Saint Seiya Fan Fiction ❯ its just two of us now ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Hey all! KaL KeY here! I had nothing else to do so I decided to continue my story `A Single Treasure’. Here you all go! Enjoy! Same disclaimers with the new on of abuse!
Hyoga picks up his five year old daughter, and watches as his ex-wife, Natasha, and there two sons pull out of the drive way. Takura lays her head against his shoulder, looking up at him. “Daddy?”
“Hmm?” he answers her, not looking down at her.
“Can mommy come now?” she asks him in her ever quite voice.
“No, she’s not coming back Gem.” He tells her, after letting out a sigh.
“Not Natasha, me real mommy.” She told him.
“Real mommy?” Hyoga asks her. He can’t understand what she wants, for she had only ever wanted her mommy, or that’s what she called Natasha anyway.
“Yes, me real mommy, Shun.” she tells him. “Get mommy from bad man? `an we daddy?”
“Bad man?” Hyoga asks her. “Gem, what are you talking about?”
“Bad man hurt mommy. Mommy take me her’ get me away from bad man.”
“Hurt? As in he hits her?” Hyoga asks his daughter. Takura nods her head and wraps her arms tighter around his neck. “We’ll get her back, but we have to find her first.”
Takura squirms and Hyoga puts her down. She runs up to her room, and pulls a notebook from under her dresser. She runs back down stairs and hands Hyoga the notebook. “Mommy here.” Hyoga opens the notebook to find an address, no more then an hour drive form the mansion that all the `old’ saints live in. He looks down at his daughter, who had the biggest smile he’d ever seen on her face, and he knows that she really wants to go after her mom, her real mom.
“Go get ready; we’ll leave in a couple of minutes.” He tells her, and she turns and runs back upstairs to her room once again. Hyoga heads into the living room, where the others were sitting around watching TV, while the children were playing on the floor.
“She’s finally gone?” Seiya asks him as he comes in.
“Yeah.” Hyoga tells them. “I’m going to go…out. I’m taking Takura with me.”
“Where to?”
“Checking on… Shun.” Hyoga answers truthfully.
“Why?” Ikki asks him. “Do you think something is wrong with her? How are you going to find her?”
“Yes.” He told them, with a sigh. “Takura had the address, and she mentioned that Shun brought her here to get her away form some `bad man’ that was `hurting mommy’, as she put it.”
“`Hurting mommy’?” Esmeralda asks him.
“Yeah! Bad man, he hit me mommy. Make me mommy cry!” Takura tells them as she comes into the room. “Make mommy scared. Mommy said bring me her’ keep me safe. Mommy say no say nothing.” Takura tells them, as she starts to cry. “Me no listen. Me tell daddy.”
Hyoga picks his daughter up and kisses the top of her head. “I’m glad you didn’t listen this time. You and I are going to get mommy, and we’ll bring her back here. And she won’t get hit, or cry, or be ever be scared again. I’m promise.”
and now theres three