Bleach Fan Fiction / InuYasha Fan Fiction / Ouran High School Host Club Fan Fiction ❯ Kagome/Hiro ( Chapter 10 )

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Title: Writings From A Crossover Fangirl
Author: inuyashagirl5
Rating: K+
Fluffy Romance
Disclaimer: I do not own InuYasha or Gravitation. InuYasha is owned by Rumiko Takahashi and Gravitation is owned by Maki Murakami. I merely borrow their characters to entertain others.
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#10: You’re All I Want For Christmas
Pairing: Kagome/Hiro
Word Count: 124
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« Are you serious? You don’t want anything? » Hiro watched as his girlfriend kept busy by sweeping the kitchen floor of her apartment. She stopped for a moment to look at him and for a second he thought she might change her mind.

« Yeah, I’m sure. » She smiled at him and went back to sweeping.

« Why? »

« Huh? »

« Why do you not want anything? »

« Because I already have what I wanted. » She smirked, raising his curiosity just a little.

« You do? »

« Absolutely! » Kagome leaned the broom against the wall and turned to face Hiro. She motioned for him to come closer, which he did, and she grinned as she embraced him. « I have you. How many girls out there can say they have Hiroshi Nakano for Christmas? »

« Two, but my mother doesn’t count. »
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