❯ Invisible – Unusual First Day ( Chapter 2 )

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The first day of school came around. I take one foot through the front door and already feel like a
loser again. Everyone was so tan. I was as white as a ghost. Why didn’t I just follow through with
my plans? Everyone wasn’t noticing me, which I guess was some sort of relief. I walked to my

It was my first year of highschool. I wasn’t as nervous as most people, because my older brother
told me everything about highschool. You know, he actually has a life. Unlike me. I liked my older
brother. He treated my like a somebody. Which I wasn’t, obviously. He takes me out sometimes.
He’ll take me out to movies or out to lunch. He drags me out of the house when I’m really
depressed. But other than that, I’m nobody special.

My locker seemed kind of small, but I’ll live. I went to the office, and I picked up my schedule.
I glanced down at my first class. My first class was a study hall. Seriously. Who puts a study
hall first thing in the morning? You don’t even have any classes before then. I hate stupid people
who don’t think before doing things.

I walk in an a man is standing at the door. « Name? » He asked.

« Um…Amie » I answered. He looked through the list and pointed out a desk next to some guy. I’m
guessing that ment to sit there. I walked over and sat down. The guy next to me stared blankly at
me. I turned away. I didn’t like when people stared at me. It made me feel more of a loser than I
already was.

« Hi, I’m Maranda! » I turned my head to my right. There was some really preppy girl standing there.
Preppy girls really know how to cheer people up. This was my first « hi » of the day.

« Hi, I’m Amie. » I smiled at her. She smiled too.

« I like your smile. It’s really pretty. You know, you should smile more often. » She smiled bigger at
me and sat down. What was she trying to say, I never smiled? I do every once in a while. But not
as much as I should. I smiled back at her.

« What do you have next period? » She asked. I looked down at my schedule.

« Algebra. » I said. I’m pretty good at math. It wasn’t my favorite subject, but at least I knew I would
pass that class.

« Me too! » This girl was really getting on my nerves now.

« Okay, I’m going to go over the rules with you guys just once. » Saved my the teacher. I swear, I’ve
never talked so much within the same hour. That really suprised me. The teacher went over a few
rules and the told us we had to find something to do. I got a notebook out and started drawing,
because I really had nothing much to do. I looked to my left, where the boy was.

He kept glancing at my drawings. But then he noticed I saw him and he turned away. I sighed.
So he was a shy guy. The bell rang. I tore the page out and put it on his desk. He looked up at
me and I turned and walked away.

Invisible – One Summer’s Day…