❯ KNIGHT OF THE STAR LEAGUE – Prelude ( Prologue )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything except Yoko Hachiman.
This is the story of another extra-dimensional exiled. Brought in the world of Batlletech Mechwarrior, she struggles to make a future for her and those she loves.
We are in 3025 in what is called the Inner Sphere.
At the beginning of the 21° century, the basic buildings in science and politic that will lead to the era of the Succession wars were created or discovered. Reliable fusion engines were discovered for the early interplanetary travels, myomers fibers were researched by the medical community and the various states on Earth became the Terran Alliance. But more importantly two scientists, Thomas Kearny and Takayoshi Fuchida attacked the theoretical underpinnings of modern physics.
In 2102, humanity began the Exodus. Using a Faster-Than-Light engine invented on the basis of the Kearny-Fuchida theory, the Terran Alliance colonized the space around Earth. 1500 new planets are colonized on a sphere of 150 light years around Sol. The transit time of information catalyzed the breaking between the Terran Alliance and the colonies.
In 2314 the Terran Alliance collapsed and is replaced by the Hegemony, a hereditary leadership embodied in a single ruling family. The Cameron family began to rebuild the primacy of Earth. In the colonies, various states mirrored the Terran Hegemony and the beginning of the future Successor States appeared.
In 2398 the Age of War began with the Ares Conventions which ritualized the war in an almost continuous fact of life. The Hegemony remained remarkably pacifist even with the invention of the first BattleMech which revolutionned warfare.
In 2551 The Hegemony created with the 5 other states of the human Sphere, the Star league. Soon the Star League launched a war of unification against the worlds outside the Inner Sphere.
In 2601 the good years of the Star League began. It was a period of discoveries, prosperity and welfare. The Star League built a network of communications relay stations employing FTL transmitters known as Hyper-Pulse Generators (HPG).
In 2751, an accident left an 8 years old Richard Cameron as the sole heir of the Hegemony. Aleksandr Kerensky is elected as Regent and Protector. The Council Lords perceived themselves as the Star League’s true authority and passed edicts to their benefices. Upon his reaching of age, Richard retaliated against the Council with only the support of Stefan Amaris. The regular army occupied with the Council armies, Stefan led a bloody coup on Terra and executed everyone of Cameron blood and declare himself First Lord of the Star League. Kerensky recaptured Terra and killed Amaris after a long bloody campaign where the Council Lords did nothing. The Council was incapable to elect a new First Lord as everyone wanted the seat. They managed to charge Jerome Blake to restore the HPG network and dissolved the Star League Council. They ordered Kerensky to divide his army among the armies of the Lords. Kerensky vanished beyond the Periphery with three quarters of the regular army.
In 2785 the First Succession War engulfed the Inner Sphere with unparallel brutality. After the Third Succession War, conflict became a fact of life. Due to the attrition of the two first wars, much knowledge has been lost. Some technologies became Black Technology and are irreplaceable by the present level of science. The Successor States began to cannibalize their destroyed war-machines to repair the intact ones. Some materials like FTL ships became untouchable and the old Ares Conventions are reinstated for the continuation of the war. The rise of feudalism enabled the Successor States to bypass the lack of administrative power and machinery. The pilots of the BattleMechs or MechWarriors became central to the existence of the Inner Sphere.
In 3025 a young girl from another Earth of 2001 is about to enter the fray.