Crossover Fan Fiction / Crossover With Non-anime Series Fan Fiction ❯ Identities ( Chapter 6 )

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Kouja no Senshi Season 1
Chapter 1: Hero Gatherings Arc
Act 6: Identities

(OP: Moonlight Densetsu)

Narrator: Previously on Kouja no Senshi…

Dora: There he is: Danny Phantom.

Boots: I recognize him because he and the other ghosts saved the world from the meteorite.

Blossom: You mean it really was real?!

Swiper: Yeah, and we were some of the people that witnessed Danny transforming from ghost to human.

Max: Hey, can he make me invisible and make me go through walls? Because I have a special place I wanna go to.

Sam: You already get weapons, Max and we get them from the government and commissioner anyway.

Max: I know, I just felt like it.

Voice: Hey, Plasmus!

They turned, noticing the Sailors with Danny Phantom.

Skulker: Ah, the most wanted ghost along with those Sailor brats have arrived.

Sailor Moon: How dare you hold these people hostage. They don’t have a right to be involved in this! We’ll make sure you get what you deserve!

Sailors: In the name of the moon, we’ll punish you!

Plasmus: (mockingly) Oh my, what are we going to do?

Danny: Let my friends and family go, now!

Plasmus: You’re going to have to do better than that.

Sailor Corusant: Fine, we’ll kick your butt all around then!

Naruto: (glowing an orange aura) What the… What’s happening?

Sasuke: (glowing a blue aura) I’m somehow starting to feel power rising within me!

Naruto: (smirks confidently) Yeah!

Then he punched a ghost hard, sending him flying.

Sasuke: Fire Style: Phoenix Flower Jutsu!!

He then started breathing fire all over the place, hitting a lot of ghosts in the process.

Plasmius: (shocked) Huh? Where did the hostages go?!

Familiar voice: Sorry, ‘daddy’.

A familiar little white haired girl appeared holding the unconscious ones.

Girl: (smirking) But I can’t let ya have your fun upon returning.

Danny: Well, I was wondering when you would show up, Danni.

Danni: What can I say? I can’t stay out of fights like this one!

Plasmius: (glares) Well assured, Daniel, this isn’t over yet. I still have one Ace up my sleeve. I have one of our new allies do something horrible to your girlfriend.

Danny: Look, Sam and I kiss only a few times but we aren’t dating! Heck, I don’t even got a girl yet.

Plasmius: (smirks) Oh, not her. I mean the girl you truly have feelings for, a familiar Asian girl.

Danny: You mean…(gasps) You leave June out of this!

Plasmius: Sorry, Auntie Roon has already got to her. Rest assured, your girl will be in one ‘monster’ of a good time. Hee hee hee.

Danny: (growls) If Auntie Roon even lay one hand on June, I would break her and your necks!!!!

Ember: By the way, if you’re planning to recruit that dipstick dragon, don’t bother. He’s on the same boat as June.

Danny: No!

Plasmus: And unless you head to where the second to last one we need is, not only will she be in critical danger, but also you too, Daniel.

Danni: No!

Danny: Don’t you harm any of them!

Swiper: What are you talking about?

Danny: June, Jake, and Atomic Betty, my friends.

Max: And one of them’s your girlfriend.

Danny: (blushes) Hey!

Skulker: I say we finish them off immediately!

Sailor Jupiter: Jupiter Thunder Crash!

The ghosts were shocked before they were blasted away by the halfas. Danny only looked down.

Danny: June…no…

Him: Mr. Henry Phage, I presume. I heard you were opening for villains. So I manage to bring in a few.

Queen Beryl: (seriously) Just so you know, only leave my daughter and if they had awaken, my other children alive. I will not see their blood shed on the ground.

Phage: Hmmm…how do I know that you won’t try to backstab any of us?

Him: (chuckles) How would we know you’ll keep your end of the bargain?

The two glanced at one another for a moment.

Phage: You’re all right, but I’m still keeping my eye on you.

Princess: Him, I still can’t believe you had to bring those other mutant freaks here!

Him: Hey, they were in need of help from that circus back there, so what was I to do?

Slythe: (angrily) Why we trust you, we’ll never know.

Monkian: Hoo hoo, I hope we can get rid of those Thundercats if they appear.

Jackelman: He-he-he. Not to mention take back what’s rightfully ours.

Endymion: (notices) Vultureman, why are you so quiet when you’re near Princess?

Vultureman: Caw! She’s not my girlfriend!

Bobcat: (sweatdrops) That was weird.

Phage: Anyway, tell us about Nemesis’ position in Moosejaw Heights, Auntie Roon?


Narrator: Now we go to Moosejaw Heights, where young girl Betty, whom we all know is Atomic Betty, is in for a wake-up call.

In the city itself, Betty, was coming out of the house before noticing Janet with Ling Ling.

Betty: Hey, Janet. What are you doing?

Janet: Oh, um…looking for someone. She’s suppose to be important.

Ling Ling: Hai.

Betty: Well, if this person’s important, maybe I can help you find him or her.

She grinned a little.

Janet: Thanks, Betty.

Both of them headed out as the two looked around. Ling Ling only sadly smiled.

Ling Ling: (to itself) *They have such a great relationship while both are in human form. Too bad the same cannot be said for their other forms.*

Voice: Betty!

Betty turned, noticing a familiar face.

Betty: Danny!

The two hugged as the others came to her.

Serena: So this is your friend.

Danny: That’s right. (notices) Who’s that?

Courage: And why is that thing that hung with those cats with her?

Ling Ling: He-he…

Janet: Listen…Betty, there’s something you should know about who I really am.

Betty: Huh?

Janet: I’m not really from around here and well…I’m-

Voice: Good work in finding them, Nemesis.

Betty: (confused) Nemesis?

They turned, noticing Maximus with Minimus and their robot minions.

Maximus: I can see you found us Atomic Betty.

Janet: (shocked) Atomic…Betty?!

Betty only sighed sadly, using her bracelet to transform to Atomic Betty.

Betty: N…now you know why I keep disappearing, Janet. I just hope that…

Janet: (teary) How…(angrily) How could you deceive me like this!? After all this time, you’re a Galactic Guardian!?

She ripped off the bracelet on her wrist, transforming into a familiar cat.

Betty: (gasps) Nemesis!

Ling Ling: Hoo boy…

The two looked at Ling Ling with realization.

Both: You knew about this!?

Ling Ling: Uh…surprise?

Sakura: Whatever you’re planning, you’re gonna have to get through us.

The Sailors transformed as they prepared themselves.

Sailor Solaris: I bet Sir Enblem will appear to fight with us.

Sam: You can say that again.

Max: (notices) There he is.

He then jumped down, landing in the ground.

Maximus: Ah, so you’re that new heroic wannabe.

Enblem: Shut up! If you do not stop, I’ll make sure you felines burn in hell!

Nemesis: (angrily) Bring it!

Maximus: Robots, Blood Monks, attack!

The robots and Blood Monks begins their attack.

Max: So…how about a senseless fight scene, Sam?

Sam: I’m for it!

The heroes begin their fighting while Max kicks a few Blood Monks now.

Max: Better watch it! I’m President of the United Stares, foo’!

Shirly: Honestly, I don’t think they care.

Danni blasts a few robots while Danny angrily flies near the bad cats.

Danny: Where is June?! Tell me where she is or I will have you neuter!

Others: Eeeew!

Sam: (shudders) As a dog, I didn’t need to hear that.

Maximus: Why should I tell you?!

Maximus slash at the ghost halfa who went tangly to avoid the attack.

Maximus: Besides, I got a score with the Galactic Guardian and her allies, so back off!

Max: (noticed) Hey, weren’t you in those videos I saw, Ms. Kitty?

Nemesis: (sweatdrop) Errr, what?

Max: I mean, when you and Betty enter a cave and dance and ki…

Nemesis: (shouts) I AM NOT GOING TO ANSWER THAT!!!

Most of the fighters look at Nemesis, while she and Atomic Betty blush but for a different reason.

Courage: Eck! That’s the second time we hear of the same sex love making!

Sailor Solaris: (groaning) Don’t bring it up.

Maximus snarls as she slashes at Atomic Betty who just kicks him in the chest to block his attack.

Sailor Moon: Why are you wanting to kill Betty anyway? What did she do to you?

Maximus: That is none of your business!

Fred Fredburger: (appearing) Oh! I know! Because she beaten you a few times?

Maximus: Well, that and…

Fred: Maybe she stole your girl away and kiss her? Yes!

Sailor Venus: (confused) Where did you come from?

Maximus: What?! Ick, no! Nemesis isn’t my girl and no!

Fred: Oh, oh, oh! Maybe she has you…


Some of the good guys gasp upon hearing this.

Sam: Wow…

Max: And again, I forget to bring my video camera for ‘How To Make Men Weep’!

Danny: (thinking) Is this is why Maximus went evil to begin with?

Suddenly, Sakura began glowing a red-and-pink aura.

Sakura: Hey! Naruto! Sasuke! Look at me! What’s happening?!

Naruto: (smirks) All right! You’re getting powers, too!

Sakura: (grins confidently) Aww, yeah!! (glares at a bunch of robots and Blood Monks heading towards her, eyes widened in rage) CHAAAA!!!!

She then used her Cha! Barrage on the approaching enemies charging at her, sending them flying.

Girls, Sailor Scouts, Sam and Max: (shocked and amazed) Wow!

Sakura: (as Naruto and Sasuke leap up to her and stand with her confidently) Aww, yeah, baby! Team Naruto is back in town!!

Maximus angrily prepared to stab her, though she grabbed his wrist.

Betty: Listen, we may be Galactic Guardians, but we are by far no murderers!

Nemesis: How would you know? You were never there when she died in the hands of DeGill!

She looked stunned hearing what she had said.

Fred: Yes?

Nemesis: You’re all the same anyway…

She slashed toward them, though the heroes dodged them.

Sailor Mercury: Mercury Bubble Blast!

The fog was created as the villains looked around.

Nemesis: Where the hell are you?! Show yourselves!

Maximus: I rather kill Atomic Betty now than later!

The four were kicked down to the ground.

Max: Sweet! Now we can have some roast cats.

Sam: You crack me up, little buddy.

Sailor Avalon: (to Fred) Where did you come from anyway?

Fred: Yes.

Naruto: You pussycats better not show your ugly faces again!

Nemesis: (anger mark) Ugly!?

Sasuke: (annoyed) Now you’ve done it.

She hit the blond boy in the nose.

Naruto: Grah! Ow…

Nemesis: Never call me ugly.

Sailor Moon: Moon Tiara Capture!

The tiara was grabbed by Minimus.

Minimus: I got it!

Just then, the four yelped as the tiara wrapped around the four, trapping them.

Sakura: All right! We got ’em!

Sam: Now unless you feel like having to be spayed and neutered by the president, I suggest you four talk.

Nemesis: Hmph, like a dog’s gonna tell a cat what to do.

Sailor Moon: Maximus…please don’t blame the Galactic Guardians. They were only doing their job.

Maximus: (scoffs) If they were doing their job, why did they never recovered my mother’s body, especially when she was pregnant at the time?

The group looked a bit stunned.

Danni: Oh my…

Betty: Listen, about that-

Nemesis: F*** off!

Buttercup: I wish I didn’t have to hear that.

The pink haired man looked a bit concerned.

Enblem: Well, they’re all yours. We’ll meet again.

With that, he was off, leaving the others.

Sailor Mars: I sense something familiar about him…but from what?

In the hideout, the Phage watched the globe as he groaned.

Hacker: Shall I send reinforcements?

Phage: Actually, I have a better suggestion…you mentioned three children that always bother you and some kids known as the Digidestined helping them along with these Net Navis and Digimon, correct?

Hacker: Yes, why?

Phage: (grins) Because we may need to send a message, one the boy and his comrades will never forget…

(ED: Truth by Luca Yumi)

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