Card Captor Sakura Fan Fiction ❯ JUMPing For Joy ( Chapter 7 )

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The next morning, Sakura and I were both rollerblading to school, when we spotted a new shop. Without thinking twice, Sakura and I decided to approach the shop.

It was then that we noticed a young lady, she was carrying boxes full of stuffed toys into the shop, when all of the sudden she fell down, Sakura and I went to help her. « Are you alright? » I asked. « Yes, I’m fine » The young lady said as Sakura and I helped pick up the stuffed toys that had fallen out of the box. « So, I guess your shop is opening today? » Sakura asked. « As soon as I get everything unpacked » The young lady said. « Thanks, oh and by the way, my name is Zachary Avalon, and this is my sister Sakura. » I said. « My name is Maggie, so, how would the both of you like to come by after school, I’m sure I’ll have everything set up by then » Maggie said. « Sounds good to us » Sakura and I said in unison.

A little later, at the school entrance, after the school day had ended, Sakura and I were busy talking to our friends about the new shop. « I can’t wait to go check it out » Madison said with a smile. « Lets go » one of the girls said. And with that, Madison, Sakura and I, along with four of our friends made our way to the new shop. When we arrived we noticed that although the sign said that it was open, everything inside the store was still in boxes. « Are you both sure that its opening today? » one of the girls asked. « Were positive » Sakura and I said in unison. It was then that Sakura and I noticed Maggie carrying a box, and when she fell down, Madison, Sakura and I, along with the other three girls that had come with us, went into the shop to help her set up.

A little later, after everything was set up, Madison, Sakura and I, along with our friends, decided to take a break. It was then that one of the boxes fell over and a stuffed panda jumped out of it and began bouncing up and down.

Later that night, after Sakura and I knew that a Clow Card was at the shop, Sakura and I then decided to head back to the shop to capture the Clow Card. After Madison began her plan to create a distraction so that Maggie wouldn’t notice us, Kero, Sakura and I began to search for the stuffed panda. « I’m sensing a Clow Card here » Kero said, looking around the shop. « Where? » I asked. « Right under us » Kero said. And with that I looked under the table, and saw the stuffed panda. « Sakura, I found it! » I said, reaching out to try and grab it, but before I could even reach out to it, the stuffed panda bounced away. « Hold it right there » I said, grabbing the stuffed panda. « I got it! » I said. « Uhh…no you don’t, the card spirit has already switched to another stuffed toy Zachary » Kero said. And with that, I went off to find Sakura.

Meanwhile, Sakura was looking through some random boxes, when she pulled out a weird pink colored stuffed animal. « What is this? » Sakura asked. « Sakura, that’s the Jump Card! » Kero and I yelled as we ran up to Sakura.

It was then that the Jump Card turned its attention to Kero and I, and a few seconds later, all of the stuffed animals in the store rose off of the floor and began to circle around me and Sakura. A few seconds later, the Jump Card spirit jumped up in the air and smashed through the front window of the store, all of the stuffed animals followed a few seconds later. « Come on, lets follow it » I said to Kero and Sakura. « Right » Kero and Sakura said in unison.

And with that, Kero, Sakura and I ran out of the store and down the street after the Jump Card. A few seconds later the Jump Card took one huge leap and Jumped high into the sky, but little did I know that Sakura had grabbed the Jump Card spirit, and had gone along for the ride. I was lucky enough to snag Sakura’s key from her pocket before she went to grab the Jump Card spirit by the tail.

Meanwhile, a couple hundred feet up in the sky, Sakura was holding on for dear life. It was then that I knew what I had to do, I once again placed each key in both of my palms, « Oh keys of clow, powers of magic, powers of light, surrender the wands, the force ignite, RELEASE! I chanted, with both staffs in hand, I pulled out the Fly Card, « FLY » I yelled out, tapping the card with both staffs at the same time, but this time, only my staff grew wings on the top.

I hopped on, with Sakura’s staff in my left hand, and I flew up into the sky after Sakura. « Sakura! » I yelled. Sakura turned around and saw me on my staff with her staff in my left hand. « Take your staff, I need your help if were going to capture the Jump Card! » I yelled, tossing the staff to Sakura, who caught it with her left hand. « Lets do this! » Sakura said to me with a smile. After the Jump Card spirit landed on the ground, I pulled out the Wood Card, and Sakura and I then raised our staffs, « Wood Card, form a cage of branches to trap Jump, RELEASE AND DISPELL! » Sakura and I chanted as we tapped the Wood card at the same time with our respective staffs. A few seconds later, the Wood Card appeared and began to form trees and branches above the fleeing Jump Card. After the Jump Card finally knew that it was trapped, Sakura and I once again raised our staffs, « Jump Card, we command you to return to your power confined, JUMP CARD! Sakura and I chanted as we swung our respective staffs down at the same time.

And with that the Jump Card was captured. « Thanks for throwing me my staff Zachary, if it wasn’t for your help, I would’ve been seriously hurt » Sakura said, giving me a hug. « Your welcome Sakura. » I said, wrapping my arms around her to comfort her.

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