❯ Imperfect Sky – Child ( Chapter 3 )

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Chapter Three: Child

You’ve surprised me. You’ve come so far. You are indeed my child…

“Y-your child…?” Katan remembered staring in awe at that face, and thinking that, out of all the sculptures and paintings he’d seen of God, he’d never once witnessed such a tender expression… He had felt his nerves soothed in an instant, but at the same time he hadn’t been able to look for very long. He’d stared at the floor instead as he’d bowed formally and stammered out: “T-thank you!” It had sounded glaringly simple to him, and suddenly he’d wanted to tell this man about all of the wonderful things he’d experienced since they’d last met. He had thought Rosiel understood, from the way he had chuckled.

“You’re thanking me, eh…? Well, I’m glad. Listen, you’d better go now, but I’ll see you again soon.” He had grinned rather mischievously at that point. “Go ahead and tell them that I gave you a terribly stern talking-to, won’t you?”

Katan spent much of the rest of the day feeling happier than he’d thought possible, replaying the scene over and over again in his head. “…I’ll see you again soon…” He didn’t pay hardly any attention to what was actually being said at the Supreme Council meeting he was there to watch, but kept his eyes locked on Rosiel the entire time. The older angel didn’t look his way once, but he didn’t mind.

During study period that evening, he didn’t even realize he was staring into space until a hand clapped down on his shoulder, and he jumped guiltily. He relaxed in relief a moment later, however, when one of his friends pulled up a seat next to him.

“Wow, Katan, ‘s this stuff even too boring for you? It must be a miracle… Or maybe you’re just-” the other boy imitated quote marks with his fingers for emphasis, “-in love?”

Katan gaped at him. “Hey, don’t say stuff like that!” he whispered urgently. “I’d never-”

“Aw, come on.” The boy laughed lightly. “Where’s your sense of humor? You sure were thinking hard about something, though.”

He grinned shyly. “Oh… I’m just happy that I got to watch the Council meeting.”

His friend rolled his eyes as he leaned dangerously far back in his chair. “Geez… Remember me when you’re the Prime Minister, m’kay?”

Katan laughed. “Oh, I wouldn’t want that… not at all…”

It hadn’t meant much at the time, but as he tossed and turned that night, he thought – among many other things – about that conversation. Was it really so odd that all he wanted was to serve this man to whom he owed such a great debt? Just why was it that he would willingly choose to be a servant, rather than a master…?

It wasn’t as if he was frightened of the responsibilities of, say, being the Prime Minister – far from it. To serve Rosiel-sama as perfectly as he wished to was a responsibility in of itself… But, he reasoned, what was really the point of being the Prime Minister, anyway? Why would he selfishly want everybody to love him, when he would probably never know any of them? Or, more to the point, how could he ever love everybody as much as a ruler should, when he could only think about one specific person…?

As he watched the moon pass across the width of his window that night, Katan had an odd feeling that his life was about to change again – a change that would somehow be just as all-encompassing as receiving a corporeal form, in its own way. It really was like being born all over again, because he had a notion that he was on the very brink of his real life…


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