Dragon Ball/Z/GT Fan Fiction / Sailor Moon Fan Fiction ❯ Is it the End of the Negaverse ( Chapter 8 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Ami could now see in the complete darkness, as she adjusted her visor. She along with the rest of the group turned to the portal waiting for the next traveller. To the groups surprise the portal closed behind them, “What happened?” Mina asked.
“I have no idea,” Ami replied, “my scanners aren’t picking up any interference.” As she finished her sentence her visor began to react, soon the whole universe in which they were in began to bubble and spike towards them.
It ended just as quickly as it began, “What was that?” Uub asked.
“According to my calculations, the whole Negaverse just shifted,” Ami stated as she typed away on her holographic wrist keyboard. “Something is running interference; Dende won’t be able to create a portal until whatever it is, is destroyed.”
“Well then where is it then?” Gohan inquired.
Ami looked up, “That’s the problem, it’s all around us.”
“What could it be?” Videl asked looking around with the rest of group.
A dark ominous voice came from everywhere, “It is I, Death, your end.” Out of the darkness came a white mask with blood red lips and dark empty eyes. Quickly the darkness formed a thousand blades that swung at the heroes.
“MOVE!” Gohan shouted as he flew toward the mask dodging blades. He punched where the mask was but it vanished and the darkness wrapped around his arm holding him there. Blades flew at Gohan as he tried to push himself out of the darkness. In the last moment golden energy chains appeared out of nowhere smashing the blades. “Thanks Mina,” Gohan said now finally free.
“So you are all that have come to destroy me, the greatest of the Negaverse,” Death taunted as the darkness clumped around the mask forming a body of darkness around it.
“You’re the coward who won’t let our friends join us,” Videl said fearlessly.
“Trying to aggravate me worm, it won’t work,” with that a pillar of darkness shot out of Death and at her. Videl jumped to the side and floated up into the air.
“I am the most powerful being in the universe, beyond the fear you might have installed in my siblings, now face your doom!” Death lunged at Mina as she brought her arms up to protect herself, the darkness spread around her reforming on the other side, this time taking a form similar in size to Gohan, but all black with the mask as its face, a trail of darkness as its hair. It kicked Mina in the back sending her flying into a wall.
She smashed through the wall, tumbling on the ground as she hit. She opened her eyes and looked around she recognized this place. Where was she, and then it clicked, “The Negaverse’s Silver Moon Palace!” Mina flew to the hole in which she burst through outside Gohan and Uub were battling the monster.
Uub smashed Death in the back of the head sending him flying into Gohan’s awaiting uppercut. Death went flying up from the force and rebounded off the air, and sped downwards in Ami’s direction. Ami spun incredibly fast as she raised her hands unleashing a whirlpool that caught Death in the air, Videl rocketed up above Death and crossed her hands above her head, “Masenko,” she pushed the blast at the creature as she lowered her hands in front of her chest, “HA!” the massive beam of yellow energy sent Death flying. Gohan charged at the enemy delivering a series of powerful kicks, Death was quick enough to block the majority of the attacks and countered by wrapping the shadows emanating from his head around Gohan.
Gohan was unable to move as the shadows surrounded him, Uub charged at the bad guy summoning an ever powerful “Lightning Arrow!” The blast was direct on its course but Death whipped his head using the paralyzed Gohan to block the attack. Uub stumbled back in shock giving Death the perfect opportunity to dive into him, Uub flipped back and was kicked in the head as he landed upright. From the side Ami sent half a dozen jets of water at Death. Again he moved Gohan in the way to block, but to his surprise golden chains broke through the darkness wrapping around Gohan and pulling him towards Mina and out of the way.
Mina placed Gohan on the ground as she charged her attack. “Rolling,” Mina crossed her arms over her chest as golden rays flashed from behind them, “Heart,” she outstretched her arms as a golden orb, with a spinning heart inside, was resting before her chest, “Vibration!” she shot the orb causing a massive explosion as it connected. Death charged at her as the smoke cleared, and grabbed Mina by the throat. Gohan had stirred back to consciousness kicking Deaths legs out from underneath him. Death fell forward as Gohan drove his right fist into the monsters stomach sending him flying back. Videl dove in with a kick connecting with the beings face. Death tumbled into Uub’s punch.
Death released a dome of energy from his body sending them all back, “Enough of this, I am done playing, you will all die NOW!” Death pulled himself back together and charged at Ami he delivered a lightning fast kick to her face sending her spinning in the air backwards. Videl gasped as Death turned towards her. He sped at her and vanished right before her eyes, she looked around in panic. Death appeared behind Uub smashing his fist into the back of his head. Mina fired a crescent beam that just barely connected with Death’s shoulder.
Death slid to his right and charged at Mina, Gohan pulled his arms to his right side, “Kameha,” blue energy began to charge and pulsate in between his cupped palms, “Me,” the intense blue orb was pulsating like a wave, as rings of blue energy twirled and condensed into the blast, “HA!” Gohan outstretched his arms shooting the super powerful blue atomic blast at the enemy. Death was just about at Mina when the blast began to connect, the Kid Buu ending attack pushed Death across the ground, he fell as he slid eventually tumbling and being engulfed by the blue energy.
The group looked worriedly as the smoke cleared, “Is it over?” Mina asked. No one had to answer; as the smoke cleared Death stood there his body reforming drawing on the very Negaverse itself.
“You stupid fools,” Death said as his mask twisted into a sadistic smile, “I am one with this universe I can never die.” Death charged at Videl as Gohan jumped in between, the force of the hit sent Gohan flying backwards onto Videl the two tumbled to the ground. Uub, and Mina charged at Death both delivering a series of punches and kicks, Death shot spikes out of his body stabbing the heroes. Mina and Uub fell to the ground as the dark spikes that pierced their bodies faded.
Ami turned towards Death, “Mercury,” Ami summoned her energy harp, “Aqua,” she began to strum its strings summoning a powerful tidal wave, “Rhapsody!” Ami unleashed all her power in one attack staggering Death, as the water vanished Death jumped into the air and vanished. He reappeared behind Ami grabbing her by the back of the head and he picked her up, she struggled trying to make him release her, and he punched her in the back. Videl and Gohan got up and charged at the advisory, again he punched her in the back this time a massive black spike ripped through her chest as blood began to pour from her mouth.
“AMI!” Videl screamed as she caught her dying friend. Gohan flew at Death unbridling his rage unleashing a flurry of punches to the monster’s body. Death staggered back under the force of the onslaught, Gohan’s aura charged as he attacked soon the blue lightning was ripping at Death along with Gohan’s punches. Death grabbed Gohan’s fist and smirked as Gohan screamed in his face.
“Angry aren’t we?” Death teased. Gohan didn’t reply instead he just summoned a massive orb around his trapped fist blowing up Death’s arm. Gohan pulled back and bent his arms at his sides, “Kameha,” two powerful blue orbs charged, one in each palm, “MEHA!” Gohan pushed the orbs forward sending them flying at Death creating a huge explosion.

Videl held Ami in her hands as she continued to gurgle up blood, “Ami, it will be okay, we’ll get you to Dende, just hang on.” Videl’s tears dripped on Ami.
“No, ugh, ugh, Videl, I’m,” she stopped as she forced herself to breath, “I’m not going to make it.” Mina and Uub began to awaken, and saw Ami dying; they crawled over with one arm, leaving a trail of blood as they went, their bruised and battered bodies curling around their dying friend. Ami let out her last breath. Videl screamed, as her aura burst around her. Mina pulled herself up, as she leant over her dead friend, tears streamed down her face. Uub forced himself up weakly he placed an arm over Mina, both of them too weak to aid in the fight. Videl blasted off into the fray.

The smoke cleared from Gohan’s Twin Dragon Shot Kamehameha and Death stood there, his body heavily deformed, his mask was cracked. Gohan didn’t give him the time to heal, he flew at him delivering a powerful kick to the face, causing the crack to enlarge snapping the mask in two, and it stayed on his face. Gohan back flipped as he was hit by a barrage of energy blasts. Videl dove into Death, surprising him, she pummelled his face, he slowly recuperated, unscathed by her attack, his head twisted facing her followed by the rest of his body, “YOU KILLED HER!” she screamed.
The mask smirked, “You’re next,” he said as his head twisted. He grabbed her by the arm flipping them so that he was on top, he raised his arm turning it into a spiky mace, and he swung smashing into her chest, he raised his arm again “Die”. Gohan plowed into him sending them both crashing through the palace. Videl used what she had left of her energy to push up and look in the direction they went she couldn’t see a thing.

Mina pushed herself onto her feet, clutching her side as the stab wounds from Death’s spikes stung. She limped past the badly wounded Uub, and dead Ami and towards Videl’s battered body, she fell to the ground. Pushing herself back up she forced herself to Videl falling once more, she used her left arm to drag herself there. “We have got to get out of here,” Mina said as she approached Videl, unaware she was now unconscious, Mina soon found out. She began to drag Videl back towards Uub, and Ami, slowly she got there as Uub turned towards her, bleeding from his many wounds. “We have to find some way for Dende to open that portal; we’re all going to die soon if we don’t get out of here.” Mina said wiping the blood from his mouth.
“I know but how to we send a message through dimensions,” was his reply as he grabbed her hand falling slightly forward.
“Like this,” Mina placed two fingers two her forehead, ‘Serena hear me we need to escape Ami is down we need out Now!’ she though hoping Serena and her special link would be strong enough.

Serena lay unconscious on the Lookout, when a strange felling awoke her. She snapped upright awake. She looked around she was the only one awake. She forced herself up and stumbled over to Dende, ‘I am so weak, but I have to save them.’ She knelt beside Dende and placed her hands over top of him, “Moon Healing Escalation,” white ripples emanated from her hand healing Dende. His eyes slowly opened “Quick something has gone horribly wrong we need to open the portal and bring them back NOW!” Serena screamed at him knowing something terrible had happened.
Dende slowly arose to his feet and attempted to open a portal, it failed, “Whatever was stopping me from opening the portal is still there.” Dende was obviously weak.
“We we have to keep trying, Moon Healing Escalation!” Serena continued to heal Dende as he continued to attempt opening a portal.

Mina could feel Serena trying to save them hopefully she could do it fast enough that no one else would die.

Gohan punched Death in the face sending him spiralling back again, Death healed from the wounds, Gohan couldn’t figure out how to destroy him. ‘What is his weakness, he has to have one?’ Gohan was kicked by Death and again the two began to exchange blows. In a flurry of hits the two were hard to follow. Gohan smashed his fist into the side of Death’s head shattering the mask; it now clung to his face in a thousand pieces. Death flailed about and screamed pushing Gohan back with his radiating waves of energy. Gohan braced himself on the ground raising his arms to block his face; the force pushed him back, his feet creating ruts as he inched backwards from the force. The energy waves died down and Death charged at Gohan with a kick, Gohan blocked it with his right arm, and blasted a hole through him with his left hand. Gohan charged after him and the two began an exchange of blows, Gohan punched death in the face, and followed it up with a powerful knee to the stomach. Death tumbled to the ground; Gohan dived after him landing on him with both feet at an incredible speed, smashing him into the ground. Gohan booted him into the distance, appearing behind him kneeing him up in to sky, Gohan reappeared above him punching downward. Gohan pulled his arms to his right side as blue energy waves pooled into the circular shape his cupped hands made, “Kamehameha!” Gohan pushed the energy beam after his opponent sending Death crashing into the ground faster.
The smoke cleared and Death was fully healed, “Don’t you understand fool, I am one with the Negaverse, as long as it exists so will I.” Gohan had a look of pure shock on his face as Death explained. “Now seeing as I seem unable to finish you currently, and you are unable to kill me how about I just kill them for now.” Death pointed to Gohan’s wounded friends as his arm mutated forming a scythe from it. He charged at the group swinging his weapon, Gohan chased after him. Death dropped his scythe onto Videl but to his surprise Gohan appeared draped over Videl. The blade went into Gohan’s back and through his stomach just barely piercing Videl. Death pulled his scythe out and laughed, “Looks like I did finish you.”
Gohan began coughing up blood grabbing his stomach he slowly stood up. “Mina Dende will be able to open a portal soon, get them all out as soon as you can okay?”
Mina looked at him with great worry, “How are we going to defeat him?”
“I finally know his weakness,” with that he turned to Death. “Hey Crack Face, I’ve got a story for you,” Gohan’s aura began to grow intensely blue lightning cracking around him.
Death looked not amused, “Fine tell it.”
“A couple of years ago a enemy came to earth that no one could defeat, so a being known as Old Kai unlocked all of my potential,” Death yawned “and with it he gave me a warning. He said that if i ever went Super Saiyan the power output could destroy planets,” Gohan’s aura shifted from white to yellow as he became a Super Saiyan the ground beneath him began to crack as he changed. The world began to shake the palace crumbled; the planet began to break apart. “He told me that I could probably not survive going Super Saiyan 3, but if I became one it could potentially destroy the universe.” Blue lightning began to dance around his aura as he became Super Saiyan 2. The planet they were on shattered as Mina created an energy barrier around herself, Uub, Videl, and Ami’s body. They were floating in space the atmosphere had not yet been destroyed. “All of a sudden I’m ready to take that chance.” Gohan screamed as energy began to pour into him, in the background Mina could see the nearest planets begin to explode like the one they were on did, soon the star in the system was snuffed out and disappeared. Gohan let out another scream as the universe itself began to rip, white energy seeped into the darkness. The Portal opened behind Mina as Death began to wither in pain, “GO NOW!” Gohan yelled. Mina wasted no time she pushed the group through the portal. “Now that their gone, I don’t need to hold back now do I?” With that Gohan burst, when the light faded he had long spiky blonde hair and he was a Super Saiyan 3.
The whole universe began to rip apart, as Death too ripped open dying, “You’ve doomed us both. Was it worth it?”
“Yes,” Gohan said as the universe ended in a brilliant flash of white.

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