❯ Killing – Dead! ( Chapter 1 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

*Go,r un,run,run!*

‘Clank,rattle,pop! Clank,rattle pop!,’ echoed in thehallsof the now bloody castle.Every door was ripped off the hinges and every bed held a corpse.Then a blood curdling scream echoed by another ‘clank,rattle,pop’ noise.

In the dungeon of the castle a man in a royal garment for a wedding he had a young madien on it streaching her as her bones popped,her skin streached,and blood was appearing on her light pink,blue,and orange dress.Her blood on her neck mixed with her brownish,black hair,her dress clung to her bloody body.

« Please stop, »she begged tears on her carmel skin.
« No your’ faimly didn’t accept me to marry you and you let the so now-, » he stopped.He could hear the creaking of the front door opening.Then foot-steps.

« Its’ no one here Cikia, » a little girls voice whined.
 » I swear it feels like I should’ve left you so just stay put Angie before I do, » an older more mature voice spoke.

*Up Stairs*

Angie watched as her older sister walked down the stairs.She held her rain-bow blades.Then she heard a noise as if some-one was walking.Angie tured he head.

‘Creak,creak.’ Wasthe sound of the feet coming to a pause.A body torn and bloody stood not too far from her. Then it charged at her. She ran up the wall then jumped off cutting the head off.More began to come but Angie killed every-one with ease.
« Cikia taught me only a little but I’m good at it, »she yelled and kept killing.

*Down Stairs*
Cikia looked around the building.
‘Where’s the party?,’ she thought. A women on a wooden table with chains attached she layed there mouth gagged. The gagg came out.

« BEHIND YOU!, » she yelled quckily the man was on the ground.He jumped up and began swinging a huge sword he got from the statue next to him at Cikia. She ran to thje other side of the room and then ducked cutting his side.

Cikia kept ducking when he went up or going up when he ducked until he fell in a puddle of his own blood.Cikia quickly clutched the girls’ arm once she was free.She stummmbled.

« I can’t walk, » she slurred pain in her voice.Cikia let her bloody body onto her back and ran upstairs.
« C’mon Angie!, » she yelled at her little sister as they ran before more monsters could stand.The saw the light of a house as they ran they burst inside and layed the girl on the couch.

« Don’t just stand there that was a dirty trick!, » Cikia said.

« WHAT TRICK?!,’some one yelled.Cikia pointed at the girl.

« It was real, » the girl spoke softly.
« All of it. » ~Nadia Fuller

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