Love Hina Fan Fiction ❯ Keitaro Poker Face ( Chapter 1 )

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Keitaro sat with Naru in the 7 stars cafe, both of them drink coffee together while they thinking

Naru’s view

She got furious from Keitaro’s poker face:

‘I think that he started to get tired from me. I was planning for a special night after celebrating of the new year with all friends & yet he still sit there drinking coffee with me but not with me, I was shopping with the girls all day from this morning, I thought he was going to get mad from spending too much but no reaction. I thought he got problems in work, but everything goes well in the University & the Hinata hotel. I thought it was the children, but he love them, he approved that Sato to go to his aunt Kanako to learn how to fight & Kumi to learn how to bake in her grand parents’ bakery, he even allow them to go to Kyoto to visit Aoyama family. I thought he was anger from Kitsune cruel jokes Motoko’s sharp words about his increased weight-they shouldn’t-but he laughed & accepted it from them. I thought he was jealous & angry because I always talk with Kentaro & other men, but he didn’t show anything. I remembered all fights between us, but every fight he become after to ask for forgiveness, I forgive him, & go to our bedroom for our business. I thought that my body is reason, but he keep always say that I’m beautiful no matter what, he didn’t even got reaction from all girls or women around him, even it didn’t affect him the hot & sexy fashion that the students wearing it in college these days. I thought he was see someone behind me, that there someone in his heart beside me & the children, or he was going to divorce me, but nothing like that.

I kept thought & thought about the reason. The talk between us become boring, so I suggested that we go out from this cafe and go to another place, I expected him to approve, say no or why, but he didn’t not move from his place. I asked him am I bored He replied « No, you are not » I asked him if there is something bothering him? He said « No there isn’t, but my mood is not good ».

On the way back to the house while he was driving the car, I told him « I love you Kei-kun », he just looked at me and smiled, then continued driving. He didn’t even said « I love you too Na-chan » like always. After we returned to our house, he sat in front of the TV, I asked him to come to our bedroom but he refused.

I went alone and put my head on pillow crying, I kept crying all night till I slept, dreaming for tomorrow that it will be just another day of our life, I hoped that we will be together forever & this is nothing more than a small cloud in Summer season’

Keitaro’s view

The only one idea appeared in his head