Witch Hunter Robin Fan Fiction ❯ Know your enemy? ( Chapter 3 )

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Chapter 3: Knowing your enemy?
Amon woke up to find a young girl staring at him. She had blue eyes. No, definitely not Robin. He remembered Robins look of horror when his hand let go of hers. He got up and saw other two kids looking at him, a boy around 16 years old and a girl of 11 or 12 years. One stare at her eyes made him realize that she was blind.
“Are you OK?” The first girl said “You had a pretty awful fall. You broke your arm, but I fixed it”
He stared at the mentioned arm, expecting to see a cast or something like that, but all he saw was water running down from it. No pain, and obviously no broken arm.
“How did you do it?” He inquired
“Waterbending, I can heal injuries with my waterbending. And dont move Im not done yet.”
She levitated water with one fancy move and placed it on his face. He felt the power glowing through his face, and he jerked away from the girl.
“Dont touch me witch” He said, placing his orbo gun at her chest.
“Katara!” The boy said. “Dont you dare to touch my sister!”
“Shes a witch. And witches must be hunted.”
“Wow, the bad boy think shes a witch!” The blind girl said “You know, for an injured man, you are pretty stupid, bad boy”
She made a move with her feet and suddenly Amon felt that he was being lifted from the ground. Before he could shot, the earth moved around him and he was in a solid rock cage. They never saw a blond girl running towards them.
“Amon!” Robin cried, ready to burn the kids around him, but the tattooed kid stopped her by holding her hand.
“Katara, what happened?” He inquired.
“We found him pretty injured, I healed him and the next thing I knew was that he was calling me a witch and pointing me with some kind of weird metal thing. Toph stopped him and put him in there.”
“Hes your friend?” He asked to Robin
“Yes” she said
“Toph, let him go.”
“Are you sure twinkle toes? That bad boy almost hurted Katara and she was just helping him!”
“Im sure, just let him out of there”
Toph moved her hand and the walls of rock went back to the ground. Amon stood, ready to attack, but then he saw Robin standing next to him.
“Are you OK?” She asked “What happened to your face?”
“That was the scar I was trying to heal when he pointed at me with that thing. By the way, my name is Katara.”
“Im Robin and he is Amon” The blond girl said
“It would be nice to meet you if that moroon havent pinted that thing at my sister!”
“Relax! The paranoid one is my brother Sokka and she is Toph “ The blue eyed girl said “Can I finish healing your injures? Or do you want to stay with that awful scar in your face?”
“I bet that he would end up looking like Zuko” Sokka said
“Who is Zuko?” Robin said “and what is this place? This doesn’t look like Japan to me”
“What is Japan?”
Hahahahahah! Cliff hanger! I know that the story is kinda dull, but for those who made it this far, let me tell ya, my amvs are a lot much better!! Watch them at youtube.com The best is called “Robins fight: A revolution” Reviews are cool, even if they are flames!!!
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