❯ Imperfect Sky – Stay ( Chapter 6 )

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Chapter Six: Stay

That’s right… As long as I’m by your side, nothing bad will happen to you! If you ever feel confused, whether in mind or body… I will be by your side…

The years passed. Katan grew slowly into adolescence, but Rosiel just seemed to grow tired… Rumors grew, too, claiming that Alexiel had decided to fight for Hell. All the angels could feel war in the air, now, thick and oh-so-heavy with potential.

The rumors had begun after the battle in Gehenna. In the actual battle Heaven had been victorious, incurring hardly any casualties, but then the angels who had been left behind to search out any survivors had been attacked by a mysterious warrior – and she had slaughtered almost the entire platoon. The few who had survived had described her in their official report as a woman with long black hair who hid her face and carried a double-edged sword, but the whispered gossip that surrounded the weapon made it out to be rather more significant than that…

Katan took in these rumors with personal disinterest; his only concern was for how they must be affecting Rosiel. The elder angel was still as strong and certain as ever in public, but when they were alone Katan would notice how his shoulders stooped, how he would sometimes stop in his work to rest his head in his hands… Sometime, like now, he would stare out the window in a dull brown study, oblivious to everything around him, and Katan felt an odd pang of loneliness as he wondered whether the man would notice even if the world ended.

“Rosiel-sama,” he repeated for the third time, tentatively taking a step inside the room.

“Go away-!” Rosiel snapped, making the boy jumped, as he turned to face him. His mouth went slack the moment he saw who it was, however, and a pained grimace warped his face. “Oh, Katan – I’m sorry, I didn’t mean-”

“It’s okay,” Katan said soothingly, smiling. “I apologize for startling you.”

Rosiel watched him for a moment, before sighing and combing his long hair back and out of his face. “Very well. What is it, then?”

Katan bowed his head respectfully. “I was sent to inform you of a meeting of the other high angels that is set to begin in half an hour. I believe it concerns a rumored group of Gehennan survivors, but I was not given any specific details.”

Rosiel nodded, and made to get up, but then he was still. Katan looked up curiously, and found that he was staring off into middle distance once again… After a moment’s hesitation, he stepped further into the room, and Rosiel didn’t speak as the young cherub moved around the desk to his side. Katan took his hand in his, and Rosiel’s eyes focused on him again in vague surprise at the childlike attempt at comfort.

“I could tell them that you’re feeling ill,” Katan suggested, speaking softly because he was afraid that it might be too presumptuous of him. Rosiel just smiled wearily, however.

“No, I will go to the meeting,” he decided. “But, Katan-” He reached out with his free hand to touch Katan’s face as he spoke, and his fingers trembled as he did so. He sighed again, and the sweet smell of him washed over the boy just before he found himself being caught up in the great angel’s arms. “I think I may have to fight her soon… my sister… and… I’m sorry…”

He really wanted to ask what for, but he was distracted and forgot, distracted because Rosiel felt smaller than he should have in his arms, and as fragile as a china doll… He smiled, however, and closed his eyes. “It’s okay. It will be alright,” he promised, as he often did.


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