❯ Ikitaisha Hope – Fuzzy Ears? ( Chapter 3 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

It was now night outside Karin’s window. Her father opened her door and saw her sleeping. He smiled and walked out shutting the door gently. Suddenly a small lightly floated by Karin’s window. It floated right threw the glass and passed over Karin as she slept. It slowly flew over to her table side and into a box set upon it. The box glowed slightly soon dying down.Karin awakened, she sat up and scratched her nose.
“That’s so…weird” She had felt something come in but…she had sensed it with her nose. She must have been dreaming. She got up and looked around. “ I guess that guy never came back.” She walked to her door. Just as she was about to open the door she turned around and looked at a small box on her side table. She smiled ‘Mama…’ she turned back to the door and walked out.
“Papa” Karin walked down her stairs peering into the living room. She saw her Papa sitting watching T.V.
“Hey Karin, I saw you were sleeping so I didn’t want to wake you up.” Her father turned back to the T.V.
“Papa did anything weird happen to you today?” Karin walked into the living room and sat beside her Papa.
“..not that I can think of. Why? Did something happen to you Karin?” He looked to her concern showing on his face.
“Of course not Papa, just had so much fun and I wanted to know how your day went!” Karin laughed and her Papa joined in.
“ Well my day was good, im glad to hear yours was too Karin. I brought you some dinner if your hungry.” He pointed to the kitchen.
Karin shot up “Thank you papa, I was so hungry” She walked into the kitchen. Karin picked up the food her papa had left her and sat at the table. If there was one thing Karin loved it was food. She always had, she just loved it.
Karin went into thought as she started eating. Her mind wondered to the boy who had saved her. Who was he? Why had he saved her? And what was with his..ears? Karin glanced out the window, her eyes went wide and she dropped her fork. The cloaked figure was walking down the street to her house. Sudden fear filled Karin. She looked to her Papa and then to the figure again, it was getting closer and closer. She couldn’t put her Papa in danger. Karin quickly ran to the door.
“ Papa! I just remembered I was going to give Ayame something ill be right back sorry” Before he could answer she zoomed out the door. Her Papa looked in surprise shrugging it off. He turned his attention back to the T.V.
Karin ran outside, she could see the figure making its way up the street. She quickly ran to the end of the street in the figures path. She was far enough were he couldn’t touch her and that made her feel somewhat safer. She glanced around as the figure stopped walking. She looked for the boy who had saved her last time. He was no were in sight. Karin stood up making herself look courageous and strong, even though she had never more scared. A grin spread across the mans face.
“ …brave are we?” Karin flinched at his voice, filled with hate. It made her tremble.
“ W-Who are you! Why wont you leave me alone, what do you want!” Karin yelled to the cloaked man. She was upset. Why was he chasing her she didn’t have anything special. Just a regular girl right? Suddenly she thought of the visions she had before. She glared at the cloaked man. Did he have something to do with the visions she was having? Suddenly as she looked to the cloaked man her eyes went wide. One of the images flashed before her, the cloaked figure stood in it. He held a sword in his right hand, blood dripping down the end of it. She stepped back slightly. Was this the same man in the vision? Suddenly a small growl escaped her throat. The mad started to walk forward towards her again. In panic she glanced around again for the boy from before. Her vision blurred as tears filled her eyes, she was pissed off at him, why was he ruining her like this? She clenched her fist as he got closer and closer. She snapped her eye shut and yelled to him.
“Stop!” Suddenly she felt something from behind. She looked up behind her and saw her savior, the boy with the pointy ears. He jumped on the cloaked mans head pushing the man backwards, pushing the boy high into the sky infront of the moon. She looked up at him and he looked down at her. His eyes studied her and he looked upset with something. Had she done something to make him upset? But what could she of done in the last minute he was here? Suddenly he smiled and understandment passed through the features of his face. Karin looked down at the cloaked man as he glared up at the pointy eared boy.
“…dammit…” He glared at the boy. Karin looked back to the boy in the sky as he reached into his pocket. He took out a mirror and looked to Karin.
“ I’ve been waiting for this.” Suddenly he held it up above his head and chanted something unclear to Karin. Suddenly the mirror shined and Karin looked into it seeing her reflection, the mirror flashed and her image changed, she saw herself with small ears atop he head. She backed away from seeing herself in the mirror. Suddenly her senses increased dramatically, she could smell the wind blow by, she could clearly see the detail of the boy from him in the sky, her ears twitch to the sounds around her.
‘Wait…’ she reached up to the side of her head, she no longer felt ears there, she panicked and reached up to her head. She grabbed onto two fluffy ears. Her eyes went wide. The man in the cloak backed up a bit and spun around as the boy with the pointy ears landed behind him.
“ hehe Kira, I have a message for your leader.” The boy grabbed the cloaked by the front of his shirt and smashed his fist into the cloaked mans face. The cloaked man was sent flying back into the ground. Karin still standing there in shock her hands wrapped around the ears on her head. The cloaked man reached to his wrist as the boy jumped at him . The cloaked man vanished and the boy ended up slamming his foot into the empty ground instead. He stood up and looked to Karin. She still stood there gripping the ears on her head eyes in utter shock.
“ Hey” the boy walked up to her, he waved his hand infront of her eyes but she didn’t move. He snapped his fingers infront of her face, she suddenly snapped out of her trance and looked to the boy.
“..w-who…” before she could finish he answered her question.
“ Im your eternal savior “ he turned his back to her and jumped up into a bunch of trees.
“Wait!” She stepped forward but it was too late. The boy had disappeared.
“..eternal…savior…” Karin turned to around and walked back to her house, confusion and shock covering her face.
Karin carefully opened the door to her house, she quickly ran in and closed the door behind her. Karin ran upstairs.
“I’m home papa but im tired so im going to bed night!” Before he could respond she ran into her room and closed the door behind her. Her Papa looked up the stairs in confusion, but shrugged it off and went back to what he was doing.

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