❯ Ikitaisha Hope – Happiness ( Chapter 7 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

“Papa?” she called out looking around. She stepped inside with Ikitaisha behind. She called out again for her Papa. She turned and looked into the living room when she turned back her Papa was suddenly infront of her.
“Kariiin!” her cried and hugged her “ were have you been” he was acting dramatic and she could tell. Something to make her feel guilty for being away without calling. She new he had worried of course but not much could of happened to her if she came back so early like this.
“I’m fine papa. Im sorry I ended up sleeping at Ayame house.” she laughed as her papa joined in.
“Karin” he laughed
“Yes papa” she said between laughs of her own.
“Who is that boy” he stopped laughing.
“Karin stopped and turned to Ikitaisha who looked dumbfounded by all that just happened before his eyes. “Oh, papa this is my from Ikitaisha.” Before her papa could say another word puppy eyes suddenly formed on Karin’s face. “Papa…could he stay here with us for awial, please please please! His family has gone off to another country and he desperately need a place to be!” Karin looked up at her Papa eyes watery and sad. You could practically hear the sad corny music play in the background. In fact ikitaisha started looking around for the source of it.
“Uh..oh of course he can stay Karin” To Karin’s luck papa was a sap for “the face”.
“Thank you Papa!” she hugged him and pulled Ikitaisha upstairs. As her Papa turned to he suddenly realized what he had just done.
He sighed “What did I just do?” she just shrugged it off and went back to what he was doing.
Karin stopped in the hallway and signed. “Now you don’t have to hide in the jewel anymore.” she turned to him. Ikitaisha looked to Karin with a slightly smile. He pulled his hand away gently.
“Thanks I guess” he looked away , glancing at the house. Karin laughed, he had tried to hold in the smile and thought she would see it. She opened the door to the extra room next to hers and led Ikitaisha in.
“This is your room now.” She turned around and watched him look at everything curiously. She could see how new and odd everything must of been for him. 300 years ago not many things were fit for man-kinds comforts.
“So were do you sleep?” Ikitaisha asked.
Karin pointed to the wall to the left. “My room is on the other side of that wall”
A long silence was between the two. Soon Ikitaisha piped up. “ Then I should be in there too” Karin’s face turned red, suddenly a fan was in her hand and she smacked Ikitaisha across the face.
“Pervert!” Karin wacked him around the room “ don’t say that we cant sleep in the same room!”
Ikitaisha scurried away. “It was a suggestion! So I could make sure you would be safe!”
Karin stopped her attack and looked down. “Oh…sorry Ikitaisha” she suddenly felt stupid for hitting him. He was only trying to protect her and she hurt him.
“It’s ok don’t worry about it” he scratched the new bump on the back of his head. Karin looked up and went out to the hallway, when she came back she handed him a sheet and some pillows.
“You’ll need those if you want to sleep comfortably.” Karin turned to the door and walked out. “If there’s anything you need Ikitaisha just call me, night.” She closed the door behind her leaving a very confused looking Ikitaisha standing in a room unfamiliar to him. He put the cloths atop of the bed and took a good look around. There was a clicking circle on the wall across from him, as well as a mirror and some kinda of weird candle on the ceiling. He was beat, it had actually taken them longer then expected and they arrived around early noon. He had been up and alert all night incase the men had decided to look for them out sea. He had his eyes closed of course to help his other senses increase. She looked up at the odd candle. There didn’t seem to be a flame how would he turn it off. Her picked up a book from one of the small shelves and threw it at the light. It instantly went out. Ikitaisha threw himself against the bed. He hadn’t been so relaxed in along time. He looked up at the ceiling. Being inside that jewel wasn’t really that bad, he was just asleep. He looked out the window beside the bed. Not in a long time had he been able to glance out to the stars. The sky had changed from 300 years ago. It was no longer full of millions of tiny dots but now only a few covered the sky. Of course some of the stars were even moving threw the sky, two red dots flew by. This made Ikitaisha think that maybe the starts had flown away? He looked back to the ceiling. He had never really slept in a bed before. It was pretty comforable. Ikitaisha shuffled himself around a bit. He didn’t sense anything outside and he was sure Karin would come get him if there was. Ikitaisha shut his eyes and slowly fell to sleep, feeling comfortable for the first time in 300 years.

Ikitaisha Hope – Brave Eternal Savior