❯ Imperfect Sky – Name ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Disclaimer: It’s far too late at night to come up with anything particularly witty, so I’m afraid I’ll just have to leave it at `it’s not mine’. I know how bitterly disappointed you all are.

AN: These two are so cute. Do I need any other excuse? Heh… I always wondered what happened to Katan after Rosiel left him there, in nothing but a sheet no less… The strongest warning for this chapter would be for, er, that last sentence? Just fluff for now. And some blood, I suppose. (Is it even long enough to be called a `chapter’…?) Spoilers for book three. Kudos totally go to black-ocean for the history idea; everybody should go read her history of Zaphikel and Anael! I would never have been ambitious enough to take this on without her example, so, nervous grin, I really hope she doesn’t mind me nicking her idea… (bow, bow, grovel) I’ll take it down if you mind, just let me know!

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Chapter One: Name

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The one who leads – “Katan.” That will be your name…

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The newest child in Heaven stared, mouth agape, after that blinding presence for a long time after it had vanished from sight. By the time he realized that the instinct for flight was already inside him, he knew that there was no chance of following – following the `thirst in his soul’…

He! He was partially distracted from this bittersweet rapture by his sheer wonder at his surroundings – at having surrounding. `Grass’, the shining being had called it, and `trees’. His finger throbbed unpleasantly, but when he untangled it from the folds of cloth (and what a fragrant smell rose from that cloth, though he wouldn’t have known to call it that), he was enthralled by the bright, clean red beads – beads of `reality,’ beads of `pain’…

“Hey! You!”

The boy started visibly at the sound, and laid eyes upon this new angel. The man was obviously an angel, he could see the divine radiance inside him, but – Katan frowned lightly – the radiance paled nearly to nothingness in comparison to that of the other angel. He blinked curious fawn eyes up at the older angel’s irate expression.

“What are you doing here?-! You know this area is restricted to high-” The man’s eyebrows drew together in confusion, and mild disgust, as he looked Katan up and down. “…What happened to your clothes?”

Katan shrank back slightly on an impulse. This angel… he was probably one who had made wishes on grigor… and these odd questions, in such a loud voice, he didn’t understand….

The man gave an exasperated sigh, and grabbed his hand. “Come on, let’s get you out of here… Don’t be so disrespectful; answer me. What’s your name?”

Ah, that he understood! The boy brightened, and learned as he did it what it was to `smile’. “Katan.”


Imperfect Sky – Etemenanki at Atziluth