❯ Into Ashes – One ( One-Shot )

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Into Ashes

AN:Ok,this is my first ANK fic.I’ve been thinking about writing it for awhile,but never did it.I was afraid I’d make it all OOC.But now that I think about it,the character I’m writing about here never showed any emotion,or character from what I saw.I’m pretty sure you all know who I’m talking about.Anyway,this is post OAV,the aftermath.No yaoi,no lemon,just some depressing stuff and death.

Disclaimer:I don’t own em.

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Can stone burn in the same way a person can?I wonder as I lay here motionless,poison running through my veins as the mattress beneath me starts to smoke and burn.I can barely see my arm through the smoke,where I had dropped the ciggarette.Not just any ciggarette,a Black Moon.I didn’t give my only one to Riki that night,I actually had two.Thats how they sell them I guess,maybe they’re intended for desperate lovers who plan to escape this world,not guys like me.

Like me.

All my life,since I was old enough to know what emotions were,I have been a stone.Walking from day to day,existing,doing what I had to do to survive.In order to survive,I had to wear a mask,cover up what was on the inside.Emotions were a weakness,something that could be manipulated on the market.I know,I’ve done the manipulating myself.Using greed,fear,and pride to my advantage to gain more wealth and power.Over time,that mask I wore over my emotions wasn’t a mask anymore.It had become a part of me,alot like the mark on my face,it was there forever.

Until…………two days ago.

I should have seen it coming.That asshole,Guy,was so possessive of Riki that he was willing to destroy what he claimed to love.Did he love him at all?If he had,he would have let it be.Maybe Iason and Riki were destined to be together,fate working against the rules of the world that they lived in.Mongrol and Blonde,fate saw no such line,same with love.Love is blind,so is fate.But fate also tends to turn around and bite you in the ass.Thats what it did with Iason and Riki,binding them together when the world wanted to rip them apart.And they were ripped apart,by Guy.I have no doubt in my mind that Iason could have gotten out of the burning remains of Dana Bahn,if he had wanted to.But he didn’t.He saw it too,his whole life being ripped apart.Iason knew that it was over then,that his life would be destroyed when the world did finally rip him and Riki away from each other.

That why he stayed,and he knew that Riki would come back to him,to join him in death.They are free now,nothing will tear them apart in the arms of death.Now,its just me,Guy,and Raoul.We’re the ones who have to live now,pondering what could have or would have happened.I’m glad about that at least,that Guy has to live with the guilt.I,however,have decided not to live at all.I had no life before this,and no life now.Up until now,I’ve been living a half-life.I don’t know what kept me alive,what fueled my life.All I know,whatever it was,its gone.

Everything is blury now,I can’t move,can’t feel.I’ve grown so numb that I didn’t even feel my arm catch of fire.The cigarette has started a fire,making the mattress into a funeral pyre.It’s spreading fast,my shoulder is catching.

Flame retardent my ass.It doesn’t matter now,no one will care how I died.I feel the blood on my arm boil away but I don’t care,I’m alreay gone.As the flames reach my face,consuming me,I draw my last breath as everything goes dark.

**************************************************************** **

It was another dark,long day in Ceres.It was like being in prison for Guy,having nothing to look foward too.Just a long road in head of him,nothing but walking until you’ve reached your final destination.Death.

« My entire life »Guy spoke out loud,to no one in particular « Will be spent greiving over what I lost,until I’m dead »

The members of Bison looked at their leader,concerned.Guy had been this way since Riki had died,acting crazy between crying day and night.He had them all worried,but they tried to carry on the normal routain,hoping it would bring him back.Luke broke the silence.

« You hear about that fire last night?That apartment building that burned down? »

« Yeah,it was huge.Anyone die? Norris asked,keeping his eyes on Guy,watching for any changes in expression.

« Only one person,everyone else got out. » Luke was also watching Guy,wondering if now was a good time to bring this up.

« Who was it? »Sid asked,not knowing what the answer would do.

« The black market dealer,Katze.Apparently,he was smoking in bed.His mattress caught fire,he burned to death.I heard there was nothing left of him when they finally got the fire out,just a few bones that they had to test to see if they were his. »Luke stared at Guy,waiting for him to react.He knew that Katze had something to do with what happend at Dana Bahn,he had been there when it crumbled with Riki still in it.Katze had been the one that had dropped guy off that night,all bloodied and beaten.They had no time to ask him what exactly had happened,he had left when they were tending to Guy’s wounds.Luke watched as Guy’s lips pulled into a smile,a creepy and bitter smile that only deepend his insanity.Guy then only said three words.

« Good for him »