Dragon Ball/Z/GT Fan Fiction / Sailor Moon Fan Fiction ❯ Is This Really the End Serena ( Chapter 15 )

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“Nega?” Serena asked.
“Yes Nega,” the shadows beneath the beings rose up and formed a throne, “It has been a long time since I have been free to roam this universe.” Mina without being noticed pressed the distress button on her communicator calling all the heroes on the planet. “You see long ago I was a ruler of the Demon Realm, oh how I loved attacking, wreaking havoc on this plane of existence. That was until I attempted to destroy the Moon Kingdom,” he squished the arm of the chair in his mighty hand. “Your great ancestor the original Queen Serenity used her vast powers to seal me away in a mystic prison, but even with the help of the Supreme Kai of that time she was unable to truly imprison me.” He looked over at Mina, “They will be here soon child, don’t worry.”

Supreme Kai turned to Elder Kai and Queen Serenity, “Do you know what he’s talking about?”“Don’t look at me,” Elder Kai said crossing his arms, “That must have happened after I was imprisoned myself.”
“I had heard legends but I never thought they were true,” Serenity said a look of shock still on her face.

“You see, she had managed to remove me from this universe but my powers were far too great. I eventually created a universe in which I could rule over, I used my own powers to create the Negaverse,” everyone gasped in shock. “I was still trapped so I began to plan my escape; I needed a powerful being from this world to release me. I sent my armies to attack the Moon Kingdom, hoping that their current ruler was strong enough to release me but she proved useless,” Serena became aggravated knowing he was talking about her mother. “Next I found a special girl who could banish beings from my dimension with her temple powers,” he looked at Kagome. “I brought her to my universe but she too was a lost cause and I left her to live in my universe as I had no need to kill her. That was when you the last moon court were reawakened. I had hoped that you would be strong enough but you to failed me. You killed Chaos but never ventured into my realm. It took allot of coaxing but eventually I tricked umbra into luring you here, by that time you had made new powerful alliances, they also came to my universe. As I had hoped you not only killed Umbra, weakening my prison, but also enraged Death enough that I didn’t need to trick her into attacking you. Eventually you returned to defeat Death, but the one known as Gohan realized that Death could only be defeated by destroying the whole Negaverse, so he destroyed what remained of my prison. I was finally free but ever so weak, I began to attack defenceless planets feeding on the negative emotions as they died, eventually I was fully healed and now I’m here to kill you all.” Nega stood up as the throne beneath him disappeared. Mina charged at him blasting a massive wave of golden energy he jumped over it and grabbed her by the face smashing her head into the ground as he flipped over her body. Lita charged as lightning began to shoot at Nega, he dodged in between the bolts smashing her in the gut with a fist then reappeared behind him kicking her head clean off her body.
“Lita,” the group screamed. Arale sped at the demon smashing her knee into his gut; she looked down to see that he had blocked it with one hand. He shot his other arm forward blowing a whole straight through her chest.
He pushed the deactivated robot off his arm and turned to the group, “whose next?”
Mina had pushed herself up and again charged at Nega managing to scratch him with one of her chains, “Me I guess.” Nega turned and grabbed the chains turning them black and causing them to wrap around the girl, Ami lunged at the demon allowing Mina’s escape. He backhanded Ami sending her flying, if she wasn’t already dead she would have been. Nega disappeared as Serena shot a blast at him, reappearing in front of Mina picking her up by the throat and blowing a whole through her with a ki blast from his free hand.
Serena charged at the demon delivering a powerful kick to his stomach and spinning in the air kicking him in the face. “Not bad, but I knew you were one of the two that might take longer than a second to kill,” he began to laugh as he charged at her, Serena jumped to the left, Nega followed kicking her in the stomach. Serena crashed through a wall; she could see Nega just standing there as she struggled back onto her feet.
“For my friends,” Serena placed both hands above her head as she began to spin, “Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss!” the massive white beam exploded out of her hands heading straight for Nega. He looked on in fear, the white light began to engulf him as he raised his hands attempting to block the blast, it failed soon he was fully engulfed. There was a hole where he stood as smoke filled the area.
Ami looked on to the battle field as relief flooded over her, “Need a hand?” Ami turned to see Dende offering her a hand up. Slowly all of the Z-Scouts arrived followed by the Z-Fighters and Outer Scouts. Tears began to fill their eyes as the smoke cleared and they saw the dead heroes.
A dark laughter filled the air as Nega burst out of the smoke, “Finally your here, I was getting tired of waiting.” The group looked on in shock as he was unharmed, “Ready?”
Rei charged at the monster, “Die!”
Serena screamed at her friends, “NOOOO!” Rei unleashed a barrage of flames as Kagome began shooting purple beams of energy. Nega dipped under the beams and put his hand up dissipating the flames, he dashed forward smashing his elbow into Rei’s face and driving his fist at Kagome. Inyuyasha leapt at the demon driving his sword down on its arm.
The sword shattered as Nega stopped in his movement, “Really? That sword is a part of me; it was forged in the Negaverse fool.” Nega flicked his wrist as the shattered sword remnants turned black and shot into Inyuyasha’s chest killing him.
Kagome grabbed her husband as he died, “Inyuyasha,” she began to cry.
Nega looked down on the girl, “Don’t worry you will be together soon.” Nega raised his hand as he was blasted by twin golden orbs.
He turned to see Kid Trunks and Goten, both now Super Saiyan’s charging at him. He easily dodged their kicks and grabbed Goten swinging him into the young Trunks, “What pretty lights you people make.”
“Neo Tri Beam!” Tien yelled blasting his triangle of power at the god. Nega raised his hand dispersing the attack and charged, he shoved his hands into Tien’s stomach and ripped the three eyed man apart. Chiaotzu screamed in anger as he lunged at the demon, Nega raised his left foot and quickly squished the small being’s head. He turned to Neptune as Uranus jumped in the way swinging her sword into the blue man. The sword stuck into his shoulder as darkness shot around it and into her chest.
Michelle caught her lover as she fell to the ground, “Amara.” He raised his hand as a dark orb began to charge, Hotaru jumped in front knocking the blast away with her glaive. Nega crabbed the glaive and punched Hotaru caving her face in. Nega turned as he felt the two pings of energy charging at him, he turned and grabbed the two boys by the heads and smashed their skulls together killing them. Mirai Trunks charged as he began a rapid series of hand movements releasing his burning attack. Nega avoided it and smashed Trunks into the ground with an elbow.
A golden energy disc came flying at the demon followed by another. Nega turned to see Krillin and 18 floating in the air charging two more, Nega painfully ripped the Space Sword out of his shoulder and chucked it at Krillin. The small bald man dodged the oncoming blade and released his disc. He couldn’t see the enemy, “Where is he?”
“Here,” Krillin turned to see Nega’s blast connect with his face burning a whole straight through.
“Krillin!” 18 charged at the murderer of her husband, Nega caught her kick and grabbed her arm ripping it off. 18 fell from the sky in pain, Nega crashed down on top of her, splitting her body in two. Uub began releasing a shower of Majin beams from his fingers; Nega began shooting his own shower of blasts countering Uub. Yamcha released his own Kamehameha wave that Nega evaded and dove under punching through Yamcha’s chest.
Ami stood beside Dende, “You have to get out of here NOW!” Ami screamed grabbing Dende. “Go summon Videl and Gohan.”
“I can’t,” Dende mumbled in shock.
“What do you mean?” Ami asked as she began shaking the green man.
“The planet they’re on,” Dende turned to her focusing on her, “it’s extremely far away. I gave them a device of mystic powers that will amplify my portal but it’s on timer it won’t go off for another 30 minutes.” Ami and Dende looked on to the battlefield as impending doom took over.
Rei flipped out of the way, as Nega tossed the dead Kagome at her. Rei released a massive fire snake at the enemy. Nega outstretched his right arm releasing a black orb that shot through the snake and out the back of Rei. Obotchaman charged at Nega spinning and driving his feet into the dark being, Nega grabbed both his legs and flipped him onto the ground. Nega stepped on his head and pulled his legs separating the two.
“DIE!” 17 charged two massive orbs of energy in his hands, and released them. Nega grabbed the two blasts and spun sending them at Darien. Darien jumped out of the way as Nega sped at him holding his arm out. Nega clothes lined him crushing every bone in his chest; Darien fell to the ground as his last breaths escaped. Michelle held out her mirror unleashing an aqua orb of energy at Nega who easily flipped over it sending his foot into the side of her head sending it spinning and snapping her neck. Trunks charged a massive golden aura around himself; he pushed it forward sending it crashing into Nega. The smoke cleared and what remained of the group saw that not only had Nega survived the blast but he had charged through it and grabbed Trunks by the throat, Nega closed his hand, crushing Trunks’ wind pipe. Nega released him booting him in the face as Trunks fell, he hit the ground dead. “Monster!” 17 screamed as he darted toward the enemy. Nega waited for the last moment before raising his hand and shooting a black energy spike through the android’s head.
“Are you all that are left?” Nega asked as he starred at Serena, Dende, Uub, Trista, and Ami. “Where are the boy with the massive power level, and his wench?”
Uub and Trista flew at him together, both pulling back releasing massive energy blasts. Trista’s “Pluto Death Scream!” shot forward as Uub’s lightning arrow spun around it. The blast crashed into the ground as Nega jumped over it, he sped at Uub shoving his hand into the young man’s chest and pulled out his heart. Trista spun at an incredible speed as purple energy spirals shot off, Nega darted in between them as he got ever closer to her. Trista screamed as Nega darted right beside her and blasted a hole through her torso. Trist fell to the ground right beside Dende who was almost finished healing Serena. Nega charged at the green man, Ami jumped in front pushing Dende back as Nega plowed through her. Dende looked up in horror.
“GO NOW!” Serena screamed as she got back onto her feet, Dende listened as he stood up and teleported back to the lookout. He looked over the edge watching the chaos below unfold.
Serena braced herself ready for round two, “Just you and me again,” Nega chuckled as he dashed towards the silver haired woman. Serena darted into the air above the dark monster; he looked up and saw her foot smash into his face. She bounced back as she placed her hands before her releasing a storm of white ki bolts. Nega stood there as the shower began to collided with his dark body. Nega stood up and charged, Serena brought up her forearm blocking Nega’s oncoming kick. She slid backwards her feet creating ruts as they dragged. Nega back flipped and charged again he and Serena entered an exchange of blows so fast that Dende was having a hard time following them. They broke out of it as Serena went pummelling into the ground, she bounced back up re-entering the fray. They next broke out of it as she came crashing into a building. Serena looked up and saw Nega diving down onto her with both his feet; Serena rolled out of the way and tripped Nega with a kick to his knee. Serena flew up into the sky and began to charge her aura, her long silver pony tails floated behind her as the crescent symbol on her forehead began to glow. “Starlight,” she crossed her hands above her head, “Honeymoon,” she began to spin lowering her arms, “Therapy,” she stopped pointing her hands at the now standing enemy, “KISS!” She released the blast shooting it at the enemy. Nega began to chuckle as the blast surrounded him.
The smoke cleared and Nega stood there badly wounded, “How, how is this possible?” He asked extremely puzzled.
“You killed my friends,” Serena screamed, “now it’s your turn!”
Nega laughed as he disappeared, he reappeared in front of Serena grabbing her by the hair and delivering a powerful punch to her face, “Your pain will heal me girl.” Nega continued to deliver powerful punch after punch to Serena’s face as she winced and cringed in pain. Each punch seemed to heal Nega soon he was at his full power once again. Nega spun sending Serena crashing into the ground; he landed beside her placing on foot on her chest, “Any last words?”
“No,” Serena said proudly as she tried to free herself.
“Fine then,” Nega held his hand out above Serena’s face and began to release bolt after bolt of black energy slowly killing the moon princess.

Dende looked down from the lookout in pain, “I just stood here and let them all die,” he began to cry as his tears dripped to the ground.
“No you did what you had to,” he turned to see Ami’s head as blue mist started to clump underneath it as she pulled herself back together.
“How?” Dende asked in shock.
“It is one of the few perks to being dead,” Ami stated as she stepped toward Dende, “How is Serena doing?”
“She’s dead,” Dende said as he looked at the ground.
To his surprise Ami did not seem overly sad as she responded, “its okay, once we defeat Nega you can use the Dragon Balls to bring them all back. How much longer before you can bring Gohan and Videl back?”
“About five more minutes.”
“Is there anyone you can summon right away?” Ami asked as she looked past Dende her visor zooming in on something, “because here he comes.”
Dende turned and saw Nega approaching at a very fast speed. “Tapion,” he began speaking out loud and telepathically across a vast space, not as vast as the one between him and Gohan. “Can you hear me?”
“Yes,” a voice replied in their heads.
“We need you to come and battle an enemy,” Dende said obviously stressed as Nega got ever closer, “will you help?”
“Yes, bring me there now,” with that Dende opened a portal and a young man with a red Mohawk and greyish skin stepped out.
Nega landed on the platform, “haven’t I already killed you?” Nega asked pointing at Ami.
“I guess not,” Ami said as she released a powerful vortex of water at him, Nega smashed through it as Tapion began to swing his sword releasing waves of energy. Nega dodged out of the way as he began to approach. Nega grabbed the young man’s throat as Ami blasted his hand causing him to release Tapion.

Gohan placed the small orb that Dende had given them on the ground to help multiply his portal powers, he stepped back beside his new bride and waited for the portal to open. He grabbed their things and stepped thought he portal as it opened.

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