InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Impudence ( Chapter 2 )

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Chapter 2: Impudence

Series: Inuyasha

Universe: Ninja AU (NOT Naruto-verse, mind you! Sorry!
Traditional ninjas only).

Pairing: Eventual SessKag

Rating: PG-13 ( For now, suscepticble to change).

Disclaimer: Inuyasha and its characters are the intellectual
property of one Rumiko Takahashi. I only make bad fanfiction about



Two weeks earlier…

« Listen closely, Kagome. » An aged but
formidable woman growled as she faced the young girl bowing before
her on the floor. « As of today, thou are to finish thy ninja
apprenticeship under the capable teachings of Lord
Sesshoumaru. »

Kagome looked up from her bow, brows

« Lord Sesshoumaru, my Lady? » she asked, her
voice laced with poorly-concealed dread.

« That is correct. Thou art no longer mine
pupil, Kagome. »

« Kaede-sama, if I may speak freely? » Kagome
spoke respectfully, her body still bent in a bow. The older woman
nodded, already anticipating what was to come.

Kagome raised herself into a kneeling position,
placing both hands on her lap. « Why can I not finish my
apprenticeship with my Lady? You who have taught me all there is to
know about the way of the ninja from early childhood; as such, you
are clearly the ideal master for me. Not to dishonor my Lord, but
if possible, I wish to remain your student. »

The wizened old woman smiled inwardly at her
impudence. Despite years of very strict training, Kagome had yet to
curb that outspoken and rebellious side of her. Kaede had tried her
best to temper it, but in truth the pretty, young woman had
reminded her so much of her younger self that she had ended up
nurturing it quite by accident. As it happened, Kagome was a ninja
that questioned everyone and everything, even authority.

« I am afraid it does not work like that, child.
There is nothing left for me to teach thee. I am but an old woman
who is quite past her time of retirement. »

Kagome visibly bristled at that. « How could you
say that, my Lady?! You are one of the most capable ninjas of our
village! You have taught me how to hunt, shoot an arrow, brew both
healing broths and killing poisons -« 

« Enough! » Kaede boomed, and Kagome instantly
silenced. Kaede let out a sigh, and she seemed so much older, as if
deflating and crumpling all at once before Kagome’s

« Aye, child, so I have. And thou has been an
excellent pupil. The best I have ever had, if I am
honest. »

Kagome flushed with pride. Kaede, stiff and
drier than a tree in a desert, was not known for handing out
compliments so generously.

« But there is still much for thee to learn of
the way of the ninja. Things that I cannot teach thee. »

Kagome scowled again. « Such as,
Kaede-sama? »

Kaede took a long pull from her pipe and
exhaled, the acrid smoke making Kagome’s eyes water slightly. After
years of being exposed to it, she would hope it no longer faced
her, yet it always managed to make her want to cough. Ignoring her
pupil’s discomfort as she often did when it came to her smoking
habit, Kaede ambled towards the cushion on the floor and ginglerly
sat on it. She winced as a few bones cracked noisily. Yes, she was
an old woman now, definitely not a worthy teacher for such a young
and talented ninja.

Kagome waited patiently for her old master to
settle in her seat. Finding a comfortable spot, she turned and
faced the young woman.

« As a kunoichi, » Kaede began explaining, « thou
shall be expected to perform some tasks that only the female ninja
of this village can do. »

« And what might those be? » Kagome

Kaede’s eyes glistened mysteriously. « Thou
shall soon find out. »

Authors notes: I always wish Kaede was more included in fanfics.
People seem to forgot that, while her role in the anime may have
been small, it was thanks to her that Kagome learned the basics of
being a miko. Or in this case, of being a ninja? Anyways, Kaede
does not get enough love and that makes for a sad Ange, so here you
go. #TeamKaede

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