❯ Kingdom Hearts 2: The Heart of All Worlds – Prolouge Pt. 1 ( Chapter 2 )

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Disclaimer: I do not own the wonderful RPG game Kingdom Hearts. If I did, I wouldn’t be saying this. I also don’t own any of the Animes here, just myself. Now I’m aware that this is a Mary Sue, but keep in mind that this is MY FIC, and I’m doing things my OWN way! There, now that’s over with, let’s begin . . .


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**** World Change

The Darkness Realm

Riku sighed as he gazed over the realm of shadows. It seemed like only yesterday that he had been sent to this place of darkness, forever cursed to remain here. King Mickey noticed his unhappiness and looked at him.

« Hey Riku, is something the matter? » he asked.

« Nothing, nothing. » muttered Riku. Mickey threw his arm around the boy’s shoulder.

« I know you feel bad about being trapped here, but we’ll find a way out someday. » Riku threw Mickey’s hand off his shoulder.

« I don’t need your help, » he said angrily. Mickey sighed.

« I can understand why you’re upset, » he said, « I know you’re mad that Ansem forced you do his dirty work, but that’s no reason to . . . »

Riku suddenly whirled around and grabbed him by the collar.

« DON’T . . . SAY . . . THAT . . . NAME! » He growled. Then, realizing what he was doing, Riku quickly let go, and turned away.

« You wouldn’t understand, » he said.  » I had the Keyblade, but it went to Sora. Why?! »

« Well, » began Mickey, « You submitted your heart to, the darkness, and the Keyblade can not be used for evil. It went to Sora because he had a good heart. »

« And what does that make me? » grumbled Riku. Mickey looked at him.

« Riku, you have a good heart, you just need to learn how to use It. » he said. Suddenly, a rumbling noise was heard.

 » WHAT is THAT!? » exclaimed Riku. » Mickey turned to see a giant black creature coming towards them. It was about 10 feet tall and had razor-sharp claws on its hands, dragon-like wings, and spikes on its head, back, and tail. It’s red eyes glared at them. Around it were thousands of Heartless creatures. Mickey readied his Keyblade.

« Riku, » he shouted, « Get away from here! »

« But what about you? »

« I’ll be okay! » shouted Mickey. « Just run! I’ll take care of them! » and with that, he turned to the Heartless, and rushed at them. Riku hesitated for a moment, then turned and fled.

« DON’T LET HIM GET AWAY! » He heard the creature shout. Looking behind him, he saw about ten Shadows running after him. Turning his head, Riku saw a large crimson portal appear in front of him. Putting on a bust of speed, Riku raced toward the portal. Looking back again, he saw King Mickey being surrounded by Heartless before everything went black . . .

Anime City

Yugi Mutoh looked dolefully at the stars. It had been a week since his world was destroyed, and he had been sent to this place. As far as he knew, he was the only survivor. He had no clue what happened to the others. Suddenly, a shooting star caught his attention. Quickly, he ran towards it.

~I hope it’s one of my friends . . .~ he thought.

Disney Kingdom

Sora, Donald, and Goofy were walking through a huge forest, when a huge earthquake knocked them off their feet.

« W-what was that?! » exclaimed Donald.

« I don’t know, » replied Sora.

« Maybe we should check it out? » said Goofy. Sora jumped to his feet.

« Yeah! Let’s go! » he exclaimed. So, the trio continued on, until they were attacked by a huge horde of Heartless monsters. « Where are they all coming from?! » exclaimed Sora as he brought his Keyblade down on another Shadow.

« How should I know! » shouted Donald as he cast a Firaga on a Large Body « Look up there! » yelped Goofy as he blocked an Invisible’s sword. Everyone turned to see a huge crimson portal appear in the sky. As they watched, a tall man in black spiked armor and a blood red cape appeared from the portal. He had black hair and red eyes. « Stop! » he commanded the Heartless. « Do not harm them! »

« Who are you?! » demanded Sora. The man looked at them

« My name, » he began « is Aku, and you . . . » he held up his hand, and a cage made of darkness surrounded them.  » . . . Are my prisoners! » he finished.

« Let us out! » shouted Donald. Aku smirked.

« Not until I draw your out little white-haired friend. » he replied. Sora frowned.

« Riku? Do you know where he is!? » The boy shouted. Aku smiled and wagged his finger.

« Not yet, but when I find him, you will all suffer! » He threw his cape around him. « Let’s go! » shouted Aku. And with that, they all disappeared in a flash of light.

*************************************************************** **************

Our World

Julia looked over at her brother’s new Playstation 2, and the Kingdom Hearts game sitting next to it. (AN: In reality, my brother does not have a PS2. Not right now any ways.) Her brother was over at a friend’s house, and her parents were doing chores. The 14-year old sat down in front of the console, and put the game in.

~ I’m sure he won’t mind if I play Kingdom Hearts for a few minutes . . . ~ she thought. Little did she realize this game would lead into adventure beyond her wildest dreams!

TBC . . .

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~

Author’s Note: I really don’t know what Kingdom Hearts 2 is about, though I guess it’s about Riku’s adventures in the Darkness Realm. (That’s what I call the dark place where the Heartless came from) Also, I’m aware that there are two Keyblades. One belongs to Sora, and the other belongs to King Mickey. (Why am I not surprised?) Now, I also know that Riku is the true Keyblade bearer, but when he went to the dark side, the Keyblade went to Sora. This makes me angry because I feel that the main character is ALWAYS the true hero. But don’t think I dislike Riku, actually, I’m giving him a big part in this fic.

(And for those of you who are wondering, Aku and the monster is the same creature, because he can turn himself into a ferocious monster at will.)


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