❯ I just love you, Gwen – Just Kidding…Or am I? ( Chapter 5 )

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“You!” Gwen yelled, her sorrow transforming into rage. “This is your fault!”
“How is Ben’s untimely demise my fault?” Koji asked calmly.
“You…You…YOU UNFEELING ASSHOLE!” Gwen shouted in her fury, firing a magic spell at Koji, who moved his hand as if to brush it aside. The blast seemed to hit an invisible wall.
“Do not pick a fight with me, because few have survived doing so.” Koji said in that infuriatingly calm voice.
“You knew! You knew what was going to happen to Ben!” Gwen’s eyes were full of angry tears as she hurled spell after spell at Koji.
“You are as much to blame as I.”
A laser bolt passed through the barrier that Koji had erected and nicked is shoulder. “Tell me who you are and how you knew my grandson! Now, because the next shot will hit more than your shoulder.” Max, Frank, Carl, Lily, and Sandra joined the conversation.
“My name…haha…” Koji laughed, but there was no humor in his voice. “I have been called a assortment of things, from `unfeeling asshole’” he looked at Gwen at this, “to `my lord’…But, my current name is Senji, my name in the beginning of my life is Koji Yamamoto Ryuzaki. As for how I knew Ben? That form he took? The Omnitrix took my DNA. So, yes, in a way, I killed him.”
“You…you killed Ben! You gave him your DNA, knowing it would kill him, and you aren’t the least bit sorry!” Gwen was beyond pissed at this point.
“Do not judge me! Ben made his choice, and gave his life willingly! He did it for you! Don’t blame me for his choice!”
“You said you wanted him to be happy! Was that a flat out lie?”
“…no…” Koji seemed to be saddened at this statement. “Ben is what I could have been when I was young…He has so much power…When I was born, my parents were fighting, my mom trying to kill my dad. My dad dropped me off on a random planet to be raised as a human while he tried to work things out…I was a freak growing up. I was a hateful child. I could level buildings when I was six, and was a bully at the orphanage I stayed at…I abused my power whenever I could. Ben told me he played pranks with the Omnitrix, but they were mostly harmless. I hurt people for fun! I had no one until I was twelve…at least until I got my wings at fifteen…I was known as `the devil child’, the one everyone was afraid of…And I didn’t care. All I wanted was to see my parents dead. Ben grew up loved, with parents. I didn’t…I wanted him to live happily, with the girl he loved, not suffering the things I had…”
“Well, you failed! Ben is dead because of you! You could have dealt with them, right? But you didn’t! You were a coward!” Gwen renewed her useless attack on Koji.
“Don’t think I have never seen a loved one die! I witnessed my parent’s death at the hands of the ruler of an opposing kingdom! My oldest sister, Sakuya, gave her life so I could get away. My other sister died in my arms after taking a hit meant for my adopted son, who was later killed by my jealous and misguided biological son in his lust for power. I later killed him, to save the lives of thousands of humans. So don’t you DARE say I don’t know what you’re going through!” Gwen seemed lost for words. Koji kneaded his temples. In a much calmer tone he spoke again. “I’m going to ask you a series of questions. Answer them correctly and honestly, and I will do something that will benefit you greatly. First: Do you love Ben?”
“Yes, he’s my cousin! What do you expect?”
“Lie number one. Let me specify: Do you love him as a woman?”
“I-I don’t-…yes…I do…” There were gasps heard at this statement.
“Would you be willing to call off the wedding with Kevin to have him back?”
“Would you be willing to spend the rest of your life with him?”
“…I don’t know…Why are you asking me the questions?”
“I don’t know is not an answer. Answer yes or no only.”
“Would you love him if he were not human anymore?”
“Would you be willing to cut your life span in half to bring him back?”
“Who and what the hell are you? Some demon trying to play God?” Lily yelled, horrified.
Koji winced. “No, No, a thousand times no! Part demon, part angel, not God. I am probably one of the farthest beings from Him that can ever be. My curse to br- you know what? You really don’t need to know. Now, do you want me to bring him back or not?”
“Yes to the second question…and yes to the first.”
“Don’t trust him! We don’t know what he’s planning! He could be lying!” Max yelled.
“Ben trusted me…But what he said is true…you don’t know. I’ll let you decide.” Koji said.
Ben…What do I do…Ben, I hope your right about him… “I trust you…because Ben trusted you.” Gwen decided.
Koji smiled. “How is your singing voice?”
“What? Why?”
“Show me how much you want him back…through you words. I need you to sing from your heart…And hope a certain someone has no objections.” Koji took out an electric guitar, which changed into a keyboard type instrument and began to play a soft, sad melody. Word seemed to just come to her mind.
In this world you tried,
Leaving me alone behind.
There’s no other way,
I pray now to God let him stay.
The memories cease the pain inside,
Now I know why.

All of my memories keep you near.
In silent moments,
Imagining you here.
All of my memories keep you near,
In silent whispers, silent tears

Made me promise I’d try,
To find my way back in this life.
Hope there is a way,
To give me a sign you’re okay.
Reminds me again it’s worth it all,
So I can go home.

All of my memories keep you near.
In silent moments,
Imagining you here.
All of my memories keep you near.
In silent whispers, silent tears.

Together in all these memories,
I see your smile.
All of the memories I hold dear.
Darling you know I’ll love you,
Til the end of time.

All of my memories keep you near
In silent moments,
Imagining you here.
All of my memories keep you near,
In silent whispers, silent tears.

All of my memories…(seriously, people, listen to this song. Memories, by Within Temptation.)

Ben’s body was glowing as his skin regained its color. Eight black wings exploded from Koji’s back. Two of them dissolved and began to reform on Ben’s back. A blue light wrapped around his body and faded as Ben’s new wings seemed to be absorbed into his back as he floated to the ground. Everyone watched as Ben took a deep breath. Gwen moved to go over to him, but was stopped when a hand caught her hand in an iron grip. Koji pulled her close and whispered in her ear. “Oh, and by the way…I lied about the whole `give up half you life span’ thing. What it will really cost you is…nothing. I needed to know you cared before I cut my life span to bring Ben back.”
Gwen’s eyes widened and she pulled away. “Why? Why would you do that for a random person you don’t know?”
“You love him…that’s enough for me…I developed a bit of a hero’s complex a while back. No matter what people say when they see my black wings, remember, I’m not the bad guy…” Koji said, smiling warmly. “Go, Ben awaits the kiss of life from you.”
“What! Are you serious?”
“Dead serious. ‘Sides, you already admitted you love him as more than a cousin…” Koji smirked.
Okay, it’s just to bring him back…that’s all…Who am I kidding! Gwen went over to Ben, lifted his head, mentally counted to three, closed her eyes, and crushed her lips against Ben’s…right as Ben opened his eyes. Koji’s smirk grew as Gwen opened her eyes to see Ben looking back. Gwen abruptly ended the kiss.
“Oh, and Gwen? Yeah, I lied about the kiss of life thing, too.”
“I really should hate you for that…but…I really don’t. You brought the doofus back to me…and for that, I’m thankful.”
“Gwen…Why? I should be dead…”
“You…you idiot…you think you can say you love me like that and…and just die like that?” Tears were filling her eyes. “Our parents are probably freaking out right now…” Gwen turned to look at them. They were frozen in place (With the exception of Max and Frank, the former looking at the two approvingly, the latter grinning like an idiot.) “Nope, now they’re just in shock. I mean they just saw a random person with black wings bring you back from the dead…”
“Koji brought me back? But why? How?”
“I’m not going to question why…I’m just glad you’re here now, with me…”
“Listen…Gwen…I just wanted to say I’m sorry for everything…I know I shouldn’t feel this way about you…I’ll understand if you hate me now…”
“Why would I hate you? I just kissed you! If that means I hate you…then I will never do it again.”
“But…It’s wrong…”
Gwen smiled. “Is it so wrong to love?”
“But…Kevin…are you willing to give him up?”
“Do you need to ask?”
“Do you really love me the way I love you?” Ben said, hope shining in his eyes.
“…No…” Ben hung his head. “…Because I don’t know how…But I’m willing to learn, if you’ll teach me.”
“Don’t we have any say in this?” Sandra seemed to have regained use of her voice, and the other two nodded in agreement.
“At the moment, yes.” Koji strode over to Ben, tapped a spot on his shoulder, and two black wings burst from Ben’s back. Koji grabbed one, which morphed into an ornate knife, and stabbed Gwen in the chest with it. Gwen gasped as she grew her own pair of black wings and the knife disappeared. Unseen by all, a feather shaped tattoo appeared over her heart. Koji repeated the process with Gwen. “Now you don’t. I now pronounce you Man and Wife, or King and Queen, whichever you prefer. Welcome to the Ryuzaki family.”
“What!” was the universal cry of the group.
“Gwen is now bonded to Ben, and he to her. Among my kind, this is the equivalent to marriage. Follow it or not, your choice. However, in the next few days, I would suggest you don’t stray too far apart.”
“Or what?” Max asked out of curiousity.
“They’ll die.” Koji said with a grin.
“Your kidding, right?” Gwen asked, face pale.
“I don’t know…Am I?” Koji said. He tossed a small book at Gwen. “Everything you need to know is in that book. Sayonara!” Koji’s wings wrapped around him and dissolved, Koji disappearing, for what many hoped was the last time…
“So…Um…Mom, Dad…I guess I have a lot of explaining to do…” Ben said in a small voice.
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