Card Captor Sakura Fan Fiction ❯ Just Smile ( Chapter 6 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Dance with Me
By: LadyCisqua
-Sakura’s POV-
Loser! Loser! Loser! You are such a loser, Sakura! I couldn’t hold my tears much longer. I could feel myself tremble but I could not distinguish the cause of my sudden shudder. Is it because I’m weak or is it because I hate myself so much right now. Then, I heard the door open and for certain moments, it closed. I rubbed my eyes. Touya must have entered. I tried to catch my breath – darn this asthma. I just then realized that the room had turned awkwardly silent. I don’t want to look up, or they might see my face wet because of my tears. Or maybe, the room turned silent because Touya told my friends to go out for a sec.
Sniff. Sniff.
Suddenly, I felt a warm hand comforting me, squeezing my shoulder tenderly. It gave me divine pleasure. The hand then started massaging both my blades and then rubbing my back. I don’t want it to stop. Those warms hands started to massage up to my neck and then back to my shoulders. It’s Touya.
“Touya,” I said, “I’m really sorry.” All I could hear for a reply is a `sshh’ and I felt him seat beside me, just behind me. He took my head and made me lean on his chest. I smelled a different scent. `Touya must be using a different perfume right now.’ I thought. But that scent, I know I’ve smelled it somewhere. It’s very familiar. Those hands again, it pulled my blanket up to my neck and wiped my tears. My eyes turned wide. Those hands that just wiped my tears weren’t Touya’s! But before I could turn my head up those hands again, it wrapped itself around me, giving me warmth… giving me comfort. I stared at those arms around me. They’re strong and they make me feel secure. I could feel his head move closer to me. And I was startled at the same time tickled as he whispered to me: “I’m always here for you no matter what.” My eyes grew wide again. That voice, it isn’t Touya’s either! It’s… it’s… it’s…
-Syaoran’s POV-
As I saw her looked down, I felt my heart sink. Her hair fell right unto her angelic face and I want to brush them off and feel every strand of her hair through my fingers. I don’t want to lose sight of the smile that always melt my heart. I don’t want her to lose her voice that always makes the back of my hair stand at its end even though she’s yelling at me. I don’t want her to lose the shimmer in those emerald orbs of hers. I looked at Eriol and he knew what I wanted. He nodded at me in approval and walked near Tomoyo who’s standing beside her best friend all frozen shock. He took her by hand and opened the door. Tomoyo stared at me confused, I just smiled at her and she nodded. And then they left. As they closed the door behind them, I walked near the shattered angel in front of me. Shivering due to the cold wind reality blew to her. I don’t how to comfort her and there, I remembered my grandmother always do whenever I cry. She’s the only person who sees me that way and she knows very much how to lessen my burden. I hope it works to Sakura as well. I started massaging her shoulder then to her back and to her neck and then back to her shoulders. She apologized to Touya. I think she thought I was her brother. I just couldn’t help it; so I made her lean on me and pulled the blanket up to her neck. All I want is for her to feel comfortable and even for a second forget the fatal blow she had just received. I don’t want to see her cry anymore and so I wiped her tears. I felt her stiffen. It must have dawned to her now that I am not her brother. And by that, I held her close to me. I then whispered to her: “I’m always here for you no matter what.” I meant what I said. It just then gave me the feeling that I should protect her. I held her tighter.
This is the first time that she didn’t fought back, now that we’re in a close physical contact. I felt her hands on mine and she started drawing doodles on my arms. She leaned more, pushing herself more near me… cuddling me like a small kitten.
“You’re warm.” She said. She didn’t receive any reply. “For all I know, cold-hearted people are also cold.” She narrowed her eyes and lifted her head to meet Syaoran’s eyes. “And I’m serious with what I said.” She added. Syaoran just gave back a smile. “Don’t just smile at me like that!” Sakura exclaimed. Syaoran chuckled. “What do you want me to say?” he asked playfully, his smile not fading. Sakura just looked at him and then narrowed her eyes again. Syaoran chuckled once more and patted her head. “Don’t melt me.” Sakura blushed and looked down. “Well, I have to go now.” He added after looking at his wristwatch. “Get well soon okay?” He pushed Sakura slightly and slowly slid down the side of the bed, gently putting Sakura’s head on the pillow. “Where are you going?” She asked. “I don’t know.” Syaoran shrugged and started to head towards the door. “Don’t take my brother away from me. I need him. You could have my father forever.” Sakura stated. Syaoran was held to a halt on what he just heard. He turned and asked: “What do you mean?” Sakura looked at him seriously. “I hate you. Go away.” Sakura said coldly. He does not know what to say or do. So he just nodded and went out of the door.
“What’s gotten into to her?” he thought as he walked along the corridors. He stopped and looked back. “How come she hates me that much? What did I do to her?” he scratched his head in frustration. From scratching he started pulling his hair. He begun yelling and he hit his head on the wall near him. “I’m going nuts.” He whispered. “I need some sleep. I better get home.” “Yeah, you do.” Someone said. “And now I’m hearing voices. Great. Just great.” He sighed heavily. “Hey!” Touya slapped Syaoran’s back and he yelped in surprise. “Why’d you have to do that?” Syaoran asked furiously. “You were talking to yourself and you even thought that I was nobody.” Touya crossed his arms across his chest. Syaoran smirked. “Well, I’ll be going now. I’m being nuts here.” He said and walked away. Touya smirked and walked towards Sakura’s room. As he opened the door, his phone vibrated inside his pocket as so he slid his hand and took it. He flipped the phone open and started speaking: “Who’s this?” “Hey,” the familiar voice came in the receiver. “I have a proposal to you. Meet me at my office at three in the afternoon.” Touya smiled. “Still not giving up on her, eh… Iyori?” Then the line went dead. He put back the phone into his pocket and turned his head just to see that Sakura was crying again. He looked at his wristwatch and saw that it will be three o’clock in the afternoon in just 15 minutes. “Decide now, Touya. Will you hear out his proposal? Sakura’s very depressed and you have to do something about it.” He thought. He slowly closed the door and rushed back to Iyori’s office.
Meanwhile, as Sakura was lying uncomfortably on her bed, crying her sadness out, seeing the outside world buzzing around busily through her large window, her phone began ringing. She turned her head and saw her phone’s background light blinking. Her eyes welled up with tears again. “Darn! Why can’t I walk over and answer the damned phone?” The door then opened and her attending nurse came in. “Oh, Ms. Kinomoto.” She said as she bowed her head, greeting her patient. She then smiled at Sakura and continued, “I’m here to introduce you your therapist.” Sakura wiped her tears and smiled back and nodded to confirm that it would be okay. Before the nurse could speak, she notice Sakura’s phone ringing as she entered a while ago and asked the patient if she wanted her to get it for her. “Yes, please.” Sakura answered. The nurse took it from the table across Sakura’s bed. As by receiving her phone, she answered the call. “Hello.” She said cautiously.
“Are you okay Ms. Kinomoto.” an old man’s voice came in.
“Y-yes.” She answered hesitantly.
“Are you sure Ms. Kinomoto?”
“Of course.”
“I’ve appointed a therapist for you and I called because I wanted to affirm that you should be doing what the therapist tells you. Don’t be hard-headed okay?”
“Y-yes.” She paused for a while and continued. “Thank you, sir. But may I please know who’s this speaking? And how you had known my number.”
“No need for that. Good bye now.” And the line produced the endless beeping sound. She placed her phone to the table beside her and looked at the nurse. “You could let the therapist in now, thank you.” She smiled. The nurse nodded and smiled back. She went to the door and called out for a Doctor Mashida. Sakura saw him walk to the nurse and they both went in. “Hello, Miss Kinomoto.” The doctor smiled. Sakura smiled back. She studied him from head to toe and then locked a stare with the doctor. His gray eyes met with her emerald ones. He is in his late sixties and has a sandy hair, neatly combed and a smile which says: `Hi I think I can help you.’ She averted his gaze for she thought it was long enough for the doctor to read her thoughts. She might be able to spill out every emotion she is trying to store. “May we start the treatment, Miss Kinomoto?” he asked; his voice calm and soothing. Sakura nodded awkwardly. The doctor sat on her bedside just right next to her numb feet. “I’m going to try to revive your nerves through massage and exercise. Would it be okay if I take off the blankets now?” he asked again. Sakura thought for moment: “This blanket was tucked by Syaoran. Do you really have to pull it away?” she said to herself. She blinked for a few times, realizing what she just thought. She shook her head and nodded to the doctor. “Very well then.” The doctor answered and pulled up his sleeves and pulled the covers away.
He took her left foot and tried to rotate it clockwise and counter but Sakura has not given any emotion at all. “It’s like you’re holding someone’s foot instead of mine.” Sakura laughed bitterly. The doctor looked at her in deep concern and took a large needle in his black leather bag. He poked Sakura’s sole with it and Sakura felt nothing. Sakura smiled. “If I were to be killed, I’d rather die of blood loss. The killer could just cut my legs off. I won’t mind. I wouldn’t be sensing anything, anyway.” She uttered coldly. “Please don’t be bitter Miss Kinomoto.” The doctor interrupted the girl’s pessimistic statements. He stood from his place and walked in front of Sakura’s bed while still holding her foot. He twisted Sakura’s foot that even her legs seemed to twist with it. Sakura suddenly felt a pang of pain that she started yelling. “Stop!” She shouted. The doctor tapped his chin and looked at Sakura. “That’s odd, Miss Kinomoto.” Sakura looked back at him with her face still featuring her great pain. “Why,” she asked. “What’s wrong?” The doctor took her other foot and Sakura’s eyes widened. “You’re a miracle worker, doctor!” she yelled. “Why so,” the doctor asked in confusion. “Touch my feet again.” She ordered and he followed. Her tears fell. “I can feel them now, doctor.” She sobbed. This time, the doctor’s eyes widened. “How is that possible?” Sakura wiggled her toes. She screamed in great joy and jumped on her bed. She hugged the doctor tightly and jumped out of the divan. “I can walk now!” she screamed again. And she started dancing like there’s no tomorrow. “We’re still not sure, Miss Sakura.” The doctor stated as sternly as he could. “I have a feeling that the numbness will be back.” Sakura stopped dancing and looked desperately to the doctor. “So, I’ll be back tomorrow.” The doctor added and smiled. “Good day.” “Wait! Who sent you here?” she asked. But he already left and Sakura is now alone in the room. She slipped on her casual clothes, took her phone with her and ran out of the hospital. The guards saw her and chased her. But she wouldn’t want to be bonded again inside the confinement as so she quickly hailed a cab and stepped in it. “Please, anywhere.” She said, catching her breath. The driver nodded and zoomed to the road.
She dialed, Tomoyo’s number but it was busy. She also tried Eriol’s and Touya’s but all were busy. She threw her hands up in frustration. “What’s wrong with you people? Why are your phones busy?” She tried dialing then again, but eventually failed. Scanning through her phonebook, her eyes caught Syaoran’s number. She hesitated but shrugged and dialed his. And HALLELUJAH! His phone rang.
“Yeah.” He answered.
“Li!” she excitedly exclaimed.
“What’s up?”
“This is crazy.”
“Hmmn?” Syaoran’s tone was like saying: `I’m-busy-go-bother-someone-else’ and so Sakura hesitated for a moment. There was a long interlude of silence. She knows that it wouldn’t end not unless she does something. It’s either she hangs up or speak.
“I…” she started.
“Where are you?” Syaoran then cut her off.
“I could hear cars’ engines. Where are you right now, Kinomoto?”
“Hold on. Just stop at a place and I’ll pick you up.” And the line was dead. She firmly gripped her phone near her chest and told the driver to stop at the pizza parlor; at Don Luciano’s. The cab halted there and as she slipped her hands in her pockets, she could not feel her wallet. He eyes grew wide. “Omigosh.” She whispered. “What is it Miss?” the driver asked irately. “I… I… I… I left my wallet.” She nervously answered. “What!” the driver angrily exclaimed. “You have to pay me, this instance or else I’ll call the police!” “Please, no. Don’t do that. I’ll try and make it up to you. I’ll give you my number and I you could call me tomorrow to get your payment from me.” She said. “That’s a stupid idea!” the driver answered. “This is a very far place and you wouldn’t pay. That’s very decent to do! Give me your phone. That would be the payment.” The driver smiled slyly after his sarcasm. “No, not the phone.” The phone begun to ring. She answered it and heard Syaoran’s voice on the other line.
“Where are you?”
“Don Luciano’s.”
“I’ll be there.” And he hung up.
She gave her attention back to the driver. “My friend will be here. He could pay you.” Sakura desperately pleaded. The driver scrutinized her and nodded. “Very well then, we’ll wait. And I’ll be charging him two-folds because I’ve waited on that friend of yours.” Sakura looked down and played wither fingers nervously. “My gosh, Syaoran, I’m really sorry.” She shut her eyes tight. “You’re such an idiot, Sakura.” Her phone began ringing again. She placed her phone to her ear.
“I’m here. Where are you?” Are you inside?”
“No.” then, the beeping sounds again. “Syaoran? Hello?”
“What’s up?” Syaoran said as he opened the taxi’s door. She looked up and rushed into his arms. The driver then opened his door and confronted Syaoran. “You have to pay me 6oo yen for bringing your girlfriend this far.” He said. Syaoran just handed him a thousand and guided Sakura away from the cab. “What’s wrong?” he asked. Sakura looked up, and it then dawned to her that she was embracing him tightly. She pushed herself away and blushed. “Y-you’re walking!” Syaoran gasped. Sakura nodded. “And I don’t know why.” Syaoran sighed. “Why aren’t you in the hospital, by the way? Is there something I should know about?” His arms crossed across his perfectly chiseled chest. Sakura gave no answer. “Want to talk about it inside the parlor?” he asked. Sakura shook her head. “Where then?” he asked again, as if talking to a five-year old. Still, there was no reply. He sighed again. “Hop in the car.” He ordered and opened the door for her. She went inside slowly and Syaoran closed it for her as well. He walked to the driver’s seat and went inside. He started the engine and zoomed off.
Sakura made her eyes roam freely on what’s around her. She was amazed with Syaoran’s car. A black Jaguar XK Coupe. She ran her fingers all over the edge of the leather seat she’s on and noticed that the equalizer is going up and down. “He must have opened it and just lowered the volume.” She thought. The air-conditioner was obviously new and it gives her the chills. As so involuntarily, she shivered. Syaoran looked at her through the corner of his eye. “Want me to turn it off?” He asked while driving, his eyes locked on the road. “No, I’m pretty fine.” Sakura answered and wrapped herself with her pale arms. Syaoran then turned the air-conditioner off and then he smirked saying: “Liar,” She looked at him and pouted. “Oh, shut up.” And he just laughed. “So,” he paused and waited as they reached the traffic light and as it turned to red. He turned his head to face Sakura. “How come you’re walking right now? Was it all drama?” he asked with a mocking smile on his face that seemed not to fade. “It was not a fake! It’s all true! And now, I’m really surprised why I can walk! There was this therapist who came into my room and started massaging my legs and feet and… and… oh! Before that, an old man called me I don’t know what’s his name, he didn’t tell me and he told me he was the one who sent the therapist and that I should behave. And then, back to the therapist, he was doing those massaging things and he even poked my feet with a large needle and I was not feeling a single damned thing.” She paused, trying to catch her breath and the car started to move again. She then continued, “So, he tried twisting my whole leg and I screamed in great pain and then, as he touched my other foot, I felt it. He did it again, and I still felt his touch! I don’t know what happened so by the time he left I slipped on my casual clothes and ran away. I don’t want to go back to the hospital. I can walk now, Li! I can walk now! I don’t even care how, but heck! I am walking!” She was panting after a long statement, her shoulders moving up and down in a rhythmic pattern. Up… Down… Up… Down… She waited for him to comment but she failed. She just looked down and the car had another stop. “Are you hungry?” He then asked. “I’m not being delirious, Li.” She defended. “Where do you want to eat?” He interrogated as if he was not able to hear her. “Why aren’t you believing me?” She pressed on, trying to bring back her morale. Syaoran wheeled the car as the light turned green. “I heard there’s a good sushi bar just around the corner.” He suggested. “Li!” she called out, thinking that he might come back into his senses if he hears her yell. Still, she got no answer from the guy beside her. “I shouldn’t have called you.” She gave up. “Yeah. Why on earth did you call me?” He said sternly. Sakura just shrugged. “Coincidence, I presume.” Syaoran smirked. “Right,” he shook his head in a insulting manner. “Now, you’re blaming coincidence. What did you blame when you were not able to walk?” He looked at her with an eyebrow up. “I had no choice.” Sakura replied as she stared at him furiously. Her eyebrows furrowed. “If Tomoyo’s number was not busy; if Touya’s number was not busy; if Eriol’s number was not busy…” she looked down again, preventing her tears to well out. “I wouldn’t call you.” Another interlude from the deafening silence. “I’m sorry for disturbing you.” She shattered the paper-thin stillness. “And about the thousand yen you just paid to that stupid driver, I’d give it back to you. Maybe next week.” Still no answer. “You could stop the car now.” She added. Still no reply; the car did not stop. She waited, thinking that maybe he’ll pull over to where it would be safe, or better yet, to where it would be dangerous. But minutes had passed and he still has not halted. “Where are we going?” She asked. Another I-ask-you-and-you-don’t-reply conversation occurred. She looked out of the window, her hands on her lap, promising herself not to talk anymore.
An uneventful ride was then done as the car entered a pathway after the large metal gate opened. There at the middle stood majestically a white fountain. She was awed of the sight and without her notice, her jaws are dropped by the time she came into it. It was like a trance and she could not make herself bind out of it. The car halted and Syaoran was staring at her. She was not aware of it and so she continued her gaping. Then to her surprise, she felt a finger push her chin gently back to its normal mode. It then dawned to her that it was Syaoran so she closed her mouth quickly. She turned her head and her eyes were caught by those enticing auburn eyes of his. “Gawking is not aloud in here, okay?” he smiled mischievously at her. She looked away and swallowed the saliva that was storing because of the sudden nervousness she felt. Her heart was beating her chest relentlessly as if it will tear her skin apart and would jump out. She started to blush. “You said you don’t want to go back to the hospital right?” Syaoran said. Sakura nodded. “You could stay here.” He stated as if he was selling his own house. “But…” Sakura intervened with his plans but she was cut off. “Just step out of the car, will you?” He said as he went out of the Jaguar. Sakura got out of the car as well. Syaoran walked to the large white door leaving her behind. “Wait up!” She exclaimed and ran to him. By the sudden movement of her legs, she also felt a sudden pain. She stopped for a while and gave in a deep breath. “What’s the hold up?” Syaoran asked as he noticed Sakura’s pause. “N-nothing” Is all she could reply and so she walked slowly to him. They went in the mansion together and Sakura did not see any maid bowing or scurrying around. “Where are the maids?” She couldn’t help but interrogate. Syaoran shrugged. “Doing their chores.” “And they’re not greeting you?” she gave back. “I don’t like being treated as the royal highness. So I told them to go on and continue with their business just as if I don’t exist. Except if I need them though, I’ll be calling before my arrival. Besides, they’re hired to do house chores and not to bow down or greet me whenever they see my shadow.” Syaoran nonchalantly replied and moved on to the staircase. Sakura followed. “That’s a miracle. He’s not used to royal treatments eh?” And she started laughing to herself. “Are you okay?” he interrupted. Sakura stopped and blushed in embarrassment. She nodded. Syaoran smirked and took her hand to his. “Come on, don’t be slow.” He said. Sakura looked up at him and discerned how different he looks right now. “I know he is a major hottie but I never was attracted to him. But now, why do I feel like I would want to hold him that I would want to be with him… forever?”
“Here we are.” Syaoran stopped in front of a large oak door.
“Hmmn, everything here is large.” Sakura commented.
“Actually, my room is the smallest in the whole house. The kitchen is bigger.” Syaoran replied and opened the door.
“Right,” Sakura rolled her eyes.
“Let’s get in, shall we?” he asked as he extends his arm like a waiter, guiding the costumer inside. Sakura giggled.
Sakura twirled around, and did a single pirouette in the middle of the room. Syaoran smiled. “You really love dancing do you?” Sakura nodded at him and she started to walk near him gracefully, like a ballerina, her toes pointed as she steps forward. She held out her hand, her palm up, waiting for Syaoran to put on his hand over hers. “I’m not good at it.” Syaoran declined. Sakura pouted playfully and executed the most effective puppy eyes she could maneuver. “Uhm,” Syaoran hesitated for a moment and took Sakura’s hand after a moment’s thought. “I would like to apologize in advance, if ever I step on your foot.” Sakura laughed. “Well, try not to, okay?” she said and she led him to the center of the room. Syaoran took both her hands and they started to do the Swing. First, a simple triple step. Letting go one of her hands his arms opened and she twirled inside. His arms crossed across her waist and his head resting on the crane of her neck. They did a slow grapevine move, left to right. And then they stopped, still in the position – Syaoran embracing her and his head rested on her neck. He slid up and had put his chin upon her head. “I don’t want to dance for the Ballroom Festival.” He said.
“Why not?”
“I don’t dance, Kinomoto. Isn’t it obvious?”
“Yes, you do. You dance. What did we just do? We danced right?”
“I don’t think I could dance for a competition.”
“Yes, you could, Li.”
“Besides, I don’t think I’m the right partner for you.” He then smirked.
“You always leave me in mid-air.” Sakura murmured.
Sakura smiled. “Nothing,” she said and broke free from his embrace. She turned to face him, her hands clasped behind her, and her head tilted to the side with her lips giving out the sweetest smile it was born to do. Her cherry lips glistened as the rays of the dull afternoon sun shone on it from the open window. The white curtains flew as the wind gently caressed it and so as her hair was taken away. It swayed and it made Syaoran’s heart melt. “Just smile, okay? Don’t cry again.” He thought and then in an instant, his lips crashed into hers…
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