Digimon Fan Fiction / Sailor Moon Fan Fiction ❯ Internet ( Chapter 5 )

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On Silver Wings – Chapter 5 – Internet

Tessa woke up inexplicably early the next day. One of those days when you wake up at 6 am and feel completely rested. ‘What a waste! A whole day to sleep in and I wake up like it’s time for school.’ It was the Saturday before Thanksgiving so her brother would be staying home for another week. She thought it must be nice to have such big breaks. She carefully untangled Patamon from her arms and slipped from her bed. Her mind was still trying to grasp the news they heard last night and the locket that now hung on her neck.

She stepped around Sam’s spot on the floor and sat down in front of her computer. Bring up her browser she typed into the search bar “girl fighting shadow in Atlanta.” Sure enough pages of internet pages, news articles, and videos pop up on her screen. She wasn’t surprised that videos would surface eventually because the attack happened on a downtown street. She turned down her volume and clicked on a video titled “OMG NOT FAKE CRAZY SHADOWS AND HOT MINI SKIRT GIRL!”

“Oh my god oh my god!” came the voice of the phone holder. The screen streaked violently from side to side as the cameraman ran. The picture steadied as the cameraman hunkered down behind a parked car. The camera phone holder continued, “This is unbelievable! These like shadow thing came out of no where- OH! There it is now.” A tall black mass glided into view. Although the new cast the night before said it had legs, Tessa couldn’t see any but it did have grotesquely long arms. It was easily ten feet tall. The creatures arched it’s back over and hung it’s head low. The grainy video made it hard to see if it had any facial features.

“Holy shit!” the cameraman whispered to himself. “That thing is huge!”

“Holy shit that thing IS huge!” Tessa nearly fell out of her chair. Sammie was right behind her with her mouth gaping open.

Tessa, still clutching her chest, scolded her friend, “Jeez Sammie! Give me a heart attack wow…”

Sam wasn’t paying attention instead jabbed a finger at the screen. Tessa quickly turned her head forward again to see a bright flash of light smash into the creature.

“Crescent beam!” Sammie said in an excited murmur.

“Sailor Venus?” Tessa wondered aloud.

The picture bounced around again as the cameraman exclaimed, “Holy shit what just happened!” As he steadied the camera a girl ran into view. Like with the creature, they couldn’t make out her face but she wore the colors for sailor Venus.

Sammie clasp her friend’s shoulders excitedly and jumped around squealing “It’s real it’s real it’s real!” All her noise awoke the brothers. Patamon yawned and slowly fluttered over to the girls while Impmon grabbed a pillow and tossed it at Sam; hitting her square in the back before bundling up in Tessa’s comforter and snorting out his displeasure.

The new Venus cried out in a cheery fashion, “Alright that’s enough!” She launched another attack, the screen when bright white again, the creature shrieked and vaporized. The video quickly cut off. The two girls were still in shock.

Tessa rubbed at her eyes. “I need a shower” she said before stumbling out of the room. Sammie jumped into the chair and settled Patamon into her lap. While she washed up Sam surfed the net looking for answers. There really weren’t any. No one knew anything but anime nerds at every corner of the internet were freaking out. The two girls tried and failed to extract Impmon from the blankets then went down stairs with Patamon to making some waffles for breakfast. While Tessa was mixing up the batter and working the waffle iron with Patamon on her shoulder, Sam was on the couch watching the local news. They were rehashing everything they had already read up online. A bed-headed Kyle came down stairs and shoved over Sammie to watch the news replay the internet video the girls had already seen.

“Ya know,” Kyle said as he sat down to the table next to Tessa. “Even if you have some kind of magical locket the odds of you actually using it around here are like zero. Atlanta is a big city and according to our sign post, we’re still considered a village.”

Sam smiled slyly at him from across the table. “Kyle, are you suggesting we drive into the cities to try and encounter these monsters?” Tessa nearly choked on her waffle at the suggestion.

Kyle looked between the two girls with a girl and threw up his hands. “Hey hey, I’m just saying they’re not around here. I’m not suggesting putting my dear little sister in harms way but what I am saying is that a locket given to you by a talking cat is a locket I consider to be given for some kind of reason.” He jerked his thumb over his shoulder to the TV in the living room. “And according to recent reports that purpose seems to be kicking the ass of shadowy freaks.” At this point in the conversation Impmon came into the kitchen with an irate look on his face; outraged that the eating had started without him. He jumped on a chair between  the two siblings and began to stuff his face with waffles.

Kyle turned his attention to the little monster. “Dude, don’t be stupid.” He pried out a half eaten waffle from Impmon’s mouth and slapped it on the plate. “Syrup dude, nectar of the gods.” Impmon watched as a puddle of sugar liquid drown his mangled waffle. “Ya, lets get you a sugar high little monster.” He slapped down the bottle. “Oh, what was I saying-”

“No Kyle and NO Sam.”

“Wha! How can you just say no!” Her brother protested. “I know you’re curious cause I know I am. Besides there’s always a possibility we could find more digimon too right? Don’t they like to muck around in cities too? Hey dude-” he prodded Impmon who was piling on my syrup on a new waffle. “If you had the choice you’d rather land in a big city then in a tree in a field right?” The little digimon absent mindlessly nodded, more interested in his food.

“Come on!” Sammie complained. “Besides Christmas is next month right? So we can kill three birds with one stone. Searching for the perfect gift, searching for more digimon, and searching for creepy shadow freaks. Lets make a day of it!”

Kyle laughed and high-fived Sammie. “Awesome.”

Tessa felt out numbered. “Are you suggesting what I think you are?”

“Heck ya! Mall of America!”

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