D. N. Angel Fan Fiction ❯ KIDDO1 ( Chapter 5 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

“blah” = talking
‘blarg’ = thinking
Killing Interlopers Down Dead Overtly
SexiTheif: ok so we need a plan.
Commander: I already have a plan set up.
SexiTheif: good what is it
White~Devil: One you’re going to love. He already told me.
SexiTheif: WHAT!!!!!!!
SexiTheif: that’s not fair!
White~Devil: : p
Commander: That’s enough you two.
White~Devil: Gomen nasai Commander-sama.
SexiTheif: yes dear
White~Devil: No sweet talk now, it’s not fair to me.
SexiTheif: not my fault you’re the 3rd wheel
Commander: I said enough you two! Quit goading him or I’ll move to the room next to GrandpaTheif-san’s.
SexiTheif: not fair! I can’t come and sleep with you then!
White~Devil: Deal with it.
SexiTheif: you’d have to go without nightly cuddles from pb-chan so shut up.
White~Devil: Just because Commander-sama switches rooms doesn’t mean that my darling does. Besides, we only cuddle; I don’t molest him in his sleep like you probably do to my Commander-sama. : p
Commander: Knock it off and don’t make me repeat myself again.
Commander: Here’s the plan: I’ll take care of security. You two will sneak in through the balcony on the 1st room.
SexiTheif you’ll set the trap to fall at the right time and then get the hell out of there. Then White~Devil will take care of the rest.
SexiTheif: I like it we need to make sure PervertedBlusher doesn’t find out though
White~Devil: Why do you insist on calling my darling PervertedBlusher?
SexiTheif: trust me, if you knew what he’s thinking ¾ of the times he blushes you would too a lot of the things that make him blush have to do with you
White~Devil: You don’t say… ~smirk~
Commander: Let’s stay on task. We all need to be ready to distract him if he gets suspicious.
White~Devil: I’ll be more than happy to help with that.
Commander: I never doubted that. We need to keep an eye on Emi~HIME, Oya-baka, and GrandpaTheif also.
SexiTheif: got it
Commander: Tomorrow night at 10 P.M. We’ll meet at the cliffs by the house.
SexiTheif: yes dear
White~Devil: Understood. I have to go get ready for my date, bye.
White~Devil has logged off at 6:35:32.
SexiTheif: do you want meet by the east side of the clock tower when you’re done with work?
Commander: Yes, I’ll see you there in an hour then.
Commander has logged off at 6:36:58
SexiTheif has logged off at 6:37:06.
And just where were the adults and other members of the D.N.Angel cast at the time this nefarious plot was being hatched?
Emi~HIME: What do you think they’re planning dear? They obviously don’t want us to know and Dad just left on an emergency trip to visit a sick friend in Tokyo so he can’t help.
Oya-baka: I’m not sure, but we both know who lives on the cliffs that the 3 of them would want to deal with. and soon. *sighs*
Oya-baka: Do you want to go somewhere for dinner since it looks like it‘s just the two of us tonight? I’m leaving work right now.
Emi~HIME: Alright! But it’s your turn to pick this time; I chose the last 2x.
Oya-baka: How about that seafood place we went on our 2nd date? It’s still got the same cook. Remember how much you liked his oysters?
Emi~HIME: You still remember that?! Oh, darling! I love you soooooooo MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oya-baka: ~BLUSH~ See you soon!
Oya-baka has logged off at 6:48:45.
Emi~HIME: He’s soooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Emi~HIME has logged off at 6:49:03.
YaoiFanGirl8692~chan: Awwwwww! They all left!
YaoiFanGirl8692~chan has left the conversation at 7:05:45.
JrrD-tective: WHAT A SCOOP!!!!!!!! Wait, if we tell anybody one of them is bound to find out and realize that we hacked into GaeaOnTheNet and found out their user names and were spying on them.
CrazyPervertStalker: That’s true. We will have to keep our eyes and ears open to find out.
CrazyPervertStalker: I must go and stalk, er speak with Daisuke-chan now. I just saw him walk by w/o his guard dogs. C’mon EvilMinion
(NotASecretary!)! Lets go!
CrazyPervertStalker has logged off at 7:08:50
EvilMinion(NotASecretary!) has logged off at 7:08:59
JrD-tective: Well, shit. They all left. Hmm, I wonder if Guac’s impregnated anyone again?
JrD-tective has left the conversation at 7:30:40.
“This just in- Twenty minutes ago Harada Riku-san and her younger twin sister Harada Risa-san were rushed to the Azumano Magic Bus Hospital. They had been found by their family butler buried under Harada Risa-san’s Dark Mousy and Commander Hiwatari memorabilia collection. They are in critical condition but conscious. Apparently they are terrified of any mention of our town’s Phantom Thief and the officer formerly in charge of catching him?” ‘Did I really read that right?!’ “More about this story in the Midnight News. In other news-CLICK-”
“Mission Accomplished.” ‘I love causing psychological trauma.’ A snicker resounds around the nearly empty room.
“Mmn? Krad?”
“It’s nothing Dai-chan, go back to sleep.”
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~
“No one will ever know it was us.”
“You, my dear Toshi-koi are a genius.”
“Thank you.”
“Now for your prize.”
I do not own
Guac anymore than I do D.N.Angel or the Magic Bus hospital (I think that belongs to the lucky people who wrote Weiss Kreuz), he belongs to a group my friend is part of online; I think he’s a llama…Yes, GaeaOnTheNet is Azumano’s answer to GaiaOnline, I do not own the latter and I don’t think the former exists. If it does I don’t own it either. Yes, themisuse of language was on purpose. I can’t help but think that some of them would be too lazy to use proper language/grammar.