D. N. Angel Fan Fiction ❯ KIDDO2 ( Chapter 6 )

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Umm…really, really late update…sorry! *bows repeatedly*
In regards to Satoshi living with the Niwa’s from last chapter (and any others): After a fierce but short-lived battle with his step-father outside of the courts the Niwa family was given custody of him until he comes of age. I might write a one-shot about that. I imagine Emiko can be very scary and Kosuke seems to know things and can read people very well. He also seems to know some very obscure things about artifacts; I’ve no doubt he knows just as much about people. Whether they want him to or not. If I had an older brother I’d want one like Kosuke. It helps that he’s completely adorable.
Killing Idiots Down Dead Overtly
“Um, Krad?” Daisuke said, walking into his room.
“Yes Dai-chan? Who was that on the phone?” Krad replied, looking up from the book he’d been reading, upside-down and backwards.
“It was Funibashi. Saga-kun’s minion-secretary.”
“Oh, really? What did he want? It’s very late to be making social calls.” Krad said, sitting up and tugging Daisuke down onto his lap, causing him to blush. “They said on the news that it is going to be getting hotter and more humid during the night. Why don’t you take off your shirt and pants? You can sleep in your boxers. That way you won’t start sweating during the night.”
“I-I think I’ll leave my t-shirt and boxers on tonight, thanks.” Daisuke blushed even harder as a muffled curse came from Krad, “You shouldn’t say things like that, especially when Dark is listening, you know how protective of me he can be. I don’t want you guys fighting again.”
“Hmpf, alright, Dai-chan. So what did Funibashi want?” Krad said meekly.
“Kaga-kun is in the hospital. In a coma.” Daisuke said, looking at Krad suspiciously.
“Oh, that’s too bad. I hope he gets better. Are you sure you don’t want to sleep without clothes tonight, Dai-chan?” Krad said, gently pulling at Daisuke’s shirt and nuzzling his neck.
“Y-yes, I’m sure,” another muffled curse, “You wouldn’t happen to know what happened to him, would you Krad?”
“Are you trying to accuse me of harming your friend, Dai-chan?” Krad answered, sounding hurt, and smirking inside at how much Daisuke’s blush had grown.
“Yes, I am.” He retorted, tugging his shirt back down.
“Why? You should know I would never!” He replied earnestly, vying to win back the lost inches.
“The apparent existence of a `Slave Daiko’ doujinshi. Also said doujinshi having been burnt or stolen seems to say otherwise. So does the Harada’s Intensive Care Unit status.” Daisuke said, trying vainly to keep his voice dry and force his blush, along with his shirt, down. None of these endeavors were successful, especially since he was also fighting to keep his pants up.
“Dai-chan! I’m so hurt that you would accuse me of such a thing!” Krad exclaimed, succeeding in at least sounding sincere, immediately switching to sounding seductive, “You look sweaty, Dai-chan. Why don’t you let me help you out of all these clothes, hmm? You’ll feel much better if you sleep naked you know, even with the sea breeze coming in the window…”
One soft `fwump’ from the bed, a swiftly silenced cry from Daisuke, one semi-loud `kwmp’ and two soft `smp’s from shorts, a shirt and boxers hitting the floor later, the room was silent…mostly.
Don’t read this unless you’re bored. Seriously. Quick (pointless) A/N: Who wants to see a really inappropriate, innuendo crammed lunch conversation turned into a fanfic? (Just need to figure out which characters…should I stick w/1 fandom…?