Neon Genesis Evangelion Fan Fiction ❯ Isolation ( Chapter 4 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
AS A NOTE TO NEW READERS WHO HAVE JUST GOT HERE: Episodes 2-6 are mostly the same as episodes… 2-6. There are deviations, some Rebuild stuff, and some new stuff, but that’s how it goes. Episode 4 is functionally identical except this opening scene, and everything from Man C (OFF) « Are you ready, then? » to the end.


Downpouring rain. A forgotten ball on the ground.
SE: Sound of rain

Rei gazes alone at the rainy landscape.

Monitor of a book computer. A 3D model of the entry plug. It’s a little different from the genuine article because he’s working from vague memory.
SE: Sound of typing

Toji (in front) spaces out, resting his head on his arms. Kensuke uses his PC.
Toji murmurs in a detached manner.
Toji “It’s been three days.”
Kensuke speaks without looking up from his work.
Kensuke “Since we got those tickets?”
Toji “No, since he stopped comin’ to school.”
Kensuke “(playing dumb) ‘He’?”

Toji gets up and speaks.
Toji “The new kid, the new kid.”

Kensuke purposely puts up a pretense of indifference.
Toji (OFF) “I wonder what he’s been doin’ since then?”
SE: The typing stops
He lifts his face with an upwards glance, maintaining his pretense.
Kensuke “Are you worried?”

Toji looks away, looking irritated.
Toji “Not exactly worried…”
Kensuke speaks as plainly as ever.
Kensuke “Toji, for someone who’s so tactless, you’re pretty stubborn.”
At the end of the cut, Toji glances at him.

Kensuke starts using his computer again.
Kensuke “If you had apologized to him back then, you wouldn’t have had to agonize over it for three days.”
He unexpectedly produces a piece of paper from behind the computer. Lifting his face, his pretense is halfhearted to the end.
Kensuke “Here, this is the new kid’s phone number.”

The sheet of paper in front of Toji. He’s a little surprised.
Kensuke (OFF) “If you’re so worried, why don’t you call him?”

A personnel entranceway that is kept open. It is light outside and dark inside. An umbrella dries off.

A public phone on the side of some stairs. Toji stands in front of it.

The receiver held between his head and shoulder, he holds the paper in his left hand and pushes with the right (four times).
His expression changes slightly.

His hand stops.

From outside, we see Toji beyond the window. After a little while, he hangs up the phone, perplexed, and walks away.

He re-enters the classroom.

Hikari looks up.

He sits back down at his desk, and stares up at the ceiling.
Toji (MONO) “Dammit.”

Hikari approaches Toji slowly.
A couple of girls whisper to each other as she does so.

Hikari “Suzuhara?”

Toji looks up.
Toji “Wha- what is it, Class Rep?”

Hikari “I was just wondering… Is something wrong?”

Toji sighs.
Toji “Sorta… yeah…”

Rei looking out the window again.
Toji (OFF) “I just messed up really badly with someone…”
Rei turns slightly at this. Her eye bandage is gone. Her eye has been replaced.

Hikari “…Well, uh… is it too late to apologize?”
Toji shrugs.
Toji “I guess I could go to his house…”
Hikari “Er… I could come along… Keep you company?”

Toji shakes his head.
Toji “Sorry Class Rep, but this is something I should probably do by myself.”
He turns.

Kensuke continues typing away at his laptop.
Toji “So, Kensuke, will you help me out with that before school tomorrow?”
Kensuke looks up. He is trying not to laugh.
Kensuke “Er… yeah, sure.”

Hikari shakes her head, both in amazement at Toji’s stupidity and in disappointment.
Hikari “Good luck, Suzuhara.”

Toji “Thanks Class Rep…”
Toji opens his mouth as if he’s going to say something else.

Hikari walks away, sad.

Toji “Er… goodbye then.”

Kensuke “Practically for good…”
Toji glares at him.
Toji “Don’t remind me…”

Text: “Episode #04: Isolation”

Exterior of Misato’s apartment. It is raining.
Misato (MONO) “Is he going to cut class again today?”

Misato in front of Shinji’s room; the plate “Shin-chan’s Room” that Misato had attached.

Misato knocks on the post two times.
Misato “Shinji-kun! Get up! You can’t keep skipping school! Eva-01 is already completely repaired. Shouldn’t you get your act together, too?”

Misato standing in front of the door. There is no response.
After a little while, Misato becomes curious. She tries to look in through the gap in the fusuma.
Misato (behind) “Shinji-kun!?”

The fusuma opens and one of Misato’s eyes becomes visible. Misato is lightly surprised.

The sound of rain resounds throughout Shinji’s completely empty room.
SE: Sound of rain

An envelope (text: “Katsuragi Misato-sama”) and a security card are the only things on the desk.

Misato gives off a somewhat serious air.

The bookshelf is empty and nothing is on the hanger.

The bed is made up neatly and precisely.

Misato mutters calmly.
Misato “He’s run away. I’m not surprised…”

SE: The sound of rain, louder, in stereo
Toji and Kensuke’s feet.
The floor is getting wet from the rain.
Toji’s feet stand firm, then step forward.

The door opens and Misato leans forward.
Misato “Shinji-kun?”

The surprising entrance of this beautiful woman startles Kensuke and Toji.
Toji “Uh!”

In the foreground, Toji’s feet stand to attention.
Toji (OFF) “Um…uh…well…”

Misato in front of a tense Toji.
Kensuke glances over at Toji as he speaks.
Kensuke “We’re Ikari-kun’s classmates, Aida and Suzuhara.”
Toji nods to Kensuke’s words.

Misato’s peppy smile.
Misato “Aida-kun and Suzuhara-kun…”

They reply at the same time, but Toji responds with decision, dash, and spirit, startling Kensuke.
Kensuke (concurrently) “Yes.”
Toji (concurrently) “Yes! I’m Suzuhara.”

Misato “Aren’t you the ones who got into Eva-01’s entry plug?”

Kensuke (conc.) “Yeah.”
Toji (conc.) “Yes!”
Toji bows properly. Kensuke looks at Toji, slightly shocked.
Toji “We’re very sorry for causing you so much trouble.”

Kensuke (conc.) “By the way-”
Toji (conc.) “Ikari-kun has been absent ever since then, so we came to see if he was okay.”

Misato “Shinji-kun is at the Nerv training facility right now.”
Toji “Oh, I see.”
Kensuke takes papers out from his bag.
Kensuke “Here are the prints that were collecting on Ikari-kun’s desk.”
Misato takes them.
Misato “You didn’t have to do that. Thank you.”
Toji takes a deep, 90° bow. Kensuke bows lightly.
Touji “Well, we’ll just be going, then.”
Kensuke “Please give our regards to Ikari-kun.”

Misato speaks with a smiling face (slightly overdone and insincere). She grins and waves.
Misato “Yeah, I will. Bye.”
The door closes.

The two of them remain bowing, Kensuke glancing upward. They straighten up together.
Kensuke “That was unexpected.”
Toji “She was a real babe…”

At the entranceway, Misato spins to look in our direction with a sulky face.

The entrance seen from the dining room; Misato kicks the door with all her strength!
Misato “Shinji, you idiot!!”
Hanging her head, she grumbles to herself.
Misato “Idiot.”

A new transit system advances in the rain.
SE: Sounds of train and rain

Shinji’s large bag on the luggage rack.

Shinji listening to his Walkman (his face isn’t visible).

BGM START: “You are the only one”

The SDAT Walkman stops and reverses.


BGM START: “Aoi Legend [Blue Legend]”

Bird’s-eye view of the subway interior; the passengers change and the people become fewer. Shinji’s only company throughout is the middle-aged man next to him; his pose changes, but finally even the man clears out.


BGM START: “You are the only one”

The Walkman reverses.


BGM START: “Aoi Legend [Blue Legend]”

Shinji hangs his head and listens to his Walkman.
The background changes from the Mirror System to a mountain ravine.
Female high school students get on. Shinji remains sitting as they multiply.
Suddenly they enter a tunnel. We hear only the sound of the cassette reversing.


The electric train is stopped at the station. Shinji is the only passenger. It is already night. There is no one on the platform, either.
Shinji raises his face a little and speaks at the end of the cut.
Shinji “…I have to go back.”

His Walkman reverses again.

Night. “Stop!” is written on the road. Post-rain puddles are being formed.

Shinji’s bag as he walks.

Shinji walking and listening to his Walkman.

The opening for a projector. A flickering light shines out. The air is misted with smoke.
Woman’s Shriek “Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!”
SE (OFF): Loud explosion!!


The premises.
Cigarette smoke billows out from here. Reflection of the screen’s light.
A movie based on the Second Impact plays; panic. Off-camera, a megalopolis within a typhoon is exploding into flames.
SE: Second Impact movie
Man “You really couldn’t detect it?”
Doctor “Correct.”

Old man sleeping with his legs stretched out.
Doctor “An object tens of millimeters in diameter crashed into Antarctica at more than ten percent of the speed of light!”

An old man sleeping in the space between seats.

A man reads a book, his feet thrown onto a big bag.
Assistant A “Our technology could neither predict it nor defend against it.”

A flirting couple.

Shinji at the side, not watching the movie. We can’t see his face well.
Woman “But it’s hell out there! Just what is the purpose of science!?”

Shot of Shinji from above. Shinji seems to be deep in thought. We can’t see his expression. Shinji faces the other direction, apparently zoned-out.
SE: Sudden buzzer sound – speaker
Man “The atmospheric flux caused by the change in the Earth’s axis has decreased by 3%.”

The couple that we saw before flirt openly.

Shinji’s vacant eyes UP.
Woman “So, has it calmed down a little?”

Again, the couple dallying.
Assisant C “Negative! There’s a tidal wave approaching at 230 meters a second!”

Shinji’s slightly empty eyes return to normal. He comes back to his senses.

The couple’s flirting escalates.
Man “Doctor! We must evacuate!”
Doctor “No…”

Shinji watched them fixedly.
Doctor “It’s my duty to remain here.”

Hey, what are those two doing!?
Man “Doctor, dying is easy.”

Shinji’s eyes become somewhat sullen.
Man “But you have an obligation to watch this Hell on Earth.”

Shinji lying down on the sofa in the movie theater’s lobby. A vending machine lights the area.
SE (OFF): Movie audio

Scene of a road at dawn. Sky in the distance. Just a building and the mountains slowly turn red.
SE: Crow voices increasing in number
SE: Early morning road background noise

The sky is being dyed red.

The world red, a shadow in the exact shape of the neighborhood’s buildings spreads over a road seen from a true overhead view.
Shinji is walking.
Written on the road:
Next 100 m

Shinji walks. The morning sun is beyond the buildings.

A mountain road. A bus runs.
A sign reads, “Fire Prevention”.
SE: Bus Sound

Shinji lingers at the side of the bus stop.
SE: Bus sound, leaving
Sign: Drop-Off Only
Hakone Tozan Railway Co.

Rural landscape.

The sky aflow with clouds.

A Shinji-like silhouette walking. Shadows of clouds moving.

Shinji walks a road overlooking Ashinoko.

The lake surface fills the screen. Shinji cuts across (slightly silhouetted).

Shinji passes through a field of sunflowers.


Suddenly the clouds break. Shinji’s back to us, shadows drop and crawl upon the mountainside and clouds are visible.

Shinji stands there in a daze, a fairly strong wind blowing against him. His face turns.

Flowing clouds.
When it pans, Toyko-3 becomes visible.

Shinji crouches; flowing clouds fill the background.

Shinji sitting squat at the edge of a cliff that looks like a famous suicide site.
Shinji “…”

Rei being monitored. The examination bed moves.
Ritsuko (OFF) “Any contact from Shinji-kun?”

Rei being analyzed. Marks light up at the checkpoints. It scrolls and changes direction.
Ritsuko (OFF) “Nothing?”

Another monitor. A cursor checks the vicinity of Rei’s eye. Rei’s eye is calm.
Misato (OFF) “Nothing. I think he may never come back.”

Ritsuko, calm, with the machine in front.
Ritsuko “What are you going to do?”

Misato is worried.
Misato “Nothing, really. lf he doesn’t come back, maybe that’s for the best…”

Flashback scene. Shinji in his plugsuit, hands UP.
Misato (OFF) “Why did you ignore my orders?”

Shinji has a semi-serious expression.
Shinji “I’m sorry.”

A command room within a motorized vehicle. Misato in the front, Shinji further in. Neither one moves.
Misato “I’m the one who’s in charge of your operations, right?”
Shinji “Yes.”
Misato “You have a duty to obey my orders. Understood?”
Shinji “Yes.”
Misato “Don’t do it again.”
Shinji “Yes.”

Misato is rubbed the wrong way. She glares at Shinji.
Misato “Do you really understand what I’m saying?”

Continuing to gaze in the opposite direction, Shinji turns only his face towards Misato, replying with a face upon which a faint smile can be seen.
Shinji “Yes.”

Shinji’s arm in front of Misato; she turns her entire body toward him.
Misato “Hey, you’re not going to get out of this by just saying ‘yes’ to everything I say.”

Shinji glances over at Misato when he speaks, then again removes his gaze.
Shinji “I understand, of course. That’s enough, isn’t it? We won, didn’t we?”

Misato UP, snapping.

Misato approaches Shinji without hesitation. Misato “You know, it may be easy to go along with whatever anyone else wants, but if you get into Eva with that kind of attitude, you’ll get killed!”
Shinji turns his face away slightly.
Shinji “That’s okay with me.”
Misato slaps Shinji.

Misato slowly steps away from Shinji.
Misato “You’ve got the worst attitude I’ve ever seen. If you expect praise for breaking orders like that, you’re wrong, Shinji lkari.”

Shinji speaks with a settled face, even with the slap mark. He is strangely benign.
Shinji “That’s not the point. Anyway, I’m the only one who can pilot Eva-01, aren’t I?”

Side of Shinji’s face UP. His bottom eyelid moves; his eye has a hint of a smile.
Shinji “I’ll pilot it.”

The screen returns to the present-day Misato.
Ritsuko (OFF) “I see…”

Different types of monitors in front of Ritsuko. She looks serious, but she continues with the manual processing.

Misato stares into space.
Misato “If getting into Eva is going to hurt him, he shouldn’t get into it. (sigh) He’ll get killed.”

Ritsuko tells it like it is.
Ritsuko “We’ll have another pilot by then.”

A field of susuki set against a twilight sky.
SE: Running through grass

Kensuke running through the susuki.

Kensuke shouting. He quickly thrusts his body into the foreground.
Kensuke “Dadadadadada!”

Kensuke (almost completely silhouetted) bends backwards and collapses.
Kensuke “Uwaaa!”
He gets up.
Kensuke “Captain!!”
Then he rolls over, striking a pose with half his body raised.
Kensuke “Go. Aida, keep going!”
Then he gets up and assumes a grieving pose.
Kensuke “But I won’t go without you!”
He rolls again and punches.
Kensuke “You fool!!”
Reaction to getting struck.
Kensuke “Ugh!”
His ridiculous one-man show over, he plops onto the ground.

Kensuke looks at the sky, agape.
SE (OFF): Sound of distant pampas grass rustling

Looking up at the sky from within the pampas grass.

Kensuke gets up.
Kensuke “Upsy-daisy…”
He stands, lifting his model gun.
Kensuke notices something in our direction.

Kensuke looks, straining his eyes.
Kensuke “…The new kid? Ikari!?”

Shinji looks.

Shinji looking, stunned.


Text: “Neon Genesis Evangelion: Episode: 4: Hedgehog’s Dilemma”

Inside Kensuke’s tent.
Light shines in from a fire outside.
Kensuke (OFF) “Toji was sorry, you know.”

Open fire in front of the tent. Kensuke and Shinji prepare food with a cooking pot.
Kensuke “His kid sister scolded him, apparently.”

Shinji behind the flame. He wears a jacket borrowed from Kensuke.
Kensuke (OFF) “‘That robot saved us all!’”

Kensuke looks at the open flame.
Kensuke “Pretty embarrassing, being scolded by a little girl who isn’t even out of second grade, isn’t it?”
He finishes speaking and peers at Shinji’s face.

Shinji is silent.

For a moment Kensuke gets a perplexed look in his eyes, but he returns to normal and picks at the fire.
Kensuke “I like it at night because those noisy cicadas don’t chirp. Although it was nice and quiet when I was a kid, there’ve been more of them each year.”
Shinji’s voice can be heard
Kensuke looks at Shinji.
Shinji (OFF) “‘The ecosystem is returning to its former state.’”

Shinji is tepid.
Shinji (ON) “That’s what Misato-san said.”

Kensuke speaks, feeling a little relieved by this confirmation.
Kensuke “Hmm… Misato-san, eh?”

Kensuke assumes a comfortable pose.
Kensuke “I really envy you. Living with a beautiful woman like her and getting to pilot Evangelion.”
Kensuke mimics the act of piloting, using the stick like a lever.
Shinji watches Kensuke.
Kensuke “Oh, I wish I could get behind the controls!”

Shinji sighs.
Shinji “You’d better not. Your mother would be worried.”

Kensuke stops for a moment and smiles.
Kensuke “…Ah, that’s okay. I don’t have one.”

Shinji takes this lightly shocked.
Shinji “Uh…”

Kensuke channels affection into Shinji
Kensuke “I’m the same as you, Ikari.”

Shinji is speechless.

Food being cooked.
Kensuke (OFF) “You’ll have something to eat, right?”
Shinji (OFF) “Yeah.”

Fade-in. Morning. Shrouded in mist.

The ground from a slightly overheard perspective.
Several men are walking forward.
SE: Rustling grass

Kensuke becomes aware of them.

Shinji notices too, his eyes already open.

Kensuke flies out of the tent.

Man A, who seems quite muscular, standing.

Kensuke stops short. Inside the tent, Shinji has a matter-of-fact expression.
Kensuke “Ugh.”

The men stand in a circle around the tent. Kensuke stands with his gun lowered.
Shinji comes out, too.
Man A “Ikari Shinji, correct?”
Shinji “Yes.”
Man A “We are from Nerv’s Department of Security Intelligence. In accordance with Clause 8 of the Security Regulations, we are taking you to Nerv Headquarters. All right?”
Shinji “Yes.”

Shinji walks by in front of Kensuke.

Kensuke’s gun dangles limply.
Toji (OFF) “So you just stood there and watched…?!”

Kensuke averts his eyes. We’re in the school room.
Toji is reflected in his glasses, scowling.
Kensuke “Easy for you to say. They were Nerv Security Intelligence.”

Toji leans forward on the desk coercively.
Kensuke dangles his arms, unamused.
Toji “So what!? Don’t you have any balls!?!”

Kensuke, unamused.
Kensuke “Only an idiot fights when he knows he can’t win. Balls have nothing to do with it.”

Panoramic view of the Geofront. Evening scene.

Shinji being made to sit inside a dark room.
The red mark of Nerv is on the bare concrete wall.
Light flows in as the door opens.

Misato stands there.

Misato approaches Shinji.
Standing there, she makes great effort to try talking calmly to him.
Misato “Long time no see.”
Shinji “…Yes.”
Misato “Did two days of bumming around cheer you up?”
Shinji “…Not really…”
Misato “…Eva’s on standby. Will you pilot it?”

Misato is still calm.
Misato “Or won’t you?”

Shinji, still looking down
Shinji “You’re not going to scold me for running away?”

Misato seems dubious.
Misato “…?”

Shinji has a faint smile on his face…
He seems to be sneering at himself.
Shinji “Of course not. You’ve got no relation to me.”

Misato is sullen.
Misato “!!…”

Shinji’s smile vanishes.
Shinji “If I said I wasn’t going to pilot, what would happen to Eva-01?”

Misato tries calm her wits down a little…
Misato “Rei would probably pilot it.”

Only the spirit of Shinji’s gaze is lifted.
Again he smiles self-deprecatingly.
Shinji “…”
Misato (OFF) “So you won’t do it?”
Shinji “It’s not fair to force everything on her.”

Misato’s shadow and Shinji.
Ceiling beam in the foreground.
Shinji “It’s alright, I’ll do it.”
Misato’s tone is a little irritated.
Misato (OFF) “But you don’t want to?”
Shinji “Of course not. First of all, I’m not cut out for it. But Ayanami, Misato-san and Ritsuko-san…”
Misato’s tone is harsh.
Misato (OFF) “Cut that out!”

Shinji’s face jerks up in surprise.

Misato is fuming.
Misato “This has nothing to do with any of us!”

Shinji is rendered speechless.
Misato (OFF) “If you don’t like it, get out of here! Forget all about Eva and us and go back to your old life! (Pause) We don’t need someone with that attitude piloting.”
When she is done speaking, we hear the sound of footsteps walking away.

Shinji, sitting alone.
The door closes and it becomes dark.
SE: Footsteps walking away
SE: Slam!!

Shinji is stunned.

Automatic Walkway inside Nerv. Ikari, Ritsuko, with Rei behind them.
Ritsuko “The Third Child is leaving Tokyo-3 tomorrow.”
Ikari “Then, we’ll reconfigure EVA-01’s data for Rei.”

Rei from below. Her injuries haven’t fully healed, but some bandages are gone.
Ritsuko (OFF) “…But…”
Ikari (OFF) “Regardless of the results of Eva-00’s re-activation experiment, we’ll move on to experimenting with Eva-01.”

Ritsuko glances at Rei in concern. (about her piloting abilities, not for her)
Ritsuko “…”

Rei has a machine-like coolness.

Her point is not lost on Ikari. Ritsuko resumes facing forward.
Ritsuko “…”
Ikari “According to the Marduk Institute’s report, one of the new Children should be able to use Eva-00.”

Ritsuko “They haven’t even been trained yet.”

A machine close-up fills the screen. At the start of the cut, the hole parts sink once, then come back up. Shinji’s security card has been punched with holes and rendered void. At the end of the cut, the card is extracted with a swish.
Shinji (OFF) “Um, where is Misato-san? I’d like to say goodbye.”
Man A (OFF) “You are no longer Nerv personnel.”

Shinji inside the car, hand UP.
Man A (OFF) “Therefore, we can’t tell you anything.”

A car goes down the road.
Man C (OFF) “Are you ready, then?”

Toji and Kensuke, sitting in the backseat.
Kensuke “Yes, sir.”

Toji looks out the window, sadly.
Toji (MONO) “What about my little sister?”

Man C drives calmly.
Man C “Suzuhara?”

Toji shakes his head.
Toji “I don’t see why we gotta do this.”

Man C “Security violations, of course.”
Kensuke (OFF) “What?!”

Kensuke “Those weren’t our fault!”

Man C “You were outside the shelters without authorization. As far as I see it, that means you are at fault.”

Toji sighs.

The rotary at the front of the station. The car door opens.

Shinji reflected in the door mirror.
He exits the car.

Shinji stands up.
Man B closes the door.
Kensuke (OFF) “Ikari!”
Shinji turns his face.
Toji (OFF) “You forgot this!”
Shinji catches the bag that comes flying.

Shinji UP.

Toji and Kensuke standing.

Overhead shot.
Shinji turns in the men’s direction.

Shinji’s head in front.
Shinji “Um… Could I have a minute?”
Man B “They’re taking the same train as you, kid.”

Shinji hangs his bag at his side.
He approaches Toji and Kensuke.
Shinji “Um… thank you.”

Kensuke glances at Toji, and waits.
Kensuke forcibly pushes Toji’s body forward.
Kensuke “Come on, say something!”

Toji stumbles forward.
He stands before Shinji, slightly tense.

Toji with a glum look.
Toji “Ikari, I’m sorry for hitting you twice. Please, hit me back!”

Shinji winces.
Shinji “I can’t do that.”

Toji is resolute.
Toji “Please! Otherwise, I won’t be satisfied.”

Kensuke “If it’ll put an end to this dispute, why don’t you go ahead and hit him?”

Man A and B are checking the time.

Shinji is perplexed.
Shinji “But…”
Toji leans forward.
Toji “Hurry up! You don’t have the time.”
Shinji seems unenthused.
Shinji “Okay, but only once…”

Toji nods and gives it his all.
Toji “Right! Bring it on!”

Shinji puts down his bag.

Shinji straightens up and comes to the ready.
He strikes, sending his hand in front of the camera.

Shinji’s hand stops.
Toji “Hold it!”

Shinji is perplexed. His fist pulls back.
Shinji “Eh?”

Toji with a straight face.
Toji “Don’t hold back.”

Shinji “Right.”
As he makes a fist again, Shinji’s face, too, becomes serious.
His hand once again strikes the front of the camera.

We don’t see Shinji’s hand connect. Toji’s already been hit.

Kensuke seems to wince in pain.

Man A and B smile wryly. Shinji looks worried.

The three of them resume their former pose. Toji and Kensuke smile complacently.

BGM START: “Bay side love story —from Tokyo—”

Shinji smiles again awkwardly.
Shinji “How did you know I’d be here?”
Perplexed, his smile weakens slightly.

Shot of Kensuke over Toji’s shoulder.
Kensuke “They told us. We’re leaving town too.”

Shinji’s expression seems to become desolate.

Toji’s face is serious. He’s pretty slick.
Toji “We got in a lot of trouble for going into the Entry Plug.”

Shinji’s eyes open a little.
Toji “Not your fault, of course. But… they’re sending us to a Nerv base now.”

Toji grins.

Toji holds out his hand.
Toji “Maybe we’ll meet again someday.”

Shinji is at a loss for words.

Shot of Kensuke and Toji over Shinji’s shoulder.
Toji resumes his regular pose, and both of them seem to look at Shinji tenderly.
Toji “Hey, don’t look so gloomy.”
Kensuke “We understand.”

Toji (OFF) “It looked pretty bad.”
Shinji wants to say something, but he can’t find the words.
The man places his hand on Shinji’s shoulder and pulls him back.
Man B (OFF) “It’s time.”

Shinji hangs his head.

Shinji grabs his bag and lifts it up.

Shinji goes, passing by the ticket examination area.

Toji and Kensuke follow reluctantly.


Shinji comes to a narrow set of stairs with the other two behind him.

All three boys walk up the stairs.

The two agents watch.

The boys round the corner.
Shinji “What’ll happen to the others?”

Toji shrugs.
Toji “I guess they’ll have to move.”

Shinji lowers his head.
Shinji (MONO) “I’m so pathetic…”

Kensuke sighs.
Kensuke “I guess it’s good we’re getting out of this town now.”

The Eva in its cage, submerged in a translucent aqueous solution.
The sound of Shinji’s footsteps bleeding over give the impression that the Eva is seeing him off, but before long the fact that they belong to Misato and Ritsuko becomes apparent.
Ritsuko “He’s gone, is he?”
SE: Footsteps (now of Misato and Ritsuko)

Misato stops.
She seems to be in a bad mood.
The Eva is behind her.

Ritsuko catches up.
She seems to look in Eva’s direction.
Ritsuko “Was it for the best?”

Misato murmurs.
Misato “The Hedgehog’s Dilemma…”

Ritsuko glances at her.
Misato “The closer we become, the more deeply we hurt each other.”
Ritsuko turns around and looks at Misato.

Side of Misato’s face UP.
She brings her eyes up a little.
Misato “Now I understand…”

Shinji talks in a self-deprecating manner (flashback).
Misato (OFF) “That boy…”

Side of Misato’s face UP.
Her expression is somewhat solemn.
Misato “He can’t let others know how he feels in any other way.”

Station platform. There’s nobody there.
Station Announcer (Female Recording – left) “The express linear train bound for Atsugi is presently arriving on Track 2.”

The three boys surrounded by platform fence.
Station Announcer (Female Recording – left) “For your safety, please step back to the area inside the yellow lines.”

The train comes sliding into the platform.
Station Announcer (Station Attendant – Middle-aged Male – Center) (until C-249) “The train arriving on track 2 is for special government use only and departs at 4:20 for Atsugi.”

Shinji hanging his head, the other two boys behind him.
SE: Train approaching

His hands holding the bag.
Station Announcer (Male Station Attendant – Middle-aged – Center) “The general public are not allowed inside the fence.”

The train coming in.
Station Announcer (Male Station Attendant – Middle-aged – Center) (until C-251) “Furthermore, please be aware that the boarding of this train by unauthorized persons is strictly prohibited.”

The boys standing with each other.
SE: Station background noise
<<Announcers in the left channel; it’s about 10:00
Station Announcer (Recorded Female Voice) “The local train bound for Gora is presently arriving on Track 4. For your own safety, please stay behind the yellow lines. If you are accompanying small children, please be especially careful.”

Misato’s car driving down the road.
Station Announcer (Station Attendant – Middle-aged Male) “The train arriving on track 4 is the local train returning to Gora, departing at 4:32. If this is your train, please step inside and wait until departure.”

A train is approaching the station.
Male Announcer “Attention, the train will be arriving soon. Please stay behind the yellow line.”

With the boys in front, the train pulls in.
The door stops in front of their eyes.

Cut to inside the train car.
Misato (remembered) “Welcome home.”
The door opens, but Shinji doesn’t move.

Zoom in on him, the others pushing past.

Toji turns to Shinji.
Toji “You comin’, new kid?”

Insert of a moving road surface.
SE: Sound of a car running

Tightly connected coupler, UP.

Kensuke and Toji sitting in the train.

The train door closes.

The coupler is pulled.

Kensuke and Toji look out the window in alarm.
SE (OFF): Sound of roaring motor

Wire screen in front; departing train UP.
SE: Add in the sound the motor running atop the rail

Misato’s car pulls in.
SE (OFF): Sound of the train

It suddenly brakes to a stop!
SE: Brake sound mixed in
The door opens.

Misato’s face appears from behind the car.
She’s not in time…

Misato in front of the train.
It has already left.
The train cars cut off the screen. Misato sees it off.

The two boys in the train wave.
Kensuke “Look!”

Misato in a daze.
Toji “It’s that babe!”

Misato’s point of view. The train leaves.

Misato’s face from the side UP, seeing it off.
She accepts the fact that she is not in time. She hates herself for it.
Misato “(sigh)”
Misato faces our direction, but, further in, a human figure can be seen.
Misato looks up. She raises her body.

She slowly turns her face.
She’s still looking down. When she finishes turning, it hits her!
Someone came into her field of vision.

The platform from Misato’s point of view.
A human figure stands alone.

It is Shinji. He notices Misato, as well.


Pull out to the two of them — one on the road, the other on the platform — standing face-to-face.

Shinji staring at Misato.

Misato staring back.

Again, the two of them. Neither is moving.

Shinji looks down for a moment. Ashamed.

Misato tries to smile at him.

Shinji looks back up.

Misato continues to smile.


Side of Shinji’s face UP. In his bewilderment, the only word that enters his mind leaves his mouth, a little awkwardly.
Shinji “H… hello.”

Side of Misato’s face UP. She is still smiling.
Misato “…I’m sorry about before, you know.”

Text: “To be continued…”




Text: “Next Time”

Rei staring out a window.
Misato (OFF) “Rei, who minimizes her contact with others,”

Rei smiles at Gendo.
Misato (OFF) “opens up only to Commander Ikari.”

Shinji and Rei riding down an escalator.
Misato (OFF) “Shinji is at loss to understand the girl”

Gendo, pulling open an Entry Plug.
Misato (OFF) “who is closer to his father than he is.”

Shinji, wearing glasses.
Misato (OFF) “Next Time: ‘Rei’s Heart’.”


Broken Communications
Rei's Heart