Yu Yu Hakusho Fan Fiction ❯ Kuwabara Clan: Kino Makoto ( Chapter 7 )

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Kuwabara Clan: Kino Makoto
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Hiei/Kuwabara or Hieibara if you prefer. XD

A/N: Kuwabara starts tracking down his family in order to get their input and see if they’d be willing to rejoin Tokyo’s Magical Society with him. This crosses over with Sailor Moon.


Hiei gazed at the spread Kazuma had set up on the ground, a picnic was not a new experience for him, in fact when he had first started courting his mate picnics were a favorite activity. This was however, the first time they’d had a picnic at the University where Kazuma attended his morning classes. This was also the first time they’d ever had a picnic in December. Their chosen activity had gained them more than one odd look; despite the mild weather it was still cool. Luckily he was fire demon and their entire square of picnic cloth was bathed in the warmth of his body.

“Is there a reason you seem to want to talk to your clan members around food? Or to use me as a portable furnace?” Hiei asked, as it was something that he had wondered about.

Kazuma simply smiled at him. “You’re the one that turned up the heat; I never suggested that you should. Also, family and friends like to eat at gatherings Hiei.”

“I didn’t want Hari to be cold.” He snorted, he had indeed raised his body-heat to keep them all warm, and it had mostly been a subconscious action. “I would not call four of us a gathering…and we rarely shared meals with Kurama and Yusuke back then.”

“That was because we were too busy training and fighting for our lives…and the two of us were too busy arguing.”

Hiei nodded fondly at the memory. “You have always been very responsive…to every situation.” He smirked at the light blush his comment caused, and continued to smirk even as Kazuma smacked the back of his head, much to Hari’s amusement. “If you continue to hit me Hari will learn bad habits.”

“You’re evil you know that.”

“So you’ve told me.” He relented though, as much fun as their banter was. “Is there another reason for the food? Or our location?”

“Food puts people at ease, you rarely give someone bad news over a meal. And Makoto is a student here, we’re lucky she has a long lunch break between her classes and her part-time job. This is the only time that’s convenient for her to meet us.”

“What does she look like?” Again there was that smile, the smile that Kazuma gave him when there was a secret to be found out. He respected his mate so he never pried the information from Kazuma’s mind, but that smile irritated him sometimes. And no matter what his lover said, it did not make him pout. “Kazuma.”

“You’ll know her when you see her.”

“Humor me.”

“You’re no fun today.” He winked. “Makoto is a pretty brunette; she’ll probably be wearing a long skirt or jeans. She’s just a bit taller than Shizuru.”

With that basic description Hiei started scanning the students coming and going from the main building. Kazuma was right…he knew who she was on sight. Even if he hadn’t known she was part of the clan, there was no way to miss her. She strode over the manicured lawn of the university with ease. Her long steps were graceful and not at all awkward. Her rich brown hair was in a high ponytail and she did indeed wear a long skirt that seemed to flow like water around her.

However, as she drew closer his jagan flared and he saw flashes of the same girl in his mind. In some scenes she wore a uniform and fought with creatures that could have been demons. In others she wore a dark green gown, a scepter in her hand as she held court in a large hall. The images faded and he looked at the young woman who stood only a step away from their picnic cloth. She held up a hand and looked puzzled as she felt the pocket of warm air around them. Their eyes locked and hers narrowed as her body shifted, readying for an oncoming attack.


Kazuma rolled his eyes. “It’s okay. Hiei is friendly enough.” She nodded and relaxed her stance before slipping off her shoes and settling on the cloth across from them, the spread of food acting as a rather obvious barrier; a barrier that Hari discarded as he crawled from Kazuma’s lap, through the basket of rolls, and onto the young woman’s lap.

She looked at Hari in surprise for a moment, and then looked up at them. “You gonna tell me what’s going on?”

Kazuma nodded. “In a while…Mako-chan? Did your parents talk about the clan’s position before Grandpa Akira removed us from the Wizard’s world?”

“Mmm, sometimes, but Mama was the youngest and hadn’t been at her academy very long when that happened.”

“Did she miss it?”

“Some, I think. Why?”

“We need to go back to that world.”


“The boy in your lap is our,” Kazuma motioned to himself and Hiei, “adopted son. To keep him we have to go back. The clan needs to be recognized.”

She nodded in understanding. “And you can’t have a clan without members…but Kazuma-ni…How long have you been with a demon?”

“For a few years now. We met when I was fourteen.” He smiled at Hiei. “We waited until I was seventeen before we…bonded. Mostly I think Hiei was just waiting for me to grow up.”

Makoto grinned suddenly. “Eh?” Then she looked at Hiei. “Did you get impatient Hiei-san?”

Kazuma’s jaw dropped for a second. “Oi!”

Hiei in turn smirked at his mate. “I like this one. She knows you well.”

Makoto giggled at Kazuma’s scowl, hugging Hari to her as she spoke. “So what do you need me to do?”

“We just need your support Mako-chan.”

“Then you have it.”

Hiei nodded in acknowledgment. “Thank you.”

Kazuma reached for a plate and handed it to his cousin. “Now, how are your classes going?”