❯ In the Shadow of the Bat – Powergirl and Huntress ( Chapter 9 )

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Disclaimer: I own none of these DC Comics characters, I’m just borrowing them for awhile. This is my take on events surrounding Infinite Crisis, and may not coincide with other versions.

Power Girl and Huntress: Lost Time

Helena Bertinelli paused, her black hair falling into her eyes as she looked over the headquarters of the Justice Society. It was a busy place these days, new heroes pouring in as the group strove to train the next generation of legacy heroes. Of course, as Huntress she was here for another reason, one that had started some time ago….

Power Girl showed up over a year ago, deeply confused for reasons Huntress only learned about later. At the time the busty blonde heroine had been mentally tampered with by the villain Psycho Pirate, who was making her see visions of alternate lives she could have lived. Apparently in many of those lives there was a connection between then, and Huntress had to admit she felt a odd… bond with the heroine.

Ducking into a alley Huntress quickly changed into her purple and black garb, adjusting her mask until it set right then, squaring her shoulders marched up to the Gotham city landmark. As she neared the doors silver spheres smoothly detached from the building and swept around her as a voice quietly noted, “Huntress, former member Justice League, associate of Black Canary. Entrance permitted.”

“Nice security system,” Huntress murmured as she walked in, passing finely decorated collums as she looked around. There were no picture or decorations announcing who they were, but they weren’t needed. The world already knew who the JSA were, the members no longer needed to prove anything to anyone.

“Eee!” the squeal of a girl made Huntress blink in surprise as the red headed girl in red and green rushed up to her, “ohmygodyourtheHuntressI’veheardofyouyouwereintheJLAand….R 21;

“Cyclone!” the blonde in blue, red and white laughed, “slow down.” Stargirl smiled up at Huntress as she continued, “Sorry, she’s a superheroine fangirl and can get a little over excited.”

“Sorry,” Cyclone smiled shyly.

“It’s all right,” Huntress smiled, remembering her own awed reaction to meeting Superman. Clearing her throat she asked, “I was looking for Power Girl…?”

Cyclone smiled, “She just got back from a mission, I think she’s in her quarters…?”

“Thanks,” Huntress said after getting quick directions from the two girls.

The Justice Society’s headquarters was a… interesting place. As she walked Huntress saw the new Starman float by, peeked in to see Wildcat sparring with his son, and several others playing cards. There was a oddly homey atmosphere, along with a feeling of… belonging.
‘Pretty different from when I was in the Justice League,’ Helena mused as she reached the correct door and knocked.

After a moment the door opened and Power Girl gazed in surprise at Huntress, her eyes widening slightly. “Huntress,” she smiled slightly, “what a surprise…”

Huntress smiled back as she conceded, “It’s been a while, but I wanted to see you.”

Power Girl gave her a searching look then nodded, “Come on in.” The room inside was untidy but not badly so, with Power Girl’s red cape draped over a chair as the blonde stalked over to the mini kitchen and poured out some juice. “Do you want some?” she offered as Huntress took a seat on the couch.

“No, thanks,” Huntress said, sighing as she wondered what the hell she was doing here. Looking up at Power Girl she was struck by her physical beauty and pure presence. Unlike many heroines she wasn’t just beautiful with her lovely face and well built body, but she also radiated a incredible sense of power and presence. Even more astonishingly she seemed mostly unaware of her effect on others.

Power Girl walked over to a nearby chair, sitting down with a sigh. “Sorry,” she smiled slightly, “it’s been a long day.”

Huntress eagerly seized on that, and the two heroines began to relax as they compaired their various bad day experiences. By the time Huntress finished recounting her worst day in Metropolis they had both relaxed and were on a first name basis.

“So Helena,” Karen leaned forward as she looked at her curiously, “why did you want to see me?”

“It’s kind of strange,” Helena admitted, trying not to look at the open window of flesh visable above Karen’s breasts.

“Oh?” Karen asked.

“Last year, you came to me when you were in trouble,” Helena looked over at her searchingly as she asked, “why?”

Karen, oddly, blushed faintly. “I guess Oracle has filled you in on my background?” she asked after a moment.

“You come from a alternate Earth,” Helena said, “one that was destroyed in a great crisis. In that world you were the alternate version of Supergirl, I think.”

“That’s pretty much the case,” Karen nodded. “There were also counterparts there of many heroes… including you.”
“That’s how you knew me!” Helena sat up in surprise.

“Yeah,” Karen agreed with a bit of sadness in her eyes, “your name was even Helena there, too.”

Helena felt a odd twinge as she met Karen’s eyes. “You two were close?”

A faint blush colored Karen’s cheeks. “We were both second generation heroes,” she remembered as she sat back, “her the daughter of Batman, I the successor of Superman and we immediately had that to bond over.”

“I can imagine,” Helena said. She looked at Karen, once again noting how beautiful she was, struck by a odd moment of vertigo…

“Helena?” Karen asked.

“Just… remembering something,” Helena murmured. “Something odd happened during the second Crisis….”

Karen looked sympathetic, “You got someone else’s memories?”

“You know?” Helena blinked.

“It happened to a few JSA members too,” Karen revealed, “they suddenly recalled living lives on Earth 2, or at least bits and pieces.”

Helena looked at Karen with a faintly pained look as she revealed, “That’s why I was asking you about the other Huntress.”

After studying Helena a moment a faint blush colored Karen’s cheeks, “What sort of memories are we dealing with here?”

“Intimate ones,” Helena looked away.

Karen looked more than a bit embarrassed. “I’m… not quite sure what to say,” she chuckled nervously.

“Could you,” Helena searched for the right words, “put this into some kind of context? Or I’m never going to be able to look at you without blushing again.”

Karen grinned at that comment. She took a drink then said, “You have to understand, I never dated much before. I had been raised in a simulated version of Krypton, and after I arrived on Earth I found it hard to relate to people.” She looked thoughtful, “The one guy I dated, Andrew, really didn’t turn out well either.”

“I see,” Helena murmured.

“The Huntress I knew didn’t have much better luck,” Karen mused, “and one night we left a JSA meeting and went off to drown our sorrows.”

“And one thing led to another?” Helena gulped.

Karen winked, “Pretty much. And no, I’m not going into any more detail.”

“Trust me,” Helena blushed, “I already have too much detail.”

Karen was tempted to ask, but decided not to.

Helena got up, stretching as she picked up her costume’s mask off a nearby table, watching as Karen got up too. Looking at Karen she was struck by the almost physical memory of tugging that white cloth down and feasting on those full breasts.

Moving quickly Karen rushed over to catch Helena as she swayed, watching the woman’s eyes widen. “Are you all right?” she asked gently.

“That was almost as embarassing as yelling the wrong name with Oracle a few nights back,” Helena confessed.

Karen looked a bit startled, “You and Oracle?”

“Try not to tell anyone,” Helena blushed.

“My lips are sealed,” Karen noted, feeling a twinge of regret. “Does Black Canary know?”

“I’d guess so,” Helena said, cheeks still read.

Karen checked the time as she picked up her cape. “Wanna go talk about it?” she offered. A grin, “I promise not to take advantage.”

Helena grinned back, glad she had someone else to talk about this with. “You know, I’d like that,” she admitted as they walked out together. “I can’t talk about this stuff with Lady Blackhawk, she’s a bit… old fashioned.”

“But cute,” Karen added,

Helena chuckled, “When she found out a good looking male friend of ours was gay, her first reaction was that she and I should kidnap him and convert him straight.”

“I see what you mean,” Karen snickered.


Notes: During “Infinite Crisis” the members of Doom Patrol regained memories of a alternate past, so I thought it might be interesting if it happened to others. Originally intended as a PWP, but the characters wouldn’t let me go there.

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