Fullmetal Alchemist Fan Fiction ❯ In Between ( Chapter 6 )

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“Alright, to do simple spells, you’ll only need to do the chant and focus your energy. The spells from the book are a lot more complex. Those require a lot more energy, time, and materials. Not all of which are easy to find at your local market.” Katherina told Riza.
“I see. Are there ways to do complex spells while holding an item?”
“Hn, yes. To do a sleep spell, for instance, you need sand. Do the chant for how long you want them to sleep and sprinkle the dust over their face; but it’s not just any sand.”
“Of course it’s not.” Riza sat on an old tree stump.
The two females had been walking around in the forest for nearly the whole day. They had crossed rivers, went through caves and even deep into the Earth. As far as Riza knew, they were probably out of Central by now.
“Katherina,” Riza called after she drank from a river. “do you even know where we are?”
“Of course I do! We’re right here.” Katherina pointed to the ground.
The blonde woman shook her head. “No, I mean, are we even in Central, East City, what?” she looked around.
“Ah, we’re actually not even in Ametris…well technically we’re not. We’re in a little something I like to call ‘In Between’.”
“‘In Between’? Like an area between two states?”
“Eh, almost. The ‘In Between’ is the area between your world and Terra Caeca. Loosely translated to The Blind. This is the threshold that people from the Terra Caeca use to from this world to yours.”
“Terra Caeca? So…those fairy tales about dragons, trolls, faery, and such are real?”
“Well, some of them…like the trolls; they aren’t those big ugly things you see in books and paintings. They’re actually quite handsome and beautiful but they are also quite strong and are very rude. When they’re in Terra Caeca, they shed their glamour and they have grayish skin, black eyes, and hair. They also have yellow-orange horns. Oh and never get one mad, they tend to go very crazy.”
“Oh my…what about dragons?”
“You mean tarragon’s and yes those are very real, I’m part tarragon myself.”
“Oh wow, what do they look like?”
“Tarragon’s have four legs, giant wings and long necks. They have narrow heads as well. And before you ask, they can’t breathe fire. Who ever came up with that idea is stupid, but, however, they can talk. They are quite intelligent too.”
“What else are there?”
“Well, chimeras are real. They come in many different mixes; the most common one is a lion, goat, and serpent. It has the head of a lion and a goat with the lion’s body. The tail is the serpent’s head. These are very different from the one your government has created. The ones here are a lot worse, but you shouldn’t have to worry, coming across one is quite rare, like coming across a dragon is.”
“Ah…then I’m lucky to meet one, huh?” Riza smiled. “So, is Cerberus real?”
“The mythical three headed hell hound that guard’s hell and kills those who try to enter?”
“Well then yes, those are very real, in fact,” A sly smile came across Katharina’s face. “You own one yourself and I’m proud to say you take care of him very well.”
Riza’s eyes widen some.”You mean; Hayate is one?”
“Mmh, he is a rare breed though. I must say, I am shocked you were able to train him as well as you have. Neither human nor faery have been able to train his kind that well.” Katherina laughed.
The blonde woman gave a small smiled. “Thank you, Katherina.”
“Hn! Well enough talking, we have to hurry up and get back to the safe house before the Sonnellion’s come out. They’ve been on a three week fast and they eat all the time so they will not hesitate to eat us.” Katherina giggled.
Riza ran into the house right after Katherina, with the Sonnellion’s right at their heels.
After close and locking the door, Katherina turned to the panting woman. “They’re super hungry! Even my fireballs didn’t stop them!” she laughed. “Well, make yourself at home and I’ll cook us up something good to eat then afterwards, I’ll show you how to do a spell.” she left to the kitchen.
Riza finally caught her breath and sat on one of the arm chairs and took in the room.
There were a few small windows with heavy red drapes that blocked out the sun. The fireplace was black bricks and in it was a brink pink and orange fire. There was a tan sofa in front of the fireplace with two tan arm chairs on each side; there was a staircase that leads upstairs; behind the couch was the kitchen. She couldn’t see inside it because the door had sung closed, but she did, however, smell spices on meat, cooking.
“Such a strange world, the ‘In Between’…” the blonde muttered to herself as she got up and went to the foot of the stairs. She looked up at the top of the stairs and saw a long hallway. There were three doors, light was emitting from one of them. ‘I guess those are bed rooms…I wonder what they’re like…’ she glanced back at the kitchen. ‘Maybe if I move quickly enough and I stay quite…’ she looked back up the steps. ‘One little peak couldn’t hurt, I’ll just be extra careful.’ she started up the steps which creaked as she walked up the steps.
When she got to the top, she tested the doors to find out that they were all locked from the other side. ‘I guess I should go back down…’
As she started from the last door, she heard a click from it as it creaked open.
« What? » she turned and faced it. She hesitantly reached for it and a low growl came from the other side. All at once the door flew open and she was tackled to the floor. She looked up to see a blonde girl with animal hide all over her person and there was a sharp knife pointed to her neck.
« What the hell are you doing? » the other hissed icily, putting the blade closer to her neck.
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