❯ Ikitaisha Hope – Fantasys Sphere ( Chapter 1 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

“ Papa Papa!” a small girl runs over to her father. Dressed in a white bantam kimono, her hair let down. Her father looks down to her. His bangs covered over his eyes masking his pain. He kneeled down next to the small girl. He knew what she would ask, like she had everyday till now. The girl just looked at him again, not seeing his comforting eyes made her scared, confused, more then she already was.
“Papa…why hasn’t mama come back yet?” she looked to him, her sea blue eyes trying to find his for an answer. She asked again. This time her voice in a meager tone afraid of why he had not answered. “ When is mama coming back?”she asked again .
When he only bowed his head slightly more she could hear small whimpers come form him, as if he was holding in something he had to say. The girl reached up and moved her papa’s bangs out of his eyes. She new when she saw his reassuring glance she would feel better, and soon mama could come right through the door like she did ever day right? When she glanced into his eyes her’s started to sweat. Tears were rolling down his cheeks. He couldn’t tell her the things he new were true, but he could never lie. The tears he showed her was enough of a sign for the young girl. The girl clutched the small hair pin in her hand. She new that her mama would never come back.
“Im off” the scene has changed now. The same place from that time long ago yet it seems older and empty. Instead of a crying papa and his little girl, a older girl trug through it and runs out to the streets. She didn’t seem upset or sad, but happy and her aura was one of no worries. Her mind no longer wondered back to that day. Her and her papa were closer then ever and happy as well. She reached a corner street were two other girls stood waving and calling her name out.
“Karin” the girls called as she reached them.
“Your late you know, we’ll probably be lagging now”one of the girls looked over to Karin. The three girls started down the street.
“Sorry, I was up late finishing that stupid assignment “ she scratched the back of her head laughing nervously.
“That’s not do for sometime, you always prepare to much.“ one of the girls laughed.
“Better ready now then lost later” Karin only shrugged, she looked to her two best friends Mari and Ayame. They had been planning this trip for sometime. They all loved fantasy and fictional stories. That’s exactly how they all met, F.P.C. , Fantasy Passion Club.
As they reached a small building the girls started to look excited.
“This is gonna be so much fun!” Mari threw her arms up in joy. This was the greatest Fantasy tutorial know in all London. It had many stories of interest for people who enjoy things like dragons, knights, art as well and even play writes for producers. Were do you think Tale of Narnia came from?
The girls strolled into the huge building, the joy showing plainly on there three faces. Mari and Ayame walked to get tickets Karin following behind. An uneasy feeling started to overcome her..
“Karin?” Ayame walked back to Karin as Mari stood online to get in.” Karin you don’t look good, don’t tell me your sick know!”
Karin looked to her “of course not! Im just so excited” and that was the truth, but she still felt somewhat noxious, a feeling inside her, like something was pulling at her. Ayame pulled her along gently Karin eagerly fallowing. This was no time to be sick, she had been waiting for this for a long time! She pushed the noxious feeling aside and fallowed the girls into the convection.
Exploring ever inch of the cathedral looking building, the girls had stopped for a brake at the art work and models. All three of them were laughing up a storm, school had been tough lately and this was quit the relief. Mari looked over at a few of the models and art works, as she scanned threw them. Wial Ayame and Karin talked her eyes caught something shimmering through a crowd.
“Hey you guys” she stood up but to no avail. The crowd surrounding the object was too big to see over. She pointed to the crowd the two other girls looking.
“What’s over there?” Karin asked looking at it with curiosity.
“I don’t know but lets go see!” Ayame shot up and walked over the others on her trail right behind.
Ayame pushed through the girls holding hands as not to get lost from each other. Karin started to feel sick. Her stomach turned and she felt extremely hot. Her palm started to sweat and her grip on Mari’s hand was lost. Before she could look up hearing her name called out by Mari, the other girls were gone. She moved forward pushing her way through the crowd, she new they would be up-front were the exhibit was being shown so she would find them there. Ever step she took her stomach turned and hurt more and more. She needed to find her friends before she collapsed. She felt her thrust finally end as she reached the end of the crowd. She looked up and saw what all the ruckus was about. A small crystal globe. It was swirling with all different colors inside and it. The minute Karin gazed into the globe her pupils turned to slits. Visions popped into her head. A small cat and a girl. The girl was only a silhouette and the cat merged with the girl. Suddenly pictures of the silhouette smashed through her head and suddenly she fell to the ground blacked out.

Ikitaisha Hope – Enter, The Cloacked Figure and The Pointy Eareed Boy