❯ I Still Love You – I Still Love You ( Chapter 1 )

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« What do you want to name our baby? ». I asked Jaejoong, my husband.

« Uhm, it’s up to you! ». Jaejoong replied.

« Ah, how about let’s name him after you?! ». I suggested.

« What a great idea! ». Jaejoong said as he giggles.

« How about Jaebom then?! ». I said.

« Yeah! Uhm what if she’s a girl?! ». Jaejoong asked as he pouts his lips.

« Then, I’ll name her Marina! ». I said as I smiled at Jaejoong.

It’s been two months but I can still remember my last conversation with my husband, Jaejoong. Jaejoong and I are newly-wed couple. It’s been three months since we got and married and now, I’m 2 months pregnant. Jaejoong is the type of guy every girl would wish for. Cute, hot, loving, understanding, caring and perfect husband.

But suddenly, he just left me and he never came back anymore….

He said he’ll just meet someone, but it’s been two months and he’s not yet coming back!

I’m now 4 months pregnant, and our baby is a boy. Every time I’ll touch my tummy and feel my baby, I can’t help crying since ‘My Jaebom’ are not gonna have a father.

How I miss and love Jaejoong so much……

I wish you’ll come back to me….

I’m waiting….


A young lady was sitting in a bench crying. People keep looking at her with one thing on their mind. « Why is this beautiful lady crying? ».


I know what people are thinking about me. Yeah, it’s true, I’m broken-hearted. This day was supposed to be my wedding day. It’s been two months, and the guy that was supposed to be my husband just disappear.

Yoochun and I are been couple for 5 years. I love him so much and I know he feels the same way too. That’s why we decided to get married. But a week before our wedding, Yoochun disappeared. He said there was a meeting that he’s going to attend. But then he didn’t came home anymore.

I wanted to feel your breathe on me again…..

I wanted to hug and kiss you so badly….

I’m still waiting for you…..


Eunhye went home with swollen eyes. This happens almost every afternoon. She always go to the bench where Yoochun and her meet, hoping that after two months of waiting bcoz of his disappearance, he’ll come back again.

As Eunhye walks toward the gate, a young postman was waiting for her.

« Mrs. Park Eun Hye, please sign this paper so I could give you this parcel.

« Excuse me? I’m not married………..But I was supposed to…… » Eunhye replied as she lowered her head.

« Oh sorry! Uhm, Ms. Eunhye, please sing this again! ». The postman said as he smile.

« Well, I can’t blame you, Yunho! ». Eunhye replied as she took the pen and sign the paper.

« Here you go! ». Yunho said as he handed the parcel to Eunhye.

Eunhye then went inside her home, that was supposed to be Yoochun and her home as soon as they got married.


« Park Geun Young? ». Eunhye said as she read the heading of the parcel where the package came from. Slowly, she open the parcel. It was a diary with a small paper attach in it.

« Please meet Mrs. Maki Horikita-Kim. This is her address ». The letter said. Eunhye then took the paper where the address was written.

« Why do I have to meet her? I don’t even know her! ». Eunhye said to herself. She noticed another paper again.

« Eunhye, Maki, this diary will answer all your questions and curiosities. Please read it from the beginning til the end. This diary will help you figured out what really did happen.

P.S. Always give your heart a second chance »

Eunhye was confuse, she doesn’t know if she’s going to follow what the note says or just ignore it.

She wanted to just ignore it but there was something in her heart that wants her to follow the note.



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