❯ Ikitaisha Hope – Enter, The Cloacked Figure and The Pointy Eareed Boy ( Chapter 2 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

“Karin?…KARIN!” Karin’s eyes shot open, she looked up to see Ayame and Mari looking over her. She sat up her hand rubbing the back of her head.
“Karin are you ok?” Ayame leaned forward as the crowd that had formed around Karin slowly dissipated.
“ Yea, you just blacked out. What happened Karin?” Mari looked at her with slight concern but more curiosity. Karin looked back and forth to the two not really remembering what happened.
“ I…don’t know” She laughed nervously as the two looked at her. Ayame and Mari helped her up and they went on there way.
Mari and Ayame explored everything with much curiosity and excitement. Karin as well was excited, but she had remembered the images that flashed into her head before she blacked out. They made her worry, what did they mean? Has she finally hit the bolt and gone mad? Was it like one of those before death dreams? She wasn’t that hurt was she? She heard her name called and looked up. Ayame waved her to come over.
Karin looked to her hands “Well no reason to let it stop me from enjoying the rest of my day right” she pushed the images aside and ran over to enjoy herself with her friends.
“Nya….that was so much fun!” Karin leaned back as the three girls walked down the street.
“ Yea, I’ve never seen so many paintings before” Ayame said
“They were so beautiful, dragons and hell and amazing sculptures” Mari added. The girls stopped at a corner.
“ Karin will you be ok walking home alone?” Mari looked to her. Karin lived in the opposite direction of Mari and Ayame.
“ Of course, Im not a child I can walk home “
” Just making sure, we don’t want you to faint again” the girls laughed and headed off in there own direction.
“ Cya tomorrow Karin” Ayame waved to her then started talking to Mari as they walked down the street. Karin started in the opposite direction. She put her hands behind her head and looked up. She closed her eyes slightly and started to relax, it was so peaceful, the birds were singing as the sunset in the background. As Karin sighed a image flashed before her eyes, She gasped in surprise just catching herself from stumbling over.
“ What the…” Karin looked up again seeing the images flash before her. “ W-What is..” Sudden fear started to fill her, why was she seeing these things. Last time she blacked out she didn’t want that to happen out here alone. Karin began running down the street, with every step she took the images flashed more and more faster and faster. As she took a turn she closed her eyes.
‘ Stop it!’ she screamed in her mind, suddenly she felt herself slam into something. She opened her eyes and she stumbled back bowing her head quickly.
“I’m so so sorry” she sighed in relief. The images had stopped for awial and she looked up. She saw a tall cloaked figure, she stood up straight and backed away slightly. Was she seriously going mad, cloaked figures don’t walk around in London! She started to walk around the figure a little nervous. Suddenly it grabbed her arm, she spun around, tugging at her arm.
“Let go of me!” she tugged harder an harder but to no avail.
‘He’s too strong, it feels like his had is a iron clutch’ but she continued to try and pull at it. A smirk came across the figures face and Karin’s eyes went wide. She slammed her foot into his side but it seemed to have no effect on it at all. She closed her eyes holding in tears, pulling and pulling as the figure started to drag her forward. ‘No! This can’t be happening!” Suddenly she felt the figure release his grip on her hand. She stumbled back slightly and opened her eyes. She looked up to see a young boy over the croaked figure who now lay helpless on the ground.
He turned around to her.“Run!”
Karin stood in shock, she could only look at the pointy ears on the boys head, his eyes were stunning, a mix of gold and blue with one black slit down the middle, she heard him scream again and looked to him.
She didn’t hesitate. Karin turned around racing off to her house. She skidded threw a turn and ran up the steps to her house. She ran inside locking the door behind her. She looked around, her papa wasn’t home, great. She slowly backed away form the door. When nothing happened she ran over to the phone. As her finger hovered over the 9 button something was pulling her back form calling. She slowly put the phone down and ran upstairs. She looked out her window and sat there, she would be able to see if someone was coming. She had the phone by her side just incase. She was now exhausted from the happens events. She put her head down still looking out the window. She though about what had just happened, was she dreaming? Had she blacked out again? No, she looked to her arm the grip marks form that croaked being still showed red on her skin. She looked out the window.
‘Who was that boy? Why were his ears…and his eyes” her eyes started to droop. ‘ Who was he?…’ Sleep overcoming her senses, she was tired from running around like that and fainting. It was taking itself out on her. She slowly fell asleep still leaning against the window.

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