❯ Ikitaisha Hope – Brave Eternal Savior ( Chapter 6 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

He looked back and saw them, a low growl emitted from his throat. “ Don’t worry they cant catch us now. They continued running getting closer to the edge. Just as they reached the edge of the roof Ikitaisha stopped. Karin bumped into him pushing him forward slightly. He balanced himself and looked down. “Dammit…”
Karin looked over the edge as well. “…oh no”.



Over the edge was a huge drop, about 100 feet. Karin grabbed Ikitaisha’s arm slightly and glanced behind him at the oncoming group of men. He looked back down and then to Karin.
“Hold on” He quickly picked up Karin and held her tight. She clung to him as he leaped off the roof and downward through the air.
“Were not gonna make it!” Karin screamed. She tightened her grip on him.
“We will don’t worry” Ikitaisha landed on a branch and steadied himself, the tree had been close enough to jump too and made it 50 feet instead of 100. Ikitaisha jumped as a bullet smashed into the branch right next to his foot. He looked up and the men were aiming right at them. Ikitaisha jumped towards the tree and then to another as far away out of the mens view as he could. He made his way threw from tree to tree as the gunshots echoed threw the forest.
Karin held onto him and noticed his arm go loose. She looked up at him and saw him wince, glancing to his arm she saw blood seep onto the sleeve turning it a dark crimson.
“Ikitaisha, your hurt!” she reached up for his arm.
“Stop!” her hand froze, she looked to Ikitaisha. He jumped up and she gripped onto him in surprise. “ Don’t touch it, its just a minor wound we can take care of it later.” Ikitaisha jumped threw a small clearing where the trees ended. He halted to a stop.
“Man..they went over board for this.” Ikitaisha looked forward, Karin looked in the same direction and gasped. Nothing but water. All around them was water, they had been brought to an island out in the middle of no were.
“How long were you asleep?!” Ikitaisha looked to her.
“How should I know?!” Karin looked to the forest. “There coming” her ears twitched, she could hear the scuff off the men running towards them threw the forest.
“Yea I know” Ikitaisha put her down and looked around. Off to the side was a small wooden boat. Ikitaisha and Karin ran over to it. The boat was cracked and had a hole but it would have to do. Ikitaisha pushed the boat out into the water. Instantly water shot up threw the hole, he reached into his sleeve and pulled out the pin, he smashed it into the hole and the water halted. Karin started to protest but the men were getting closer. They got in the boat and pushed off. As the men reached the clearing Ikitaisha and Karin were almost out of sight, he pushed her head down and ducked.
“What are you doing” Karin glanced to Ikitaisha.
“Just be quite will ya” he peaked over to see if the men had left. They had retreated back into the woods, not seeing the two of them on what looked to meir humans from such a distance as nothing but a line in the water. Ikitaisha let out a sigh of relief and let go of Karin’s head. She popped up and looked back to the island.
“Are we safe?”
“For now” Ikitaisha leaned back against the boat holding his arm. He a demon was a quick healer but a gun shot was a lot of damage.
“Ikitaisha your were shot.” Karin moved toward him and lifted his arm gently.
“Don’t worry it’ll heal.” he pulled his arm away. Karin only took it back and pulled up his sleeve. He was right, Ikitaisha’s arm was healing incredibly fast but the wound was still very deep.
“ This may hurt….”Karin , using her long claws, reached in like a pair of clipped and reached around the bullet. Ikitaisha tried to pull his arm away holding in a yelp of pain. “Stop or you’ll make it worse!” She quickly pulled the bullet out and it dropped into the water. Karin tarred a piece of her shirt off and quickly wrapped it around his wound. She let go of his arm and he pulled it aside.
“..thanks” he looked to the side out to the ocean.
“No problem…” she sat on the other side of the boat and looked out to the ocean as well. The shore was getting bigger and bigger.
“We should reach it by sunrise…”
“Tomorrow?” she turned her head to him.
“No today” He glared at her.
Karin sighed and looked out to the ocean again. ‘Papa will be so worried….’
Ikitaisha decided he would stay out of the jewel to make sure she would be ok. Of course she new he was more then happy to stay out instead of being inside the jewel. He had fallen asleep no sooner then the sun had set. The shore was closer now, the bright lights from the city could be seen and Karin watched them. She was herself tired but she couldn’t go to sleep. She glanced over to Ikitaisha and smiled. Her “Eternal Protector” was what he had called himself. He looked like an ordinary boy. Put aside the pointy ears, eyes and claws of course. She smiled and closed her eyes. She felt safe for once in a really long time. Happy and content she fell asleep to the swaying of the boat and the lights of the city night.
“Hey” Karin opened her eyes. Ikitaisha leaned over her shaking her lightly. “Oi Karin wake up!” Karin sat up and rubbed her eyes
“What is it?” she looked to him a little panicked.
Karin looked around the boat as Ikitaisha leaned back. “ Were almost there” he pointed to the coast. Karin glared at him. He had sounded in a rush when he was shaking her and now he was all leaned back.
There was still so much she wanted to ask him, seeing as there was nothing else do to she decided now would be a good time.
“Ikitaisha.” Karin looked to him. Ikitaisha glanced to her.
“Who was the man.” Ikitaisha looked to her confused “the cloaked man who kept attacking me, who is he?” Karin asked him.
Ikitaisha looked back to the water “he calls himself Kira, he’s one of the humans who destroyed the inhabitants of Youkaitsu.” Karin looked down slightly. “ I don’t exactly know what there up to but I remember him, he is the one who killed my parents.” Ikitaisha clutched his fist tight “I’ll never forget that shameless grin of his as he sloughed them all.” Ikitaisha suddenly felt something on his shoulder, Karin had her hand there sadness tainting her usual smile. He shrugged her off. “ I don’t need pity” Karin looked at her hand and realization crossed her face.
“That,,,doesn’t make sense” Ikitaisha looked to her. “Ikitaisha how long ago did all this happen?”
“I’m not exactly sure, every now and then I was able to see out of the jewel, and by how I’ve aged slightly id say maybe…300 years?” Karin pointed to Ikitaisha her jawdropped.
“3-300 years?!” her mother hadn’t nearly been so old had she. And if she hid it did she hid it very well! Karin sat back still in shock, she thought maybe 10 -15 years but 300? How could that possibly be. As the shock slowly left her and the ears atop her head twitched another question popped into her head.
“Ikitaisha” he turned to her again as she called his name.
“Yes Karin?”
“How did this happen” she pointed to here ears.
“I told you, you’re a demon.” he turned back to the ocean.
“No I mean, this was never hear before ..why now”
“You remember that odd mirror right. Well when I saw you clearly that night I noticed non of your demon features weren’t showing. Somehow they had been sealed away. That mirror is can awaken sealed demons. In fact any mirror will do. All you have to do is get moonlight, the right spell and have the sealed demon be reflected in it.” he glanced to her “Anything else?” he looked somewhat frustrated from all the questions.
“No that’s it.” she laughed nervously as he glanced back to the land. That was all she had to know for now. She glanced to the upcoming shore and leaned against the boat side.
Soon enough the boat arrived to the shore. Ikitaisha and Karin made there way off the boat. Karin pulled out the pin and watched as the boat slowly started to sink. Karin and Ikitaisha walked threw the docks soon reaching the streets. They silently walked beside each other, Karin looked to the pin in her hand and to Ikitaisha. Had he really been inside the jewel for 300 years? Could that be possible? As they reached the house Ikitaisha stopped and looked back to Karin. She looked up at him.
“I guess ill be going now.” He walked over to her and took the jeweled pin from her hand”
“Wait!” Karin put her hand out and yelled to him. Ikitaisha looked up at her,
“What is it Karin?” he questioned why he stopped her.
“Why don’t you stay out here.” she walked to him and took the jewel pin. She new he couldn’t like being in the jewel. She looked to the pin then to him. He had a confused look across his face.
“But… my job is done for now isn’t it?” He looked about to make sure he was right.
“Yes but…it might be nicer to sleep on something nicer wont it? “ She smiled up at him. He signed and looked to her.
“If it’ll make you happy.” he glanced to her as she put the pin in her pocket and walked up the stairs to her house. She opened it and went inside.

Ikitaisha Hope – Ikitaisha
Ikitaisha Hope – Happiness