Crossover Fan Fiction / Crossover With Non-anime Series Fan Fiction ❯ Ken's Two Sides ( Chapter 8 )

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Kouja no Senshi Season 1
Chapter 1: Hero Gatherings Arc
Act 8: Ken’s Two Sides

(OP: Moonlight Densetsu)

Narrator: Previously on Kouja no Senshi…

Digidestined & Matt’s Group: The Digimon Emperor, Alan, and Hacker!

Hacker: That’s « The » Hacker to you, moppets! By the way, Digidestined, Earth Brats, I believe you know these hostages very well…

Digit: (struggles) Earthlies, help us!

Yumi: Let us go, you jerks!

Ami: Dee Dee-chan, why are you doing this?

Delete: The boss threatened to take away my stuffed rabbit collection if I didn’t do it, sorry.

Megaman: What do you guys plan to do this time?

Digimon Emperor: Hmph, that’s none of your business.

Alan: Besides, I have a score to settle with you!

Hacker: Let’s see if you can fight us!

Tommy: Haven’t we gone through this too many times, Alan?

Alan: Once is never enough!

Chuckie: Easy for you to say!

Buzz: This is boring and we are just here doing nothing.

A roar is heard as a lot of Tyrannomon wearing dark ring appears.

Digimon Emperor: (smirks evilly) I got more where that came from.

One of the evil Tyrannomon wasn’t watching where it is going and is about to stomp on Ami.

Delete: (gasps) Ami, no!

Buzz: Dee-Dee, what are you doing?!

Delete jumps in front of Ami to try to stop the Digimon. Suddenly something appear in his hands.

Delete: Huh?

Some rays of light came out of what just appear in the droid’s hands and zapping the Dark Rings, destroying them and freeing the Tyrannomon involved.

Tai: What is this?

A familiar weapon appears in Delete’s hands.

The Hacker: Blast it all, he got a Keyblade?

Delete: (confused) Keyblade?

Digimon Emperor: Then that makes him a threat. Wizardmon, get rid of him!

Nefertimon: (shocked) Wizardmon!

A familiar wizard like Digimon appear wearing a Dark Spiral and his eyes glowing glaring at the now Keyblade holding Delete.

Delete: Oh no…

Wizardmon: Thunder Blaster!

Just then, Kimi threw a shruiken, cutting the ropes on most of them and freeing them.

Yumi: Awesome!

Gutsman: Sweet!

Megaman: We’re free!

Agumon: Awesome!

The group glared, attacking the foes.

Nefertimon: Rosetta Stone!

The attack hit Wizardmon before the spiral was destroyed.

Wizardmon: Oh…

Voice: Mars Fire Ignite!

They yelped from the flames blocking them. The group looked as they saw Sailor Moon’s group arriving.

Danny: Hurt these kids, and you’ll have to answer to us!

Jackie: Excuse me, but who are you guys?

Sailor Moon: We’re Sailor Soldiers as well as super heroes.

Sam: And we’re the Freelance Police. We’re here to help free the hostages.

Voice: You mean these hostages as well?

Just then, a familiar tuxedoed man with a black rose, a familiar white haired man, and a familiar witch appeared, showing two familiar figures now held along with Ami.

Betty: Jake and June!

Sailor Mercury: This gets worse and worse by the minute…

The other good guys only had worried looks on their faces.

Sailor Moon: (to herself) Tuxedo Mask…not you too…


The group looked a bit stunned with some familiar mutants chuckling behind the foes.

Vultureman: Caw! Give it up now, Sailor Soldiers. You’re outnumbered. And we have the hostages.

Jackelman: He-he-he. This is truly awesome.

Sam: All right, what’s the story with the guy in the tuxedo?

Sailor Moon: That’s Darian aka Tuxedo Mask aka Prince Endymion. We get at each other’s backs sometimes, but we became friends and started becoming close. After our memories were restored and we were revealed of our pasts, we both became more closer, even if he was injured briefly. Just then, he was captured by Queen Beryl.

Sailor Mercury: We found out he was made a servant when we first encountered the Teknophage.

Sailor Avalon: He’s a mean snake, after all!

Slythe: If you don’t cooperate, the hostages will be dead!

Monkian: That’s right!

Wormmon: Delete, tell me you’re only confused as I am.

Delete: I know that, but I wanted to stop that Digimon from hurting Ami.

Digimon Emperor: Emotions…that’s a sign of weakness. I’m glad the kind Ken is dead!

Cody: (frowns) Since when did he ever had a kind side?

Vultureman: Perhaps I can spare that question, Digidestined.

He placed on some goggles before scanning the emperor. Then, it beeped a bit.

Vultureman: Caw! Nope, the light in you is not dead. Just in dormant.

He then brought out a device, aiming to the emperor.

Digimon Emperor: What are you doing, killing me?

Vultureman: Don’t be ridiculous. If I wanted to, I’d use a gun, this is a Twilight Splitter. It splits the light and dark from within you. In other words, you will rid of your light side permanently.

Davis: (shocked) No way! He can do that!?

Hacker: Of course he can. He’s a genius, like I am.

As the villains watched the mutant charge up the weapon, the heroes looked at the hostages.

Danny: (quietly) Leave the freeing to me.

He turned invisible, flying to the remaining hostages before cutting them lose.

June: (quietly) Thanks, Danny.

They hugged as Jake grinned.

Ami: I can’t believe we’re-

Heroes: Shhh!

They pointed just as the weapon finished charging before it hit the Emperor.

Digimon Emperor: (notices) What!? My Digivice is splitting too!?

Then, as if by magic, he glowed white. When it was done, the Emperor was on his knees, panting before getting up. He then looked down as everyone looked shocked at the boy lying unconscious with a pure white Digivice on his hand.

Wormmon: Ken!

Yolei: That’s Ken!?

Hacker: Gah, and to think that kid is the Digimon Emperor. Oh well, time to get rid of him.

Delete: No!

Delete fires a spell at the bad guys who dodged it.

Hacker: (glaring) You dare try to stop us, you duncebucket!

Delete: Hey, you’re the guys who send Wizardmon after me! As of right now, I quit!

Alan: Oh, you can quit…because you’re FIRED!!!!

Alan send a fireball at Delete but he knocks it away.

Alan: (thinking) Insolent little droid. I need to make a note of this when I get back home.

Sailor Solaris: (looks at Vultureman) I don’t know why but you feel familiar to me. Odd.

Vultureman: Caw! Maybe it’s because you Saiyan Freaks caused me a bad time!

Flamedramon grabs Ken and begins to pull him away.

Hacker: (noticed) Oh, no you don’t! Say little to my big friend!

A roar is heard as a Thundermon, under a Black Ring control, flies at Flamedramon hitting him a few times and making him let go of Ken. It smirks evilly as it goes after the boy now.

Wormmon: (gasps) Ken!

Wormmon jumps in just as Thundermon is about to attack, but suddenly Ken’s digivice begins to glow.

Digimon Emperor: (looking up) What’s this?!

Digmon: Whoa, he’s digivolving?!

Wormmon: Wormmon digivolve to…Stingmon!

A big green bug like Digimon appears and blocks Thundermon’s attack just as Ken is waking up while the dark side looks shock and angry at this.

Ken: Wormmon?

Digimon Emperor: (angrily) NO! My black digivice is supposed to keep Digimon from digivolving! So why did mine have to digivolve?!

Sam: Bad luck, Digimon Emperor. And now it’s your turn to take the fall!

The Digimon flew toward the villains with the Digimon Emperor shouting.

Digimon Emperor: Minions, protect your-

Stingmon: Spiking Strike!

Just then, he was slashed into pieces. The pieces screamed before, in an instant, he disintegrated into Digital Dust.

Drillmon: I don’t believe it! That guy just killed the Emperor.

Ken: W…Wormmon…

Stingmon: He is not the true friend…you are, Ken.

He smiled a bit.

Auntie Roon: (angrily) Oh that’s just stupid!

Alan: Come on, we’re leaving.

Slythe: What?! But we haven’t defeated them.

Alan: Less talk, more escaping!

Vultureman: That girl seems familiar, but from where?

Slythe: Come on, you bird brain!

He was yanked as the villains used a smoke bomb, making themselves vanish. At that point, Max with the four villains still held finally arrived.

Max: So, did I miss anything?

Sam: Nothing too important except we got these guys now joining us.

Tommy: Wait, what do you mean?

Megaman: Are you saying that these people will keep coming after us?

Roll: Oh my gosh.

Digit: Yoikes? What about Motherboard and the others?

Shirly: For this world, I will make sure no one remembers any of us until we get to safety.

Courage: As for the world you came from…I’m not sure.

Gutsman: Crud, Dex and the others must be getting worried about us.

Matt Ishida: Don’t worry. I’m sure they’ll be okay without you guys for a while.

Glide: We thank you for the compliment.

Mimi: After all, the more the merrier. (notices) Oh, that little creature with those cats is so cute!

Ling Ling: (blushes) Awww…

Palmon: We don’t know what’s gonna happen to us now.

TK: And besides, who knows when they’ll be back.

Max: How about we start our own team.

Shirly: I have just the words: Kouja no Senshi (Soldiers of Justice).

Sailor Mars: It fits…I’ll buy that.

Max: Yippe! The name sticks!

Sailor Avalon: Cool! Now that we got a new name for our team, what shall we do next?

Ken: Go after the villains.

They looked at Ken as he sighed.

Ken: Look, I know you don’t trust me, but believe me when I say this: We’re heading to the Matthews Mansion. That’s where they’ll meet.

The group looked a bit concerned before Sailor Solaris spoke.

Sailor Solaris: Ken…you and Wormmon are welcomed to the team.

They nodded as Cody sighed.

Cody: Fine, we’ll trust you for now.

Sailor Moon: Kouja no Senshi? Let’s head over.

They then looked at the AGU gang.

Swiper: So…where is the Matthews Mansion?

Tommy: I know where it is…and believe me…I have a feeling those guys aren’t gonna be easy to defeat.

With that, the group got on the DeSoto, with the captured ones frowning before they headed off.

Maximus: Something tells me if we’re not careful, it could be the death of us all…even though we’re being forced there.

At a mansion, the villains had arrived to the area.

Alan: (notices) Why are there people in this stupid mansion?

Bobcat: (shivers) Actually…I think I’ll stick out here.

Just then, he was yanked into the mansion.

Phage: Come on!

However, as soon as they entered, the mansion closed behind them, much to their surprise.

Alan: What the hell!?

Hacker: What happened?

They struggled and hit the door, though it was to no avail.

Mirage: We’re locked in and nothing can break these doors.

Phage: Hell’s Bells…something is up with this mansion…

He then looked at the mansion, not knowing he passed an idol of some sort.

Phage: And I have a feeling it may be more dangerous than us…

(ED: Truth by Luca Yumi)