❯ Ikitaisha Hope – Ikitaisha ( Chapter 5 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Karin stopped a few yards infront of the cloaked man. She growled low in her throat.
“Why cant you just….” Karin said to herself. Why was this guy coming after her? What did he want. “What do you want! Why do you keep coming after me!” Karin glared at the cloaked man. He only smiled and slipped off the hood. his hair was short and spiked. His eye were narrow and he had a evil smirk across his face.
“I am Kira “ He put his hand out “and all I want is you.” Karin felt herself slowly being lifted into the air. She struggled around to pull herself down but it did nothing. Karin yelled to the Kira.
“ What do you want with me! I don’t have anything that would be important to anyone!” Karin tried struggling again.
“ How can you say that when the proof is right on your head”
Karin reached up to the top of her head and touched the ears snugged under the bandana.
‘The ears? What could he want’ She looked to Kira. “You want these ears you can have them!” Karin pulled the bandana off her head. The two ears popped up and twitched slightly. He nails had grown back to being long and sharp.
Kira grinned up at her “ I don’t just want your ears. All of you is needed.”
“For what?!” anger and frustration filled Karin. Why was he doing this?
“For extermination“ Suddenly the air around Karin zapped. Karin looked about as the zaps of light closed in around her. They vanished and Karin’s eyes zoomed about looking for another. Suddenly a zap hit her shoulder and she winced, her body was being covered in the small zaps and she screamed in pain. The bolts got bigger and soon the whole area she was in was a huge sphere of lightning.
“ Karin” Karin closed her eyes hearing her name. It wasn’t familiar who could be calling her now. At a time like this? “Karin” She heard it again as another scream left her body. “Karin, don’t wry ill protect you” Her eyes shot open and infront of her was the boy from before.
“ Y-you” He pulled Karin out of the electrical sphere and jumped to the ground. He placed her down and turned to Kira.
“ Don’t you know when to give up?” The boy ducked and dashed forward. He uppercut Kira sending him up into the air. Karin watched in amazement.
The boy jumped up and threw Kira to the ground, Kira caught himself up hand kicked back to his feet. Just as Kira reached into his cloak a giant bell rang. Karin turned around panic filling her face.
“Oh no…” Suddenly a flood of people came out the school doors. Karin looked around for her bandana but it was no were in sight. She panicked, without warning the boy picked her up.
“ Come on” He jumped up into the air. Karin looked down to see that Kira had also fled. Karin held onto the boy as he jumped into a patch of tree ands steadied himself on a branch. He put her down and looked back to the school.
“Who are you” Karin looked to the boy. She walked up closer and reached for his ears and pulled. “Are these real?”
He pulled his head away. “Is it really so hard to believe when you have ears like you do?”
Karin looked up to her ears. “Tell me who you are”
The boy crouched down as if he were ready to pounce “ I told you “ he jumped up over her “ im your eternal protector.”
“Wai..” Karin turned around. The boy was already gone. Karin sighed softly and looked down the tree. She took a deep breath and jumped down. To her surprised she easily landed on the ground. She let out the breath and walked her way home.
Karin had stopped at Ayame’s house to get the work she missed in school. She had tried to avoid why she missed the class but it was useless. She said she hadn’t felt good and had gone to the nurse, of course she hoped Ayame wouldn’t go so far as to ask the nurse if that was true.
“Ja Ayame! Thank you so much for the notes.” Karin waved to Ayame as she walked out the door.
“ Anytime.” Karin closed the door behind her and signed. Luckily she had found her bandana in the street near the school and was able to hide her ears again. She walked down the street towards her house. The boy again popped into her mind, she had to find out who he was. Why was he helping her? What did she do for him? And all together what was happening? The reality of it all still hadn’t hit Karin. As she walked down the street a figure jumped down infront of her. Karin backed up but not enough. The figure was the cloaked man from before but now there were two others with him. He grabbed her and held her mouth shut so she couldn’t call for help. Karin desperately struggled. She swung one of the cloaked figures off but the other two were too strong. She was amazed she could alone throw off one.
Karin’s eyes glanced around as she continued to struggle. ‘Were is he?!’ suddenly she felt something slam into the back off her head and just as soon as it did she blacked out. The men picked her up, threw her into a car and drove off.
“W-were…”Karin sat up hitting her head on the top of a box she was in. She looked around panic suddenly coming over her. She pushed again the walls of the box but it wouldn’t budge. Her finger slid across the metallic walls.
“A metal box?” what did they think she was that she would be strong enough to destroy a box. She reached to her back and pulled off her backpack thanking god it was at least still there. She looked at the pin on the bear and hugged it to her. Tears flowed down her cheeks as small whimpers escaped her. Now she was really alone. What had she done to be here? She never hurt anyone why did this happen? A tear slide down her cheek and onto the jewel at the end of the pin. Suddenly it glowed. Karin looked to the pin and held it slightly away from her. The light became blinding and she closed her eyes. When she reopened them and looked at the jewel nothing had changed.
“Hmp, so they got you huh.”Karin jumped in surprise and looked to the side of her. There next to her was the pointy eared boy who had been saving her.
“H-how did you get here?!” Karin pointed at him and backed up against one of the sides of the box. She looked to the jewel and remembered it glow.
“We’ll talk about that later. Right now we nee…” the boy was interrupted as Karin grabbed him. She glared into his eyes and the boy shivered.
“Now” Karin looked darkly at him.
“Ok ok ok” Karin let go of him “not like we can bust out right now anyway, listen.” Karin looked at him and he pointed to the top of his head. She looked up at her ears and they twitched to the side. She could hear the ruckus outside of the box they were in. She looked to him.
“Were are we?” Karin asked him.
“I’m not totally sure at the moment, we’ll have to find that out later.” he answered and glanced to her.
“So…who are you exactly?”
“My name is Ikitaisha “ Karin looked at him.
“Iki..taisha” the sound of his name sounded somewhat familiar.
“ You may not of noticed my different ears, eyes and well strength but there inhuman. Karin twitched slightly
“Yea didn’t…notice at all”
“Well im a demon. Like you are.” As he said this Karin’s eyes went wide. “ Long ago I lived on an island, Youkaitsu. Youkaitsu had been a lost island since I could remember. To us it was the only place to live. Others had tried to travel out and find new worlds but they never came back. One day a boat arrived on our island. We thought it was one of our people who had left long ago. But soon did we discover that it was something else. Some kind of creature we had never seen before.”
“What were they?” Karin’s ears twitched as she listened intently.
“Humans” Ikitaisha looked to her and then back. “ My people had feared the worst and easily took them out, one of course escaped. We thought that would be the last time we would see the humans but we were wrong. The one who had escaped came back. This time with weapons we had never seen, guns they called them. With one shot in the right place the humans easily took out our people one by one. It had seemed like the end.” Ikitaisha looked to Karin. He took the pin from her backpack and looked at the jewel. “ At the moment I was the only one around willing to do it.”
“Willing to do what?” Karin asked
Ikitaisha looked at her then back to the pin. “ In fear that we would be wiped out, the Youkaitsu council made a decision to seal one of each sex away. They would be there to bring the population back once the humans had destroyed it. I had been a child on the streets. The humans had killed my parents in an attempt to let me escape. The Youkaitsu council had found me and soon enough I was sealed inside this jewel” Ikitaisha held up the jewel at the end of the pin. “ I was able to come out but only when I was called for. I remember the words that freed me every time they experimented to see if it would work.”
Karin watched him, as the expression on his face softened.
“ Jewel of hope, I call my eternal savior. Those were the words they had set to free me from the jewel. Everything was well until the humans found us. They charged in fighting it out with our soldiers. The demons were not much against the fast bullets and guns. One of the counsel leaders grabbed the jewel , with me sealed inside, and ran out form the back window just as the humans barged there way in. The minute she got out the hideaway was blown to pieces. She escaped on a small boat and sailed away with the jewel.”
He turned back to Karin
“After that much time passed, I was left inside the jewel until one day when I heard a voice. It was the women who had escaped with me. She was talking to the jewel and I could hear her. She told me she was dying. That I had someone else to now protect. For our people I had to protect this new person.”
Ikitaisha’s hands clenched, Karin looked at him. “ I had failed to protect that women and I promised her I wouldn’t let it happen again.” he looked up to Karin a serious expression. Im your eternal protector, and I wont “
He stood up as much as he could in the box, his hands to the ceiling
“Let you get hurt!” he smashed the ceiling off and jumped out of the box. The men who had been there earlier had left and the room they were in was completely empty. Ikitaisha helped Karin out of the box.
“Now I have a question for you.” Ikitaisha looked to Karin. She looked back to him a little curious. He seemed to know a lot more then she did, what could she tell him he didn’t already know?
“Who are you exactly?” Karin fell over. She shot up infront of him.
“ What do you mean who am I ?!”
“Well that’s what I asked isn’t it?” he looked at one of his sharp claws then back to her. “Well who are ya?”
“M-my name’s Karin.” She looked at him
“So I have to protect Karin.” he looked back at her “So tell me, how are you related to that women, from the council.”
“I…” Karin was unsure if she was right, but with what he had said. The women dying. How her mother had died and she ended up with the jewel. “ Im that women’s daughter.” Ikitaisha looked at her with surprise.
“Well then “ he looked around the room. “ Now that these questions are done I think its best if we get out of here. He went to the door and kicked it down, he could hear the tumult from the next room and already new the men had heard it and were on there way. He quickly picked up Karin and jumped to the ceiling. He punched a hole threw and held him and her there in place.
“What are you” Ikitaisha put his hand over her mouth and shushed her. She glared at him. Soon the men ran in seeing the door kicked down. They ran back out in a flash just as Ikitaisha had hoped. One of the men stayed back. Ikitaisha let go from the ceiling. The man looked up and Ikitaisha’s foot smashed right into his face pushing him down to the ground.
“Stupid human.” Ikitaisha picked him up and made sure he was out cold. Karin stood there looking out the door. Ikitaisha dropped the man and ran over to Karin, he grabbed her hand and ran out.
Ikitaisha looked down every hall way they passed. “It’s like there’s no end!”
His frustration grew as they passed another hall. Karin looked about as well. It was endless, there was no sign of an exit at all. Karin stubbled forward into Ikitaisha as he suddenly stopped. He was looking up. Karin looked up as well and smiled. Above them was a sky window. Ikitaisha picked up Karin and jumped up covering his face and hers. He jumped threw the window and suddenly a alarm sounded threw the area.
Ikitaisha put Karin down and looked to the alarm trigger near the glass “ Dammit” He grabbed Karin’s hand and started for the edge of the roof.
Karin looked back to see a group of men climbing up the window they had jumped threw.
”Ikitaisha!” she called at him.
He looked back and saw them, a low growl emitted from his throat. “ Don’t worry they cant catch us now. They continued running getting closer to the edge. Just as they reached the edge of the roof Ikitaisha stopped. Karin bumped into him pushing him forward slightly. He balanced himself and looked down. “Dammit…”
Karin looked over the edge as well. “…oh no”.

Ikitaisha Hope – Hope in a backpack
Ikitaisha Hope – Brave Eternal Savior