,” he said, glad he and Maya had been asked by Gendo to keep an eye on the man, “besides, I have an idea.”

“Oh?” Maya asked as she helped him carry the man.

“The device for recording the memories of the Ayanami clones can also edit them to a extent,” the old man noted.

Maya nodded eagerly, “We could use it to delete Kaji’s memories of being here.”

“Exactly,” Fuyutsuki agreed.

Later that day Gendo Ikari listened to his subordinates’ reports in his office, looking out over the city. “So where did you dump him?” he asked thoughtfully.

Fuyutsuki actually smirked a bit as he said, “He’ll wake up in a hotel in the city, the same one he visits with his prostitute contacts.”

Gendo smiled back. “And his memory of Terminal Dogma?” he asked.

“Hazy is not completely gone,” Maya reported. “A normal human mind is less structured than Ayanami’s, but I feel confident we successfully damaged those memories.”

“Good enough,” Gendo said then made a face, “we need to improve internal security, his stealing a access card is proof of that.”

“Normally we’d ask Misato to look into it, but….” Fuyutsuki shrugged slightly. “We need to keep her at least partially in the dark.”

Maya lifted her head nervously as she said, “With some assistance I think I could do it.”

Gendo looked at her thoughtfully a moment then he nodded decisively. “All right,” he said, “review our current procedures, then offer me a list of recommendations to prevent a second such incident.”

“Will do,” Maya agreed eagerly.

Once Maya left Fuyutsuki looked at Gendo seriously, “Is it such a good idea to give someone so young such responsibility?”

“She is young and unformed,” Gendo said with a slight smile, “and therefore most easily shaped to our needs.” He waved off the older man’s concern, “It will be fine.”

“I hope so,” Fuyutsuki sighed.

Meanwhile, in another part of the city Mayumi Yamagishi opened the door to a hotel room, the older woman nodding greetings to the red-brown headed prostitute who waited within. “Could I have my usual?” Mayumi asked her as she shrugged off her suit’s black jacket, revealing perky breasts under a white blouse.

Mari Illustrious Makinami smiled as she pushed up her glasses, “Of course miss.” The young woman’s robe flowed around her as she lead Mayumi to the bed, revealing and hiding her near nudity as she instructed, “Just lay down here.”

“Thank you,” Mayumi laid down on her stomach with a sigh as Mari climbed up on her, gently massaging her tense shoulders. “Oooh,” she sighed as the girl eased muscles tense from stress and work, “that feels good.”

Mari smirked as she rubbed her neck gently, then bent forward to kiss her ear. “I could make you feel even better if you like,” she purred into her ear, letting her tongue flick out to stroke along Mayumi’s pink ear.

“Ah!” Mayumi laughed softly as she answered her, “It’s tempting, but no. I’m just here because you’re the best masseuse in town.”

“Spoil sport,” Mari murmured, still laying atop her. Much more quietly she said, “Kaji was in.”

Mayumi’s eyes widened eagerly as she whispered, “What happened?”

“He made it in into the secret zones,” Mari said softly as she wiggled against Mayumi’s back, “at least according to the camera you hid on him. He got clobbered before too much came up on film, but I have a copy of the recording.”

As Mari writhed against Mayumi’s back convincingly she slipped a small recorder into her hand. “Thank you,” Mayumi moaned out. “Are they spying on you?” she whispered, “Are you doing that to keep cover?”

Biting her Mari smirked, “Nah, it’s just fun.”

“Mari!” Mayumi yelped angrily as they ended up in a tangle on the bed.

Mari Illustrious Makinami had started out as a candidate for Jet Alone, but had proven too irresponsible for Mayumi’s superiors. Still, Mayumi kept in contact with the sixteen year old as she dropped out of school, ended up in bad company and with Mayumi’s help rented a small apartment. Later when Mayumi needed someone to be a conduit between her and Kaji, Mari instantly came to mind. Of course, times like these she regretted that….

“Sorry,” Mari laughed, nearly sitting in Mayumi’s lap.

“I doubt that,” Mayumi answered, slipping the recorder into her pants pocket. Quietly she said, “You don’t need to keep doing this, you know. You’re bright, I’m sure I can….”

“Get me back in school?” Mari finished the sentence as she looked into Mayumi’s eyes. She shook her head no, “You know as well as I do that I couldn’t last back in school. I’m too used to having my freedom, love.”

“Freedom doesn’t have to be like this,” Mayumi sighed.

Mari snickered softly as she said, “This is freedom to me.” She smirked as she told her, “Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.”

“Perv,” Mayumi said weakly, suddenly feeling more than a bit aware of the nearly naked woman in her arms. Her breasts pressed up against her arm as Mari wiggled fetchingly, her perfume teasing Mayumi’s nose.

“Never denied it,” Mari agreed cheerfully. She looked intently into Mayumi’s eyes as she challenged her, “Well?”

“I…,” Mayumi croaked, then cleared her throat. “I suppose I could go over the data later,” she said, a blush coloring her cheeks.

“Oh, good,” Mari purred, gently pushing Mayumi down onto the bed.

To be continued….

Notes: While Mari Illustrious Makinami is a character in the new Evangelion movie, all I am doing is using is her name. This portrayal has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with that movie, I’m just borrowing the name for a recurring character.

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